... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth

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PostSubject: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:08 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Vivid
How did you find out about us?: Via Jess

Character Info:
Name: Ianver

Pronunciation: (E-an-veer)

Title: Search Rider

Honourific: I'ver

Age & Turn of Birth: 35 Turns Old. Born 05.10.465

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank: Search Rider/Wing Rider

Character Aspirations: I'ver wants it all. Popularity, women and men, the adoration of his leaders and peers. He hopes that if he goes on the Search more young women who become gold riders, his fame will be known Pern round. He also has his eyes on a Wingthird position but his true desire is to become Candidate Master of Fort Weyr.

OOC Character Development Goals: As I'ver found Belisse, he is convinced he can find more future queen riders. This has made him very ambitious. I would like to see him in a capacity rare for a blue rider to obtain, such as Wingthird or as Candidate Master of Fort. Weyrling Master would also be fantastic.

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: I'van- Wingrider- Brown Kalzth-55/ Turn 445/ Fort Weyr
Mother:Arianai-Wingrider- Green Bliath-54/Turn 446/ Fort Weyr


Full Sister: Iriana/Creche Worker/30/ Born Turn 470/ Fort Weyr

Full Sister: Aivi/Candidate/20/ Born Turn 480/ Fort Weyr

Half Sister(by I'van): Bavana/Wingrider/Green Kilaeth/36/Born Turn 464/ Fort Weyr

Half Brother(by I'van): I'bar/Wingrider/Bronze Tabruth/34/ Born Turn 466/ Fort Weyr

Half Brother(by Arianai): Aarken/Cook/33/Born Turn 467/ Fort Weyr
Half Brother(by Arianai): Ariban/Guard/31/Born Turn 469/ Fort Weyr


Son: Ikcarus/Weyrbrat/10/Born Turn 490/ Fort Weyr
Son: Izanryn/ Weyrbrate/ 7/ Born Turn 493/ Fort Weyr

Other Significant:

Former Lover: Caria/Wingrider/ Green Dabrieth/32/ Fort Weyr,

Part Time Lover: Zarina/Wingrider/ Green Baelrith/ 27/ Fort Weyr,

Best Friend: Z'fal/Wingrider/Blue Trazdarth/32/Fort Weyr

Friend: Belisse/Jr. Goldrider/Queen Jeneveth/21/ Fort Weyr

Friend: H'val/Wingrider/Brown Kirmath/32/Fort Weyr

Appearance: I'ver is a handsome man, standing 6'1 and weighting a tidy 260lbs. This is a rider who works hard to keep himself in the best of physical shape. His face has light face hair but more often than now, I'ver shaves as close as he can. Gem green eyes and white teeth are easily his best feature. Of course, he has the scars, where and tear of a boy who grew up getting up to no good. Faint scarring can still be found on the palms of his hands and his knees. His hair is a bright, gold touched blond with wheaten tones of gold, brass and dark blond under the brighter blond hair. He would grow it long if even the choice but for riding he keeps it chin length at the longest.

I'ver favors warm tones of red, orange and yellow but typically wears rust brown dragon leathers for riding. He has invested a good chunk of marks into some nice gather and hatching clothing over his turns; this is a man who likes to dress nice for any occasion if it is within his means.

Face:Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Hair:Chin length. Rich, golden blond with wheat and dark blond undertones

Eyes:Narrow but bright jewel green
Build:Muscular and fit, I'ver is in top condition. He works to maintain a good physical image and runs, jogs and (when warm enough) swims to stay fit.
Other Notable Physical Traits:I'ver has very clean, very straight teeth. A winning smile, so it has been said.

Style of Dress: Typical to a dragon rider when on duty. At special events, as well as he can afford to dress.

Possessions usually found on persona:
    ✣ Belt knife
    ✣ Tooled, black leather belt
    ✣ Silver ring with square garnet at the center.

