... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: FIRELIZARDS!!!   Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:58 am

The Ista disaster led to some characters finding Firelizard Eggs!! YAY! Here is everything you need to know about Firelizards. Please read this and most especially the bottom of the page so you know what is going on.

Firelizards of Pern
Firelizards are a truly rare and special commodity. Well, we'd like them to be, anyway. What's the fun of having one of these mini-dragons if all you have to do to get one is ask? So we are trying an experiment. All firelizards are going to be given as prizes from admins or as gifts for being a remarkable or active rper here.
Periodically, there will be firelizard hatchings, and the owner of the green or Gold firelizard will have a say in who is allowed to impress to them with Admin approval.

Firelizards cannot speak, and aren't very smart. Think of a gold firelizard as a smart cat that can fly and share its emotions with you. Color is directly related to how intelligent the firelizard is. ALL lesser colors listen to golds, no exceptions. There's no such thing as a "rebellious" firelizard. Greens are the least intelligent, and are usually the hardest to train. Be careful entrusting important messages to greens...the message might not reach its destination! Golds are the most intelligent, and can be trained well to deliver messages and perform special tasks. They communicate using emotions, and in the case of the more intelligent 'lizards, they may use limited images that can be difficult to understand. After all, they're the fraction of the size of a human, and see VERY differently, in different spectra and through faceted eyes.

If you have any questions, or would like to request your firelizard lay a clutch, contact the Admin.

Dragons, whers, and firelizards are all man-made (well, woman-made, really) descendents of the indigenous dragonet (so dubbed by Sorka Hanrahan in Dragonsdrawn).

According to the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, basic dragonet features are (and I'm reeeally summarizing, and leaving out any information I included in the post above -- such as two stomaches, etc.):

1. Boron-crystalline structured wings, which are transluscent sails stretched over an "arm" similar to the configuration of a bat's wing.
2. Three-toed rear limbs
3. Tridactyl foreclaws, configured as a single clawed toe that folds back against two rigid pincers (an excellent configuration for fishing)
4. When the firelizards were engineered, the following changes were made:
5. Tridactyl claws were altered to a pentadactyl -- five-fingered -- configuration
6. Improved empathy/telepathy
7. More pronounced headknobs (which came with time)

The improved firelizards ultimately wiped out the dragonets, but in the earlier colonial days, it was not uncommon for colonists to have firelizards of both species.

Regarding firelizard age: "Curiously, once a dragonet has lived through its first moments, centuries might pass before it dies. Dragonets were not designed for 'planned obolescence,' as humans were. A dragonet fifty years old looks the same as one just into maturity... Over time, one fertile female could repopulate the planet. Unless trauma occured, it would live on and on" (DLG 29).

Golds and green weren't tampered with the same way dragons were -- both types of females can lay eggs, although greens lay smaller clutches comprised almost entirely of chromatics (some would argue that a green-bronze pairing could result in a bronze, but I'm not sure), and typically abandon their eggs; golds lay larger clutches that can carry the entire range of colors (although a gold-brown pair is extremely unlikely to produce a gold, which aren't even guaranteed with gold-bronze pairings), and have much better maternal instincts than greens.

"A newly hatched dragonet is only a few inches long. When one reaches full growth, it is the length of a woman's arm from nose tip to tail tip" (29). Now, this implies that, if green dragons are the standard for a "dragonlength", being the most numerous of the dragons, then it's green firelizards who grow to this length. I can't imagine that firelizards have the same drastic size gaps that dragons do, but if you figure that a green is maybe three fourths the size of a gold, and that a woman's arm is two and a half feet (30 inches) in length, you get something like this for the breakdown:

* Gold: 38-40 inches in length with a wingspan of 63-67 inches
* Bronze: 36-38 inches in length with a wingspan of 60-63 inches
* Brown: 34-36 inches in length with a wingspan of 57-60 inches
* Blue: 32-34 inches in length with a wingspan of 53-57 inches
* Green: 30-32 inches in length with a wingspan of 50-53 inches

Now, that list doesn't account for the same kind of difference that the dragon sizes do, where the gap closes between golds and bronzes, but I'm no mathemetician, and I like to keep my numbers nice and clean. ;> I think an average two-inch gap works, but I don't see why you couldn't have a 41-inch gold or a 29-inch green.

