... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul

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PostSubject: Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul   Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul I_icon32Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:47 pm

:: OOC Information ::

Moniker: Suri
How did you hear about us?: Affiliation with Dragon's Rise.

:: Character Information ::
Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul Kim-soeun-hd-wallpapers-2-4-s-307x512
Name: Kaeul
Pronunciation: Similar to the Korean word for autumn.
Title: Jr. Journeyman Beastcrafter / Apprentice Dragonhealer
Age/ Turn of Birth: Summer, 477 AL
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ruatha Hold during a caravan visit in the summer.

Place of Residence: Trade Caravan
Craft: Beastcrafter / Dragonhealer
Occupation/ Role:
Jr. Journeywoman Beastcrafter/ Apprentice Healer. When you live life on the road and have no one else to rely on, you learn to become cross trained in many crafts to at least some small degree.

Character Aspirations:
Has dreamed about becoming a dragon healer, but for now, keeps the animals travelling with them on the caravan healthy, and in tip top form. She also secretly wishes to find someone to love, a man of honor, integrity and loyalty that she can love with her whole being.


Father: Kuchiki, Caravan Master (445 AL)
Mother: Iniel, Caravan Headwoman (447 AL)
Older brother Jungi, Senior Journeyman Load-Puller & Honourary Guard of Telgar (28/ 474 AL)
Older brother Shuhei, Load-Puller (24/ 476 AL); Younger brother Ulkiora, Load-Puller (479 AL)
Younger sister Ririn (481 AL)

Other Significant:

Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul TGXpXfS
Gather Wear
Formal Beastcrafter Wear
x X x

Face: Actress Kim So Eun

Hair: Thick black hair that sun bleaches to a very, very deep brown in the summer. She likes to keep it long, allowing her to make pretty hairstyles from it. When she is riding with the Caravan, she keeps it pulled back in a ponytail - and shorter hairs always escape her tie and fall around her face to frame it.

Eyes: Almond shaped, naturally manicured eyes of a deep brown color with almost a reddish overtone. Long lashes make her eyes stand out magnificently, and they are one of her best features.

Height: 5’5”

Build: Her frame is thin and toned but slightly boyish figure because she hasn’t developed into true womanly curves just yet. Her bust and hips are small, but in pleasant proportion to the rest of her.

Other Notable Physical Traits:  Her voice is a cutesy mezzo soprano that is usually soft and never raised to a yell. Tans pretty easily in the sun and has no freckling. Prefers to be pale, she she’ll keep herself covered where she can; even if in only in a very thin layer. Skin  is beautifully and evenly complected with lovely peaches and cream undertones.

Style of Dress:
Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul ShhHIPH Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul EMoJxPM Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul 0X4yEn1

Will wear pants or skirts/ dresses..doesn’t really care one way or the other. But usually her brothers buy her clothes; She likes their attention and enjoys being able to wear pretty things they like to see her in. Typically, the things they find for her are in jade, pink or red and embellished with feminine frills. She tries not to keep a lot of clothes though -but somehow they tend to pile up. Typically, Kaeul keeps her physical appearance nice, but is not vain about her looks.

She does not wear any weapons but for a typical all-purpose belt knife. Sometimes scissors or needles are amongst the tools she carries, but she doesn’t view those as weapons.

Possessions usually found on persona:
A belt pouch of useful things, among them are dried strips of meat for training Altair as well as a lead for emergency situations.  Medpack made of the best wherhide (commissioned for her by her brother, and dyed a deep red) full of items needed for caring for humans and animals on their trip, and a utility knife that she uses for almost anything she needs.

Kaeul grew up on the Caravan with her family at her mother's heels, learning everything she could from the woman. She is rather skilled at cooking, mending, and any laundry that needs done. And along the way she picked up a decent amount of human healing, enough to be considered an Apprentice Healer. She learned these skills and how to be useful around the Caravan when she was old enough, but wasn't put to working at anything until around the age of 8 Turns old. She learned to read and write as a way to curb any boredom she faced during the travels, and her handwriting is very beautiful script-y. She is often used to write any correspondence that needs sent when the other members of the Caravan are busy.

It was animals that really held her attention, however, and it wasn't long before it became obvious that the young girl had an affinity for them. Her education began young, when she started bringing small injured creatures to the Caravan to give them aid before returning them to the lands around them. Members of the Caravan with rudimentary knowledge of Beastcrafting and healing the animals taught her what they could and she applied what was told to her when she could. When she was old enough at the age of 12 turns, the family wintered at Telgar Hold and Kaeul was apprenticed to a Beastercraft Master and began learning how to care for the animals that travelled with a Caravan. During the winter she absorbed any and all information and lessons given to her and proved herself to be a very determined student. When the Caravan left in the spring, she would apply her learning during the rest of the turn, returning to the Hold to continue her education.