History: Ianver was born of a mating flight, his father's dragon favored his mother's green for many turns. He was fostered rather immediately, his mother having her own ambitions and little interest in her children, for all that she had a handful. Ianver was a charming, lovely boy who learned early how telling people what they wanted to hear often got you what you wanted in return. That is how his foster mother, Iosia, got what she wanted and by Faranth, she taught him well. Ianver had dreams, dreams of dragon riding. He just knew he was going to Impress a bronze someday and rule Fort Weyr. It was just a matter of time.

Well, when he entered the candidate program, he got a shock. Not only did he not Impress the first go round, he spent the entire Hatching feast in the infirmary after his first taste of shrimp. After that, he never touched sea or river food again. I'ver never got his dream bronze in the end. As it happened, at fifteen he stood on the hot sands before a scattering of eggs. The third one to hatch revealed a berry bright blue dragonet who bounded over to Ianver, his faceted eyes whirling happily.

{{I am Kiloreth!}} he called. It was only later did I'ver register that he had Impressed a blue but by then it was too later. He loved the blueberry colored dragon; Kiloreth was all he needed. He would take up the rest. To his credit, he did. It was just after weyrling graduation that I'ver discovered that his blue was sensitive to potential candidates. Kiloreth proved it when he marched up to a young boy of the weyr, sniffed him over, and announced that the lad was fit for a dragon. When the next hatching came, the boy Impressed a green and Kiloreth's talent proven. I've wasted no time in going out on Search whenever a Queen was even suspected to be rising soon. The constant exposure to the young and hopeful hit I'ver in one of his well hidden soft spots. He remembered what it was like to wonder, to wait and to wish for a dragon. When he was approached by a young man he had Searched after a hatching, the boy told he ought to think of becoming a teacher. Once that seed of thought was planted, I'ver could never quite get rid of it. Day by day, it grew into a plan.

The day I'ver brought Belisse to Fort was the day he would never forget. It was a proud day indeed, for them both. Though he had practically had to intellectually seduce her to leave the Hold and come stand for the gold egg at Fort, it was all worth it in the end. When it was all said and done, it was such a bold and smart move that I'ver has patted himself on the back for it ever since. He has a rather odd sense of loyalty to her, having brought him some notice.

I'ver had the good luck to know what he wanted exactly from life, at least 98% of the time. However, when Kiloreth flew Dabrieth, he was turned on his head. Nine months to the day the blue had caught the green, a son was born. I'ver, with parenthood suddenly thrust upon him, panicked and shut off all contact with the mother. Late, he would admit this was a poor move and he has somewhat regretting the distance between himself and Caria as the turns have gone by. Three turns later, when his second son was born, he reacted better but still for the most part has been a distant father. He just doesn't know what to do with kids younger than twelve turns.

But every day leads to another ambition. I'ver turns his mind to better knots. Wingthird or just maybe, Candidate Master.

*Intelligent* *Persuasive* *Charismatic* *Bold* *Engaging* *Social* *Ambitious*

I'ver is a smart man, good with people when he desires to me, with a sharp wit and a quick tongue. He never let being a blue rider stop him from being ambitious and he is out to get what he wants. I'ver is a brave man sometimes to the point of being reckless. He has a rather cultish personality, drawing people in with his confidant air and smooth talk. Double talk is something he is good at and for someone with such low rank, he is good at getting people to listen to him. Oh this, he is very proud and considers it a mark of pride he Searched the girl who later Impressed queen Jeneveth. I'ver has many dreams, one of which to become a well known 'queen finder' and make sure that his blue finds at least three girls more girls who go on to Impress golds. When he is getting the attention he craves, he fawns and charms people. I'ver has a decent pick of friends as well as lovers though he has taken little interest in his sons. Likely, he will notice them when they become of age to stand.

For all that he is very confident, I'ver is also prideful and quick to anger if someone bursts his bubble. He has a scathing mouth on him and a quick hand should he ever have to duel someone.


* Manipulative*
I'ver likes to have his way and will pull string to get it.

It takes a lot to blow the wind out of his sails. He is very sure of himself, to the point of being obnoxiously over confidant.

