... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth

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PostSubject: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:56 am

Ul'kor & Brown Ciferoth

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::



Ul’kor [Ool-kor]

Age/ Turn of Birth:
23/ 479 AL


Place of Birth:
Telgar Hold (winter baby)

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Brownrider/ Wingrider/ Weyrling Master Assistant (Curfew Guard) and Search wing peace keeper

Character Aspirations:
For much of his life, all that Ulkiora wanted, was to escape from having to live the life of a Trader. He had difficulty though, deciding on what craft to take up. Fortunately, he was searched, and able to impress. Now, his goal is simply to enjoy life as a rider. He does so by keeping himself busy and entertained, involving himself in many weyr activities. Doing this much, is enough for him (explained through the rest of the bio). He does have one other goal however, which is to keep in contact with his family more. He does miss his family and did not leave on bad terms with his family, so he would like to see them whenever possible. That however, is difficult because of their near-constant travel. So, in the winter while they’re holed up in Telgar River Hold for the long Cold, he likes to make an excuse to go there.

Father: Caravan Master Kuchiki (445 AL)
Mother: Caravan Headwoman Iniel (447 AL)
Siblings: Jungi, Trader (474 AL) (PC); Shuhei, Trader (476 AL); Kaeul, Beastcrafter (477 AL); Ririn (481 AL)
Children: N/A
Other Significant: N/A

Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth Yoonjunghak10_zps82efe1a1 Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth Yoonjunghak6_zps9470dd3b
Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth JungYoonHak15_zps6f7b4ede

Face: Jung Yoon Hak
Hair: Dark brown, straight, short to medium length. Neatly styled, because he’s vain like that. He likes to vary his appearance by changing the length and style of his hair every so often, so styles may vary as pics above.
Eyes: Narrow, almondine eyes that appear more sly and cunning than the rest of him might let on.
Height: 5’11
Build: Slim, medium build; likely because he is still young and avoids excessive physical exertion -like exercising. He does not possess a lot of definition in his musculature, and the definition that is there, is there primarily just because he’s lean enough for his moderate muscles to show..
Other Notable Physical Traits: N/A
Style of Dress: Other than uniform riding clothes, Ulkiora wears a leather corded necklace about his neck with a dragon tooth necklace and black riding leathers. He prefers white fur on the lapel and lining of his riding jacket, and brightly coloured scarves; sometimes in teal green or purple. Outside of that, he tends to wear well-tailored, black pants, and shirts in white, teal green or purple -or with some pattern and embellishment in those colours. His riding boots are always worn, though he buys them fashionable in black leather, maintaining them nicely. There’s hardly a speck of dirt on them. His appearance, though not exactly dressed up and not exactly casual, is usually impeccable.

Possessions usually found on persona:
-Standard belt knife
-Pouch for fraction marks

Born into a prominent Trader’s family in northern Telgar, he was the youngest male child of Kuchiki and Iniel, but the only one who, as they grew up together, showed little interest in pursuing the family trade, or being on the road. Ulkiora and his siblings usually got along; there was little quarrel between them for the most part -at least nothing serious- though Ulkiora got along most well with his brother Jungi, and he always had a soft spot in his heart for the youngest of them, the little girl Ririn.

Ulkiora though, never seemed very happy to be out on the road. The journeys were long and for him, they were dull. He felt rather miserable -dirty and discomfitted- on their travels, always being happiest when they’d reached the gates of some Hold, or returned to Telgar for the Winter, perhaps because there were more people there with whom he could socialize. Not to mention, there was always nasty weather to suffer, and the chance of a raid on the caravan by holdless or other bands.

It wasn’t until his early to mid teens though, that he started becoming outspoken about the idea that he should remain at the hold and train in some other craft, wanting to abandon the way of life he’d lived up until that point. Of course, he was afraid that his parents would disapprove, or that they would think less of him for leaving them, but if that is what it took, he would pursue his own dreams alone, and with the burden of knowing that he’d made his family hate him.

Fortunately, though there was certainly some disagreement as to whether or not he should be allowed to settle down in another craft, and then disagreement on which craft he should practice, he was not kept from it. Instead, his father helped him find a master under which to practice the Harper Craft, and shortly before his 14th birthday, he moved into a dwelling with his teacher at Telgar Hold, taking up the study of reading, writing and music.

