... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]

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PostSubject: Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]   Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:29 pm

Lesera sighed heavily as she woke early that morning. Half of the Kitchen staff were sick in bed, chamberpots full of vomit. She had told them not to eat the food from a week before! It was no good. The feast food was too choice a meal for them and they were paying the price. She dressed quickly in her livery for the Hold, her own clothes were dirty still since neither she nor her mother had had a moment’s rest to wash them - and the laundry attendants were sick.

Her mother had awoken earlier than herself, set out a small meal to break their fast with, and had left to tend the Ladies of the Hold. A note told her where her mother could be found if she was needed, and the warm bread and butter steamed lightly as she picked them up. A couple slabs of meat were warm on a plate and accompanied by cheese. The perfect makings for a quick meal, Lesera thought, as she tucked the meat and cheese between the buttered bread and drank deeply of the juice. Her father, once again on patrol, wasn’t asleep in her parent’s room where his chainsaw snoring would have broken the morning silence. Her brother’s room, abandoned now that he had moved to the Weyr, still smelled like the spicy scent of his sweetsand soap.

The young woman smiled to herself, proud of her older brother who had been Searched a while back and now stood at the Weyr as a Candidate. Whispers through his squad, still like brothers to her, told her that they had a bet going on what color he would Impress. Lesera didn’t care. He was still her brother, no matter if he got a bronze, brown, blue or a green. Everyone knew men didn’t impress Golds, something for which she was grateful since her spying had given her the information that the queen had mauled a girl for simply looking at the eggs. Little did the young woman know, that if she had chosen a better place to eavesdrop, she would have known that the girl who was mauled would have been very much deserving of the Gold’s wrath.

Lesera left their dwelling at a quick trot, heading toward the Kitchen. All hands would be needed today, since most of the staff had taken feast of the leftovers a week old. If she was early she might even get to serve, or better yet cook, for the Hold that day. Serving usually gave her the chance to say hello to the Lord Holder’s grandfather, and also the excuse to be near any interesting conversation to listen to. She was absolutely giddy with the idea and, stuffing the last of her sandwich in her mouth, ran toward the Kitchen, dodging any in the halls.

Finally arriving, the Kitchen was in shambles as people bustled around doing the jobs of three people where they only had one. Trays of food and klah sat on a long table waiting to be delivered to their destinations so the more Hold occupants could eat in privacy. Huge pots sat over fires warming the breakfast for those who ate in the Dining Hall and a large animal was turning erratically on a spit where three of the six dogs were trying to fight over a fallen scrap. The spit animal was the worst case, as that was likely preparation for lunch, so Lesera quickly set the dogs to rights, feeding them and getting them moving once more so the beast wouldn’t burn. Next came stirring the pots, and finally she was ushered toward the trays of food to be delivered.

By the time everything calmed down, Lesera was tired and it was late morning. Thinking to catch her breath, the young woman, her outfit now much dirtied and covered in flour and kitchen grim, sat outside on the steps of the Hold near the courtyards, leaning against the stone wall of the banister.


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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]   Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:57 pm

I'm so excited we're here. Are you nervous about being on our first real Search in the field? Do you really think that N'kai and T'lan will let us do a search on our own, without their help? I'm sure we can do it.

Ilmattoth was obviously ready for the day to get started. It was their first time out in the field, putting their skills to practice where a mentor wasn't constantly watching over them. N'kai and T'lan had promised that he and T'lan would let Nova and V'nius show the extent of their skills, but Nova knew that Kai was a very sensitive Blue and that it would be difficult probably for he or Ilmattoth would be able to suss out prospective candidates before the likes of that pair. It would be difficult anyway.

Not nervous. Do I seem nervous? The mental response came drolly. Yeah. We can do it. Just calm down. We have to visit the Main Hall first. The Lord Holder is supposed to be there. And if anything, Nova was sure to be more nervous about standing in the presence of a Lord Holder than about conducting a search on his own. Though it had been at Weyrlingmaster Syra's suggestion that he and Ilmattoth give Searching a shot once they graduated, it not having been something that he figured he'd be much good at, Nova still thought he'd feel more confident doing that than knowing just how to act in the presence of someone like a Lord Holder. So... if he did seem nervous, it was because of that.

Whatever happened though, Nova was determined to make this and future excursions outside of the Hold into positive experiences. More than anything, he wanted for him and Ilmattoth to have fun. And maybe one day he would develop the kind of skill for Searching that N'kai or Syra had. The Weyrlingmaster had mentioned to him at one point that it was a possibility that he and Ilmattoth both had a good aptitude for it, but that they just needed to learn how to harness their inner strength to use it to their advantage. He supposed that that could be true if it could be trained like any other skill. Many people had talents like that. Still, how could he be so sure this was his talent as a dragonrider?

