... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Thanekar, Fort Candidate

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PostSubject: Thanekar, Fort Candidate   Thanekar, Fort Candidate I_icon32Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:40 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:

Name: Thanekar

Pronunciation:Thane (rhymes with pain)- car

Title: Candidate

Honourific: If Impressed would prefer Th'kar or Th'ar

Age & Turn of Birth: 15, Turn 487

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A
Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Candidate but he would like to be a rider soon!
Character Aspirations:

  • Impress a dragon
  • Pull pranks
  • Have fun
  • Spend time with his half siblings and friends... he gave up on having quality time with his parents a long time ago.

OOC Character Development Goals:
He is growing up and with growing up comes some serious changes. Thanekar has to decide who he wants to be and in the process will likely hurt people around him. He knows one thing very clearly and that is his desire to be a Dragonrider. It will be interesting to see his interaction with his mother and father once he Impresses. Also I’d like to explore his relationships with his half siblings and friends. He is a prankster so a few plotty things will be thrown out there concerning his penchant for trouble.

Father: K'thane of Bronze Remegath
Mother: Karene  of Gold Galadrieth- Sr. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr
Maternal Half Siblings
Emerene- 17, sister,Weyrling rider of Gold Glittrath (played by Eloaene)
Karevik, 13, brother, Weyrling rider fo Bronze Erudith (played by Vladi )
Losakar , 10, brother, Weyrbrat
Renette, 8, brother, Weyrbrat
Karene, 6, sister, Weyrbrat
Karendris, baby (4-6 mos), brother, Weyrbrat

Paternal Half Siblings (TBA)

Other Significant:
Best Friend: Jadrek, 16,  though he isn’t sure why he puts up with him. (Played by Dreamer)
Foster mother: Arilla (57) f, when her own children moved out, Arilla took in a foster child. She often also watches her children’s small babes when the Creche is closed.

Face Claim:Mathias Lauridsen
Thanekar, Fort Candidate Thanekar_zpsbbf1824b
Hair:Blonde with a reddish tint, it tends to be kept short but not buzzed off completely. He tries to keep the front short enough that no hair falls into his eyes.
Eyes: Blue.
Height:5’11” and growing. He is already taller than his mother, but he knows he will grow taller than a woman.
Build: He isn’t the muscular sort really. He is a wiry, thin, tall fellow, and although he does run around quite a bit, exercise is not something he puts much thought into.
Other Notable Physical Traits:
Style of Dress: He wears what he has because he has been growing so much lately. He doesn't have anything fancy just because his birth parents have some money. In fact he much prefers looking the same as everyone else and still standing out somehow.
Possessions usually found on persona:

Thanekar knew from a young age that he was different. He perceives different as better than others but different is truly the more ideal word. He could tell that his mother, who visited him quite rarely was someone of importance. She said jump and everyone else did it. He liked that. His father only reaffirmed in the boy a belief that he was destined for greatness. He believed people would only have to look at him to see, that young boy is going somewhere with his life. And when people didn’t pay attention to him, he found ways to get their attention. The one person who never seemed to care one way or another was his cold mother.

He had the love of his foster mother but the powerful, isolated woman who gave birth to him left a deep hole that no one else could feel. He wanted her, to see him. At a young age, he began to get into trouble. While he was younger he tended to work alone though he gradually allowed some other kids to join his mischief. He eventually re-formed what is called the Brat Pack; A group of children who make it their solemn duty to wreak havoc on the Weyr and annoy the crap out of the Headwoman.

Being in trouble didn’t necessarily get him a one way ticket to the weyrwoman’s office and after a while, the reason he got into trouble wasn’t solely to garner attention. He began to do it because it was fun, because it created some chaos in a strict rule-bound place that needed a little spicing up. As he grew older he began to recruit some of the younger kids to join in, including his younger half-brothers.

Before Emerene became a teenager she was actually someone he would have spent some time with but now the two tend not to get along. He thinks his sister has some serious issues with self-worth.  He is not a mind-healer but it really doesn’t take one to see that all of his mother’s children were messed up somehow. On the rare visits with his father, Thanekar talks with him and tells him about his desire to be a dragonrider, it is one thing he has never wavered on. He has always wanted a dragon. He knows deep down that he will Impress one day and it will be to the best dragon ever.

He has many friends. He has had many friends from the time he could hold conversations, maybe even before that. His friendships are lasting and he makes an effort to spend time with the people who make an effort to see him and even the few shy friends who find it difficult to seek out people to interact with. How he ended up best friends with the quiet, sullen Jadrek, he isn’t quite sure. Jadrek understood him, he supposed, better than most and that made him invaluable as a friend and a confidant.  

