... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC]

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PostSubject: HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC]   HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC] I_icon32Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:40 pm

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::




Age/ Turn of Birth:
28/ 484 AL


Place of Birth:
Cothold outside of Fort Hold

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Character Aspirations:
To grab the eye of Bronzerider N’kyr, and thus become his weyrmate. She also wants to have a large family of her own one day -hopefully with the participation of N’kyr. Secretly, she also hopes to be one of Fort’s best cooks one day.

Father: Kodak (Tanner)
Mother: Levenci (Cook)
Siblings: Older sisters Cilee and Vencia
Children: N/A
Other Significant: Best Friend, Bronzerider J’ace; The man she desires, Bronzerider N’kyr.

HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC] Havalee_zpsc5c413a7

Face: Gemma Arterton
Hair: Long and loosely curled brunet
Eyes: Hazel-green
Height: 5’5”
Build: Of medium frame and curve; she isn’t necessarily petite, but she maintains her figure.
Other Notable Physical Traits: N/A
Style of Dress: She loves cream or white coloured dresses, either plain or patterned, with white thigh-high stockings held up by coloured ribbons tied in a bow. Periodically she also likes shades of peach or red. Warm colours. She likes to have some feminine frill on her dresses, but not too much, and she’s not a big fan of lace. Usually she wears some ribbon tied in her hair to hold her hair back, out of her face while she’s working.

Possessions usually found on persona:
None, unless its her apron. If she’s in a hurry, she may jolt out of the kitchens without taking it off.

Born in a cothold outside of Fort Hold. Her father is a Senior Journeyman Tanner, and was transferred to the Weyr when Havalee was about 5 turns in age. Havalee is one of three daughters had by her parents. Though, her eldest sisters were planned pregnancies and her mother had had difficulties in the second pregnancy, being told by the healers that she would likely never have any other children. So, five turns after their second daughter was born, it was a great surprise to them to find out they’d become pregnant again.

Havalee has always been very attached to her mother and never quite as explorative as her elder sisters. She seems to weigh consequences and risks differently than they do. And due to her attachment to her mother, it was no surprise to her family that she took up the cook craft, like her mother. When she was about 7 turns in age, Havalee wanted to start learning to cook, so that she could impress her new male interest, J’ace. It was a puppy love sort of thing, and since then, she’s always enjoyed preparing special meals for he and any of his friends or wingmates. She gives them special attention. The same goes for N’kyr.

About the age of 6-7, she met J’ace. She used to have a bit of a childhood crush on him, but as she’s grown up and matured, she can only view him as a friend; though he is certainly still an attractive man, thus, there are times she lends herself as a flightmoth to him. Not out of pity, because she knows his true feelings for her, but because it’s an off chance to explore what might have been. Perhaps that is her secret pleasure.

Havalee knows in her heart, that she would have a difficult time seeing J’ace as anything else but a friend; if not simply because of his easy way of trading one woman for another. Though she suspects and trusts that he would treat her better, she still has a hard time believing that he would ever break those old habits. Maybe because she herself has a hard time breaking habits, she understands how difficult it can be. There are times however, that his fervor toward her begins to sway her thoughts about the likeliness that they could ever be together in a more romantic sense. The feelings become more conflicted when she thinks about N’kyr or is caught up in one of J’ace’s moments of flight lust.

Unfortunately for J’ace, the best friend who loves her more deeply than she cares to acknowledge, Havalee has no great love of his womanizing ways. She’s never been in a long-term relationship herself, though. Mostly because any guy she’s gotten with, she doesn’t see as standing up to her expectations, so she dumps them shortly after taking any interest in them. Maybe it’s just her own bad habit she can’t seem to break, but were she not thinking of N’kyr, or periodically J’ace, she might be able to give some really nice guy a better chance. That never seems to happen though, and she hasn’t quite admitted that her expectations of N’kyr as her ideal boyfriend could just be fabricated by her own imagination. Truthfully she doesn’t know that much about him. And she’s afraid to ask J’ace much in detail.

Though she doesn’t necessarily concern herself over other people’s kids, Havalee does hope to start her own family one day. And she would like a large family of her own. But that’s different. One’s own family was always special. Her goal is to have N’kyr’s participation in that.

Not a flirtatious person, at least not openly, so she enjoys when J’ace and N’kyr are together, so that when she goes to see her friend, N’kyr is with him.
Down to earth.
Doesn’t generally question things. She takes things more at face value
Dislikes womanizers, though she doesn’t necessarily have Hold-born views of sexuality. Still, to show SOME amount of loyalty to a partner would be a show of greater respect.
Not necessarily naive, but she doesn’t have the extensive life experience to keep her from being swayed in her beliefs and opinions, etc. However, because of this, she also has no real cynicism or jaded views toward anything in life at this point.
Not overly excitable
Not overly critical of others
Not generally loud or overly talkative.
Not greatly adventurous. She’s a home-body and really enjoys working in the lower cavern with her mom, whom she’s always been very attached to. She does have a certain amount of courage however, which can overcome her knack of not really going outside her comfort zone very often. She likes being where she can feel content. This does not mean that she is a frightful girl, though. She’s simply never been quite as explorative as her siblings. At least not on her own.
Generally happy and kind. Helpful to others where she can be. Not a bubbly person, though. She tends to be fairly mellow.
Predictable. She has her habits and sticks to them most of the time.

She doesn't view herself as exceptionally pretty or talented, though some may envy her for her skill when it comes to food preparation. Perhaps, in this way, she has a somewhat diminished self image. She doesn't see herself as someone capable of having big dreams or lofty goals.

Mannerisms/ Habits:

Skills/ Likes:
[Cooking]:She’s as good a cook as her mother -which is saying a lot.
[Gathers]:They offer excitement without having to explore outside of her zone of contentment, and she’s likely to get her hands on some new cookware.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Drastic Change]:Puts her out of her comfort zone.
[ ]:

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
:: Crafter Information ::
Cook craft

Turns in Craft:
19 turns.

Cook. Though the cook craft has no real rank like other major crafts, she’d definitely rank as a Senior Journeyman in the craft, if there were.

Location of Journeymanship:
Fort Weyr

None. Though she loves savoury foods, and thus preparing them.

HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC] Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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PostSubject: Re: HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC]   HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC] I_icon32Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:04 pm

Approved. Since she is a PNPC I'll let that one missing dislike slide

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HAVALEE -Fort Weyr Cook [PNPC]
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