... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: Maori   Maori - Maori I_icon32Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:59 pm

OOC Info:


How did you find out about us?:
RP voting site

Character Info:



Title: (If any)

Age & Turn of Birth:  
18 / 484


Place of Birth:
Keroon Hold

Current Place of Residence:
Keroon Cothold (she travels with her father's shipments often)

Craft: (If applicable)
None officially, but she does assist her father in his craft. She would be at Journeywoman level in Metal Smith (weapon maker).

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired:
ex-betrothed of Changhui
Daughter of Master Smith/Metal Smith (weapon maker)
Secret: Ministry of Crafts

Character Aspirations:
She would like to be able to help her parents as much as she can. If that means through an influential marriage then that is what she is willing to do. She does hope however that the person she will one day marry is kind to her and she can find it in herself to love him and to give him an heir.  
Secret: Being a sworn part of the Ministry of Crafts under the guidance of her father, she has a strong desire to keep Keroon a peaceful and prosperous place.


Father: Orizon 52 /450 AL. - (Secret: Member of Ministry of Crafts) [Master Smith/Metal Smith (weapon maker) He crafted the two swords commissioned by the late Lord and Lady Holder of Keroon. Has a tattoo over his heart indicating his trade and loyalty to the late Holder, integrating the family into a deeper aspect of the story]

Mother: Mavina 44 /458 AL. [Wife of Master Smith]

Zonvin (m) (deceased - was killed when he was 17 and Maori was 11)


Other Significant:
ex-betrothed Changhui (thought to be deceased)


Face:Go Ah Ra

Maori - Maori 1d625c98-2dca-4d79-8f97-55f43976318bMaori - Maori 5ada105d-abd0-4895-8ef7-20983a2ee275

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’4”

Build: Average for a girl her age.

Other Notable Physical Traits: Soft skin, calloused hands
(A contradiction in physical traits shows her dual-self. Lady-Warrior)

Style of Dress:
Soft, gentle fabrics in quiet tones is what she wears when a lady. Dark, sturdy fabrics when dressed as a warrior.

Possessions usually found on persona:

Thigh dagger when presenting herself a lady-like girl.
Short sword carried over her back & dagger on her thigh when not.



AGE 0 Maori was born to Master Smith Orizon and Mavina in the Keroon territories. She has an older brother that was 6 when she was born. His name was Zonvin.

AGE 5-10 Maori was taught by her mother to be a proper girl. Even though she was not a lady by birth, she was taught how to be so. She had been (unknowns to her) betrothed to the Lord Holder's son when she was little and her instruction on how to be a proper wife in a high position such as that was deemed very important. It was a tragedy when her young betrothed was killed at a young age (assumed). Changhui was his name and he was thought to be no more.

She did not just learn how to be a Lady during these years though. She would sneak out and play and practice with her older brother in the sword play he was learning. He taught her what he knew in secret. Or so they thought it was secret. Both of their parents knew what was going on but with a request from their father, their mother did not prevent it from continuing. She did try to keep her adventurous daughter on task though.

AGE 11 Tragedy struck and her life would never be the same. Her beloved brother had been killed. It was not told to her what had happened perhaps no one really knew. But the wounds on his body when recovered showed the death was not accidental. Clothed all in black, she covered her head in a mourning lace and did not speak for many months.

AGE 12 The time for mourning had come to its completion. Even though her heart still hurt for her brother, life would go on. Taking her veil away in public, she changed out of her black dress and began a more intense regimen of learning. This time it was not just under her mother's tutelage or her brother's 'secret' lessons. No, this time her father and those he trusted began to teach her to defend herself as they had trained her brother. She also began to assist her father in his craft as Master Smith. She was not officially learning the craft but she was still learning as she helped where she could.

AGE 13-15 She began to spar with some of the guards that rotated in and out of her father's house. She had sparred with her brother and it made her feel alive. It made it seem as if he were still alive too. She wanted to better her skills and one day maybe even best one of the guards she sparred with. If she could do that, she knew she was worthy of the training she had been receiving.

