... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings

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PostSubject: Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings   Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings I_icon32Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:06 pm

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Bladen/ Bl'en

Pronunciation: Blade n

Title: Hold Guard

Honourific: Bl'en

Age & Turn of Birth: 20, Early Summer, Turn 480

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Fort Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Hold

Craft: Guard

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Hold Guard

Character Aspirations: (List here the hopes and dreams of your character.)

OOC Character Development Goals: (Please talk here about what direction you’d like to see your character go in as far as character development in both long and/or short term so that admins/moderators can help you meet these goals.)

Father: Allvander, 53, Guard for Fort Hold
Mother: Seulay, 47, Head Cook at Fort Hold
Arrowva (arr-oh-va), 22, f , cook
Lancelle (Lance-L), 19, f, rider of Green Raidenth, Fort Weyr (played by Caoimhe)
Daxe (dax), 16, m, Training for the Guard at Fort Hold

Children: N/A
Other Significant:
S'dric of Brown Nicath, Fort Weyr -Cousin (played by Eloaene)

Appearance: (Give at least a little detail regarding each physical aspect.)
Face:Henry Cavill
Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings Bladen
Hair: Dark Brown, almost black, curly, coarse, kept short. Widow's peak.
Eyes: blue
Height: 6'5"
Build: Muscular, broad shoulders narrowing at the waist
Other Notable Physical Traits: cleft chin.
Style of Dress: He tends to wear clothes that are not tight but rather are loose enough to move easily in. When on duty he wears the required uniform and armor as befitting a Guard. When on leisure he wears less grande clothing, mostly loose shirts and relaxed, cargo type pants with boots. He tends to always wear shoes that cover his toes as a hazard of duty. Always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣His favorite sword which he may or may not have named...*shhh*✣His battle axe..which...he may also have named...


Bladen was the first son and second child born to his parents. His father, a member of Fort Hold's prestigious guard and his mother, a cook. He quickly became his father's prodigy. He was going to be a Guard and follow in his father's footsteps. It did not take the boy long to realize he was being chosen to protect people like dragonriders did, only he wouldn't have a dragon.

He spent most of his free time as a child looking for a noble mission. These missions were at first little things, like bring a message in to mother or take something to drink to father. As he grew older his idea of what a noble mission was changed and so he looked to his older sister for better ideas. He wanted to do what was right always and to be true to the good people of the world. Which once stated he quickly had to answer to by his elder sister, Arrowva. “How do you define good?”

Bladen thought long on the subject. After losing more than one night's sleep over the subject he finally reached a conclusion. A person who always tries to do the right thing, who values, integrity, compassion, empathy and honesty. He had a great sense of right and wrong from a young age but came to find out that not all men are born equal. No matter how closely related! His father certainly did not go out of his way to be pleasant. As he grew up he became increasingly aware of other people's shortcomings as well as his own.

Within the body of raging hormones and unstoppable change, Bladen continued to grow wiser about the world. He was curious yet cautious of the world around him and studied it often in silence. He spent all day every day training for the Guard under his father's tutelage. His skills improved though he had yet to receive anything resembling approval from his father. There was a new tension between them that stemmed from his new journey into young adulthood.

Where he was a well-liked young man, he was seen as a bit slow to learn. He had no learning impediments but his younger siblings were quick to catch on to things while he was busy over thinking them. His younger brother was the obvious favorite of his father's. Bladen might have been hurt by this if he were the jealous type. Seeing as he was a level headed boy from the time he was born till now he simply agreed with everyone that his brother was indeed very intelligent.

Although it was Lancelle that pointed out they all had their strength's sensing how much the topic had upset him. Despite Lance's typical roughness, she was quite empathetic. Sometimes he wished he could be more fiery and determined in his own life, as she was in hers. Which was why it was of no surprise to him when his younger sister was Searched by the Weyr. He was well into his senior apprenticeship with the Guard, about to advance. He was eighteen.

In order to advance he was sent to patrol the coastline of Fort Hold with other Guard members. There had been several accounts of smugglers and thieves running rampant around the coast so they were to investigate and report any trouble as well as intervene if necessary.


