... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrbrat Elissandra

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PostSubject: Weyrbrat Elissandra   Weyrbrat Elissandra I_icon32Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:15 am

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Sylverangel
How did you hear about us?: Co-founder

:: Character Information ::
Name: Elissandra (Lissa)

Pronunciation: eh-lis-sahn-drah

Weyrbrat, candidate


Age/ Turn of Birth: 14/ 488 AL

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Place of Residence: Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role: Weyrbrat/ Candidate

Character Aspirations:
Elissandra lives for the moment, as most youth do.  She wants nothing more than to have fun with her friends and at some point Impress a dragon.  Because, duh, it's obvious that's what she's meant to do.

Father: A brownrider
Mother: Elisia, 470, greenrider of Ardrath
Siblings: Lisnada - 16
Possibly others, likely half
Children: None
Other Significant: Various friends/ enemies among the brat pack

Weyrbrat Elissandra Image goes here

Face: Maisie Williams
Hair: Brown, she alternates between letting it grow and chopping it off at about chin length because she's tired of dealing with it.  However, a lot of the time, it's short for Standing on the Sands, in preparation for Impressing and having to wear a riding helmet.  Soft, natural waves and curls are emphasized the shorter her hair is.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4' 10", with a little growing to do, but it will only be a couple more inches
Build: skinny and as yet somewhat lacking in the girlish figure department
Other Notable Physical Traits: None
Style of Dress: Lissa, as of yet, could care less about what's in and out in fashion.  She wears what she wants, though typically wears her favorite-of-the-moment color a lot.  Or she'll wear a favorite tunic until it's worn out and then lament its loss.

Her clothing is also not always in the cleanest state it could be in, given her propensity for getting down and dirty in her explorations of the Weyr.
Possessions usually found on persona: - a belt knife, like most Pernese carry.
- A rock rather oddly shaped like a dragon claw-- her good luck charm, one found by her father

Elissandra was the product of a fling between her parents.  Whether it actually started with a green flight or not is up for debate, but regardless, she was the outcome.  Her parents, both being dragonriders, placed her in the care of a lower caverns worker who had a daughter around her age and didn't mind raising two babies at once.  And who was already helping take care of Lissa's older sister.

Of course, said woman didn't count on Lissa's temperament being even worse than Lisnada's, and soon found her hands too full with both young girls.  As a result, the sisters soon found themselves more often than not in the creche, where they got to know other children like themselves-- those with dragonriders for parents who didn't have the full amount of time to devote to their offspring.  It was common enough in the Weyr, and nothing to be ashamed of.  The creche, if nothing else, provided plenty of socialization for young ones who otherwise had no siblings, and those who grew up together often felt they had many brothers and sisters instead of just the few who might be so by blood.

Of course, Lissa knew who her parents were, as they visited her often enough.  Their dragons fascinated her, and as often as she could, she'd find some way to sneak away from the watchful eyes of the creche workers to see if she couldn't catch some glimpse of the great beasts.  Among other things-- there was always something going on at the Weyr, and that meant plenty for a young, extremely curious, girl to get into.  Especially when she had brothers-- or sisters rather-- who joined in.

No matter how hard the creche workers tried, it became an impossibility to keep Elissandra completely contained.  So they enlisted the help of the kitchen workers as well as others around the Weyr, in order to keep her as safe and out of trouble as possible.  This mostly worked, but it also earned her a bit of a reputation around the Weyr.  Some people ran the other way when her name was mentioned, while others chuckled fondly and rolled their eyes.

Lissa, of course, learned who she could take advantage of and get extra sweets or other goodies from, and who to avoid.  She grew up with many friends and was frequently the instigator of various shenanigans-- all of them in good fun, though.  She learned how to smile innocently and to feign ignorance in order to avoid punishment, though it didn't always go her way.  She figured out where the best spots were to watch wing drills from, as well as which weyrs were unoccupied and made great hideouts for young weyrbrats.  She became an expert at cajoling and convincing her friends to go along with her ideas, or to carry out various parts of her plans, so that they would all benefit from the end result.

