... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 X'ilor of Bronze Saolth

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PostSubject: X'ilor of Bronze Saolth   X'ilor of Bronze Saolth I_icon32Sun Aug 24, 2014 2:02 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: Suri
How did you find out about us?: Dragon's Rise Affiliation

Character Info:
Name:  Xeilineor
Pronunciation:  Zey-lih-nE-ohr
Title: (If any)
Honourific: X'ilor (Zey-ih-lohr) [zey rhymes with say], [ih as in 'it'], [lohr as in 'lord' without the 'd']
Age & Turn of Birth: 20 turns, 07.17.481 AL
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr
Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Craft: (If applicable)
Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Bronzerider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations:
Xeilin hopes to take his dragon as far as he can in ranks, dreaming of leading his own wing or taking a stint as the lover of a goldrider.  

OOC Character Development Goals: (Please talk here about what direction you’d like to see your character go in as far as character development in both long and/or short term so that admins/moderators can help you meet these goals.)

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Unknown Rider (open for adoption)
Mother: Unknown Weyrfolk (open for adoption)
Siblings: None, that he knows.
Children: None.
Other Significant: None.

Appearance: (Give at least a little detail regarding each physical aspect.)
Face: Ian Somerhalder - IMdB Link
X'ilor of Bronze Saolth Kec2GuJ
Hair: Worn short, his hair is a nice color of brown, with reddish highlights in the sun. When wet with sweat, or water, or looks almost black.
Eyes: Crystal blue
Height: 6 foot
Build: Athletic. He has a great pride in his body, working to keep it muscular and strong so that he is an effective fighter in the war on Thread. He weighs somewhere around 165lbs or so, mostly muscle.

Other Notable Physical Traits: Three scars diagonal across his back from an accidental mauling during Impression. It wasn't his dragon that mauled him, however Saolth thought he was going to die and the man's first action was to keep his dragon from going between when he was injured. He worked hard to keep them stretched while they healed, and the scars hardly limit his movement any longer.

Style of Dress:
X'ilor favors pants styled after Terra 'cargo-pants' featuring many pockets for his possessions. His shirts are usually nicely made fitted shirts over a tight fitting tank top that allows him to shuck off his fitted shirt and get down and dirty. A pair of serviceable black boots completes his usual outfit.

In the spring, his cargo pants are replaced by loose fitting shorts, and a sturdy pair of sandals to protect his feet. Winter adds a heavy wherhide jacket line with soft fur, and thicker more warm boots.

Possessions usually found on persona:
A belt pouch for carrying his possessions and marks.
A jar of numbweed for his ever present scrapes and bruises.
A pair of gloves for heavy work to protect his hands.
A handy knife in its sheath on his belt.
A gold ring inlain with his dragon eggshells.
A leather braided bracelet
A bronze covered mark (his first won in a fight) on a leather corded necklace.


Xeilineor, or Xeilin as he was called for short, is not one of those people with a history that makes him special. He's not rich, he's not a Lord Holder's son, he's not one of the criminals in the world. However, only the last he is sure of. The man grew up never knowing his family. He was very young when he was given to the Weyr to raise, and never told of where he came from. His family was the many women of the creche and nursery, Growing up he would spend much time with the other children, playing, going to lessons, doing chores around the Weyr, but when the night fell and the two moons rose, Xei went back to the room of children looked after by the night caretakers. The women loved the young, precocious child, his outgoingness and wit were smiled upon, and in games of lead and follow, Xeilin was often chosen as a leader of a team, his natural openness, and strategic thought process earning him a good reputation for winning and excelling. Day after day he would go about the usual day of a child, growing into a young man - but would watch as the other children went home, at least to their mothers, and was secretly envious of their certainty of origin. For all he knew, he was some unwanted criminals child, given succour because he was young.

He spent his young childhood playing with the other kids, hunting tunnelsnakes and earning marks for turning in their heads to the Headwoman. He hoarded his marks, knowing there would likely be a Gather where something would catch his fancy. That, or his favorite bubbly pies would be in stock at the bakers (this was often the case of where his marks ended up!). He was small as a child, often sickly, and more than once fell ill to a bought of sickness that some weren't sure he would live through. There was one boy who was with him through it all, another with no known parents, and he spent a lot of time getting into trouble with the boy. They fostered together with one of the women of the Lower Caverns and were often so close that if one got sick, the other followed shortly after. Around 9 turns, his friend caught the firehead illness and never recovered, falling into a coma that he never woke from, and ended up dying from. The loss was hard on the young man, and he found it hard to allow himself to get close to another person has he had his foster brother.

