... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Ariadne - Drudge

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PostSubject: Ariadne - Drudge   Ariadne - Ariadne - Drudge I_icon32Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:18 pm

   OOC Info:
   Moniker: Caoimhe
   How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder

   Character Info:
   Name: Ariadne

   Pronunciation: ah-ree-AHD-ne

   Nicknames: Ari (ah-ree) especially called this my her numerous nieces and nephews.

   Title: Drudge

   Age & Turn of Birth: 24, Mid-summer Turn 477 (updated for 501)

   Gender: female

   Place of Birth: Telgar Hold

   Current Place of Residence: Telgar Hold

   Craft: N/A

   Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Drudge, helps the Hold's healers quite a bit and is also often placed on laundry duty when the infirmary is slow.

   Character Aspirations:

  • Honestly Ariadne has no desire for position. The things she care most about are her family and friends. She often wishes she could balance work and family time better.
  • Wants people to give her space and leave to grieve her loss. She feels smothered by everyone who wants her to just move on.
  • Have a very close relationship with her daughter.

   OOC Character Development Goals:

[*]Have her move on from the death of her husband

[*]Befriend Flynn- because of the stigma Holdless have and the hard time her parents went through to re-acclimate to hold life.

[*]some plottings with Eloane (Toshiro)


   Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
   ✣Father: Florin, 66, Drudge
   ✣Mother: Arinda, 62, Drudge
               Corvena, f, 41, Drudge
                Eliske, f, 38, Drudge
                Bennek, m, 35, Drudge
                Losari, m, 33, Drudge
                Melrin, m , 31 Drudge
                Avigail, f, 28, Drudge
                Senuel, m, 26, Drudge
                Monalise, f, 21 Drudge
She has numerous nieces and nephews. To adopt any of them please pm me and I'll put them in the bio.
                             Thessaly (3) f, her father is dead (see history)
   ✣Other Significant:
                            Evander (26, m) deceased. husband.  
                            Toshiro (28, m) Captain of the TRH Guard, lover


   ✣Face: Imogen Poots
   Ariadne - Ariadne - Drudge Imogen_Poots_actress
   ✣Hair: Dirty blonde , frizzy. She keeps it to mid- upper back length. Often she leaves it down because even when she tries to put it up the curling wisps near her face get in the way.
   ✣Eyes: Blue, slightly far apart which makes her seem to have a deer in the headlight kind of look on her face.
   ✣Height: 5'5"
   ✣Build: slight, not muscular at all. She's so skinny she has next to nothing in the way of curves. They are there but very small.
   ✣Other Notable Physical Traits: she has a beauty mark above her lip on the left side of her face and another next to her lip on the right. Tends to make her lips more sensual. Her neck is long as are her fingers.
   ✣Style of Dress: Plain, simple work dresses, usually made from a course material.
   ✣Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ A small wooden and leather banded bracelet. Crafted for her by her husband who died.    


[Fate Be Changed]
Age 0-6 - Turn 477 to 483

Not the typical family. Her father was born to a Holdless family and her mother was not. She was holder born and continued to live in a Hold till she was about eleven. Her father had done something very wrong which got them kicked out so to speak. Some Turns later, she met Ariadne's father, deciding to stay together and make a family. They did not mind being Holdless because they always found a way to survive.

In fact they lived for a long time as Holdless. It was not until Arinda was pregnant with Ariadne that they became part of the hold establishment again. Arinda had become very ill with her pregnancy so much so they feared without proper medical attention she would perish. They were Holdless, where were they going to find a healer? Not far from the Telgar Hold proper, they managed to get there with seven children in tow.

Holdless were not welcome. Of course they weren't they were known to be scoundrels and thieves. However, someone who knew Arinda from her youth gave them sanctuary in their home. As soon as the family was settled in there a healer was sent and Arinda was forced into early labor. Ariadne was born small and underweight and likely would not have survived if they remained Holdless.

The same friend who helped them helped them again. Both of Ariadne's parents found employment at the hold as drudges and decided the Hold life was much better for their family. Ariadne grew to be a normal sized little girl with time and proper nutrition.

She was a normal Hold brat in time but the early Turns at the Hold were hard on her family. they were ostricized, blamed for things that went missing and any trouble caused must have started with them. Ariadne learned how to win people over quickly though and soon was no longer treated very badly.

Age 7-13
[Who I Am]

In fact by the age of seven, she had no enemies. Her closest friends were of different social castes although her family was always very close to her too. Siblings were the best friends anyone could ask for. Her closest confidant though, ended up being a young boy who had a large family of drudges as well. Evander and Ariadne were always seen together when they didn't have chores or the occasional verbal harper lessons. (Mostly they learned the important ballads by heart without being able to read or write.

Being that she was born to Holdless turned drudges, she had no prospects as far as craft learning was concerned. The girl was fairly normal other than always having friends around her. She was made to do more chores inside the Hold and eventually was recruited to work in the Lord Holder's household. She learned to be a laundress at this age. Sewing, mending, washing and getting stains out of clothes turned out to be a more complicated business than she would have thought.

As she continued as a laundry girl, she also began to help in the infirmary from time to time, though it was not often.