Searched late in his 16th turn, it was an answer to his personal plight when search riders arrived at Telgar Hold. Ul’kor had been looking for a way to escape the life of a trader, and just that summer decided, with the help of his father, to remain at Telgar Hold so that he could settle down in another craft. He had never shown any great affinity or liking for the family trade, and wanted to create his own path in life. Fortunately, his family did not keep him from it; in fact, they were supportive of him.

Usually, when searches had been conducted there in the past, Ulkiora had been out on the road with the caravans. The Searchers had said something about an strength of power within him, so it seemed as though he had the qualities to impress a Blue. With a little training to hone his Talent, he might have made a good search rider. At least, that was what they anticipated.

Ulkiora adjusted well to Weyr life. His family lived mostly by the old laws and were not against the notion that Thread would return again, one day soon. The Weyr also provided him a fine place to settle down at, and a central location to find his fun. There were lots of people to meet and cavort with; it seemed like excitement all around. Almost immediately, he felt more at home there, than he had ever felt anywhere else.

In his 18th turn, Ul’kor stands for the second time, impressing to Brown Ciferoth. Ciferoth’s egg was a creamy, greyed, sandy colour, hidden at a far edge of the hatching grounds that received little direct light throughout the day. Few had taken notice of him, and few had ventured to that far edge to touch his pale shell when the time came.

“What is over there?”, they said.

“Oh, there is nothing.”

I was born at the blackest edge of the sand pit, my shell partially covered, where no light shone on darkened sediments. As though my very existence was pressed together by the darkness, I was uncertain of what to become. My form was fair as sand under the sun, but my brothers were all dark. I was different. In those dark forms, with their eyes shining and teeth baring, they were certainly eating something, cavorting with faceless two-legged creatures whose laughter and smiles only mocked me. I was the last to be born, and they had all found their happiness; but there was nothing left for me.

It was possible that what I felt was like Between. Hear nothing. Bite nothing. Smell nothing. Feel nothing. I could not rest. I had no companion. I was alone. The scene reflected in my eyes had no meaning, while the things that could not be reflected in my eyes simply did not exist. Where was the companion to fill my Void?

When I reached that thought,  I found something extraordinary. Across the nest of those dark, winged creatures that dotted the landscape before me, something far more intriguing existed. It was the first time my eyes had ever been Captured. I sensed the presence of a Void much like my own. No color, no sound, no scent was ever as appealing. I sank my consciousness into that Void, feeling its acceptance. Losing my line of vision, it was as if I’d dissolved back into the sands; everything had disappeared. But because you braved the darkness to meet me, I could see you again, more clearly.


This was happiness.

There is nothing my eyes cannot see. If I cannot see it, it exists beyond the realm of possibility. And all I see is you, Ul’kor, ever since that day.

 Ulkor had always been 'sensitive' toward others and been able to understand certain things about a person soon after their meeting. This was perhaps somewhat akin to his brother Jungi's ability to easily read others well enough that he could usually quite quickly learn to anticipate them and interact with them in a way that he was able to manipulate their responses or entice certain reactions from them. Though Ul'kor did not possess the same kind of suavity which might allow him to do quite like his brother, after coming to the weyr and spending time around candidates and riders alike, the young man had become more and more aware of what exactly he was 'feeling'. He didn't know if it was the same kind of thing his brother displayed, but he was sure that he had some empathetic ability similar to that of a Bluerider. Not to the same extent, but the 'sense' was there. He was sure of it. In the past, he simply hadn't known what he'd been 'feeling'. But here, in a place that openly nurtured extra-sensory ability -especially with one's own dragon- there was no doubting it.

Ul'kor had inquired after learning to fly with the Searchriders on their ventures out to the Holds to find candidates, but that had not gone over so well. Unfortunately, Ciferoth was not nearly as sensitive as a Blue, and shared no concern for humans that may have inclined him to even try. Though Ul'kor knew that the Brown would go anywhere with him, no matter what it was for. But that didn't fix t he problem of having to rely on another's dragon to certify the likeliness that a person was indeed going to make an eligible candidate on the sands. So, even if he wanted to help in that regard, there were few chances to; though every so often, when flying back to Telgar over the late autumn and into the winter months to visit his family on a day off, Ul'kor had discovered a candidate or two on his own -at least individuals that he suspected would become worthy candidates. At which point, upon returning to the Weyr, he'd been able to tip off the Searchriders, so that they could return to the hold to investigate further. 