When he was a bit older, able to read and write, he began asking people if they knew where he came from. Xeilin was met with tight lips and sometimes outright stares, but never a direct answer. Eventually, around the age of 11, he gave up looking and focused his eyes upon learning about dragons. He excelled in his general education, showing the most potential in studying flight patterns and organization, as well as how to handle other riders if he were in a wing. In theoretical situations, modelled by students arrayed as each being a a dragonriding pair, he was able to maneuver 'dragons' and 'riders' out of danger from fake Thread. His mind was calculating and could assess situations very well. A mistake that 'injured' a 'rider' was rarely made again. It was the loss of his friend that fueled himself throwing his mind into his studies and spurning the more 'childish' games of the kids his age.

At the same age, he attended as many Hatchings as he could, watching and trying to see what made a rider. His watching was inconsistent, and he could never narrow down what made a dragon Impress one person or another. Never knowing his history, where he came from, and never really having anyone to call 'Mother' or 'Father' or to really care about him as a one of their own, he worked hard to earn his way into the good graces, or rather the notice of, the men who lead wings. He hoped that someone would say they were proud of him. He made friends, lost them, saw some die, saw others Impress, and still watched with envious eyes as the other children his age were able to cry to their parents about their triumphs and failings. The woman who he called his foster mother cared for his illnesses, fed him, clothed him and allowed him a place to sleep, but he never really felt the motherly love from her.

Two years later, at 13, he stood for his first Hatching, and failed to Impress. It shattered him and he believed he would never be a rider. He spent some time trying to find his place, moving from Weyr to Hall, to Hold and finally back to the Weyr when nothing seemed to click for him. Xeilin's time away from the Weyr helped mature him into a brooding, quiet man. He was still rather out-going, but when he wasn't trying to learn something new, he kept most people at a distance. His first stop was the Harper Hall, where he learned the guitar... he wasn't very good at much else, and the Harpers suggested he try his talents elsewhere, encouraging him to take his guitar with him. From there he skipped around to the other Crafthalls but nothing ever really clicked with him and he returned to his home at the Weyr. He was old enough now to be given his own cramped room, hardly big enough for a bed and desk, and not much else. But it was his and he was happy to have his own space.

By the age of 15 turns, he was a very fit, handsome young man and a short stint at the Smithcrafthall had helped him develop a decent amount of strength from his lean baby-fat and pre-puberty body. He requested to stand again as a Candidate, stood for the Howling Winter Winds Clutch and again failed to Impress. Again, his failure told him he lacked somewhere and that he wasn't good enough. This time he threw himself into training his body, maximising his fighting ability. His favorite past time was martial arts, which he enjoyed because of the ability to learn use his body as a weapon to protect himself or those he may come to care about. He was very slow to learn to do it properly, forcing his body to do more than it was ready for and often injured himself in the process of training. No matter what his teachers said, to go slow, to work up the unused muscles, to stretch and work his body toward the end result, he tried to rush it and it caused too much strain. His hard-headedness frequently resulted in him getting into fights with more skilled members of the Weyr, whom he lost to. The men and women who bested him, he approached and requested as teachers, learning as much as he could from them and moving onto the next likely person.

Eventually his self punishment and throwing himself into learning fighting and tactics, earned him a good reputation as a fighter, and weyrfolk would bet on his fights at Gathers - often winning decent marks from his success. He was about 16 and a half turns when he met a young woman who broke through his stoic, hardened demeanour and won his heart for a short time. She brought the warmth back in his life, and for the first time since losing his best friend, felt like someone truly loved him. The woman was his first love, and lover as well. He was hopelessly in love with her and very proud when she became a rider. She Impressed a green, and during an early trip between without permission, tragically died when she failed to give good coordinates and was lost between.

As time went on, the young man made a friend in his newest Candidate class, another young man who needed a friend. It took awhile for X'ilor to warm up to him, but eventually the two became good friends and X'ilor acted like a protector to him. Finally, in 500 AL, the young man Impressed, a bronze dragonet named Saolth, and between his dragon and his best friend, the newly Impressed bronzerider began to open up to people more. His weyrlinghood was relatively uneventful, as he preferred to stay out of drama the rest of the clutch involed themselves with. He worked hard to be noticed by the Weyrleader, as tried to get himself tapped into the same wing as the man he looked up to.

