... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 M'ket of Green Prisnyath

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PostSubject: M'ket of Green Prisnyath   M'ket of Green Prisnyath I_icon32Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:56 pm

M'ket and Green Prisnyath

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els/ Sixth
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::

Meer Ket



Age/ Turn of Birth:
19 /483 AL


Place of Birth:
Hold Balan

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Weyrling Greenrider

Character Aspirations:
All of his young adult life, Mirket’s ambition was to gain freedom from the controlling hand of his grandsire who oversaw his rearing. Mirket is incredibly grateful to his grandsire for raising him, but he was not allowed the same rights and freedoms as the rest of the children in his family. Because of that, as he grew older, his focus was on figuring out how he could be free of the restrictions placed on him so that he was able to live life for himself. Though, once he attained those freedoms, he wasn’t really sure what he would do. He’d never thought much about what he wanted in life. But now that he’s at the weyr, his goal is to move and live more adeptly; to become more skilled. And also to find love again.

Father: Unknown (at least by him)
Mother: Ketta. Lord Holder’s daughter (466 AL)
Siblings: Half siblings: Thessa (488); Itori (490)
Children: none
Other Significant:
Aunts and Uncles: Kerdrin, Kagero, Itessa;
Cousins: Theran (482) (and 7 other unnamed, only 3 of which resided at hold balan with him)
Former heartthrob Keardess

M'ket of Green Prisnyath LeeTeuk1_zps5a6c1924M'ket of Green Prisnyath LeeTeuk_zps26228cf7

Face: Park Jeong Su. aka Lee Teuk
Hair: Medium brown with honey highlights. It’s kept straight and grown to medium length, usually combed forward to style.
Eyes: Dark brown with honey gold centers around the iris.
Height: 6’
Build: Medium physique
Other Notable Physical Traits:

Style of Dress:
Though he wears clothes that are of a nicely tailored make, suitable for the station of his birth, he does not wear tend to wear bright colours. He has only ever been given clothes that are neutral or subdued in color because he has never been allowed to dress in things finer than the rest of his family. It simply isn’t his place. When he’s dressed nicely, he will usually wear sleek black half-gloves to cover the fore-part of his hand as well.
When he’s in his own room or otherwise dressed casually, he likes to wear semi-fit, tailored pants of varying, darker neutral hue -even black- with plain, unadorned belt and boots. He usually has his glasses on when he’s in his own room, which most people won’t be accustomed to seeing him wearing. His shirts tend to be looser and less fitting, perhaps reflecting a lack of self-approval and some measure of insecurity. He wears no jewelry.

Possessions usually found on persona:
-Black-rimmed glasses. He has weaker vision up close, so uses them to read if he’s going to have a book infront of him for a while.

Mirket was an illegitimate child born of a middle-daughter in the house of the Holder of Balan. Ketta was only 16 when she gave birth to him, and the father of her child was a man unliked by her family. There was no way they would have been allowed to marry. The family had no heart to abandon the boy to die in the elements, forgotten about. Though, even having lived, being forgotten about is a fairly accurate description of what happened.

Since Mirket was illegitimate, the Holder’s family were afraid to give him to another family, fearing that somehow his heritage and the illegitimate nature of his conception would be somehow used against them in the future. The holder of Balan then, tried to hide the fact of his daughter’s embarrassing pregnancy from public view and so that no one would know about the boy. And if word did spread, at least without the visibility of her sin in the form of a child, it would more quickly be forgotten about.

Mirket never formally met either of his parents. After his birth, Mirket was taken from Ketta to be fed by a wet nurse and raised under veritable house-arrest so that he would not be seen by the outside world. Even within the hold’s walls, he was not to be seen or heard. The room that Mirket lived in was visited only by the few who tended to his everyday needs, bringing him clothes, food, and whatever else he may have needed. He was allowed to leave to bathe, but only late at night when the nearest bath would not be in use. He was always the last. Mirket also left his room to attend classes with the hold’s harpers so that he at least had some general education, but this was done under strict supervision. He was not allowed to excel in his learning beyond that. Everyone in the hold who knew of him, simply pretended not to see anything unusual about his circumstances.

