... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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Search in: Telgar Weyr   Topics tagged under 9dcc00 on  I_icon33Subject: Aztlatli of Green Niefryth    Topics tagged under 9dcc00 on  I_icon32Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:40 pm
:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:
I posted an affiliate request on your site for Dragon's Rise and you accepted... now Sixth/Elo and I are friends xD

:: Character Information ::


Wing Rider

N/A - people (especially riders) often call her Azt or Ali for short

Age/ Turn of Birth:
Mid-spring 475 - 27 turns old.


Place of Birth:
Telgar Hold

Place of Residence:
Telgar Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Patrol Rider - Wing Rider

Character Aspirations:
Aztlatli hopes to one day be able to reunite her family.
She aspires to become better at reading and writing.

Father: Bitlahai (B. 447, deceased 477)
Mother: Aztora (B. 446, deceased 477)
Siblings: Tazat [M] (B. 465 Late Fall), Bitol [M] (B. 467 Summer), Tohil [M] (B. 472 Summer)
Children: Latei [F] (B. 495), Aztoril [M] (B. 498)
Other Significant: N/A

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Face: Natalie Martinez
Hair: Black-brown
Eyes: Mahogany brown
Height: 5'6" and a half
Build: Athletic with an hour-glass form
Other Notable Physical Traits: She has a few scars on her body from her past.
Style of Dress: She's usually dressed rather loosely, a blouse here and there, trousers on occasion but she doesn't mind anything as long as she can move around in it. She's not opposed to dressing up (and even enjoys doing it on occasion) but her dresses will usually have a slit up the side that she has hidden rather well so only a flash of her leg is seen every once in a while teasingly - she does this primarily to open up her mobility. She keeps her riding gear near-by just in case.
Possessions usually found on persona: Aztlatli keeps a knife on her at all times, but she can be seen carrying a staff every once in a while other than that, she has a pack of clothes with Niefryth's gear and a week's worth of travel rations just in case.

Aztlatli was born as the fourth child to Bitlahai and Aztora of Telgar Hold, poor farmers making the best of the lot they had in life while still trying to feed and raise their children. To their oldest, Tazat, it seemed that Aztlatli was the final straw for their father. Bitlahai grew weary with the challenges of keeping his family alive and began inciting rebellion in the hearts of a few of the farmers near them, eventually seducing his own wife to his cause. One night they left their children at the farm, planning to bring down the hold leadership…. but they never came back, executed in secret. The young children were left alone in the world, thinking they were abandoned, and forced to find their own way for survival. They were forced from their farm into the hold barracks.

Tazat (then 15) and the second oldest, Bitol (12) helped out at farms while Tohil and Aztlatli did what drudgery work they could. Their meager pay afforded the children the ability to eat without starving to death, but kept them skinny and always in want. It was three years of this grueling life before Tazat stumbled on to the fight club (before it was organized and still only just a form of entertainment).

It changed everything for the small family. When they were together, they were training or planning out matches that they could fix for a loss for the extra money they needed from betting. No one yet paid heed to the children wandering around the fights, collecting bets. The brothers all trained, forcing Aztlatli to fight with them at home. When she cried or tried to give up, Tazat would look down on her with derision saying “I’m head of the family now, you either fight, or you find your own food” and fight she did, though never with any purpose or will.

That changed during her eleventh turn. While she was sweeping in a lone hall of the hold one day, a man attacked her, seeking from her what his wife would not give. The broom in her hands turned into a lethal weapon. Had it not been for a woman walking in at that moment, the man may never have been able to return home to his wife. She knew it wouldn’t be the last time someone tried to take her, and suddenly all the training clicked.

The Telgar Rebellions did little to sway the teens away from their goal of survival. With the little they had as it was, it didn't seem worth it to die for something they always knew was a problem. If anything, the rebellions only served to anger Tazat who, more than the others, remembered their parents... and remembered the pain of "abandonment" he felt when they never returned.

At one point in all of the fighting, Tohil was discovered by the Blood Moon Squad. When he mentioned the idea of working for the pillowcrafters, Tazat vehemently refused and beat Tohil. It was the first time Aztlatli realized that Tazat truly sided with the rebels and their ideals... and what it would mean for her if she went against the family.

The years came with several close calls as she began working at an inn outside the hold when she was 13. Many guardsmen called the inn home and drank during their off-hours. It was during one of these close calls that her soon-to-be long time friend, Toshiro, stepped in and saved her. Her training at that time was sub-par to the attacker's and she was quickly over-powered. Toshiro saw it in time to help her, creating the founding for her friendship with him.