* Reckless* I'ver takes risks that he thinks will win him notice from his peers. They range from physical stunts (daring or dangerous moves in the air to prove Kiloreth is talented) or socially (pushing the envelope. For him the ends always justifies the means.

I'ver knows he is beautiful man but also considers himself much smarter than a lot of the Weyr's inhabitants. He's his own biggest fan and never misses an opportunity to remind people that he is amazing.

Mannerisms or Habits:

I'ver is a fastidious person, making sure his hair, skin and nails are often very clean. Dragon riding is dirty enough without it having to get any worse. He also tends to smirk when he hears something he considers stupid and rarely bothers to hide it.


[Like 1]: Talk- whether at or about or for someone, I'ver likes to talk. He has a broad sense of knowledge and good recall. He'll talk your ear off if given half a chance.

[Like 2]: Fighting- though he has never been in a duel, this is a man who likes to practice and keep his skills sharp. As a boy he begged every guard he could find to help him perfect his skills. Should he ever be attacked, he will be able to hold his own.


[Dislike 1]: Mockery- I'ver takes himself very serious and a breech to his pride is a slam in his face. When slighted, an enemy is easily made out of him.
[Dislike 2]: Fish- They are scaly, smell and just gross. It doesn't help that he is mildly allergic to shellfish.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:
Belt knife, though he would like a true dagger at some point. Knife fighting.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name:Kiloreth

Year of Impression 480

Clutch Name: Light From Shadows clutch

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Coloring: Blueberry- A rich, juicy blue. 0000FF

Size: Large, rivaling small browns.
Length: 30 meters
Height: 36 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
* a slight dappling of sky blue motes along his belly.

Personality: I'ver might want to be the power behind the throne, so to speak, but Kiloreth is happy just being alive. There was never a more affable dragon, friendly and outgoing to almost every creature he comes across. While he has little use for whers, he will not speak badly of them. Giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially his rider, is just what Kiloreth was born to do. He is also a romantic. A flirt through and through, his rider's persuasive personality has manifest a casanova out of his dragon. Kiloreth cannot accept that nice guys finish last and he fawns over every green that passes him by. If a queen were asked him for a cuddle, say Jeneveth for example, the blue would just fall into a puddle of contented, blueberry goo.

Voice: Clear and with a lilt.

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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:16 pm

A Searchrider! YAY! We've been needing one. He's only our second blue I think as well. (I have a curse where I can't create them)

His family is awesome. I love family details. So bonus points there. I went ahead and put his brother and sister and friends dragons in the clutch records. The only one we really can't move around is his brother because we don't have a Bronze in every clutch.

We can definitely work things out so he can become Candidate Master. (as a start, we'll see about the WLM thing in the future. Karene likes to throw people into positions to see how they do and then promote them if they can handle the pressure)

Sooo the critique part :

I would love to see more detail in his history. Its kind of the bare bones of the story of his life. Don't be afraid to expand here. The best part about a detailed history is that you can use it to build future events. He gets sick when he eats shellfish so what was his first experience with it? Since he seems to dislike fish on the whole now. The birth of his children would be important events. So more detail there. Also expand upon when he decided he wanted to become Wingthird/Candidate Master.

Other than that I don't see anything that would keep him from being approved.

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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:41 pm

wooo! Lookit Vivid workit on her first char bio. !! I'll have to get a look at it tomorrow. Early morn for me so won't be on long for now!

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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:33 pm

Ohh Bravo! Yay. haha. this'll be interesting to see how he and my new rider i'm working on interact when they run into eachother. haha.

And I'm uber impressed. yay. Love him! haha. ohh we should go ahead and approve him ^.^ If you want to add any other details to the history that aren't earth shattering, life altering events that are just gonna completely rock our little Pern planet, you can do so after the fact too... mmm otherwise just clear major details with one of the admins.

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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:45 pm

So, is he approved? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:52 pm

Yep. Time for you to immerse yourself in Weyr craziness. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth   

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I'ver- Search Rider- Blue Dragon Kiloreth
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