[You and I]
Age 14- 19

Ariadne was put in the infirmary more often and began to help the healers almost full time although she was still put on laundry when they were short. She was even occasionally put on kitchen duty but more as a clean up person than a cook. Her life was pretty great, according to her. She worked hard but she had so many friends and family who cared about her and whom she cared about in return. Love made the world go around. It was also

The young drudge fell in love at the tender age of fifteen. Evander was her best friend though, so she tried to keep her feelings hidden for fear they would not be reciprocated. She need not have, as he soon admitted feelings for her as well. They had been best friends for so long that it really didn't surprise anyone. The one knew the other as if their second self.

She lived with her parents until she was married at the age of eighteen.

[My tragedy]
Age 20- present

Her marriage was better than most. There was always love, trust, an openness that made her feel so comfortable in her relationship she never thought anything could happen to it. This feeling only deepened when she became pregnant at 20. Her daughter was born whens he was 21, Evander named her Thessaly.

About a Turn later, there had been some thieving of the Trader Caravans of late so the Guard had found and arrested some of the men responsible. Some but not all. Her husband being a guard had different shifts depending on the day which she was used to. It was late in the evening when the prisoners escaped. Those that had not been caught came to free them and in the process her husband was killed.

It took Ariadne about a month just to go back to work. Her mother took care of Thessaly and she pretty much stayed in bed as much as possible. Every day she felt a new agony. She saw a stone on a wall and thought of a memory. She couldn't get though a single day without crying herself to sleep.

The real tragedy was that in losing her love, she lost some of herself. She became so depressed that her family actually stepped in and had her move back in with them because they feared she would do harm to herself. At the very least they could make sure she was eating.

Until recently she was unable to work full shifts. And lately her depression has grown better but every now and then she spaces out and her mind is somewhere else. When she comes out of wherever she spaced to, she has tears in her eyes. Ariadne knows in her heart her life will never be normal again.


Too afraid to go inside
For the pain of one more loveless night
But the loneliness will stay with me
And hold me 'til I fall asleep

  • Kind/ caring- Ariadne is the unwaveringly kind sort. She does not decide to be kind to one person over another. Her nature simply makes her want to help others in need of it. She is often the first to volunteer to help someone. Considerate of other people's feelings, she seems to care on an intense and deep level for all people.
  • Gentle- One could say this surpasses the phsical. She is gentle when it comes to asking the tough questions. Someone who understands that walking on eggshells might actually be a good thing. She is also a good tender of minor injuries, scratches and scrapes, her hand his always gentle yet strong.
  • Constant/loyal- The truest and most loyal friend. She is trusted with secrets by people and she would never betray that trust. Once her friend, always her friend, Ariadne takes the time to talk to people when they are having a rough time and often makes friends when people are at their worst.
  • Realist She understands the way the world works and does not dream of how it should be. Things are as they are and no amount of dreaming will change that. When she was a child she may have been more of a dreamer but since the death of her husband, dreaming seems to be for people who want to waste their life away with waiting.
  • Good listener Not only does she listen but she actively listens. Most people feel better for unloading their troubles on her because she takes the time to delve into the nitty gritty of their problems. For this reason she knows more people and better than most Holders do.
  • Gregarious- A people person, Ari is easy to like even love. Most people have no problem opening up around her. And she is often meeting and befriending new people. She is not biased towards any group of people though can be more closed off from the upper crust because she does know her place in society.
  • hard working- Air prefers working in the infirmary to laundry but honestly will do whatever is asked of her to the best of her ability. She has often been moved to areas where they are short for the day, including the kitchens, creche and latrines. She is more often than not in the infirmary or on laundress duty.


  • Neglectful: Only of herself. She is too busy worrying about the rest of the world to take care of the person who should come number one after her child, herself.
  • Illiterate She cannot read or write or even do mathematical figures all that well.
  • Stubborn: Once she sets her mind to something she follows through with it. The things she sets her mind to are usually foolish.

   Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Bite her lower lip when she's thinking about something for a while.
  • Scrunches up her nose when she is displeased
  • stands on the sides of her feet for a couple seconds when she is nervous.

   ✣[Taking care of people]: A natural born nurturer, her caring and devotion to others is not only a trait but a skill. She loves to take care of other people but this often leads to neglecting herself.
   ✣[Relationships: A connected woman, Ariadne knows how to make and keep friends. She is also still very close to her family. Her relationship with her daughter is closer than perhaps is normal since the death of her husband. She was a very loyal wife and committed one hundred percent to her relationship there. All in all she is just good with her 'ships with other people.

   ✣[Feeling helpless]: It isn't that Ariadne needs control but she does not like being in situations where she is helpless to do anything. She wants to be able to contribute in some small way when there is something wrong.
   ✣[Loneliness]: Since her husband's death she has been fairly lonely despite her friendships with people. Nothing seems to replace the empty feeling she has when she is by herself.
   ✣[Cruelty]: Be that mental, emotional or physical. She does not think that being hateful is a successful way to handle any situation. There are better ways to deal with people, even if they have done something unthinkably wrong.

   Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: She does not fight and has no intention of learning to. That is what they have Guards for.

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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne - Drudge   Ariadne - Ariadne - Drudge I_icon32Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:21 pm

Done, ready for critique. Smile

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