As soon as he came of the age to begin a craft, they turned him into a drudge for the Hold so that they could keep an eye on him. Without any greater education, he would never be a threat to them; and even Ketta had not seen her son since his birth, and so when he left his isolated room, his mother did not even recognized him. Of course, Mirket had been told his lowly origins as an illegitimate son, but had been commanded to never say a word of it. If he did there would be severe punishment in store for him. They threatened all sorts of things, but he never knew whether or not they were being serious. Of course, Mirket was docile and obedient, and had never tried to test his limitations with them. Up to that point, he’d simply been too young to rebel against their distortions.

As an adolescent, Mirket had several cousins living at Balan. He usually served an aunt or uncle, or helped his cousins, assisting in looking out for their wellbeing. They were all only vaguely aware of any blood relation, because it was never talked about. The only thing that was really ‘clear’ to the other children was that Mirket was a lesser and due to some unfortunate circumstances, was now a drudge whose only job was to do what they told him. Sometimes he joined them in play, and sometimes he joined them in their learning, but it was only ever at their own discretion, if he did. Because he was always expected to be able to help them in whatever they did, Mirket’s job was to essentially be better at doing whatever it was that any of his cousins did. If he was he who was liable to take the fall for them if they failed at anything.

Amoungst the three cousins that remained at Hold Balan for long enough that he could get to know them, none of them were on unfriendly terms. Of course, Mirket knew and they knew, that he was not allowed to be their equal. They did grow to have a certain understanding of one another that could have been turned to friendship were it not for the restrictions put on him by their Grandsire.

When the boys were old enough -about 13- they even engaged in swordplay together, because it was something the boys all took an interest in. In order to help them learn, Mirket was their opponent in spars, but he always lost. He wasn’t allowed to win. Not that he may not have, but if he saw a way to claim victory, he backed down. This is how it was in any of their activities. He always showed deference.

When Mirket was 16, about halfway through the turn,, one of the eldest sons of one of his uncles had been engaged to a young lady from another hold. (This was Theran.) The two boys were about the same age, with Mirket being a turn or two younger. But, the other young man had other interests than in romance, so he was unwilling to make unnecessary efforts to form a relationship with her, even though his parents encouraged him to write letters to her. Theran then, sought Mirket’s skills to correspond with the lady, making Mirket do so in his stead.

Over the next two or more turns, Mirket wrote these correspondences for his cousin. What the girl wrote in response was shared with his cousin, but the other young man did not care what Mirket wrote in reply. All he needed to know was that Mirket was trying to be true to him through his writing, and doing what he could to cause the girl to like him. Details didn’t matter.

So, Mirket was put himself in the mentality of some more kindly dispositioned Theran, pretending to be his cousin when he wrote. Over time, the correspondences began to warm his heart toward the world, developing within him a fascination with the things he read about through the curious and marvelous light the girl’s eyes based on what she wrote. He studied the things she wrote about so that when he wrote back to her, his words would be meaningful. And gradually, as he wrote, he started to feel as though he could feel moved by the world around him. Small things were gaining significance and a factor of wonder. Then he realized that he actually held some emotion of his own toward Keardess herself. All of it was wonderful, and he looked forward to every time she wrote. She was starting to open up his heart.

One day, the girl wrote to him, asking personal things about his past. Of course, he could not answer in truth about his cousin, because he did not really know everything about Theran, and so he wrote about himself. Though vague in some of his descriptions, the letter was about him, not Theran, and it was the first time he had written to Keardess honestly. It was also the first time he felt as though anyone had ever asked about him personally. The following correspondences only brought him hope. The girl took an interest in him, admitting that she felt as though she understood him more and felt closer to him. This magnificent little girl, had responded to him most positively when he wrote for the first time honestly to her.

Mirket’s heart felt as though it would explode in his chest. It swelled with a feeling of great affection that he’d never felt toward anyone. It was the only real desire that he’d ever had for himself -just to meet this girl and see her in person. Though he knew that she probably thought he was really Theran, he could live in the daydreams of his imagination and at least have the happiness of being close to her. Just seeing her would be enough -even if she was in the arms of another man.

By the end of the first year of their correspondences, the girl had come to visit Hold Balan to meet her fiancee in person. Along side Theran, Mirket finally got to meet Keardess. There was no telling, after meeting and speaking with her whether or not she suspected her fiance wasn’t the one who’d been writing her, but at least he was able to see her from a distance. The girl came back to Balan to visit a couple more times over the next turn, but never once did Mirket get to exchange words with her personally. He simply watched Theran and her interact, being sure to put what he saw to memory so that he could write about them in his letters later.

