... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: :: WINGS & ROSTERS ::   Sat May 24, 2014 9:35 am

Flight & Wing Rosters of Fort Weyr

click for Information on the wings of Fort Weyr:

Fort Weyr's Total # of Dragons:
3 Queens  
18 Bronzes
40 Browns
80 Blues
140 greens

ALPHA FLIGHT (90 dragons)
Flightleader: [Must be Bronzerider]

Role (Alpha Flight)Empyrean Wing -30 totalHalcyon Wing -30 totalGalvanic Wing -30 total
WingleaderD'nier of TarothK'thane of Remegath[Must be Bronzerider]
Sr. WingsecondN'kyr of RamirathL'mar of Rhodrolth
Jr. WingsecondS'dric of NicathSh'nar of Cymrioth
Bronze WingridersZ'rim of Nemesenth
X'ilor of Saolth
J'ace of Orandoth
S'jiro of Zemarith
Brown WingridersR'quiv of Suyeth [WIP]
Q'rijn of Keadilanth
Ul'kor of Ciferoth
Rider & Forzath (Adoptable)
Blue WingridersN’kai of Kaisoth
Syra of Rasenth
T'lan of Blue [NPC -Adoptable Searchrider]
Rider & Ermiteth (Adoptable)
N'var (Nova) of Ilmattoth (Searchrider)
Rider & Maguseth (Adoptable)
Rider & Taucroth (Adoptable)
Green WingridersTashamoretta of Sionnath
Lancelle of Raidenth
T'veli of Velikath
Nysina of Luneth
Green Antisteth (Adoptable)
Voroscha of Serenth
V'nius of Tasunath
Raelestriata of Solieth
Rider & Amoureth (Adoptable)
Rider & Breith (Adoptable)
BETA FLIGHT - NPC ONLY (90 dragons)

Weyrling Wings

Weyrling Master: Syra of Blue Rasenth
Weyrling Master Assistant: Bronze WIP (Slayne)

Poetry of the Air Clutch (Autumn, Turn 502)
Role (Weyrlings)Lyrical Wing -12 totalMelodic Wing -12 total
Gold (Diva in Training)NymeriathGlittrath
Bronze WingridersErudithVaqueroth
Brown WingridersDraugarth
Blue WingridersKemenyth

Green WingridersSonadorath



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PostSubject: Wing Formations    Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:32 am

(Note these are based off of flying aircrafts but the same basic principles would apply to Dragons.)

:: Formation Flying ::

Part of the training of a rider is learning Fighting Formations. The Formations are important because they help to reduce drag, and therefore, reduce the difficulty of flying to those who are further back in formation. This is one reason why Bronzes are naturally more adept at flying forward positions in a wing formation; they are naturally stronger. Formations also give the Wings a set of guidelines for different weather situations and changes in circumstances, easily adapted for altering situations. Many different Formations and Tactics exist and there are always more being developed. There are a few Formations however that are universally known and used as a basis for others. A rider needs to know these Formations and have them ingrained for split second decisions and reactions.

A good formation needs three basic things to make it effective: stability, coverage, and maneuverability.

Stability keeps a formation recognizable, which avoids confusion during Fall, especially for those coming in and out with Firestone resupplies. Frequent and continuous drills ensure that the pairs' place in formation is nearly instinctual.

Coverage is important since one does not want to leave even one spot unguarded. For should even a single strand get through in that unguarded spot, it can cause extensive damage. Just because the Southern Continent is grubbed does not mean we can be lax. There are many buildings unprotected by the grubs, and many of the islands we cover do not have grub protection at all.

Maneuverability is perhaps the most important asset to a Wing formation. If a formation cannot be loose and flexible while maintaining integrity and effectiveness, then it is doomed to the Thread it fights.

There are two parts to a wing formation: the 'layers' and the 'line positions'. Variation on both also exist.

Click to see some Formations:


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