In any case, they were perhaps about to find out. He and Vinnie both.

As Nova fell into step behind N'kai and the Telgar Hold's Steward who'd come to greet them, he felt his heart skip a beat in excitement. For a moment, he wasn't quite sure where the sudden escalation of elation had come from, but as soon as he left his reverie to more consciously connect with his bonded, he realized that the excitement was not completely his own.

Faranth, you gave me a start! Could you save it for after we meet the Lord Holder?

As the group of Searchriders made their way across the courtyard from the landing platform, Nova let his eyes survey their surroundings, not having been to Telgar Hold before.  Normally he would have been looking for some fun to involve himself in or stick his nose into unnecessarily, but this time, the sheer magnificence of the monumental Hold with it's towering entrance into the Main Hall were too breathtaking to remove his attention from. At least for the time being.

He was so entranced with the spectacular nature of Telgar's construction that he had hardly taken time to notice the young lady sitting on the step ahead of them.

If we're lucky, maybe we'll be the first to find another future candidate.  The dragon's voice was full of hope, though somewhere beyond that most optimistic perspective that Ilmattoth was determined to uphold, Nova could sense that there was some part of him that doubted they would manage such a feat.

If only N'kai and T'lan weren't here. Then they'd be able to succeed. The more senior Searchers always stole the glory. Ilmattoth and his rider always seemed last to hone in on empaths. Ilmattoth just couldn't understand why. Nova on the other hand wasn't near as worried about being First to anything.

We'll see.

N'kai and his Search partner T'lan had arrived at Telgar with a small handful of Searchrider trainees whose skills they were going to finally put to the test in the field. They'd been in out on Search together a few times before, but the most recently graduated Searchers had not yet had the opportunity to conduct searches on their own, without the constant oversight of a mentor. There were a lot of things that could happen while out on search that put riders in awkward and sometimes quite sticky situations and so it was best to make sure that they were prepared with the knowledge of how to handle those inevitable situations as best as possible. Of course, a good deal of that 'knowledge' was a learning curve that could only be overcome with a good deal more experience than what they presently possessed; but N'kai felt confident that these fresh Searchriders could overcome any obstacles on their own at this point. And if they could not, for whatever reason, then they could call on T'lan and N'kai to run to their assistance.

Walking side by side with the Steward of Telgar Hold, N'kai adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose, looking ahead of them, ever on the alert for prospective search victims. He'd immediately taken notice of the girl seated outside on the stair leading up to the Hold's main entrance, though as they crossed the courtyard, the Bluerider tried not to appear to take too much interest. He didn't want to pass up any future candidates but at the same time, he and T'lan had agreed to allow their trainees to shine today. And he trusted that they would display more than sufficient skill to cull out anyone empathetic enough to Impress.

Drawing his attention away from the girl, the Bluerider unbuttoned his flight jacket and then loosen his scarf about his neck as the Hold's Steward spoke up to him, "Bluerider N'kai, you have been here before, so I'm sure you remember all the proper decorum. If you would please remind your Searchriders, it would make a wonderful impression on just how well disciplined the Weyr has trained its Riders up to be. Lord Matoi has always been impressed with the way Fort riders present and conduct themselves. And that certainly speaks highly of the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader."

The Steward had chosen his words in the most diplomatic fashion, encouraging the positive weyr-hold relations but also encouraging that N'kai quickly school his junior Searchriders on the proper etiquette necessary. While the Hold would be lenient on foreign travelers where behaviour was concerned, not expecting them to have a full understanding of what was expected of those who lived there, the Searchriders were considered an envoy of sorts, needing to conduct themselves appropriately. If not also because while they were there, their job was to take a tithe in the form of human lives away from the Hold and back to the Weyr with them. To many, this was the most difficult tithe to part with. So, it was always good to tread carefully about the issue to keep both sides happy.

N'kai then, took additional steps to ensure that the Lord Holder did not feel imposed upon, by reminding his riders how to remain respectful of their host while they were with him.

Kaisoth relayed the message to the riders who'd not visited Telgar Hold before, As soon as you enter the main hall, the Steward will lead you to the Lord Holder. N'kai says that it is appropriate to bow and that everyone will bow together to make a good impression. N'kai also wants to remind you not to sit until asked to do so, and not to speak to the Lord Holder unless first spoken to. It is considered improper etiquette in Lord Matoi's presence. Once he has acknowledged all of the riders, you may address him freely.  

There came a pause where Kaisoth and his rider were likely in communication again, before the dragon finished, Since the Lord Holder is usually quite busy, it won't be a long visit with him. You will be free to go about the hold to Search in your pairs soon.

