... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:22 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: SylverAngel
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:
Name: Tashamoretta (Tasha)

Pronunciation: Tah-shah-moor-et-tah

Title: Weyrling Greenrider

Honourific: N/A

Age & Turn of Birth: 18, Fall 482 AL

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: somewhere near Southern Boll

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Weyrling Greenrider

Character Aspirations: Tasha's current goal is to graduate from weyrling training.  Given the number of times she and her green were grounded for needlessly putting their lives at risk, it's probably a wonder she's on the mark with the rest of her class.  And with the recent devastating loss her class suffered, she's a bit worried they will be held back, despite indications to the contrary.

Once she graduates, she doesn't necessarily have any long-term career-type goals, however.  She's already accomplished what she set out to, which was to Impress a dragon and be able to fly with the wind.  She does, however, continually challenge herself to try new things, especially when it comes to riding/ flying.  If anything, she wants to be the best trick rider out there-- assuming such a thing exists.  If there was an aerial maneuver specialist group, she would definitely be looking to become part of it.

Right now, she's not necessarily looking for love, though if it found her, she wouldn't object.  She's currently content with whatever sort of relationship life brings her and is somewhat anticipating the thought of Sionnath rising for the first time-- if only for the new thrill she's been told it brings.

In a way, she would like to get Belisse unstuck from Sh'nar, being a bit untrustful of the bronzerider's motives.  She doesn't want to see the sweet goldrider hurt and has been gently encouraging Belisse to branch out and explore the possibilities with other people.

OOC Character Development Goals: If anything, Tasha probably needs to work a bit more on her teamwork skills, or perhaps respecting authority.  She doesn't necessarily defy it just to go against what she's told, but more because she can't resist pushing herself and Sionnath and seeing just what they can do.  She knows how to keep herself as safe as possible and feels that if she's risking only her own life, where's the harm?  (Yes, she sees that she's risking Sionnath's as well, but her green is in complete accord with her.)

Along with that, if there are potentially tricky rescue situations that could benefit from her talents, she's your girl.

?Father: Mavitash - 52 - trader
?Mother: Saya - 45 - trader
?Siblings: Savan - 26 - brother - trader
 Ayana - 25 - sister - trader
 Ysavet - 24 - sister - trader
 Vaan - 22 - brother - trader
 Mavin - 21 - brother - trader
 Vitaya - 20 - sister - trader
?Children: None
?Other Significant: None at the moment, though she loved to flirt with the boys in their caravan and was semi-serious about a couple of them.

?Face: Frieda Pinto
Tashamoretta Insert image code here for picture(s) if applicable. Please re-size appropriately before posting
?Hair: Black, long and thick with a natural wave.  She usually wears it back in a ponytail or intricate braids to keep it out of her face.
?Eyes: A warm chocolate brown with absurdly long lashes
?Height: 5' 2"
?Build: Petite and lithe with more of a gymnast's build and longer legs for her height
?Other Notable Physical Traits:
?Style of Dress: Tasha usually prefers pants and long, loose tunics in bright or jewel-toned colors that flatter her deeper skin tone.  Her favorite accessories are boots-- she has a complete weakness for them-- and bracelets.
?Possessions usually found on persona:

    ? A functional beltknife? A metal disk with a hole through the center, worn on a chain around her neck-- a gift from her father as a good luck charm before her first runner race

History: Tasha comes from a fairly large trader family that travels in a caravan with several other families.  Her family mostly specializes in training runners, as well as putting on variety shows to earn a bit of money or in exchange for goods as they move along the winding roads that criss-cross Pern.

From an early age, she was taught to help care for the runners that pulled their wagons, as well as those her older brothers raced.  Her sisters weren't as inclined to deal with the animals, and so took up other chores and duties amidst their caravan once she was old enough to help and showed a marked interest.  Tasha, much to her father's surprise, was fascinated with runners and just how fast they could go.  Mavitash took her riding with him several times and just let the runner have its head-- thrilling little Tasha and worrying her mother to no end.

Daredevil that she was, Tasha needed to try racing the wind on her own.  Of course, she was caught, and was only halfway repentant.  Her father promised to teach her to race just like her older brothers once he realized just how passionate she was about doing so-- and felt she had been punished enough for taking one of the runners out on her own.

Her natural affinity for the runners and small stature made her an ideal jockey, her father soon found out.  She understood the animals better than her brothers and seemed to intuitively know exactly how they would move, when to push for more speed, and when the animal was already at its limit.  Tasha started competing at small gathers, mostly with the other novices like herself.  They won some; they lost some; but overall, she had fun and enjoyed her work.  And it wasn't long before she was competing against some of the more well-known jockeys when they happened to be in the same place.

When she wasn't racing, she was teaching herself and her favorite runner new tricks; ways to impress a crowd or just challenge herself to something potentially crazy.  She wound up with the wind knocked out of her more times than she could count.  Plus the bumps and bruises, and a couple broken bones.  But what she learned would help her later in life, when she found herself in a different sort of saddle all together, astride the back of a green dragon.