Her affinity for the animals and her studiousness helped her rise high in the ranks of Beastcrafting, and she attained the rank of Junior Journeywoman Beastcrafter. It was not uncommon for her services to be requested for animals that may have been suffering from laminitis or ailments that others could not heal. Travelling on the roads allows Kaeul to gather and dry many herbs that the Hold may not have, and apply their uses to animals. Testing, learning and using her abilities, Kaeul was sought after often. She earned special attention when she saved the Lord Holder's prized runner stallion from death by discovering that he was being fed a poisonous plant that was sapping his energy and weight. When the family stopped to winter at the Hold, she identified the added plant in his feed as one she had dried in their travels for use on humans and stopped it's use. The stallion recovered and was able to eat and regain his strength and weight. Not only that, but he managed to begin winning races at Gathers, and thus earned the Lord Holder his marks back.

In 500 AL, her healing was put to the test when a wild dog attacked the animals in her Caravan and was injured. The female dog did not survive, but Kaeul and her brother discovered the last surviving pup she had been trying to feed by retracing her tracks. It was sickly, emaciated and dying when the young woman took pity on the poor dog and made him her own. She raised him from youth, named him Altair and when he was older, and healed enough, began training him to be a protector of the Caravan's animals, herself, and the Caravan team. The dog is wildly protective of his mistress and extremely distrustful of strangers. When meeting someone new, Kaeul must give him commands to keep him from thinking they are enemies or people to be attacked. He is very well behaved, expertly trained and never fails to listen to the woman who raised him.

Through her years, Kaeul and her brother became very close and she was often spoiled by him buying her most anything she wanted. Jungi would frequently give her clothing, gear, supplies... and the woman never wanted for anything. Growing up, he was her best friend, her confidant and often the person she turned to when she needed help. Even before her mother, her older brother was the first to learn of any crushes or friendships she wished to pursue. These never lasted long, however, because her family was always on the move. Jungi, was perhaps, the longest lasting friendship she had ever had, and she hardly counted it because he was her brother. Secretly, she thinks that the reason he dotes on her so much is because he knows how upset she is over this particular facet of their life.

Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul Tumblr_mnmb56D9k11s9rd3uo1_500

She is a free spirit, but still adheres appropriately to lady-like manners when at the Hold. Her father would whip the back of her legs with a switch if he saw her misbehave.

On the road she loves to explore, follow animal tracks and gather herbs while wearing her favorite tomboyish clothing. She loves the freedom of travelling the roads, and sleeping under the stars. While she enjoys being clean, she doesn't mind the fun of getting dirty while enjoying herself.

Kaeul is very outgoing and loves meeting people. She often takes it upon herself to greet cotholds for her father when he is busy - always like the Lady she is expected to behave as. She also believes it's her duty to look over the animals at the smaller cotholds, Holds and minor Holds along the way. Wherever they stop to trade she stops to care for any animals that need it. It's these stops that give her practice with birthing animals - since they don't often travel with pregnant animals or humans.

She has a deep sense of loyalty and duty, and while she dislikes certain aspects of living at Holds, she abides herself as the perfect lady and follows the direction of her father to keep him in the good view of Holders. And to give herself a good reputation in case she discovers someone to love and she could be considered a good marriage prospect. This is why Kaeul is often seen as more demure and proper by the people of the Holds, as opposed to the tomboy she is on the road and that the Caravan team knows her as.

Kaeul is not very good at noticing when a man has interest in her. She has no experience with this sort of thing, and she is rather oblivious to mooning men. Her pale skin gives her away with bright blushes when she finds a man attractive, however, and she is shy around the few men she allows herself to become attracted to.

Kaeul has a jealous side that extends to her father, with his attentions divided between business, her mother, and the other kids... as well as the duties of being the Caravan Master. This makes the time they get together, and his pride in her accomplishments mean so much more to her because of her envy. Whenever she finds a man she has a relationship interest in, she will not want to share. She has a jealous streak she isn't aware of - and tries her best to hide the green eyes of envy she ends up with.