It would be the first of many times that Toshiro and Aztlatli would be thrown together by circumstance. When things started looking bad in the inn, Toshiro would take her into a back room to make it seem like she was his 'preferred'. They wouldn't touch back there, just sit and eat. The headwoman of the inn only kept from worrying because they told her their plan. Aztlatli kept the fact that she was working at the inn from her brothers for a year. When Tazat and Bitol found out, they came to beat her one night for working with the soldiers. Toshiro stopped them, and helped to teach her.

With a few tips on fighting, the girl began her training in earnest and was finally able to keep up with her brothers. Still, shakily it took them a few years to be truly good at what they did. Through the hard times they stood together, reciting their mantra “we will survive.”

By the time she was fifteen, Aztlatli could hold her own in a match against older, stronger, men. She developed her own maneuvers, sending quick and hard jabs at the weak points in her opponent’s defense, able to twist her body and use their momentum against them. The times she spend defending herself against would-be rapists with her brooms or sticks paid off, and when it came to free-spar matches, her accuracy and speed with them gave her a good advantage. Still, bruises are hard to cover when it comes to your face.

Several times the drudges would turn Aztlatli away from work when the bruises were visible, fearing that they would bring shame on the hold. What kept her out of a drudge mind-set, sometimes kept her from a proper meal. It was like this, one day at seventeen, that a rider found her outside of the hold kitchens and begging for work. At the first mention of stability the rider offered at the weyr, Aztlatli was sold, moving taking off with the rider without a word to her brothers.

She spent a year there, soaking up knowledge, learning how to do the most basic reading and writing, and eating proper meals. Meeting new people and making "friends" was not a difficult thing after a month at the weyr but her classes required more effort. Everyone else seemed to know how to read and write unlike her. She felt ignorant of an entire world, feigning for a long time that she understood the words given to her, while secretly struggling on her own to read. She would even volunteer in the creche, just to be around the children learning, trying to glean some information.

Though her past involved a good deal of near rapes, Aztlatli did not take long to come out of her shell, due to a flight at the weyr soon after she got there. Aztlatli discovered her own sensuality and sense of freedom. No one at the Weyr wanted to take from her what she would not give to them.

It was a year before she felt schooled enough to begin looking for her brothers, regretful of her sudden departure. When she was told that they couldn't be found, she wondered if the stories of the rebels floating around the weyr were true, had they been caught up in it? Were they alive? Were they free or slaves? She resolved to become a rider and find out for herself.

Her first time standing was less than productive, being knocked aside by a green for another rider, but it did little to dishearten her. She was steel, she had been through much worse than a little rejection. In 494 AL, when she was 19, she stepped onto the sands for a second time and changed her life completely.

The egg shattered on the sand, sending shell fragments flying into the other eggs and out of the mini explosion, plopped a grey-green dragon mewling indignantly at the sudden change in light and temperature from the egg. The cry wrenched at Azt’s heart and in a moment she was by the dragonet murmuring encouragingly at her before Niefryth spoke her name into the mind of the young woman.

The two were a great match, balancing each other in their weaknesses and strengths. Niefryth’s first flight awarded Aztlatli her first child, Latei. She was partly thankful that the creche existed in the weyr, worried she could not be a good mother. She still keeps a close eye on her children, but also continues fighting as a hobby in the weyr, sometimes teaching others.

For a few years, Aztlatli spent much of her free time flying to different holds, looking for her brothers. Soon, however, the feeling became obvious to her that they had joined the rebels. She kept a close eye on news about transfers and patrols to Igen, and as soon as she was able, posted a request to transfer. It was the only way, she believed. One day, through a friend, Aztlatli heard rumors of her old friend and determined to track him down as well. If anyone would be able to help her, he would be it.

This woman has an “act first, ask questions later” mentality. She’s quick to jump into situations without regard for the most serious of consequences, believing in surviving through her inner strength rather than on too much caution. Though she had a few bad scrapes with men, she entered the weyr and her own sensuality with a kick she was surprised about herself at first. Now she’s flirty and extremely secure in her sexuality.

She sees herself, however, at a bit of a dimwit because of her lack of education. Though she is quick to pick up on things when it comes to talking, she struggles with reading and writing, still only understanding star charts, maps, jump coordinates, and only the more basic written material. She keeps this as a closely guarded secret and gets snippy when anyone seems to come close to realizing it about her.