Recently, Ul’kor has taken an interest in helping the Weyrling Master as a curfew guard for the new weyrling class. Though at first reluctant, the Weyrling Master had mentioned to him something about looking for a younger assistant who wasn’t so hide-bound to help keep up with them. It was anticipated that the much of the class would be a handful. Ul’kor however, only accepted certain responsibilities thus far, because he’s not sure if being a Weyrling Master’s Assistant is something that he'd really be interested in doing full time; especially if it means involving himself in more rigorous activities, like physical training. That, he could do without. But being a curfew guard was something that he felt would be fun, and allow him to get to know some of the newer riders in the weyr -as they tried sneaking out, or sneaking back in to the barracks at odd hours. Ul’kor was a night owl anyway, and had been a miscreant in his own way, as a weyrling. Anyway, it would be something different. A change of pace, perhaps.

 Kind perhaps, but he does not go out of his way to be.
Narcissistic, arrogant and mocking, but to varying degrees depending on the person and circumstance, as well as his mood. If he or his dragon happen to be in a foul mood, he’s more likely to take on his dragon’s more severe pessimism and intolerance of others, even if it’s only temporary.
Can be rather forward about his opinions if asked. Otherwise he may keep them to himself unless he thinks it will do a person good to hear it. He is not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings by telling the truth, though.
Tactful. Not to be confused with overly polite or chivalrous. He can be chivalrous and polite, but it’s selectively so. Doesn’t feel the need to be overly polite, but he likes to maintain harmony as best he can, so won’t push his limits too far. Harmony, Honour and Duty, are ultimately his leash.
May seem slightly aloof, or periodically brooding and indifferent while he is quiet, keeping his thoughts to himself.
Unlikely to resort to scathing words, though periodically he’ll decide on the need to do so. He doesn’t like to waste time on battles of meaningless insults. Though he might involve himself in a battle of wits or intellect.
Perceptive, discerning and empathetic. Possesses more Talent than most brownriders would, that perhaps being his one very unique trait. Though he is not as talented as searchriders like N’kai, T’lan and Syra, there is no doubt that he can sense the energies of persons more keenly than other brownriders. He also seems to be able to more easily project his mental voice to other dragons. Especially if the desire is strong. That doesn't mean that he can hear dragons other than Ciferoth however, though he envies the ability of those few who can.
Does not feel that a person should allow their emotions to become too involved in decision making.
Unlike his older brother Jungi, who gets a bad wrap for appearing to be up to no good when he’s actually done little  to deserve any less-than-golden reputation, Ulkiora appears to be an innocent face, but is generally up to no good. His mischief is innocent, though. Of course, one can see it in his eyes, that playfully devious nature.
Playful, mischievous. Likes to have fun, so he can often be found around those in the Weyr most notable for their social -and sometimes deviant-  natures. He enjoys being amused and entertained, and has a somewhat wry sense of humour.
He’s not one to get into fights at least. He is somewhat meticulous about appearances and does not like getting his hands dirty unless he has to. It’s probably for the better then, that he ended up leaving his family for the Weyr, because life as a Trader living on the roads would not have suited him. Not being cut out for the kind of roven life lived by Traders, made him feel like an outcast of sorts within his own family, as his preferences were divergent from their norms. Even with this in mind however, Ulkiora never felt as though his family was ashamed of him choosing to go to the Weyr, and never felt less accepted by them for doing so. Rather the opposite; they were quite proud. Thus, he remains on good terms with them.
Genial, Cordial appearance, (which he can be), but beyond the relatively demure mask is an untamed nature that prefers not to have to yield to the expectations of polite society. Usually he’s good though; at least in public. But once in private, he’ll let himself loose. Likewise, if he knows his words are not appropriate for speaking aloud in public, he’ll simply keep his mouth shut, knowing that things are simply better that way. He doesn’t like to upset the peace.
Has a tendency to be diplomatic about his way while in public.
Generally appears happy and enthusiastic, and does not easily taking offense to things. He’s more likely to be amused at attempts to insult; though there are a few things he may take offense to immediately, such as any attempt to dishonour his family or dragon.
Ulkiora likes to show off, and show off his dragon. Thus, his favourite ventures are those that take them outside of the weyr and into the holds, so that he can elicit reactions from people. He likes that others either envy or hate dragonmen for what they are.
Responsible & Reliable, even if he does like to shirk ‘unimportant’ tasks, putting them off for as long as possible -or maybe just long enough to irritate his superiors a little for the fun of it now and then. This is usually done when it’s convenient for him, but if it’s something important, he won’t ignore his duty to perform a task or get something done.
Easy going airs
Does not typically seek emotional needs from relationships with females because he has his dragon for that. He and his dragon are hardly jealous, because of that depth of loyalty and love between dragon and rider. So, even as Ul’kor bespeaks Rasenth, Ciferoth does not become jealous of the interaction there. Similarly, Ul’kor does not feel the need to search outside of his relationship with his dragon for love and affection. There is so much of it there already, to be had, and outside relationships only complicate things. Ul’kor then, uses relationships with girls as a physical outlet, expressing himself differently to different girls in that way. There are certainly the few times when his physical affections toward them would be considered almost physically abusive -but usually this would be the case while under the influence of mating lust. He can be quite rough during mating flights, though even when there is no flight to blame it on, he is not beyond being coercive in his methods of seduction, in order to take a girl back to his weyr. He is not at all ashamed of having a healthy appetite for fun in bed.
 Can express himself in a rather intense way, especially if it is sexually, or if he's drunk.