AGE 16 She saw at least one of the two secret swords that the Lord and Lady Holder of Keroon had commissioned. Her father was keeping it safe. When it was discovered by her father that she had seen what had been kept hidden, a very long heart-to-heart talk was made between them lasting into the wee hours of the morning. Things were revealed (not all) and things were decided. The existence of the Ministry of Crafts was revealed to her and what its purpose was.

It was also revealed at this time that her brother had been given the tattoo after he had made the oath to join the Ministry of Crafts like his father. Also the reason his brother had been killed was also revealed. The sword (the 2nd fake one) with Changhui's name upon it was discovered and thieves had tried to break into the home and steal it. Her brother saw them and tried to defend the sword but he was killed in the process and that sword was stolen away. Her brother had died in an honorable way. And it was also why she had been allowed to train in the art of defense so that the same would not one day happen to her.

It was a lot to take in and it excited her to know that her father and others stood for something so great. It hurt deeply how her brother had died but she was so very proud of him. She wanted to be a part of what he had given his life for. Yes. She definitely wanted to be a part of this for it was something she had been feeling in her own heart too. She wanted this like nothing ever before. But would they accept a female?

It was also during this turn that her mother forbid her to spar with the young men that would rotate through their holding as guards. She was of a marriageable age now and it was not proper. She could still spar with her instructors but the Guards were off-limits.

AGE 17 Maori was given the tattoo over her heart to signify her undying support of the Keroon family and the craft she was born into. A turn had been given to her to think over the seriousness of the vow she would take to belong to the Ministry of Crafts. Her father also needed that turn to scrutinize her to determine if she was truly ready. She was. The offer was made and she accepted. It is what her brother would have wanted for her. It is what she always believed in for herself. Justice, peace, prosperity. More was revealed to her, but again only some. There was so much she still did not know.

She began to travel with a small number of body guards and a person maiden/friend to accompany her father's shipments of swords and daggers beginning in this turn as well.

AGE 18  Before one such voyage to accompany her father's swords, she was cliff diving by the sea in her favorite 'secret' cove. It wasn't so secret after all and she was thought to be drowning by the man that jumped in after her. It just so happened to be Changhui, her betrothed. She did not know him and she had never learned that she had been betrothed. And she was not very agreeable to follow him back to shore since she had been diving naked. Instead she climbed back up her cliff and redressed herself and tried to forget that embarrassing moment by staring out at the sea. It was now that she really did end up needing help for two men who were influenced in attitudes by drink came upon her and took hold of her there. Thankfully Changhui and Haran were still nearby and came to save her right as she had passed out.

OOC knowledge written up by another. I really wanted to keep this for it gives more details into things I did not touch upon.

Her father is a Master Crafter, the Master Smith who crafted the two swords commissioned by the late Lord and Lady Holder of Keroon who is now in possession of at least one of those swords, keeping it safely in hiding.

When she was very young, no more than 6 turns in age, her parents had been working closely with the Lord Holder. Under such amicable terms they were, that the Lord Holder of Keroon offered to marry one of his sons to the girl, assuming that he may very well take his father’s place one day, securing her with a fine future. The boy’s name was Changhui. They were playmates for a while, before he disappeared.

Under the surface of all that went on within Keroon Hold, an evil called envy took over. A fire burned in the Hold, leaving the Lady Holder and her cousin amoungst the dead. It was believed that Changhui and his twin brother were trapped and killed in that same blaze. But luck would have it that some of the Lady Holder’s servants had swept them off to relative safety. Then, the twins were parted for their own protection, and Changhui was taken from the territory altogether.

Since the truth of their existence has yet to be brought to light, Changhui’s betrothed is free of that bonding vow -unless of course, perhaps they were to meet again. There are those who would remember those days.

Her father was the Smithcrafter and the current keeper of the true sword, she can have seen it, making her aware of them, but not have been told about them; yet, that will make her a big part in the future of Changhui, as the Dragon's Venture will be looking for the swords, or them and the one who crafted them, when Changhui returns to Keroon. The swords will reveal who Keroon's true Lord Holder should be.


*Strong willed - It is hard to keep her settled and focused on her embroidery. She has a little adventurous streak and would rather be learning the art of sword fighting or diving off of cliffs or traveling the seas with her father's shipments. She is not timid but will try and push for her will to be done. But never disrespectfully. There is a line she will not cross.