Now she simply has to wait for the next opportunity to put any of these skills to use.  Because they came often enough, even when she's not looking for them.  And when she is, the rest of the Weyr better be on the lookout for her.

Just to note, Lissa didn't find it particularly fair that Thanekar got to stand at the recent hatching that yielded not one, but two golds, but she didn't.  Even if he did get knocked unconscious by his brother's bronze, and she has yet to let him live it down.

Mischievous: Curiosity and fearlessness mix either not well, or very well, depending on which side of a prank or stunt one is on.  Lissa happens to usually be on the trouble-causing side, rather than the receiving one.

Confident: Lissa, like many young people, feels she is indestructible.  She will try anything once, especially things given as a dare.  Because she's not going to let those silly boys beat her at whatever game they're playing.  

In most cases, she cares not what others think of her, though it's possible she's simply hiding her real feelings on the matter around certain people-- like her sister.  

Lissa also simply knows she will be a dragonrider someday.  Until then, she will wait for that special Hatching, albeit impatiently more often than not.

Outgong: No one is a true stranger to Lissa.  She'll speak to anyone about just about anything, and hesitates not at all to ask for what she wants.  Which, at least, is better than demanding it, isn't it?

Curious: Lissa wants to know everything there is to know about whatever currently holds her interests.  Dragons, especially, are a common topic for her to bring up, with riders and non-riders alike.

She also likes to explore the deeper recesses of the Weyr, looking for hidden places or new things.

Tomboyish: Elissandra can dish out insults with the best of them, and cares not for the usual pursuits of girls.  She loves physical competitions and sports, and isn't at all afraid to get dirty-- and stay that way.  That's not to say she doesn't like to be clean when she wants to be, she's just not prissy about it.

Unfocused: Lissa knows she's going to Impress a dragon, so most of her focus lies there.  If she finds something boring in her lessons, she will be highly unlikely to devote herself to the study of it.  She has better things to be doing with her time.

Impatient: Times are rare that Lissa will display any amount of patience-- usually, they involve lying in wait for a particular part of a prank, or doing something that gets her near a dragon or an egg.  At pretty much any other time, she wants what she wants to come to her now.  As a young girl, she threw fits until she learned to simply go after what she wanted herself.  Now she just heads off, not waiting for permission or someone else to go along with her.  Really, though, who's going to deny such a sweet, darling young girl that extra cookie she asked so nicely for?

Great poker face: For better or worse, Lissa can lie or steal with the best of the weyrbrats.  Of course, she doesn't do it for monetary gain, or to harm anyone else, but she isn't at all above using a straight face to protect one of her friends, or sneak into some place she knows she's not supposed to be.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Lissa almost always has dirt on her person somewhere, be it under her fingernails or on her cheek, or on her clothes.  

She gets fidgety when she's bored and can hardly sit still.

Skills/ Likes:
[Dragons]: Who wouldn't like them?  They can fly or go between to anywhere on Pern.  They're huge, and strong-- handy to have when one needs to get rid of some rocks blocking a cave, or when one needs to scare a bully.  Their hide is soft, and they let her help bathe them.  In short, they're awesome.  What's not to like?
[Sneaking around]: Lissa is good at stealthily making her way around the Weyr-- a feat she learned  as a child.  She can get into and out of just about any area of the Weyr undetected if she wants-- so long as the beings around are human, or sleeping dragons, or willing to let her be.  That isn't to say she doesn't get caught at times, but she's had plenty of time to learn where she can get away with going, and how.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Boring lessons]: History?  Who cares.  Lists of Pernese genealogy and the current Lord Holders and their children?  Gag.  Her future dragon won't care, so why does she have to learn all these things?
[Fish]: Ugh, they stink.  And they might actually make her break out in hives.  Or so she tells everyone, whether it's true or not.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice: Lissa prefers her fists to anything else.  Or pulling hair, pinching, biting, etc.  Whatever works.  She certainly doesn't pull her punches or fight like a girl, though, as probably more than one of the weyrbrat boys can attest to.

:: Candidate Information ::
Standing only?: For a while-- maybe there needs to be a brat pack Impression class, just to torment the WLM Smile

Colour preference: Whatever works best!
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Weyrbrat Elissandra
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