... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Bronzerider N'kyr

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PostSubject: Bronzerider N'kyr   Bronzerider N'kyr I_icon32Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:51 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: SylverAngel
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:
Name: Nykyr

Pronunciation: Nih-keer

Title: Younger son of Crom Holders, bronzerider

Honourific: N'kyr

Age & Turn of Birth: 22, 478 AL

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Crom Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Bronzerider/ Wingsecond

Character Aspirations: N'kyr wants to be a Wingleader, if not Weyrleader.  He believes he would be well-suited to the job.  Of course, some of that is just inbred Holder entitlement, plus his mother's babying him somewhat (yes, we have a mommma's boy here), and as a result, the rest is purely just him believing it's his job to manage and not really be a peon.

He's also got something to prove-- he was sickly as a child, hence the babying, and his siblings believe he's clearly their mother's favorite as a result.  He also has a more androgynous shape to his face, and coupled with the long hair his mother loves to see on him, can easily be mistaken for a girl.  His father believes he will never amount to much.  Because of these 'issues', his siblings have teased and bullied him rather unmercifully for Turns, even to the point of dragging in girls and others from outside the family to ridicule him.  N'kyr knows he never had a chance at being Lord Holder, but once he Impressed his bronze, completely new doors opened up.  And now he's out to prove them all wrong.

OOC Character Development Goals: I'd like to see N'kyr rise through the ranks somewhat quickly-- at an earlier age than most would.  At least to the level of Wingsecond-- Wingleader could, perhaps be temporary.  But rather than that, I'd love to see him have to contend with being Weyrleader with his lack of experience-- it would take him down a peg or two, and prove he really doesn't yet have what it takes.

He also has a lot to work on in his relationships with other people.  Due to his siblings, he doesn't trust others well.  It took him a long time to feel any sort of trust and respect for his classmates and they are probably the main ones who have any sort of bond with him outside of his mother.  Respect from him has to be earned-- the Weyrlingmaster has it, as does his Wingleader.  But anyone else below the rank of bronzerider, and most especially females, have to work extra hard to prove they aren't what he dealth with at Crom, or elsewhere.

?Father: Kanton
?Mother: Naryssa
?Siblings: Several older brothers, at least one younger sister and probably one or two younger brothers as well (People are welcome to make up siblings here if they want to play them!)
?Children: None that he knows of
?Other Significant: None (open to plots! Smile)

Bronzerider N'kyr Insert image code here for picture(s) if applicable. Please re-size appropriately before posting
?Hair: Pale blonde, long and straight-- about midway down his back.  Lovely hair a lot of girls would kill to have.  He typically wears it pulled back with a leather thong.
?Eyes: gray
?Height: 5' 7"
?Build: Lean, with muscles clearly built over his time as a dragonrider, though he'll never be big and bulky
?Other Notable Physical Traits: His facial features are fairly feminine, or at least enough so that with his long hair, he gets teased about being a girl by his family and many peers (at his siblings' encouragement.)
?Style of Dress: N'kyr wears the finest cuts of clothing, because he thinks someone in charge needs to look the part and he's the son of a Lord Holder (despite the poor treatment by said Holder.)  He can't be the boss, or a Lord Holder's son, and be seen in rags, can he?
?Possessions usually found on persona:

    ?Beltknife with an ornate handle - the hilt holds a deep slate stone surrounded by red and clear jewels?Formation or wing notes of some sort

History: Nykyr was born a bit early, and as a result was a sickly child.  His mother had desperately been wanting a girl when he was born, and even though he wasn't one, he was still the prettiest out of all of her children (until his younger sister(s) came along.)  Even though he eventually grew stronger under the watchful eye of the healers, caretakers, and his mother, Naryssa still babied and coddled him.  She also might not have dressed him as a girl-- she was proud to call him 'son' after all-- but she hated to cut his hair, lovely as it was.

Neither of these parenting choices seemed to serve him well.  His father never thought he would amount to much due to his tendency towards illness, his mother's attention seeming to confirm Kanton's suspicions that Nykyr was indeed weak.  His siblings, catching on to their father's attitude and believing him to be their mother's favorite, teased him, pulled his hair, and generally sent him running right back to Naryssa for comfort.  Which, of course, only made things worse.

As he grew older, this continued to translate into poking fun and jeering at their younger brother.  Even as more siblings, including a girl or two, came along, he was still the one they teased and ostracized, at times getting other children they spent time with to join in.  More hurtful insults, such as those refering to his 'obvious' preference for men (which he didn't even understand the first time it was mentioned) were hurled at him as he started to grow into a young man, and at some point one of his siblings convinced a girl to pretend to like him, only so she could let him down rather painfully.  Clearly, they drew amusement from torturing him.  Nykyr tried to ignore it, as his mother said, but his ever-growing mistrust for new people because of the actions of his siblings didn't endear him to anyone.