*Adventurous - Oh yes, she is definitely adventurous. She is not out gallivanting around the countryside or sea ports looking for trouble. Oh certainly not. But she isn't afraid of a little fun either. She loves to cliff dive in her secret place by the sea. She loves to dive for pretty shells and stones and other things she might find under the waters. She loves to spar with those her fathers has trusted to teach her the ways of the sword and dagger. She loves to see new sights and experience new things.

*Fearless/Brash/Amiable - She is not afraid. Well, not often. She loves to cliff dive...naked. It is very unladylike and improper for her to do this and so she only does so in her secret place. She loves the adrenaline rush. She will also takes risks when it comes to people sometimes. Instead of condemning them instantly for something perceived or thought seen, or heard, she will give them the benefit of the doubt. She believes there is good in everyone. No matter how evil they may appear to be.

*Proper in ethics, self-sacrificing - She knows what is proper and good. Despite her little taboo moments diving without clothes on, she does do it in secret. It is her secret fault. She will firmly believe in what is right no matter what. And she will put others before herself if doing right demands it. She will even go so far as to put her own safety and health at risk if it means to save another.

*Energetic - She can sit still for long periods of time but Maori was made for moving. She has energy to burn and never seems to tire very easily.

*Gentle - She knows how to fight. She has trained how to use her body, swords and daggers as weapons. She understands the need to protect. But through her father's training that weapons are for protecting and not killing, and her own gentle soul, she is unable to take another human's life. She can not and will not go to that level of violence. She believes in justice and peace. If that means killing, she wants no part of it. She can't. Not even to save herself. She would rather die.


Sometimes her temper gets the better of her and she may or may not throw something.

Mannerisms or Habits:

When she gets angry she will clench her teeth and lift her chin. Her brother used to tell her she looked like a wild cat when she did so.

When nervous, she will sometimes run her over her bottom lip repeatedly or just bite down upon it gently and hold it there for a little while.


[Skill/Like 1]:
Long Walks - She loves the freedom of setting her feet moving and not bothering to wonder where they might take her. She enjoys simply moving and and breathing in the fresh air. Most often than not, when she is dwelling at home, her feet will inevitably take her to the cliff-side where she likes to dive. There she stands or sits and watches the sea. Her brother had shown her this place. It was where they liked to play and spar as children. She feels close to him there.

[Skill/Like 2]:
Martial arts - She can not spar with anyone but her instructors now that she is a woman because of her mother's wishes. But she still likes to practice her disciplined moves. It keeps her sharp and strong. It also is an avenue for releasing pent up energy or emotions.

[Skill/Like 3]:
She likes to write tiny little notes to her future husband, whoever that may be. That way when she is married, she can share them with him and he can know her better. A part of her knows that it is silly but it is an old habit now and she does not want to stop. It's become more of a journal now than silly notes but it is always directed to her future love.

[Skill/Like 4]:
LOVES to swim - She loves to feel the water against her skin. It makes her feel so alive and free. She is very good at it too and has great breath control. She can stay underwater in a dive for a long while. She sometimes swims naked when no one is looking. It adds a rush of adrenaline and taboo adventure into the fun of it all. It excites her. Diving down deep in the water to find and see interesting things (clothed or not) is another hobby that she enjoys very much.

[Skill/Like 5]:
Cliff Climbing - She loves to pick flowers by climbing cliff faces to go find them. She could just as easily pick flowers in a field but it gives her an excuse to do what she really wants and that is to climb. Sometimes she does not even climb for the flowers but for the feel of the rush. A healthy burning in her muscles, the rush of being so high and clinging to a cliff with fingers and toes. It makes her feel alive. It makes her feel closer to her brother. He liked to rock climb too.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:

[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]:
Hate Self-Limitations - She is not very good at admitting her limitations. She wants to be able to do anything at all and hates it when she can not. She does not want to fail herself and she certainly does not want to fail her parents. So when she is confronted by her own limitations, she tries to push herself too much until she either hurts herself, fails miserably or is stopped.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]:
Sea Storms - She does hates rough seas when she is on a ship. Especially when there is lightening and thunder involved. She gets very scared.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:

Martial Arts & Short sword & dagger

:: Crafter Information ::
Metal Smithing

Turns in Craft:

Unofficial Journeywoman Smith (metal). Her father trained her since she was 12 but now that she is older, her mother wants her to focus on being the lady-like woman she had been training her to be. Especially now that she is of marriageable age.