When he turned twelve and became a Candidate, he moved into the Barracks. During his first turn there, he was still heavily involved in Brat Pack activities. Since then he has passed the Torch of leadership to his half-brother Karevik, aka Red. From time to time, okay a lot of the time, he gives them ideas for pranks or sends them on troublemaking missions because he finds it fun to watch the Weyr unravel because of some children.

He has yet to be permitted to stand due to some transgressions which got him banned from Standing the last two Turns. He wants to appeal to his mother about Standing this Turn because he is certain she has been keeping him from standing on purpose.  


  • Vain, Proud – He cares about what other people think of him, just as much as he cares about what he thinks of himself. Thanekar wants people to see in him exactly what he sees in himself. As such he doesn’t take criticism well. He doesn’t like when people try to tease him about “perceived” faults. He wants to be above that sort of thing but has trouble separating himself from others the way a truly vain or proud person should be able to.
  • Kind- In spite of his desire to be worshiped by all, he can be one of the kindest people you meet. He is compassionate in a way one wouldn’t expect. He cares about other people. He understands both their pain and their joy and can sympathize. He makes an excellent shoulder to cry on. So long as it can be done out of sight. He has a reputation to keep.
  • Prankster/Troublemaker – He has been ignored by the mother he longed to have attention from as a child. His father, while better than his mother at giving him some of his time, is not exactly an active parent either. He seeks attention other ways, allowing his more mischievous side to take over. He loves to pull off big schemes with the help of the Brat Pack.  Pranking and making trouble is the only way he gets the attention he desires. Not only does it make him popular among the other children but the adults begin to take notice of him and know him by name.
  • Popular/Social- He makes friends easily and keeps them just as easily.  He makes conversing with strangers look easy. Has no problem dealing with those higher up than him, always seems to know what to say and when to say it. He has great timing too. His popularity among his peer  group is partly earned and partly because of who his mother and father are. The son of a Bronze and Goldrider is sure to go far…
  • Gregarious/Charming – Beyond being social and popular, Thane has a good deal of charm. He talks well and easily. Again, using his charisma to garner attention from people.
  • Fun loving – Like most people his age, Thane enjoys having a little fun. That’s partly why he does pranks. They are enjoyable. There are many things he likes to do but even when doing something unsavory, Thanekar tries to make it into something fun. Time goes by faster that way.

He is arrogant.
He has trouble balancing his arrogance with his compassion for people.
He doesn’t do well in his studies because he puts forth no effort.

Mannerisms or Habits:
He talks more when he is nervous than he means to. Though he is rarely nervous.
He holds his head high when he walks.
Thanekar has a habit of cracking his knuckles when he is thinking, especially when thinking about a prank. He also tends to have a smirk on his face.

[Leadership]:He likes being in control of things, especially his own life. He tends to garner followers among his peer group and younger without much effort and seems to have some natural leadership capability.
[Chaos]:He is good at creating it, he is good at dissolving it and coming out the hero. He likes a bit of chaos now and then, the whole world might seem to be falling apart and he would be laughing because every now and then a little chaos is a good thing.
Relationships: Something he has always been good with. He has many friends and all would find him to be the kind of person who would be a life-long friend. He cares about people enough that he will never be the sort to take the love of another person for granted. Love is not something that is easily won, from anyone. And friendship is a form of love. So he takes all of his relationships seriously and cherishes them. Even if his parents are oblivious to his heart, other people are not.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Strict Rules]: He desires some freedom from the rigidness of the Weyr at times. Rules were made to be bent to the needs of those they were made for. Right?
[Academics]: He is a critical thinker, he can decide things easily for himself. He picks up on what he reads or does quickly but he is not studious. He shirks his responsibility toward an education and puts very little effort into it. Still he does passably well. The potential that is wasted though, it is hard for other people to understand. Effort on academia seems a waste to him though.
[Sitting or being still] He can’t do it. He can’t. He tries. He is like his mother. When he is thinking about something he is pacing. He is constantly moving around. When he has to be still his leg o is still moving or he taps his fingers. The only time he is not moving is when he is sleeping and even then he tends to move around a bit. For instance he has no idea how he woke up with his head where his feet were when he fell asleep and where in the shells did his blanket end up?

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: He doesn’t fight generally. He can talk his way out of most altercations. Not that he cannot fist fight but he chooses not to.

Candidate Information:
Standing Only? No

Color Preference:Bronze

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Ready for critique

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