... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon14Topic: [Lesson 1: Basic Care/Info] Good Morning, dragonriders!

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Search in: Classrooms   Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon33Subject: [Lesson 1: Basic Care/Info] Good Morning, dragonriders!    Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon32Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:06 am
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Syra woke well before dawn, and well before she knew the dragonets would be calling to their riders for food, oiling and attention. Already she had had Rasenth bespeak the Kitchens to provide klah for the newest weyrlings in the classroom, as well as a light breakfast. It had been their first night as dragonriders the night before, and after their dragonets had been settled the new riders were allowed to celebrate with only a single cup of wine each - they weren't allowed to drink to excess now that they Impressed, as the young dragons couldn't handle the odd feeling of their rider being drunk. She was glad she had partook, wine gave her an awful headache if it wasn't the best of the vintages. But J'ace had found her Benden white at the feast, and it had not hurt her head like some lesser vintages she had had previously. But mourning the lost young woman was over; it was now time to move on and celebrate the new lives of the clutch of weyrlings.

Rising, she slipped into some less-well made clothing so that she could help the riders oil and demonstrate for them the proper technique without worrying about getting her nicer clothes covered in the stuff. She made her way down to the massive classroom, looking around for the first sleepy faces. Seeing none, Syra sat backwards in one of the chairs handy and waited. The weyrlings would meet her there, and they would head from the Classroom to the Weyr Lake to bathe the dragonets. She knew that in the interim, Rasenth would be killing a few herdbeasts for her and delivering them to the older weyrlings to leave in the classroom.

The lake was a good distance away from the barracks, and a full dragonet meant a sleepy dragonet... and no one wanted to carry growing babies back to the Barracks. So their first lesson would be the care of their dragonets, from using the sand at the bottom of the lake to gently scrub their lifemate's hide of dead skin, to oiling them properly.  Then they would head back to the classroom in the Weyrling Barracks and feed their hatchlings, let them sleep and attend their first lecture on the other parts of basic care while they had their own breakfast and klah. Syra knew that she would have to cover many of the basics that weyrbrats learned as they grew, as many of this group were Holder or Crafterbred and likely didn't know much about dragons. The choice of rider was interesting to the woman, but no dragon could explain why they had chosen the way they had... and no one knew how they made the choice. It was fascinating to Syra. She made a mental note to pick up some of the maps of the adult dragonrider weyrs, so that the new rider's could choose their weyrs that would need to be readied before the weyrlings graduated.

Syra smiled at the memory of the day she had seen how small the Weyrling Barracks rooms were. It had been a shock for her to go from a larger living area dwelling to a room that was hardly big enough for her and her dragon to grow in. But then, she hadn't cared since she had moved her bed out and slept with Rasenth the whole time. The memory hurt though, as she remembered he fire that had killed all but one other of her classmates. Rasenth and the green were alone from that clutch, and the tragedy still weighed heavily on her. Her dragon, sensing her mood, sent a torrent of love through their bond - chasing away the melancholy mood that had tried to settle over her.

A kitchen attendant came in then, and she looked up with a hopeful smile on her face. "Klah? Fresh klah?" she asked, giving the woman whose name she didn't know a grin. With a laugh she nodded and poured Syra a mug from her tray and handed it to her before setting it on the long table near the front of the class. "Yes, Weyrlingmaster, nothing but the best for your class." she teased, winking as she made her way back to the Kitchens calling over her shoulder, "Good luck!" Taking a gulp of the almost too hot, energy giving drink, she savored the taste of the brew, "Mmmm." The first of them is on their way. Rasenth announced drowsily. There was nothing left to do but wait for the weyrlings, then, and Syra settled in to her seat, and mug of klah to await her newest students.
Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon14Topic: After a long day...

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Search in: Weyrling Barracks   Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon33Subject: After a long day...    Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon32Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:16 pm
After a long day of lessons, it was always refreshing to relax in the baths. It had been about three months or so since the Hatching, and it seemed like the babies had doubled in size. They grew so fast, and it was equally hard work to take care of bigger, and bigger babies. Considering she had been Harpering before, what Keket was doing with her life now was definitely more intense. Especially physically. So the fact that the baths in the Barracks had tubs large enough to soak comfortably in was definitely a blessing for the young woman. And that's exactly where she was that evening. Passerith was napping, and the Weyrling was taking advantage of that fact to take her time in bathing. Some of the other female Weyrling's were in the room as well, the group having become closer over the past sevendays.

Shifting in her tub, she stretched, letting muscles in her arms and backs pull, before relaxing with an audible sigh. "I never thought Weyrlinghood would be such hard work...I mean, I never really thought about it at all..." She spoke to no one in particular, letting her head lay back along the edge of the tub, eyes closing as she relaxed.

The air within the room was vaguely steamy, the room smelling like various scented soapsands, and the light murmur of conversation punctuated by a giggle every now and then. The atmosphere was relaxing, peaceful. It wasn't often the girls got together, but the timing had just worked out well for once. While Keket had never made close friends before, she found that she had little choice but to get to know her fellow Weyrlings. And really, she didn't mind in the slightest.

((This is for all the Poetry of Air weyrlings, but by no means, you do not have to participate. Boys, if you join, keep in mind the girls are alone in the bathing room, at least until a certain jerk brown shows up. tag: #Teylarrin, #Lesera, #Emberlynn, #Veyani, #Emerene, #Sotiria, #Zren, #Trian, #Illium, #Kvik, #Blen))
Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon14Topic: Dinner & Dancing: Hatching Feast [Attn: Open, especially newly Impressed Poetry of the Air Weyrlings!]

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Search in: History Threads   Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon33Subject: Dinner & Dancing: Hatching Feast [Attn: Open, especially newly Impressed Poetry of the Air Weyrlings!]    Topics tagged under lesera on  I_icon32Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:06 pm

Canting his head in slight, the newly Impressed boy regarded Lesera with a bit of curiosity as she admitted to having been a serving girl. She was young so it was understandable that she'd been put to menial tasks during an apprenticeship if she'd had one, but being a serving girl was generally associated more with the kitchens and drudgery.

Still, Z'ren had known the daughter of the Captain at his camp growing up and she often helped her mother with chores around the compound, which included serving the boys their meals -for which he was always grateful for, so he had never looked down on the girl. And in his mind he tended to see most people as equals. Because all people were equal in death -and essentially, dealing death was what he'd spent his life up to that point training in. Though, any Guard could say the same, he supposed.

Watching as she started to remove the jacket but hesitated, as soon as her eyes averted, going on about what they were supposed to be doing, Z'ren put his hands on her shoulders, drawing the jacket back about her to indicate that she needn't take it off if she was still chilly. Whether he became nervous or not upon doing so was not apparent; perhaps he was just more skilled than some at hiding such expression. Anyway, that was his answer to her first question.

Taking a step back, he glanced across the room to where the girl's mother and the Weyrwoman stood together. He had no idea whether or not the two had already known one another, or if the Weyrwoman's speaking to Anuleesa happened to be a rare thing. However, Z'ren still knew as well as anyone, that a Weyrwoman was someone of great influence and power. Now that they were at the Weyr though, would their relationship with that person change? Either way, looking back at Lesera, the boy didn't miss the stunned expression that crossed over his friend's face, so he had to wonder if there was something amiss. Perhaps she was nervous about going to her mother when the Weyrwoman was there with her. He supposed he should be, too.

Again noting the girl's increasing anxiety about the situation, the weyrling Brownrider hesitated, "We can meet with your family later, if you want." Then out of consideration for her, he tried to make up an excuse for her, "Your mom seems busy right now, so maybe it would be better to wait."

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