Throughout the turns, his father mostly ignored him, when he wasn't calling Nykyr worthless, but his mother made sure he still had the finest education, including fencing lessons, which any young Holder son should take.  He trained under the Hold's steward when the man wasn't busy with one of his older siblings-- his father didn't think it necessary for him to fully learn, as there was no chance he'd wind up being Lord Holder, was there?  So Naryssa allowed him to help her with some Hold matters, and he grew to realize she really had no ability for it-- he could help her organize and set things up much more efficiently and quickly than she could ever hope.  She might be good with people, but numbers and logistics eluded her.  He picked up a bit more of what his older brothers were learning by helping her with some matters, delving deeper into the intricate workings of the Hold by virtue of needing all the puzzle pieces to fit in his own head.

Despite his father's attitude, his mother constantly praised him, both for his help, and in general-- he was a Lord Holder's son, after all, and deserved all the recognition the title earned him.  It didn't matter that he wasn't the heir, nor that he wasn't even high on the list-- he was still entitled to the respect and privilege that came with their station.  Unfortunately for him, that also meant attending balls and other parties he grew to despise as he realized just how boring they were.  And his siblings didn't help his social standing, even if they did keep their words to murmurs behind his back to keep from getting themselves into too much trouble.

Of course, it was at one such boring ball in Fort's territory that Nykyr's life was forever changed.  He couldn't have predicted it, nor would he have ever dreamed that he would be Searched.  He'd been raised to expect marriage to a minor hold's daughter (assuming one he could tolerate would be found), and looked forward to that chance to leave his home.  Even if he would be sad he was leaving his mother-- she was the reason he'd not fostered out to another Hold for training of any sort-- he needed to get away.  But he wouldn't dishonor his family by running-- nor would he give his siblings the satisfaction of thinking they'd beaten him.

So when a Searchrider at the ball approached him, he considered the option seriously.  For the next few days, his mother encouraged him to take the opportunity, for surely any son of hers would Impress a bronze, and nothing less.  He, the son of a Lord Holder, would obviously be suited for only the best, and he'd surely rise through the ranks to Wingsecond, and Wingleader, and even Weyrleader easily, with how smart he was.  Naryssa knew he wasn't likely to be Lord Holder, with several brothers ahead of him, but this was his chance at greatness, and he should take it without hesitation.

The Searchrider returned a sevenday later to receive Nykyr's answer.  The young Holder's son accepted, and at the age of 15, set off for his new life at Fort Weyr.

It wasn't any surprise to him, or Naryssa, that he Impressed at the first Hatching he Stood for.  And of course, it was a bronze.  A bronze who relied on him for food and comfort.  A bronze who needed to be bathed and oiled.  A bronze... who loved him, with no strings attached.  The biggest, strongest, handsomest, shiniest, strongest, best bronze on all of Pern.  And did he mention the strongest?  The best bronze ever.  Or so N'kyr thought.  And of course Ramirath rather thought he had the best rider.

It didn't matter that his mother was cheering in the Stands when his bronze hatched, nor that his father was writing him off for good.  It didn't matter that his brothers were jeering and claiming he should have Impressed a green.  All that mattered was Ramirath.  And just maybe... the possibility of becoming Weyrleader, now that he had the bronze to do it.

Things then seemed to fall into place for a time, though N'kyr didn't really think in those terms.  Caring for Ramirath was simply an extension of caring for himself, and the bronze, of course, had to look his best, all shiny and soft no matter the occasion.  Their days were full of new lessons-- instead of time spent with the steward or his mother, N'kyr's time was spent with the Weyrlingmaster and the other weyrlings who had Impressed dragons at the same time as he had.  Evenings and time off were full of the nonsense the few other classmates that had Impressed bronzes attempted to drag him into.  Because they refused to leave him be, no matter how much he resisted or attempted to ignore them.

He didn't quite understand just why they wanted him to be part of their group.  Especially when he preferred to be left alone-- they would judge him, and surely see the same thing his brothers had.  And yet those other bronzeriders never once implied that he should be anything other than what he was.  Former rank didn't matter to them.  Nor did the quality of their clothes, or the number of marks in their purses.  All that seemed to matter were the shenanigans they dragged him into, often getting all of them in trouble with the Weyrlingmaster.

Letters from his mother referred to them as his friends.  But he didn't call them that.  They were classmates, nothing more.  Not even when accidents claimed the lives of other weyrlings.  Nor when those lost were from their own class, and Ramirath mourned deeply with his siblings that remained.  They were classmates.  And if he let them too close, they'd simply turn on him.

Academically, N'kyr excelled.  He understood flight patterns and formations better than most, if not all, of the other students, and he knew it.  He didn't rub it in, though, simply corrected the others when they needed it (which may have actually come off as rubbing it in to the others.)  Either way, it still didn't necessarily endear him to his classmates or those who had Impressed before him, considering his tone could probably be taken as condescending often enough, but he didn't care-- it was better for everyone if they understood topics correctly.  Mistakes would be minimized that way.  And if they didn't like him, that didn't matter-- he was used to it.  He had Ramirath's and his mother's approval and that was all he needed.