**The previous section was written by Charlotte Moore on 2.17.2003


Firelizards, as you should already know, lay eggs. Both greens and gold lay eggs, although greens are terrible mothers, and usually forget the eggs, or don't tend them well, and tunnelsnakes will get them. If you have a female firelizard, you may request to have your firelizard clutch. Keep in mind that green clutches are few and far between. Firelizards tend to return to the Southern Continent to lay their clutches, so its unusual that a green firelizard's clutch will be found by its owner.

Gold clutches: 10 - 15 eggs, all colors, no more than one gold.
Green clutches: 5 - 10 eggs, blue and green only with the occasional brown.

Usually, firelizards prefer to lay their eggs in sandy areas, so you're not going to be walking along in the forest and magically find a clutch. If your clutch is approved, the admin must approve color distribution, clutch size, and Impression. You may run the Hatching, but all Impressions will be approved ahead of time.

Impression & Bond
Impressing firelizards isn't like Impressing a dragon. There is no life-long bond, and firelizards are not programmed to self-destruct like dragons upon their owner's death. They simply return to the wild. They may decide to hang around, if their owner had a family, but they won't re-Impress. The firelizard can choose to leave their owner if they are neglected or abused. (On this board if they are not roleplayed they will return to the wild.)

Firelizards Impress to whatever feeds them. In the wild, they Impress to each other. This is another reason why so many green firelizards aren't successful. Baby firelizards that aren't provided with an offering of meat will turn on their clutchmates for food. Yes, they WILL cannibalize their clutchmates. Its important to have fresh meat on hand when one wishes to Impress a firelizard. Participants in a firelizard hatching usually hold out food and think loving thoughts in an attempt to attract the little ones. There is no gender preference. Golds can Impress to men, and bronzes can Impress to women.

When a green or gold firelizard rises to mate, and is chased by bronzes, browns, or blues, the owner of the firelizards aren't overcome in the same manner as dragonriders. They will notice, but it is possible to ignore it. The owner may feel more inclined to participate in sexual activity, but it is by no means required. It can enhance intercourse, but it is nothing like the gestalt that occurs during dragon mating flights. The owners of the firelizards which mate are most certainly NOT required to mate with each other. They can if they want to, but there is nothing that forces them to. Gold firelizards will first rise to mate at approximately one Turn of age, while greens may rise at four to six months of age.

Forum Firelizard Impression Rules
The eligibility of Firelizard Impression does not extend to all characters on the site unless specifically approved by an admin in the rare case.
Characters who are ineligible are generally only Weyrlings and Candidates. They would not be selected to be given an egg from a clutch because they have baby dragons to care for already; or in the case of Candidates, their Impression is anticipated and so that is what the Weyr wants them to focus on.
Eggs coming from clutches owned by the Weyr or Holders will generally be distributed to characters of higher social standing for obvious political correctness purposes, and for the sake of there being an easier way to dispatch messages back and forth amoungst the influential circles of Pern.
There will of course be wild nests which could be found, and so if a person wants that a character find such a nest and impress a firelizard where the character wouldn't normally have attained one. There is also the possibility of eggs being pandered through traders who may treat them like highly prized black market items which they'd use to entice more 'important customers' into doing favours for them. So there are other options for how to acquire them.

Firelizard hatchlings themselves may be won in Dragonrider's Delight daily gamble games or through participating in Achievements and other contests.

Firelizards may be pre-designed for you, for the aspect of surprise, or you may fill out a Firelizard application code in the character creation section so that you can submit your own Firelizard hatchling for approval.

Gold & Bronze Firelizards
Ah yes, gold fever. Gold firelizards are the most prized of the colors. They are the largest, most intelligent color, and have the capability to produce more firelizards, of any color. Bronzes are nearly as smart, and can be close in size. Do not put a Bronze or Gold Firelizard in your joining Application. Its tacky, and we won't approve it, anyway. The only way to receive a gold or bronze firelizard is to be active on the board and earn them. If you only show up only to RP at the Hatchings, don't expect to receive a gold or bronze.

(I was out reading other site info and I took this from Cibryan Weyr with some modifications though I would like to point out that this is their work and not my own. Thank you Cibryan Weyr for letting us use the information.)

Those members who have earned a firelizard will be receiving a pm which will include the firelizard from, which of your characters is eligible for a firelizard at this time and what color firelizard they are receiving. Please keep in mind that unless you were very lucky in the Dragonrider's Delight game and able to choose your preferred color all firelizard colors were randomized. If you wish to pass on receiving a firelizard at this time, we can hold one for you for a later date.

Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: FIRELIZARDS!!!   Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:24 pm

Also Suri has offered to make images if you would like for your firelizards so please message her if you want one.

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