One of her more embarrassing shortcomings is her fear of confinement. She used to have the lower bunk of her parents wagon, but the confined space gave her panic attacks. When she and her sister moved to their shared wagon, the older daughter, Kaeul got the upper, more spacious bunk, and her sister took the bottom one.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Putting the care of sick or injured animals before herself. This often means before her own health and eating.
She is also extremely organized and often rearranges her belongings in the storage above her bed. This helps her keep an accurate inventory of her supplies for healing, herbs, medicines, and whatever else she needs to keep track of and get more of when the time comes. She keeps records of her own in a hidebound book with all the particulars from amount, to cost and where and when the last stock was taken from. Kaeul is meticulous about the records she needs to keep, and keeps previously filled volumes of records in her room at the Hold during the winter.

Skills/ Likes:

[Skill/Like 1]:For the family’s business,  Kaeul fulfilled many roles expected of the women. She learned to cook, tend to injuries of both humans and animals, make some types of medicines, and mend clothes.

[Skill/Like 2]:Teasing her brothers and playing with her sister. Travelling and not being cooped up. Enjoys exploring and going on adventures with her brothers. She especially likes exploring the streets of the various holds when they go to travel, making others curious to ask where she's from with her 'northern' accent. She loves to find trinkets and objects at the gathers they attend far from the 'home' that they've make for themselves at Telgar Hold (or Telgar River Hold) during the winter months, bringing the oddities and curious things back home as small tokens to remind her of all the places that they've been.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:

[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]: Returning to the Holds.
Kaeul is expected to behave like a lady, as befitting the Caravan Master's daughter. This usually means an end to her more boyish-tomboy clothing style, and instead donning exclusively more feminine clothing. While she doesn't mind wearing skirts, dresses or other pretty things - she wishes she could at least have a break from being expected to wear them while visiting or wintering in the Holds.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: Inability to hold long-term relationships.
A sad reality of being a Caravan Master's daughter means living on the road at all times. This makes a great difficulty in keeping long term friends when she has to move on with the winter and keep going with her family. Not only is this hard on friendships, it makes it hard for Kaeul to allow herself to become attracted to, and pursue, men in a romantic sense.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Not a fighter at heart, Kaeul learned self-defence from her brothers and father. She prefers not to fight if she can help it, but her male family though it would be best for her to learn to protect herself in an emergency.

:: Crafter Information ::

Craft: Beastcraft
Turns in Craft: 12 turns, 'apprenticed' young at 8 turns, and began formal training at 12 turns.
Rank:  Jr. Journeywoman
Location of Journeymanship: Traveling Caravan / Telgar Hold
Specialization: Healing/Training.

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PostSubject: Re: Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul   Beastcrafter/Caravanner Kaeul I_icon32Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:03 pm

Approved, but there's a couple things extra that catch my eye that could be adjusted -quick adjustments!

1)In her rank/ occupation/ role desired, I'd take out the Dragonhealer part. That can be an aspiration, but as of yet, she has no real training in that. So, I'd just stick to perhaps Journeywoman Beastcrafter.

2)in her Craft specialization, maybe elaborate just a bit more say perhaps with something along the lines of "Training runners for certain types of behaviours, which she applies her knowledge in to start to train her latest animal companion (puppy)" and then the other thing you'd put in there, too about healing.

3)In likes/skills, numero 2 has actually more than a couple kind of compiled in there, so at some point, if you want to separate those out and flesh them out just a bit, that would be kewl. but that's not completely necessary, for right now, necessarily Razz

[Note: Though pets have not been discussed too much, because it hasn't been of that great an interest until now apparently, and in the past it'd been a cause for a bit of hesitation due to just how PCable pets may or may not be, I'm allowing the Canine, just as we'd allow a Runner or Dreybeast or Firelizard. HOWEVER, although I think that canines would be just as trainable as a Firelizard, and thus perhaps more deserving of a role of greater importance Wink I'm going to say that for now, there shall be limitations on their capability as a fully trained pet. As far as Pern goes, I'm not sure I remember anything about there being resources for people on how to train animals outside of perhaps herding of sheep or other livestock, and that type of Work for the animal. I think that sort of training could be within reasonable expectation of still being around for a Beastcrafter's or farmer's use. That said, there will not be any allowance for guard dog training, etc etc, though for the Caravan's purpose, it makes sense they'd use a dog to help sniff out wild predators along their road, to help keep the rest of their animals safe at night, etc. The dog would have a kind of Working role, in that aspect, just like a Burdenbeast or Runner. Soooo.. thereby, I don't really see any problem with having a pet like a dog, just so long as the animal's behaviour is within reason and does not become any more a major player in the RP than a Runner or some other type of working animal.

Okay Razz and now that I believe all the bases are covered, I'm moving her to approved section.]

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