While Kaisoth reminded the junior Searchriders of these things N'kai was thanking the Steward for his high praises of Fort Weyr on the hold, he waited to see if any of the newbies would take notice of Lesera as they neared the stairs. He'd tried hard not to stare, letting the others realize it for themselves that the girl had the potential to be one of their special finds for the day. To that affect, he tried to keep the Steward engaged, training his eyes in the man's direction instead.

Kai. is that you sensing the girl, or me? Tell me more about her. Just need to make sure it's not my imagination. Let me know if either of the boys say anything about a prospective to you. The Bluerider had already informed Kaisoth that the Search today was to be conducted by Nova and Vinnie, and with that in mind, the Blue hadn't said anything about his sense toward prospectives that he'd already picked up on. Of course, they had to meet with the Lord Holder first, before the search commenced.

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]   Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:37 pm


She must have dozed off for a moment, because when she opened her eyes again, the Steward was welcoming dragonriders, and one of them had glanced at her. Lesera sat bolt upright, and stood, trying to wipe away the dirty kitchen grime on her clothing and look somewhat more presentable. Her father would have been very displeased if she didn’t do her duty, or at least show the proper respect. It would be rude to run off now that the man had seen her, especially since her current outfit disclosed her position as a working member of the Hold. Her inner thoughts wanted her to run, but her desire to meet the riders her brother probably had some sort of connection with argued back and made her stay.

With guests, everyone in the Hold was needed to make sure it ran smoothly, and as far as she knew, riders only came to the Hold to Search. If the Steward decided she was needed to do something for the riders, she was ready. Lesera clasped her hands behind her back, looking all the while like the demure Hold-server she was. If the Steward remembered her position in the Kitchen, he may ask her to bring refreshments. She knew her duty, just as her father did his, her mother did hers, and her brother had done his before being Searched.

Her mother! What would happen if she herself were Searched? Where would her mother go? Would they be allowed to all move to the Weyr? Would her father come. The thoughts distressed the girl, it had been hard enough watching Anuleesa’s pride and grief when her son had been taken to be a Candidate. It was more pride than anything else now, but her mother had spent often a night in her son’s room, musing over whether he was alright. But then the letters had started coming, helping all of them. Her father, always hard to show emotion, she had once caught touching Torianu’s pillow with a stony expression. That was as close to sadness as she thought she would ever see on the man’s face. But Lesera was sure that her father was proud of his son, even if Tori never knew it.

When she realized she had been staring at the entourage, she lowered her gaze to one that looked out over the Courtyard until she was called to duty, or addressed. She knew better than to speak before spoken to. In fact, she had had to learn that quickly when she had become a server for the Kitchen. Lesera waited, forcing herself not to fidget. A call from inside, her name she thought, snapped her attention back toward the doors of the Hold, and she looked once more at the man that seemed to be in charge, before running to the entry and slipping inside. She would find them later.

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]   Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:26 pm

V'nius was far more nervous than Tasunath as they came into sight of the Hold.  Sure, he and his green had been on several Search runs before now, both as weyrlings and since they'd graduated, but they'd never been told they would be taking more of the lead in finding likely Candidates.

I know there is someone there.  We will find them.

If you say so.  Inspired by the confidence in his green's tone, Vinnie sucked air into his lungs, closed his eyes, and let it out.  

Tasunath, of course, was ever optimistic.  She'd already shown a bit of a knack for Searching, especially considering she was not a blue, but her rider was still unable to fully understand just how she knew there was someone nearby.  He couldn't help but doubt until the evidence presented itself.

Thankfully, his green wasn't one to gloat.  Instead, she'd wrap him in the excitement and joy of their find, reminding him that this was what she was meant to do.  What they were meant to do.

Of course, he told himself the same thing over and over as they landed and he began walking towards the Hold proper with the blueriders he'd flown with.  It was the only way he could think of to calm his nerves, besides reminding himself of the proper ways to greet Lord Holders.

Manners were certainly something he possessed, and didn't really need to be reminded of-- they'd been taught the formalities during training, after all, even those who were holdbred before coming to the Weyr.  But he didn't dwell on that part of Kaisoth's instructions, instead focusing on what he mentioned about the Search itself.

Another deep breath, a straightening of his posture, and--

There.  Right there!  I found her!  And she is a she!  But she's leaving!  Where is she going?  You need to follow her!  THERE!

The barrage of mental imagery and words from his green made V'nius shake his head, as if to throw off the sudden onslaught.  He caught just the faintest glimpse of the girl Tasunath was talking about right before she turned to go back inside the Hold.

The opportunity, of course, was lost, but surely they'd be able to find her inside once they got there?  Or at least once they'd been given the opportunity to explore the Hold at will...

See, I knew there would be someone.

So much for the lack of gloating.
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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]   

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Dreaming of Dragons {Search} [Tags: N'kai/Nova]
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