... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Wingleader Jah'vi

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PostSubject: Wingleader Jah'vi   Wingleader Jah'vi I_icon32Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:57 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Trouble/Mel
How did you find out about us?: JQ and Jess

Character Info:
Name: Jahnavi

Pronunciation: Jah-nah-vi

Title: Wingleader

Honourific: Jah’vi (Jah-vee)

Age & Turn of Birth: 35 Turns [466 ]

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Wingleader

Character Aspirations: ... none, truly. Jah’vi has risen to the rank he’s happy with and he doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’d whine and throw fits, in fact, if he were to be pushed into a higher ranking position. All he wants out of life currently is a transfer to Igen, a beautiful girl on his arm, and a skin of Benden red. The political climate of the area doesn't worry him at all... he can talk his way out of anything and figures he might be an asset to the new Leaders of Igen in that regard. He's very charming, and presents the perfect image of a dragonrider when he needs to behave.

OOC Character Development Goals: I think Jah’vi as Weyrleader would be hilarious. He would sulk, hide, and do anything he could to get out of work.

✣Father: J'tril - rider of bronze Wesileth at Fort Weyr - 63 Turns
✣Mother: Mahari - rider of green Breseneth at Fort Weyr - 55 Turns
✣Siblings: Several, but none that he was ever close to.
✣Children: None amazingly.
✣Other Significant: An amazing list of broken hearts, of both genders.

Wingleader Jah'vi 8347afdb-2142-4240-9da6-45799b4b03c6_zps2a1d564c
✣Hair: Blonde and messy
✣Eyes: Light green
✣Height: 6’2”
✣Build: Slim, but the slimness hides a wiry, muscular frame.  Think fencer.
✣Other Notable Physical Traits:  A scar on his left forearm from a fall as a child, and he is also ambidextrous.
✣Style of Dress: Mostly dark colors, maybe a few brighter items for gathers and celebrations. He prefers fine clothing, things that show off his amazing body that he has worked so hard for. And with his charm and pretty face he’s able to get incredible deals.
✣Possessions usually found on persona:
✣  A ring that his father passed on to him when he Impressed, as his father had before him. Supposedly it dates back to the original riders, one of his ancestors. Sometimes he thinks he’ll eventually have to father a son to pass on the line and the ring.
✣  Two rather nice long knives for fighting. He was never proficient with a sword but he’s quite good with knives.
✣  The biggest bed on the face of Pern

Jahnavi had a pretty normal life for a weyrbred child. His parents weren't weyrmated, nor did his mother have one bit of interest in raising children.  He went to the weyr-creche as soon as he was weened. His mother paid hi less than no attention, but J'tril made a monthly inspection of his first born son. The relationship was very strained, with Jahnavi feeling the weight of thousands of Turns of tradition for his father's line. Each first born male had Impressed bronze as far back as anyone could remember, and J'tril did not let his son ever forget that.

Jahnavi stayed at the clutch until he first stood on the sands when he was 15.  He Impressed bronze Nolinth in the first few moments of the hatching, not even giving a damn about the young woman nearby Impressing a gold.
His mother was appropriately pleased and his father gifted him with the ring his father had given him when he had Impressed his bronze Wesileth, a very old ring with the date of Impression of an ancestor and the word Fort carved into it.  Jah'vi would carry on the family tradition.

Weyrling training was largely uneventful. With the pressure of J'tril gone feom his life Jah'vi truly came out of his shell. He gained a reputation as a womanizer and a show off, something that didn't displease his father. When he graduated with honors J'tril watched with a pleased smile. He was 22 when Nolinth caught his first green, and her rider Terrenia became his weyrmate.  The two remained weyrmates for a little over a turn until Terrenia left, claiming his recent promotion to wingsecond was consuming too much of his time.  He enjoyed being single and the companionship of several other riders, both male and female, for the next several Turns.

He was 31 Turns when he met K'vy, a brownrider he had an instant attraction to.  He more or less courted K'vy for half a turn and then invited the younger man to move into his weyr.  Things were peachy for a good a turn, until K'vy's Tomilith flew green Seresith.  It was K'vy's first experience with his dragon in a mating flight, and he announced afterwards he was moving in with Seresith's rider, M'rai.  