Little did he know however, that the girl was in fact bright enough to notice that the man who was her fiance did not seem capable of writing the letters that she had been reading. There were clear differences in the man in person and the man on paper. However, she had no way of knowing who might be responsible, nor a way to prove he wasn’t the author of the letters.

About five or six months before Theran and Keardess’ wedding was supposed to take place, Keardess was moved to Balan Hold so that she could help prepare for the event. She was a sentimental young woman and preferred being able to put her own heart into the preparations. While she was at Balan, Mirket was assigned to be her servant, her guide and her veritable body guard. He was well trusted within the family and his grandsire knew that he was capable; there was also no fear that he would act inappropriately.

The more time the two spent in eachother’s presence however, the more difficult it was for Mirket to ignore the growing feelings that he had for Keardess. Though he never acted inappropriately toward her, he was very capable of subtle seduction, gently coaxing her to like him. After all, she was young, and he was there for her, whatever she needed. He got to play the role of her knight in shining armour and fawned over her as he did the rest of the family. Only, she didn’t see that. All she saw was him, and the fact that he cared about her and treated her like a princess. In her eyes, he was brave and acted in selfless sacrifice. Handsome and well-kept, were it not apparent that he had been made her lesser, they might have been a perfect match for one another.

I didn’t take long to seduce Keardess in his own way, and when he let a slip of the tongue indicate through subtle hint that he had been the one to write her letters, she was all his. She confessed her feelings for him and Mirket had her in his embrace, happy to love her for as long as he was able to. She had saved him from a lonely life; he would have never known about this warmth of love and the joy that could be found in the world if it hadn’t been for her. She had unlocked the depth of his emotions to make herself a place in his heart, and he loved her for it. He owed her his life. She had truly saved him.

Unfortunately, the feelings that the two had for one another did not go overlooked by the rest of the family. And though Theran was not upset about any of it, he was slightly amused, but at the same time found himself feeling inferior to Mirket because of it. Their grandsire on the other hand, did not find the situation funny at all.

At the age of 19, Mirket was found on Search. There were hushed discussions by the Holder and his Lady as to whether or not they should allow him to leave -as though he were completely unable to make such a decision for himself. But his life had always been controlled for him, and any significant decisions made for him by his grandsire. He had rarely been allowed the personal freedoms to do so in the past, when it came to such things. Thus, though he had demonstrated that he was a capable young man, his grandsire spoke for him.

Understanding that Mirket was now a young man who must naturally desire freedom of his own -and that he had grown some attachment to Theron’s fiance- the Holder agreed to let him go to the weyr for the clutch that was on the sands. There, Mirket would not be a threat to them, they wouldn’t have to be burdened with looking out for him, and he would no longer be the cause of worry and embarrassment. Just as importantly, Mirket would not be near Keardess, where he could seduce her.

Packing his things, Mirket was sent to Fort Weyr a few weeks before the hatching. He felt incapable of refusing to go, and it would have been futile to remain simply for the sake of being with Keardess, because she would be married soon to his cousin. He was sad that he could not be with her, but the deep aching desire for that warmth of love and acceptance was shortly thereafter found in the Impression of Prisnyath. The Green’s own love for him made him feel more fulfilled than he’d felt in his entire life. And now that he was free of his grandsire’s control, he had a purpose beyond servitude.

