... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: :: TIMELINE OF EVENTS ::   Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:50 am

Timeline of Events at a Glance

Turn 485

::Keroon Holder's murder by poison, misdiagnosed as TB.

Turn 487

::Late in the turn, discovery of a couple of Minor Holders withholding Tithe goods without the knowledge of either the Weyrs or their citizens, became the cause of malcontent to all the people in Telgar. By the time the full truth of the situation had been brought to light, it was too late to stop the damage that had been done.

::Fire breaks out in Keroon Hold, killing several, including the Lady Holder. The late Lord Holder's heirs are saved, but separated and given to different families to be raised in order to protect their identities from further plots to have them slain.

Turn 488

::Near the end of the turn, moderately controlled demonstrations turned into more and more heated uprisings in Telgar.

Turn 489

::By the middle of the turn, Telgar's uprisings had escalated into a deep division of political perspectives, making way for all out civil war.

::The Chorong Rebels form as an organized faction.

Turn 490

::A number of orphans from families torn asunder by conflict in Telgar are recruited by the Blood Moon Squad and as pillowcrafters, in order to get them off the streets. 

Turn 495

::The Chorong Rebels are forced to accept defeat and retreat into pretending non-existence after their leader is slain.

Turn 500

::Convening of Lords and Weyrleaders over the Expansion of the Weyrs, as signs of the coming Pass are becoming more noticeable. Preparations begin for the restoration of Igen Weyr. Telgar and Igen come to an agreement over tithes to Igen Weyr, leading to Heir Apparent Rihans betrothal to the Lord of Igen's daughter Eolyn.

::Steward of Telgar River Hold appointed.

::Igen Gather & brawl

::Igen Gather feasting & dancing

::The Chorong Rebels kidnap Lady Eolyn and Lady Courisse of Igen, hoping that their deaths would be associated with the expanding influence of the Weyrs, and possibly to throw Igen and Telgar Holds into even deeper conflict

::A rescue party was sent out from Igen and Telgar Holds, bringing Lady Eolyn and Lady Courisse back home safely; but not without casualties of their own.

::Smuggling activities discovered in Crom by Lady Nyssa who must now decide how to deal with the situation.

Turn 501

::Lady Eolyn of Igen marries Heir Apparent Rihan of Telgar, solidifying the Peace between Telgar and Igen.

::Upon deeper investigation

::Telgar Hold and its Weyrs come together to show a united front against the the rising Chorong tide.

::The Blood Moon Squad boys escort the tithe caravan to Igen Weyr. Along the way, they run into an ambush.

::The Settlement opens its gates to holdless families seeking refuge. Kazage, the former Exile, and his band, who are a treasure of knowledge concerning the many roving, holdless groups in Telgar, help to spread the word about its existence. 

::Two riders travel to the new Igen Weyr that is under re-construction to investigate the possibility of infiltration by the Chorong Rebels secretive agents.

::Lord Holder Matoi of Telgar is working closely with the Weyrs to continue to build positive relations between them; as well as to show a united front against the Chorong Rebels. They must learn to cooperate and work together so that they are not overcome by another rebellion.

::Another tithe train is attacked by a holdless band, who seem more organized than ever. The Blood Moon Squad provides escort and wards off the trouble, but clues are left behind as to the attacker's identity. Are they connected with the rebels?

::Murder of Telgar Lord's son, Ermon

::A Captain of the Hold Guard is framed by the Chorong Rebels for the death of the Telgar Lord's son; but Telgar's Heir Apparent suspects as much, and frees his friend. They must work diligently to find Ermon's killer so that they may clear the Captain's name of accusations.

::Dual Greenflight of Tasha and Lance

::Harvest Masquerade

Turn 502

::Weyrling Class of 500 graduates!

::Galadrieth, Fort's Senior Queen, lays her clutch!

::Riders team up with members of the Telgar Guard to search for Rebel Camps, based on a map that was uncovered. Little do they know, they're being led on a wild goose chase.

::In order to take the next strides forward with their revolution, the Chorong Rebels have created a monopoly on the Traders doing business in the Southern parts of Telgar and into Igen through the Igen Weyr route. They now have a firm control over the movement of resources in this southerly region, and have their hands on all the supplies necessary to support the recruits taken from the Fight Club. Now all that's left is to put them to good use.

::Additional personnel are transferred to the new Igen Weyr

::Candidates begin the Egg Touching for the Poetry of the Air Clutch!

::A hurricane hits Big Bay, but reaches a level of unexpected ferocity as it sweeps over the island of Ista! Rescue efforts are underway, bringing aid to the decimated Ista Weyr and Ista's Holds. See when happens in this Time of Need, when riders are Called to Action!

::Riders from Fort team up with Hold Guard from Telgar to assist in the locating of Chorong Rebel camps.

::Poetry of the Air clutch has hatched! To everyone's surprise, two Gold eggs were hatched, helping supplement the need given the recent loss of a Queen at Ista. Congratulations to all the new weyrlings who Impressed!

::Firelizard EGG HUNT on the BEACH outing!

::New Weyrlings attend the Graduation feast! Congratulations!

::Chorong stage a coup to draw the eyes of the Holders of Telgar to the South, bringing suspicion that there may be a recurrence of past betrayals by Minor Holders in the region.

::Firelizard Eggs Hatch!

(Look forward to these events, which are Upcoming! Subject to change as necessary.)

::Engagement party and/ or Wedding of Lord Holder Izayan and the young Lady Verilyn of Keroon Hold.

::Sorcha uses this time in the aftermath to murder Telgar's Lord Holder. Captured and then escaping shortly after, she'll allow a route of escape for the girls of the Inamourata's Mask. But is escape what they are really looking for? Some may not be looking for a way out, but others may be.

::Threadfall arrives unexpectedly! A black dust begins to taint Telgar's snow, making it appear muddy. Word quickly spreads and the Lord Holder alerts the Weyrs. Have other areas already seen Thread and they just don't know it? Telgar wasn't supposed to be the first to see Threadfall. What implications might this have for both the Weyrs and the Holds?

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PostSubject: Re: :: TIMELINE OF EVENTS ::   Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:24 am


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