When a Searchrider found their caravan, each of the families came to see just why a dragon would come to visit.  They were not in need of help, nor were they camped in territory they should have avoided.  So what could a dragon and its rider need from their group?

The answer was quite simple-- the pair wanted a candidate for the golden egg on the sands at Fort.  Tasha's sister Ysavet, always one with an eye for the better choice and never happy with what she had, volunteered to go with the rider.  But she wasn't the one the dragon wanted.  Instead, it was the youngest, the tomboyish, nearly flat-chested little Tashamoretta (her sister's words) who had a chance to Impress the queen-to-be.

She'd had the chance to race the wind while on the back of a runner.  But dragons could race into the wind.  They could ride the currents and soar high into the sky on a whim, never confined to the ground unless they desired it.

And, daredevil that she was, Tasha wanted the chance to try it.

She barely said goodbye to her family, knowing she'd see them again once she had her own dragon.  She could find them wherever they were easily, and the travel would be instantaneous.  There was no doubt in her mind that she would Impress.

And she wasn't wrong.  The Searchrider might have found her as a choice for the queen, but the green that chose Tasha was perfect for her.  Small and clearly a fighter from the way she'd charged out of her shell and raced her siblings towards the candidates waiting to see what the eggs would reveal, Sionnath fairly knocked her would-be-rider over in her haste to stop her clutchmates from choosing her person.

That, of course, was only the start of their antics.  The Weyrlingmaster and his staff definitely had their hands full with this particular pair, if not the entire class.  Tasha welcomed the challenge of keeping up and competing with her classmates, and was quite often an instigator in her own right.  Sionnath wasn't any different, often trying to sneak up on her clutchmates and catch them unawares, as well as trying to beat them at whatever challenge they were given.  This meant the pair needed to be reined in a bit and it took a little more for them to learn to work as a team with the others-- more to squash the competitiveness than to actually like and get along with their classmates.

Still feeling the urge to showcase their individuality and challenge themselves as they fit more and more into the group, Tasha drew on her roots as a runner racer and probably cut Turns off the lives of the Weyrlingmaster and his staff with the tricks she and her green pulled.  They were grounded numerous times for putting themselves at risk, but the lesson never really took.  They grew more cautious-- Tasha even rigged up several variations to her harness to help with the safety issue-- but nothing could completely stop them from pulling stunts.

Until the most recent accident that claimed the lives of half of their remaining classmates.  Since then, Tasha hasn't been able to bring herself to pull any risky maneuvers-- she knows her classmates would be devastated if  something happened to her, and she doesn't want to worry Belisse in particular.  She's also been rather uncharacteristically subdued, something the others have probably noticed, even if it has just been a slight dampening of her usual mischievous behavior, and protective of those that are left, even though she doesn't necessarily fully get along with them all.  She isn't quite sure what to think of Lancelle's surviving while the others were lost, especially as the other greenrider has kept quiet about what happened.  But for Belisse's sake, she's not trying to make anything of it, and hope that eventually Lance will tell the rest of them her story.

Personality: Tasha has been a tomboy and daredevil since she was a little girl.  Growing up with many older siblings, she was able to get away with a little more than they did at the same age.  Plus, she idolized her brothers more than her sisters-- they liked runners as much as she did, after all, and didn't care about dresses and boys or any of that stupid stuff.  (Then again, they were boys, but that didn't occur to Tasha until much later.)  Her brothers, of course, encouraged her in her efforts to race the wind, which really only encouraged her free spirit and the stunts she would pull.

Tasha's family was very open, and encouraged each child to voice his or her opinions.  Girls were most certainly not inferior, nor were they merely fit to be mothers (unless that was their sole desire.)  They were encouraged to be anything they wanted to be.  As a result, she is not shy in the least, and is clearly confident in who and what she is.

Also with that, Tashamoretta welcomes challenges and encourages others to go beyond their comfort zone.  She believes people are capable of anything they put their mind to-- it is only a matter of realizing one can accomplish something and doing it.  There are, of course, reasonable limitations to 'anything,' which she willingly recognizes, but there are still a vast number of possibilities.  She is also willing to try anything once, because life is meant to be lived.

In general, Tasha probably comes across as loud though not necessarily rude, careless but protective of her family and friends, and argumentative with but still respective of her elders.  She takes her official duties as a dragonrider as seriously as seems to befit the situation (which may not always be as seriously as her elders believe is appropriate), but feels her off time is her own to do with as she pleases.

Shortcomings: Tasha is more often than not unwilling to back down from a challenge.  This can be good, in the sense that it helps her to learn more and grow with Sionnath as a team, but it can also be bad, in that she may refuse to give in when she should under the circumstances.