  • Aztlatli struggles with reading and writing beyond reading star charts, maps, or jump coordinates. She feels this makes her dumb, and keeps it as a closely guarded secret even though it would be beneficial for her to have help.
  • She is a bit quick to react to situations, when erring on the side of caution could be useful in some situations
  • Aztlali finds it difficult to be vulnerable emotionally to anyone, making real relationships a challenge
  • Aztlatli is always hungry, and her stomach lets it be known at some of the worst moments - like when she's trying to sneak around somewhere and not be heard - it's even worse when she's pregnant, however, because the woman has nasty morning sickness through the duration of her gravidity. Even though she wants to eat, she tends to just regurgitate during pregnancy.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Aztlatli is never found without a knife on her person, though it’s not entirely necessary, and is never far away from her “get-away” gear, incase she needs to make a quick exit with Niefryth. She scrunches up her face a bit and bites her lip when she tries to read jump coordinates.

Skills/ Likes:
Hand-to-hand Combat: Aztlali grew up fighting her brothers and other people in/around the fighting club and hold. She can hold her own against some of the more meatier men.
Staff/Sticks Combat: She’s had to use any weapons at hand against various attackers in her past, including brooms (which were readily available) and broken brooms as well.
A full belly: People can rarely appreciate a good meal like Aztlali can, knowing full well what real starvation feels like.
Good Perception: Years of watching people’s moves before fighting have helped her notice movement and changes easier than most.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
Fear of Abandonment: This goes hand-in-hand with her issues with emotional availability, stemming from the belief that her parents abandoned her brothers and her. This makes her close off her truly vulnerable side to others, fearing they’d do the same (when in reality, she’s the one doing it to them)
Cold Food: Food before the weyr was almost always cold and hard, losing its taste. The weyr has spoiled her.
Being Cornered: It has happened one too many times in her opinion, when it does happen however, you may want to watch out.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Either hand-to-hand (looks like krav maga), or staff/sticks

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:
494 AL

Clutch Name:
N/A (Elo and I are Dubbing it the Japanese Seasons clutch) {Egg was named "Natsu"}

Weyr of Impression:
Telgar Weyr

Wing Name:

Hatched as a dull grey-green but matured into a lovely jade with shadows and highlights playing out naturally on her hide (in even light). Under her wing sails are filigree patterns in a slightly different shade that fade into Golden-Green around the edges. Her ridges take on a more milky tone of jade than the rest of her body. When freshly oiled, people have remarked that Niefryth looks like a moving jade statue.
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22 meters
22.6 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Niefryth is rather average in size but very feminine in her facial features and movements. She has a few scars over her body from a few rather raunchy mating flights (which she dislikes immensely and has never allowed those dragons to catch her again)

Personality Traits:
Much more demure yet goofy than her rider. She rises just a tad more than normal but not by much. Tends to find humor in clothing choices ("That's cumbersome. How can you ride me properly in a dress? Oh a cape, that's fun, can you flourish it?"). She likes stomping around and bathing in the sunlight, often crooning at people instead of speaking to them, really preferring to “speak” only to her rider or voice questions through her. Niefryth tries to err on the side of caution and constantly reminds Aztlali to calm down and think through the moment. She is naturally inquisitive but often forgetful and enjoys rising as much as the next dragon.

Something like Lupita Nyong’o where it’s quite obviously intelligent with a demure side and an accent that the Pernese people may find intriguing, but distinctly feminine.

Voice colors are: #519f00, #9dcc00, #588a00, #035800, #779253, #87bd3f

:: Firelizard Information :
Topics tagged under 9dcc00 on  Thread_Flit_zpsdj4avykl
Pig, Porcine, Thread (when Aztlatli is particularly angry at him)

Turn of Impression:

A dark cutty sark teal blue is flat across his body. This, however, is broken by smatterings of silver that look like someone tossed mercury at the poor flit. The silver looks like someone cut patterns into it like a fancy blade. The silver contributes to his nickname: Thread.

Other Physical Characteristics:
Other than a slightly larger maw than a normal firelizard's (and a perpetually distended stomach), it's really just the unusual silvery tone to parts of his skin that distinguish him. He's ultimately average in everything else.

Hide your food. Pig, or Thread as Aztlatli and several other members of the weyr have taken to calling him, will eat any morsel in sight, especially if he hasn't tried it before, and it has not been lost upon his owner that he tends to chew pica as well. If it fits in his mouth, he will eat it. Pig is essentially a flit who learns of the world with the use of his mouth, which is actually quite fitting concerning his owner's past. Otherwise, Pig has a flare for the dramatic, over-acting/reacting to the slightest of things. His voice is a high-pitched warble/chir. He is curious, but friendly and enjoys companionship.

((Ooc: The line art for this flit is all due to the work of this lovely lady: VagabondSentinel on deviantart.))
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