At this point Jah'vi threw his hands up in disgust and swore to never have another weyrmate.  Amusingly enough Jah'vi was promoted to wingleader the next day. Since then he’s lived the life of a confirmed bachelor, breaking hearts and enjoying his rank.

✣ 466 - Born
✣ 481 - Impresses bronze Nolinth at his first hatching
✣ 483 - Graduates weyrling training
✣ 487 - Weyrmates to Terrenia
✣ 488 - Terrenia leaves him, he is promoted to Wingsecond
✣ 497 - K’vy moves into his Weyr
✣ 499 - K’vy leaves him, he is promoted to Wingleader

Personality: Jah'vi is an easy going, laid back man.  He enjoys joking and is very sociable, as long as he's not instructing his wing.  When he's on duty he has a reputation as a bit of a slave driver.  Things _will_ be perfect to the last detail before he will dismiss his riders.  His passion for organization spills over into his personal life also, as evidenced by his overly neat weyr and incredibly indepth wing records.  He's overly exacting on his own life, but usually has no problem overlooking others flaws as long as it doesn't involve his wing's performance.

When he’s not working, Jah’vi knows how to relax. He’s constantly taking his wing to the bar, buying rounds and whores for them all. There’s a reason his bed is so giant. He loves to party, and has an incredible selection of drinks in his weyr.

He has his doubts about carrying on the family line, simply because his father made him feel far too pressured as a child. The man only came around to judge him after all, and the only warmth he ever received from him was for his accomplishments: Impression and promotions. He was well cared for by the creche women though, and has a soft spot in his heart for them.

Shortcomings: He can hit the sauce a little hard sometimes, but the man is always ready for drills and training. He’s also a complete man whore. He will sleep with anything that moves.

Mannerisms or Habits: Pinching the bridge of his nose when irritated, and running his fingers through his hair while thinking. He enjoys social gatherings and listening to music, especially when a large group joins in singing and he can sing along.

✣[Like 1]: Alcohol
✣[Like 2]: Woman
✣[Like 3]: The best things in life, be they clothing, furniture, women, or alcohol
✣[Skill 1]: Delegating
✣[Skill 2]: Can charm the pants off anyone

✣[Dislike 1]: Stains on his clothing
✣[Dislike 2]: Cheap alcohol

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Double knives

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Nolinth

Year of Impression 480 (Gold Aristith by Bronze Kumarth)

Clutch Name: Light From Shadows

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Colouring: He's almost a sparkly bronze, glaringly bright when freshly oiled in the sunlight.  His wings are streaked with copper, concentrated around the edges of them.  

✣Length: 40
✣Height: 38.5

Other Physical Characteristics:  Very long and sleek, and besides blinding the occasional person not actually a large dragon.

Personality: Nolinth is unusually loud and talkative for a dragon.  He has no problem talking to any person he feels he needs to tell something to.  The habit was much worse when he was younger, but as he's gotten older Jah'vi has taught him a bit of tact and he only slips up once in a while.  He's also a bit lazy during his time off.  He loves to sleep, eat, flirt, and talk, not necessarily in that order.  He also has a strange fascination with soft things. He's a born leader.  Much like his rider he demands a lot of the wing but tempers Jah'vi's sometimes outrageous expectations. Like Jah'vi he gets along with just about everyone, human, dragon, and anything else.  He's never been very attached to his many green mates, though.


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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader Jah'vi   Wingleader Jah'vi I_icon32Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:43 pm

Glad you corrected the clutch and the typo. It was really the clutch that threw me off more so than the one typo. Smile

Mostly just want to know more about him history wise.

His childhood...nothing ever happened? For fifteen Turns? I'd like to see something, maybe touch on who he was friends with or what they did for fun, how he was in lessons etc.

Has he gotten close to either of his parents? (Since he seems to have relationship issues...)

We need to know more about his interest in Igen Weyr. Why does he want to transfer to Igen Weyr? Is he aware of the political climate concerning the new Weyr?


You mention him being average but I'm not sure if you meant size or body type.

Bronzes are generally -- 35-38 meters long, at 40 he'd be well past normal range for a Bronze and nowhere near average.

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Posts : 1314
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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader Jah'vi   Wingleader Jah'vi I_icon32Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:34 pm

Approved. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader Jah'vi   Wingleader Jah'vi I_icon32

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