Current: X'ilor graduates with his weyrling class and moves into his permanent weyr with Saolth.

Xeilin is a very kind person, often open to listening and counselling other people's problems. Despite this, he is quiet and doesn't really offer his opinion on personal matters unless it's asked for. There are many times when the young man could be considered intimidating or brooding - but generally is a very outgoing person who tries to make everyone feel useful and cared for. His own outcast, somewhat sad childhood, causes him to take underdogs under his wing and be someone they can talk to if they are down. It has taken a long time to break his hardened exterior into the happier, more outgoing self - the loss of his lover being one of the things that helped break through. He knew the young woman would have wanted him to move on and be happy like he was with her, and so he tries hard to open up and approach people.

✣ Oblivious: There have been females, and maybe even some males, expressing interest in him, but his lack of ability to allow people into his heart has kept him from noticing the advances of these people.
✣ Glutton: Xeilin adore a good herdbeast roast with roasted tubers... and he will go back for seconds, even thirds of the dish when it's available. He regrets it deeply later when he can't move becase he is too full and his stomach aches.
✣ Over-indulgence: He often takes advantage of Benden White, and while he drinks slowly, it can sometimes be too much. Especially if he is mourning the loss of a rider or gambling/drinking with others.

Mannerisms or Habits:
A quiet person,  he often watches people silently while he listens to them speak. He thinks his words over before he speaks, and sometimes cocks his head to the side while examining people. When he works at anything, he is often humming or singing quietly, often without even noticing he is doing so.

Skills/Likes: (List at least two or three things that your character is good at or enjoys. Leave a little insight as to why they possess such an affinity on each listing.)
[Singing/Playing Guitar]: They go hand in hand for this young man, and he enjoys doing both. He is not as gifted as those in the Harper Hall, but his voice is passable and his guitar playing skills are nothing to snub a nose at.
[Mixed Martial Arts]: In training his body for strength and speed, he has become extremely well versed in various fighting styles. He practices long, hard and often. He is proud of his speed, and uses his body as efficiently as possible.

Dislikes/Unskillful at: (Do the same for Dislikes as was instructed on Likes.)
[Losing]: He isn't a very good loser. Sure he's gracious on the outside, and acts like a true sportsman, but he will work at bettering himself and keep challenging those who beat him until he can beat them himself.
[Bullies]: X'ilor is often sticking up for the underdog. He hates seeing people use their authority or power, or any perceived 'betterness' over others and more than once has fought in place of the weaker person.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Mixed Martial Arts. He uses his body as a weapon and trains hard at keeping it deadly. No part of him isn't toned, no part of him he can't use to hurt someone if the need arose. He also has a dagger but he doesn't use it unless necessary.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Saolth (World)
X'ilor of Bronze Saolth Ia6b5oV

Year of Impression 500 AL
Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth
Weyr of Hatching: Fort
Wing: Empyrean Wing
Colouring: Bronze
Text Color: #935d07

Length: 38.5 meters
Height: 45.6 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:

Saolth is a dragon with a very large competitive streak that often compliments his riders own desires. Both dragon and bonded want to soar to the heights in their fighting wing and prove themselves worthy in the eyes of the Weyr. His riders early learning of tactics and formations helps the bronze dragon to work well together with his clutchmates during practices and he can often be seen doing a victory lap of the Weyr skies when he does something extremely well to be praised for. He does his best work under stressful situations, and excels during the more difficult practices. Saolth often surprises his rider by remembering random things that many other dragons would forget.

The bronze dragon himself is very outgoing as dragons go, making friend among the other dragons and openly speaking to those who greet him. It is not uncommon for him to allow a small gathering to hear him if he has something to contribute. He fills the parts of his rider that seem to be lacking, and is the defining point in Xeilin's life that allows him to love, be loved and open up to others.

(Beginning and End of Life)
Fulfillment ----- Accomplishment ----- Success ----- Integration
Involvement ----- Prospering ----- Satisfaction ----- Repleteness (Size and Memory)
Contentment ----- Good feelings ----- Wholeness

Saolth has a slightly deeper, almost lyrical sounding voice. It speaks of confidence, and is pretty expressive in the range of emotions conveyed through mindspeaking.

X'ilor of Bronze Saolth IoRh6hm

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Ah, and could I get a Hex code for his font colour that you'll be using, pls? Thanks Smile

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