Princely demeanor. Though his grandparents did not want for him to become a threat to the family later, he shared their blood and thereby they did not feel they should entirely neglect him. He was taught to have impeccable behaviour and to speak in a pleasing way. Naturally tactful.
Selfless & docile. This makes him very easy to get along with and slow to upset. If it is at all possible that that should ever happen.
Obedient and deferential to whomever he is loyal to. So much so, that he will neglect any personal needs to fulfill tasks assigned him. He is completely devoted to fulfilling the duties given him, and does so with a smile; though how much truth that smile holds is anyone’s guess. He is both selfless and a master of disguising his thoughts and emotions. It may even appear as though he has few of his own.
But he does have courage to fight for the things he has great passion for -which are few and far between. He has never really developed hobbies of his own or been allowed to act completely on his own without oversight, so it is hard to say what his heart desires enough to motivate him.
Lonely. He has never really had the opportunity to make friends for himself. However, the boy has become socially adept, so now that he is free of the control of his grandparents, he’ll be able to explore friendship just as he explores himself.
Always calm in appearance; a master at disguising his feelings behind the mask of a pleasant expression. Even under great pressure he always seems cool and level headed, unphased by anything.
May not be quick to love another, but when his heart decides to do so, he is exceedingly devout. Like a rider to his dragon.
Though Mirket’s education was limited to those things which became pertinent to his being able to perfectly fulfill his role as a drudge within the hold, he is known to pursue independent studies when he finds the time; and he is quite good at retaining what he learns and being able to apply it.
However docile he may be in his general manner, Mirket is a strong and enduring person. Both physically and emotionally.
Possesses cunning and can be very subtle in his manner, or sometimes devious. Though he is capable of displaying the epitome of a young man raised in polite society, he is not necessarily honest. He tends to say what he thinks others will want to hear. In that light, he is rather full of deceit considering that it comes easy to him to act in a way that will persuade a person’s heart to gain the desired effect that he’s seeking.
Humble with an attitude of service. Helpful and considerate of others. Very attentive to the needs of those he feels a sense of duty or love toward.
Sensual person.
Very observant and perceptive of other people, their emotions and habits, etc, because he is used to seeing the world through the perceptions of those whom he had served as a drudge.
Perhaps surprisingly, Mirket is not completely resentful of his family for the way they have treated him in the past. He has a peace loving heart, and tends to be forgiving.
Unobtrusive. Good listener.
Has always lived much of his life vicariously, where he’s able, and so he lives in his own mind, full of thought and imagination.
To those that he feels no sense of duty toward or love for, he may seem cold and distant in his attitude, even though he may meet them with that same occasional smile he usually wears. His smile is not as frequent and he is not quite as obliging toward those he has not devoted himself.
Though he’s been through a lot of hardship in his life, he is not filled with self-pity and an attitude of having been victimized. He looks forward to his future, not back into his past. Though perhaps that is how he survived the unfair treatment; by not dwelling on it, and simply becoming a master at adapting himself so that he can move forward.
Perfectionist. This is so that he can serve his masters well and not become a disappointment to his family. In light of becoming a dragonrider, he will want to learn all he can to become the perfect caretaker of Prisnyath so that he does not fail her. Any lapse in judgement or lack of perfection in the care of her and he will feel as though he is deserving of death. Maybe he’s a little melodramatic like that.
Complementary of others
Envious of what others have at times: freedom and education, training in a craft. He would have loved the opportunity to have those things that others around him enjoy. Though, he does not allow himself to feel as though he should be entitled to anything. He is not greedy.

Self-loathing to some degree, or at least self-depreciating, because he’s always been talked down to and reminded of his lowly place in his home. Though, the mere fact that he acted as a servant to the Balan holders meant that he could circumstantially outrank anyone else if it meant achieving the task given him by his Holder-grandsire.
Finds it difficult to express his own emotions, especially when it might be contradictory to others.
Doesn’t yet have a very refined sense of ‘self’. He’s still getting accustomed to living outside the hold, and thereby outside the restrictions of his repressive grandfather, so his time at the weyr is going to be filled with self-discovery and exploration. And he fully intends to enjoy himself.
In the rare times he’s by himself, in his own weyr, when he doesn’t have to wear a smile, if one were to see him in such a face, he might seem angry. Because he’s always armed with a pleasant countenance, it is unnerving to see him as anything else. It is in rare times like that which one might wonder if he is in fact very sad or resentful.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Hiding behind a serene smile; being agreeable.
Will show his appreciation to a woman with a kiss.
Calls ladies “Miss”, or call others in general by their titles, acknowledging their rank.
Secludes himself to his own room frequently, because he’s used to being confined to his own space. It will be good for him to have friends who can help him break out of that habit.
Answers those who rank him with a polite. “Yes?” To acknowledge that they have his attention.