  • Observational-- He is someone to notice the little things that people often miss. Having learned first hand from having a sibling like this, what one presents to the world on the outside is not always the real feeling. He is someone who looks beyond the surface of things to find a deeper meaning.
  • He always tries to do what is right. He doesn't care how hard the situation is. Doing what is right is very important to him. Morals are high and he is often shocked by things that other people will do to protect a lie rather than reveal the truth and take the consequences.
  • Wise beyond his Turns -- Do to his observation of himself and others, Bladen has become wise for his age. He is often the person to counsel others his own age, sometimes even people older than himself.
  • Protector-- He feels the need to shelter other people from harm even at risk to himself. He believes in defending those weaker than himself.
  • Gregarious- Bladen is a people person. He gets along well with just about everyone. He is the type of guy that can fit in in any group. He likes talking to people.
  • Treats women with respect and kindness. Often he can be quite the gentleman but he does not do so to win women over in any way. He simply believes them to be the gentler sex and therefore to be protected and cared for in a way that allows them to be so. His sister constantly reminds him that not all women are like that but he has decided most women prefer to be treated kindly and courteously and thus he acts on his own principles where the majority of women are concerned.
  • Innocent- not in the sense that he is never guilty. More that he is childlike in his expectations of other people.


  • Morality: He has very high standards for people. If you don't meet these standards he tends to look down on you. He can have a "better than thou" attitude at times though he may not realize this himself.
  • Pride: He has a good deal of it. He believes he is good and does everything to serve other people. But challenge his pride and he will be wounded quite easily.
  • Unlike his sister, he holds onto anger and tucks it away. He carries the burden of other people's emotions and he never releases them. This leads to him not showing much if any emotion.

Mannerisms or Habits:

[Honesty]: Being honest and truthful is something he holds in high regard.
[Protecting other people]: Not only his job but something he really enjoys doing. He is also an excellent fighter.
[Family]: He loves his family and the idea of a family. At some point he would like his own. He loves children and is very patient with them.

[Unnecessary Violence]: He doesn't like people killing to kill. Or fighting for the fun of fighting. Violence in and of itself is evil to him. Violence to protect people from harm, now that is worthy of honor.
[Lies]: To lie to someone is to dishonor them. He cannot stand to hear people lie and ruin the trust between themselves and another person. He can't even tell a white lie without feeling guilty so he tends not to.
[Abuse of Power]: Power should be used to help people. It should not be used to make the weak, more weak adn the strong, more strong. He believes that Power being used for the sake of power is just as evil as violence. Abuse of Power only breeds hostility and selfishness.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: He is proficient in a number of weapons. He uses several types of sword, loves throwing daggers and knives. His favorite though is his axe which despite seeming a large and bulky weapon, when used in his hands seems to cut through the air like a butter knife through soft butter.

]Don't praise my charm too much
Don't look so vain with me
Don't stand in the rain with me
People will say we're in love!
Don't take my arm too much
Don't keep your hand in mine
Your hand feels so grand in mine
People will say we're in love!
Don't dance all night with me
Till the stars fade from above.
They'll see it's alright with me
People will say we're in love.

:: Dragon Information ::

Dragon Name: Vaqueroth

Turn of Impression: Turn 502

Clutch Name:
Poetry of the Air

Weyr of Impression: Fort Weyr

Wing Name:
Melodic Wing


Length:37.7 meters
Height: 43.7 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:

Personality Traits:

Vaqueroth is a typical cocky and charming bronze. He is confident in his abilities, but will not hesitate to help others in need of it. He is a natural leader, able to command attention and inspire loyalty, great qualities among the higher ranks. Although not the only Bronze in his class, he will easily understand his position and what will be required of him as he grows older, despite his rider's potential hesitation. Because of these traits, he may rise through the ranks quickly, though that will also depend on his rider.

The Bronze is honest and loyal. He has no room in his heart for bullies or anyone who takes advantage of those who seem weaker. He especially will not excuse bad behavior directed toward female dragons as he feels the need to protect them. On a more personal level, while he might flirt with any green or gold he comes into contact with, he is a romantic at heart and will only have eyes for one dragon. She might reject him, but he will be persistent in his pursuit. Will he win her? Of course, for who could resist his charms?

Despite or maybe in spite of his nature to be a bit overly confident or arrogant, he is the sort of dragon who wants to help anyone and everyone. He will go out of his way to be kind to someone. Almost at times he can come across as too nice. This does not mean he is someoen to be walked over. Rather that he has a strong moral code and knows to do good in all things, even if it is more difficult to do so. Even if he would rather do something else or be somewhere else he feels a strong duty to do what is right and not what is easy.[/quote]


Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings Pathsig

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PostSubject: Re: Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings   Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings I_icon32Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:39 pm

ohhhh I like where this is going with him being involved in catching our smugglers in the South. He can barge into the thread with Ember and Kyo if you want.. it's afternoon and maybe he's doing patrols and the guards come in to get information from Ember or corner her about being a future informant. and Kyo gets stuck in a tough situation being that he can't really run because there's so many guards in the patrol and some just outside he wouldn't really be able to escape so when they come in to question Ember and Kyo while he's there, about smugglers, he has to brave it like he has nooothing to do with it lol. Puts he and Ember both in an interesting position.!

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Bl'en of Bronze Vaqueroth, Weyrlings
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