... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Dinner & Dancing: Hatching Feast [Attn: Open, especially newly Impressed Poetry of the Air Weyrlings!]

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PostSubject: Re: Dinner & Dancing: Hatching Feast [Attn: Open, especially newly Impressed Poetry of the Air Weyrlings!]   Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:26 am


"Have you seen many Hatchings, then?" I'llium asked Veyani, since she seemed to know the most of the three of them.  Or that she'd seen other golds hatch, at least, to have a frame of reference for the two that had just broken free of their shells.  He had to agree with her musings on how they got their names, though-- dragons were, indeed, mysterious.

The bluerider then considered Teylarrin's suggestion that he go ask the Weyrwoman for further information on the subject.  But he rather thought the woman looked too busy to be bothered by such simple things at the moment.  "Maybe later," he told the girl.  "She's probably got more to worry about right now than entertaining questions we have."  He supposed they could always ask the Weyrlingmaster, too, whenever they started their lessons.  She might also have some idea, right?

Frowning at the wall girl's next question, I'llium looked to Veyani for an answer.  "I'm afraid I didn't know the names of the girls who died.  Do you?"

Shaking his head still at the dragonets who clearly weren't as tired as his own, the weyrling bluerider nodded at the mention of the girl's sleeping green.  "I would think breaking out of their shells would take a lot of energy.  And once their bellies were full, they'd be content enough to sleep."  Frowning once more at Teylarrain's newest question, he considered how he knew Borsaioloth was no longer awake.  "I don't… I guess it's hard to describe.  But my blue is quiet.  I can feel him, but not as… loudly as when he was awake, I guess?"


Too surprised to move, the bronzerider barely had the muscle control to close his fingers over the wine glass when Lancelle handed to him.  For a moment, what he held didn't even register; he simply stared at her dumbly, still confused as to why she'd want to talk, or what topic she'd bring up.

But the words 'somewhere else' finally got through his brain, and he jumped at the chance to leave the Dining Hall, despite having not greeted all of the new weyrlings yet.  "Yes."  It might have been more emphatic than necessary, quiet as it was-- the sound had at first been trapped in his throat, and he'd had to clear it before trying again.

He didn't move, though, waiting for Lance to take the first step as his thoughts began to whirl in a thousand directions.  Worry, fear, nervousness, curiosity; the multitude of emotions settled in the pit of his stomach and he tossed back the glass of wine without thinking, in an attempt to settle everything down.

Maybe he needed another…  Or maybe she'd just forget the whole thing if he got her one, as well?
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Dinner & Dancing: Hatching Feast [Attn: Open, especially newly Impressed Poetry of the Air Weyrlings!]
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