... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)

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PostSubject: Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)   Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:40 am

The new Weyrlings were about a month old when Karene set up a patrol wing for the territories that would belong to Igen Weyr. As the staff continued to build up reserves, clear out liveable weyrs and make the place, dragon ready, they also prepared to learn the people and territory they would someday be defending.

Sh'nar had recently been made Wingsecond in anticipation of the move. While that meant he had to defer to N'kyr as leader of the patrol, it also allowed for him to become accustomed to the new riders that would be joining them at Igen. Not everyone would be in N'kyr's Wing.

The sandy hued Bronze waited on his ledge for his rider to finish tightening his straps. Within moments, Sh'nar was on Cymrioth's back, ready and willing to see where this would go. It couldn't hurt to figure out more about how N'kyr responded in leadership positions. Though he was aware this wasn't the first time that the other Bronzerider had been put in a position to lead.

The Weyrwoman was testing them both. He was going to do everything he could to prove he deserved his new rank, even if it meant supporting N'kyr on this patrol. One day he might need N'kyr's support. Better to keep one's competition close.

Landing in the Bowl at Fort Weyr, they awaited the arrival of the other dragons from other Weyrs as well as Fort who would be transferring to Igen when ready. This was sure to be an interesting mix. Hopefully all willing to follow N'kyr's orders.

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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)   Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:18 pm

Aztlatli woke up that morning ready for the day. Her weyr was nearly fully packed and about her the whole Weyr bustled with activity. She had never fully gotten used to the sounds of the dragons, their wings flapping and the soft roars or bugles. Everything always felt strange to her, yet comforting. She looked around. The trouble with this move was what to bring with her.

Azt had been cold her entire life. Telgar was one of the most northern weyrs and holds, snow was life, and before coming to the Weyr, she had never had the clothing needed to keep her fully warm - though fighting often changed that.

Now she was expected to move to one of the hottest regions on their planet? Would she ever use the heavy fur blankets? Who could she give her Telgar flight coats to? She had one trunk that had been packed and unpacked several times, and even her friend and flight partner, E'den, was getting exasperated with her. Niefryth, have you eaten lately? I'd prefer to clean you after if not so we look good for our soon-to-be wingmates. Niefryth responded favorably and took off to go catch a herdbeast while Azt dressed for the day.

They had a patrol to do with members of other Weyrs that would soon be their's. As soon as they were done, Azt saw E'den on his ledge with Haruseth. She raised an arm in greeting. "You ready?" she called. He responded with a cocky smirk.

"Never been more ready!" He replied. Joining the few other members from their Weyr, they took off between to Fort.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)   Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:30 pm

Ramirath was excited, far more than his rider, at the prospect of taking up the patrols over Igen.  The bronze was only too happy to explore new territory and meet new dragons, though he was looking at it as more of a fun trip than work, which likely made the difference.

N'kyr, on the other hand, was stressing over being put in charge of a wing made up of riders from several Weyrs.  Those at Fort he knew at least in passing, if not from the meetings the Weyrleaders had held to discuss the transfer to Igen.  But those from Telgar and elsewhere, he really knew nothing of.

Logically, it made sense for them to start patrolling together now, to get used to each other, start to learn how to function as a unit.  It would also help make the transition smoother once they arrived at the newly opened Weyr, to know the territory they would be defending from Thread and anything else.

But N'kyr couldn't logic away the fear of failure, the worry that those who'd been put under his charge would find him lacking, would ridicule him for his flaws.  Things he'd tried to forget, the way his father and siblings had treated him, the way girls had treated him at Crom-- today it was all at the forefront of his thoughts, trying to drag him down, making him forget the confidence the Weyrleaders had in his ability to perform as a Wingleader, the words they'd spoken to him upon informing him of what would be his new position at Igen.

Of course, there was still the part of him that reveled in the promotion, that knew he was finally getting what he deserved.  But that part was currently being overruled by the more negative thoughts.

Why would the riders from Telgar and everywhere else make fun of you?  You are my rider.  Of course you are great, and they will see it, like I do.

Ramirath's optimism wasn't quite enough to draw him out of the mood, but the wave of love he felt from the bronze bolstered him.  For a moment, he could breathe, close his eyes and draw in a slow stream of air to calm his nerves, release it and let his heart rate slow.

I hope you're right, Rath.  I really do.

Of course, there was only one way he was going to find out, though.  And he couldn't hide in his weyr forever.

Taking another deep breath, N'kyr finished methodically checking Ramirath's straps and made sure he had all the maps and other supplies he thought it prudent to bring along for the patrol.  Who knew what surprises they might find-- especially given the other things they'd been sent to observe recently.  The bronzerider sincerely hoped today would prove uneventful, that the patrol would go smoothly, and they would all be back home and ready to report with no problems.

And that the members of his cobbled-together wing would mesh well.

A look down to the bowl showed him Cymrioth and Sh'nar landing to wait for the rest of the wing to arrive, which meant N'kyr had no more time for internal debate.  As Wingleader, he needed to prove he was worthy of the position he'd been granted, and he didn't want to let the Weyrleaders down right off bat by being late.

Another wave of love from Ramirath temporarily shored up his confidence, and N'kyr quickly mounted to the bronze's neck.  A quick glide later, and they were joining their appointed Wingsecond in the bowl and awaiting the arrival of those currently from Fort, Telgar, and the other Weyrs sending riders on this particular patrol.  Hopefully, they wouldn't take too long, and allow him to get nervous again while he waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:16 pm

Sh'nar unlike most humans, rarely felt inadequate or concerned himself with thoughts of that nature. To that end his confidence sometimes came across more like arrogance and he had trouble relating to people who worried about what others thought of them. He knew who he was and he liked himself. After the abuses he suffered as a child, the bullying, the constant put-downs, Sh'nar had learned to love himself. He had learned to be strong.

Cymrioth valued strength above many other attributes a person or dragon might have. He didn't mind that Ramirath was leader, for now. Unlike Sh'nar he wasn't constantly in competition with the other Bronzes. This was a good opportunity to work with Ramirath and see what kind of Wingleader his rider would be. As for making Wingsecond, Cymrioth enjoyed being given a title. Eventually he might too be Wingleader.

We are ready whenever you are.

Cymrioth spoke as confidently as he felt to Ramirath. They were awaiting instructions from N'kyr. As the last of the Telgar riders popped out from Between, Sh'nar looked up. From the mental tally in his head, that should have been the last group from Telgar. He hoped that everyone was ready to work together.

Sh'nar says, everyone seems to be accounted for. What are your orders?

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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)   

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Learning the Territory (Tags: Patrol & Residents of Waterhole)
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