Appears prone to being forgetful, but more likely, he’s just prone to remembering things when they’re convenient for him. Mostly, he just prefers doing things that are convenient for him.
He’s not quite as coordinated or as athletic as his brother, which is something he’s always envied his brother Jungi, for these things.
Narcissistic, vain, arrogant, but to varying extents, depending on mood and circumstance. Luckily, he doesn’t talk about himself and just bore people about it. At least, most of the time he’s an enthusiastic, pleasant narcissist to be around.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When he’s thinking something that he knows is inappropriate but assumes saying it will upset the harmony of things in public, he has a habit of pressing his lips together and musing aloud, even chuckling under his breath in response to his own thoughts, but then not sharing them.
His expression rarely changes from the teasing smirk that subtly lifts the corners of his mouth.
LIkes to have fun, so he can often be found around those in the Weyr most notable for their social -and sometimes deviant- natures.

Skills/ Likes:
[Physical Cleanliness]: It is hard to keep clean when you live life as a trader, always on the road and not always with a place to wash. Ulkiora doesn’t like feeling sticky with sweat or having to live in dirty clothes. Even at the Weyr, he likes to keep a relatively refined appearance and keep his body clean. He likes to use scented sweetsands so that his body smells clean and fresh. It irritates him when his clothes, or even his shoes become unclean. Unfortunately, cleanliness does not translate well into his personal weyr space. His personal weyr is rather chaotic on the inside, having little order about it.
[Stability & Sedentary Life]: Unlike most of his family, Ulkiora appreciates the stability of being able to fall asleep in the same Weyr every night. Even if his schedule changes day to day for Weyr activities, he likes that security so to speak, of being able to go home to the same place every day to settle down to that place which is most comfortable and peaceful. Just having some personal space is more than what he’d grown up with. Living as a veritable vagabond with the caravans for the first turns of his life, personal space didn’t exist. It was hard even to keep his own thoughts to himself without someone being nosey, intruding on them. But, that was only because members of the caravans are a close-knit family. There were few secrets amoungst them.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Excessive physical training]: He does not excel at physical activities. They have always been a challenge for him, and he knows that most of the other men in his family were always better at those things than he was -especially his brother Jungi. For that reason, he does not like spending more time than necessary exerting himself to keep in shape. Though he’ll stay physically active enough to be in good physical health, he finds the excess unnecessary. Not to mention dirty. As a weyrling, if there was ever a time he wound up ‘not feeling good’ and needing to go visit the infirmary, or making some other excuse to miss class, it was during physical training exercises.
[Fighting]: Not only is this a form of generally unnecessary physical activity that is an affront to civilised persons, but he does not know how to fight very well. His saving grace is that the Weyr has taught their riders at least basic defensive maneuvers in hand to hand and knife fighting, and so that is about all he knows. He does not feel exceptionally proficient at it by any means -at least no more than your average joe- and has only ever had to throw one or two punches in his entire life, so again.. isn’t it unnecessary? Therefore, he will only ever fight if properly provoked.
[Intrusiveness]: Ulkiora likes his personal space and likes to be allowed to keep his thoughts to himself if he so chooses. He doesn’t appreciate noseiness overmuch, but that all depends on just how nosey a person is being, and in what manner.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Not an aggressive sort. He does not like to fight and doesn’t really know how to fight very well. As for any actual combat training, most of what he knows has come from his experience at the Weyr, from exercises offered there in physical training drills.