Location of Journeymanship:
Keroon Cothold

Weapons (daggers) (note: Her father did more than daggers, he did swords and other metallic weapons as well, but she herself was only allowed to work on Daggers.

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PostSubject: Re: Maori   Maori - Maori I_icon32Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:06 pm

Sorry for the confusion over this one. We'll get her all finished up this weekend, but for now, all the places necessary for PNPC are done, so we can approve her as that.

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PostSubject: Re: Maori   Maori - Maori I_icon32Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:31 am

--It's worth mention in her history, that her Father is in the Ministry of Crafts. I think I had given that factions page to you to read, so you know what that entails, but that is what he is a part of. 

--On her history,I'd like to see just a little more about how she feels about her father's role in the Ministry of Crafts. If you have more questions over their role/ current position, etc, let me know and we can discuss. Otherwise, I'd like to be able to see more insight into her thinking as far as why she accepted the task of helping carry on her father's legacy in that aspect. Was it to try to fill her brother's shoes? Does she feel burdened because of it? Or does she feel freed from general societal constraints because she has been charged with something that most girls would never be charged with? And that suits her adventurous side. Does she feel obligated, since her brother passed away? Or perhaps she's a person that feels the need to pursue justice and so she decided that if this had anything to do with protecting the good of the Hold, she wanted in on it! Or maybe even... she just liked the mystery of what was going on, when she'd been told so little, for the time being, and yet her father had obviously placed such a weight of importance on his role in the Ministry of Crafts.

Some of these reasons might also shape other features you can add to her personality.

--I'd like to see a little more description on her Liks/Skills. Where you put Likes long walks. Put "Long Walks" as the bold font there, and then in the description something about her preference for walks.. likes walks in the fields close to home? likes walks for X reason? because she had her brother used to sneak off to a certain spot to play when they were younger? etc

Under the excercising in the art of sword and dagger, I'd like to see similar. Smile  hehehe. Martial arts or Sparring as her like/ skill. Maybe after her brother's death, her father hired additional help of a couple of private guards or additional male apprentices to help him, too. Though Maori continues to fill the void left by her brother as best she can, in both her parent's lives, she also can only do so much, in that light. But, she must like sparring because it was something her brother was teaching her, so maybe it makes her feel closer to her brother even now, when she has that freedom of movement and such? Maybe she has found another apprentice to practice with. Or periodically she likes to 'challenge' the couple of guards who rotate in and out to help oversee the safe transport of her father's weapons. Maybe it's a personal challenge of hers that one day she'll beat them in a spar, because they're Guards and they're well trained, and train all of the time, so she wants to be able to best them and/or pick up little tricks of the trade from them.

You could also add the likes of cliff diving/ swimming to appeal to her adventurous side, etc instead of mannerisms.

--Mannerisms /habits i tend to think of as more personal/ body things and quirks.  A nervous tap of the foot, a prideful jut of her chin when she's disapproving of someone? or.. since she keeps a dagger on her, maybe a habitual smoothing of her fingers over the pommel of the little weapon, etc. Just as a subconscious gesture when she's thinking or whatever, if she has it near her.. something along those lines. 

--Under shortcomings, its unlikely that she's ever been faced with killing someone or had to do so, because Keroon has typically been a peaceful place; which might be attributed just to the general attitude of the public there, or the diligent presence of the Hold Guard, etc. But, either way, might consider some other Shortcoming for her.. and.. i'm not sure that generally "possesses little killing intent" would be considered a shortcoming. Because usually that's a good thing Razz  Wink Though, that's another trait you could add to her personality. That, though she has an adventurous side and does everything she can to fulfill he rmother and her father's expectations of her as a son and as a daughter, she doens't have the kind of heart it takes to be capable of true violence. Her father maybe also taught her otherwise. Their swords are made to "protect" people, maybe, instead of "kill" people. Smile  That would be quite fitting for them. Does that sound reasonable for them? Since they're suposed to be protecting the interests of the late Holder.

okay Razz that's all for now. heheheh. sorry for belated reply.

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