She is also a bit reckless with her own well-being.  This is potentially more why she and her green have been grounded than because they were attempting dangerous aerial feats.  The Werylingmaster staff didn't want to see her carry her devil-may-care attitude over to training, and thus risk her classmates' lives as well.  They tried to curb her behavior, which did succeed at least in reminding her that she is part of a team, but not in killing her desire to seemingly throw caution to the wind on a whim when she is alone.

Mannerisms or Habits: Tasha typically seems to require little sleep-- she gets up early to fly with Sionnath before practice, and loves to stay up late hanging out with her classmates.  She seems to have a boundless amount of energy, but when she crashes, she crashes hard before getting right back up to do it all over again.

?[Like 1]: Runners, riding, and especially racing.  Plus a bit of trick riding that has served her well as a dragonrider.  She also has a general affinity for animals.
?[Like 2]: Thrills - particularly when it comes to aerial feats with Sionnath
?[Like 3]: Any excuse to party

?[Dislike 1]: Klah, though she doesn't seem to need it to function like many others.
?[Dislike 2]: Being told she can't do something because it's too dangerous
?[Dislike 3]: Being grounded for what she sees as a stupid reason.  If she legitimately earned the punishment, she won't argue, but it would help more often if she could just get her point across!

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Her fists.  Tasha learned from her older siblings just how to fend off boys.  Don't be fooled by her size-- she can pack quite a punch.

She is also quite adept at throwing things like knives and balls but has only ever used such things when aimed at a target or in a show with one of her siblings.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Sionnath

Year of Impression 498 AL

Clutch Name:

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Colouring: Almost solidly a deep fern green, with paler shades on her underside and wings-- perfect for blending in with vegetation and leaping on unsuspecting wherries.  Or clutchmates.

Size: Small
?Length: 21 m
?Height: 26 hh

Other Physical Characteristics: Sionnath is small and compact, which makes her one of the most maneuverable dragons at Fort.  She is fast and can turn on some tighter angles than most other dragons.

Personality: Sionnath is as much of a mischievous daredevil as her rider, and they constantly challenged the Weyrlingmaster and his staff with their inventive new tricks.  She loves to pounce on her classmates and dare them to join in her fun.  Especially when she has the element of surprise on her side.

She is more independent, and not necessarily needy unless she's hurt or in an emotional state.  Or proddy.  Which will probably happen more often than for other green dragons-- the amount of energy she has may seem to build up and finally need an outlet.  Or perhaps that's her rider's energy.  Or both.

The recent loss of several of her clutchmates has driven Sionnath to be more protective of the others, like her rider is of theirs.  She thinks she can single-clawedly save them all from anything that comes their way.  

Voice: A smoky alto

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PostSubject: Re: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:00 pm

Hopefully that works in contrast with the others-- if someone else has claimed Searcher position, let me know and she doesn't necessarily have to be one from this class! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:30 pm

Looks good to me. Only thing I think needs discussion is the Searchrider thing....

Search dragons are known to be more empathetic than other dragons. Not all green and blue dragons are going to have the amount of empathy to Search Candidates. Therefore if she's going to be a Search dragon I would like to see some emphasis on her empathy in Sionnath's personality.

To become a Searchrider I would like for her to have some time set aside to work with an actual Searching Pair (there are none now played but you can simply mention she is being trained/mentored by a blue or green rider), starting about six months before now. Weyrling Training is the time when Search dragons are recognized and begin training in their specific area.

Also: another option for a face claim...

Frieda Pinto

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PostSubject: Re: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:40 am

Actually, I keep rethinking the Searchrider thing. I kind of just threw it out there, thinking it might be useful to have a good search and rescue pair also be a Search pair. I was trying to fit Sionnath in my head as more emotional and what not, but I just can't-- she's stuck as very similar to Tasha, independent and mischievous. I actually did try to think how it would manifest in her, such as when the two were out playing around, if they found a potential candidate (even if it was someone who already had been Searched), but I still think Sionnath is more interested in playing with other dragons (in particular her clutchmates) more than people. Maybe something will surface later, but for now I think I'll just nix that since it really doesn't quite fit. I can make a fully adult greenrider who fits much better Smile Or maybe Renee will want to make Raeca's green a Search dragon? I can see that fitting in with her personality. Or maybe Lance's would even be a better fit, even if the rider herself isn't? lol

And on the face claim, you are awesome! I actually had a tab open with a google search for Indian actresses (and South American ones in another) but hadn't had a chance to look through them. I don't think I'll bother, though-- she works the best yet, I think! Although now I want to make someone that looks like Catherine Zeta Jones haha. Woo! Now I need to pick a pic to use... And get photobucket or something so I can make a banner... or something lol
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PostSubject: Re: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:54 pm

okay then, approved. I'll move her into the appropriate section Smile

Raidenth isn't strongly empathetic either...so she can't be a Searcher. Guillermeth is much more concerned with the feelings of others, so she's more likely to be one.

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PostSubject: Re: Tashamoretta   Tashamoretta I_icon32

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