:: Crafter Information ::
Trader; Harper

Turns in Craft:
4 turns in Trade craft; 2 turns in Harper craft

Apprentice Trader; Apprentice Harper

Location of Journeymanship:


:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:
Ciferoth [psi-fair-oth]

Turn of Impression:
497 AL

Clutch Name:
Unnamed by Therasaith & Bronze

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:
Halcyon Wing

His hide is in fair, sandy hues. The pale brown graduates from a faintly greyed eggshell cream colour, to a smoky ecru.
#dbcd9e, #c2b280, #ad9d6c, #948554

Length: 32.8 meters
Height: 37.9 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Slender, lean beast, perhaps a little on the petite side for a brown, but he is well proportioned. He’s very quick in flight, accelerating swiftly, changing his orientation in the sky on the fine point of a wingtip. He tends to have great agility and dexterity in the air. Though his head is mostly more sandy, eggshell hued, darker shading exists noticeably around the underside of his eye-sockets where the shading comes to sharp, distinctive V, almost like a line of tears, making it appear as though the dragon were crying. Periodically along the ridge of his back, these same markings show up in regular intervals, extending the shading downward just noticeably along his sides.

Personality Traits:
Narcissistic and arrogant like his rider, but will keep his thoughts to himself most of the time -unless he’s sharing with his rider. More pessimistic than his rider.

Not impressed or intrigued by humans or dragons other of his own rider. He sees the world in white and black. Believes in things he can see, but has difficulty believing in things he cannot see and experience for himself. Since he is not a very empathetic dragon, he has difficulty believing that Searchers take any real special interest in prospective candidates. He does not believe that other riders or candidates are truly special like his own rider. Thus, he has little concern for them.

Low, smoky tones. His voice is usually soft caressing enough to be practically a whisper. His words are usually measured, slow even, and his tone reflecting how unimpressed he is by humans.

Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:31 am

I think he's ready for approval Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:01 am

As you said in the info section you posted, it takes a rider AND dragon to Search. If Cipheroth will not Search then he shouldn't be on Search. Even if diplomatically it made sense, since Search riders also need to have a certain amount of tact and diplomacy, would be redundant. I don't see why they would be trained to Search for long, maybe at first because of Ul'kor's "ability" but certainly not after it was clear that Cipheroth was not interested or had no talent for it. Much better to pair a rider & dragon who both have the ability with another rider & dragon who have the ability. It isn't as if the weyr would be in short supply of them as it seems it is fairly common according to your post in the admin section.

That doesn't mean he couldn't have another use. I can see Karene having missions and things for him which would probably make Cipheroth happy. Being singled out would probably be more suited to the narcissism.

Other than that I don't find anything that seems out of place.

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:14 am

i don't mind him being used for other things if there are other ideas out there, but he does like getting out of the hold, and the idea with him was that the Searchers were all sure that he'd impress a Blue bc of his slightly higher empathy. He had some 'blue' quality to him. And, if the search wings take some higher coloured dragons for diplomacy just in case, then there's no real reason not for him to go and fly on Ciferoth, either. 

but Smile if thou hast other ways for karene to put him to use like.. going to help search holds for greenery or i dunnnooooo.. anything, just have her say so! buahahah. I know karene's always has ideas lol.

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:38 pm

Okay Smile I think it's all fixed to where he should be acceptable now!

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:42 pm


I didn't realize he was waiting. So sorry!

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PostSubject: Re: Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth   Ul'kor of Brown Ciferoth I_icon32

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