Skills/ Likes:
[Recognition/ Acceptance]: Throughout his life, few have openly recognized him for the things that he does. His hard work and effort went broadly without thanks. This is one reason why Keardess’s letters appealed to him. Eventually, she began to recognize him for his own honest self, and accepted him as he was, through those letters. If someone were to express their appreciation to him for something face to face and be truly sincere about it, it might just bring tears to his eyes.
[Seduction]: Prohibited from socializing openly with others, he was starved for acceptance and physical contact. Seeking these things as he came into young adulthood, it sufficed that he was able to lower the guard of other drudges when they brought food or fresh clothes to his room. He was able to subtly work his way into their hearts, one after another, until he was skilled enough to seduce women in the hold who held higher ranks -women who would be able to grant him a little freedom, when his grandsire wasn’t looking.
They were all ashamed at having slept with him. He became the object of secret love affairs and openly accepted women to his bed who expressed any desire to be with him. He was not discriminatory. He was feasting on whatever affection he could obtain from them. Soon, Mirket began to understand the hearts of the women he was around for long enough, and with that understanding, gradually discovered how to shape himself into the ‘ideal’ man that they sought. He was usually fairly skilled at reading their needs and then, when they were around one another, becoming that man she desired. None of them ever knew the real him, because even he had taken little time to explore his own heart. But he did explore the hearts of others.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Risk taking /Being in the spotlight]: Though he’s courageous enough to risk the failure over things that are very important to him -of which there exists few of these- Mirket will not likely otherwise place himself in a position to take many risks, and will avoid being put in the spotlight as much as he can. He is not comfortable in these positions, seeing as he has rarely received praise or encouragement in his life, he has plenty of insecurity. He usually hides his insecurity behind the same smiling mask he hides all of his other feelings.
If fulfilling his duty however, requires these things, he will gladly do whatever self-depreciating or risk-taking thing that is required of him. He has never had any great sense of ‘self’ as those around him did not allow him an identity of his own, so to speak, so his own self interest is easily cast aside.
[Judgemental people]: There are all kinds of people in the world and it’s easy to tell that every person has their strengths as well as their faults. Everyone is in their own unique situation in time and there’s no reason to inflate one’s ego by disparaging others.
[Oppression]: He grew up knowing only this. As he has matured and grown wiser to the world and more skillful in his methods of survival, he can only desire freedom.
[Feeling fake or cheap]: More than perhaps anything else, Mirket wants to be a good, honest person that people can like for just being himself. Though he doesn’t have many interests of his own and is still exploring the depths of his own heart, he feels cheapened by having to act like someone he’s not in order to gain the acceptance of others, even if it brings him temporary relief of other problems -like the need for affection. However, he finds it hard to change his ways. Before fairly recently however, he never had this feeling, because he never thought about how to gain his freedom from the oppression of his family until he grew older. Once that happened however, and once Keardess began to recognize him for himself, the seed was planted that he should develop that sense of ‘self’ and the need to feel valued. Even so, it is his habit to deny himself in many cases.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Even if it seems unlikely, he can actually hold his own with a knife or sword, given the need.

There are worse things I could do,
Than go with a boy or two
Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy and no good
I suppose it could be true
But there are worse things I could do
I could hurt someone like me,
Out of spite or jealousy
I don't steal and I don't lie
But I can feel and I can cry
A fact I'll bet you never knew
But to cry in front of you
That's the worst thing I could do

:: Dragon Information ::

Dragon Name:
(from : Czech Prisny - tough/ hard)

Turn of Impression:
Turn 502 (Autumn)

Clutch Name:
Poetry of the Air Clutch

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:
Lyrical Wing


Dark jade with a hint of blue in her hide. She has a large splash looking mark on both of her sides of a slightly darker colored jade which tend to make her easy to pick out among the greens of the Weyr. Her claws are midnight blue.
#33e39e, #379d7a, #48948a


Length: 24.1 meters
Height: 30.1 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:

Personality Traits:

Prisnyath has a feisty attitude and can be hotheaded; a tough girl with a sarcastic wit. She's large and strong for a green, with more stamina than most, which will enable her to last longer during Threadfall than most greens. She doesn't care what others think of her. She'll also care little for any dragon or human who relies too much on their looks or cheating others or talking themselves up, as they are nothing but braggarts who hide behind those stronger than they are.

By the same token, though, she'll care little for those who appear too weak, as they are unlikely to survive what life throws at them and can't be protected 100% of the time. She does have a softer side, though, which may be revealed by the rider she chooses, or may be by her desire to protect someone or some dragon weaker than herself once she realizes they have their own inner strengths which have merit of their own.


M'ket of Green Prisnyath Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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He looks great. I'm going to go ahead and approve him.

Just for your own reference :
May want to reword that first sentence in Prisnyath's personality, cause adding the word "attitude" changed the sentence and now "is" would not be appropriate.

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