Some of the girls tried to flirt with him, but he mostly spurned their attention-- in part because of thinking they were probably all just like the floofy, bubble-headed Holder girls he'd met over the Turns, and also because he didn't think he could trust them. He'd been burned by a joke his brothers had played on him, and couldn't believe any of the girls would genuinely want to spend time with him because of it.  Some were still persistent-- but then again, those seemed to flirt with anyone male, didn't they?  Or anyone of either gender, for that matter.  Especially the other bronzeriders in his class.

Graduation seemed to come faster and yet slower than he or his classmates expected.  Without Thread, the dangers were slightly more negligible, though they  suffered their share of losses like all classes do.  While he still didn't count them as 'friends', he wasn't quite as uncomfortable around his classmates, and didn't mind so much when they dragged him off to join them-- it was inevitable anyway; they wouldn't let him remain alone for long when they thought there was fun to be had.

N'kyr was tapped into L'rue's wing and took to his new duties as if he'd been there all along.  His new wingmates might not have appreciated his manner of correcting their positions or form, just like his former classmates, but he clearly showed promise as a leader.  It was obvious he had picked up on a lot of the more subtle details by studying his formations and weather patterns, and with only a few more turns of putting what he'd learned into practice, he might make a good wingsecond, and eventually wingleader.  Assuming his personal skills could be improved in that time as well.  Or so his wingleader probably said-- N'kyr, meanwhile, believed he was perfectly suited to being a wingsecond pretty soon after graduation.  And wingleader only a couple of short turns later-- soon to be followed by Weyrleader.  If only he were given the chance.

Personality: Due to his upbringing, N'kyr is really... a bit of a jerk.  He comes off as snobbish and above others because he is the son of a Lord Holder and believes he was born to be in charge-- and quite capable of it, at that--, not to be a peon.  It isn't that he won't do the hard work, he just believes his talents are wasted when not correctly put to use.

As a counterpoint to Ramirath's usual exuberance and talkative nature, N'kyr really isn't much of one for small talk, even with his former classmates.  He can usually be found studying, bringing notes with him to meals with his wing, or just in his weyr spending quiet time with his bronze.

It's questionable whether the young bronzerider would know what to do with a girl if one fell into his lap.  He's far too easy to tease.  Since he rarely allows anyone close, he definitely doesn't have much, if any, experience-- and won't admit to just how lacking he really is if asked.  Flights make him nervous, as he fears potential ridicule, both from the green- and goldriders involved, as well as anyone else they would tell.  The only times he truly wishes to win for himself are the senior gold's flights, and those only because it would mean he would then be Weyrleader.  He doesn't really allow himself to consider what would be expected of him in the flight weyr once the catch was made, nor who the queen's rider is, herself, and whether he finds her attractive or not.  It's all about the end goal, isn't it?  And Ramirath's satisfaction, of course.

Shortcomings: N'kyr is a bit of a hothead.  He might think he's cold and logical, but at times he too easily takes offense and gets angry.  Put it down to the way his brothers and girls teased him, but most people don't know about that part of his childhood.

Along with that, it takes a lot of effort for him to let anyone close.  It's a defense mechanism-- if he doesn't let anyone in, they can't hurt him.  Weyrling training and dealing with some of his wingmates (and perhaps a flight or two) have changed that a bit, but there are few people he truly trusts, beyond his mother.

N'kyr is also rather chauvinistic.  His mother, sister, and all the holder girls he's really ever encountered have been flighty nitwits.  At least in his opinion.  Women aren't well-suited for management positions, except for when it comes to children, organizing gatherings, and inventorying goods.  To him, the real power in the Weyr is the Weyrleader, not the Weyrwoman.  Even if the Weyrleader at times changes constantly.  Golds and their riders are glorified mothers and caretakers-- they shouldn't be making any of the real decisions for the Weyr.

Mannerisms or Habits: N'kyr rarely slouches or is seen with his clothes in disarray in public.  He keeps himself perfectly presentable-- or as much as he can with the rigors of training-- from his clothing to his posture.

He also has a habit of slapping his notes against his leg when he's standing and deeply thinking-- something he's unaware of doing, and would be sure to correct if he knew it happened.  It doesn't do for the son of a Lord Holder to betray nervous habits.

- N'kyr is actually a bit of a prodigy when it comes to understanding wing formations, wind patterns, and the like.  He's a great strategist and would actually make a good wingleader or even Weyrleader because of this-- if his attitude towards others weren't quite so poor.
?[Like 1]: Studying wing formations, as noted above - he finds them quite interesting and likes to experiment to find more efficient maneuvers and placements.
?[Like 2]: His bronze-- the only other being besides his mother to accept him unconditionally just as he is.

?[Dislike 1]: Parties and social gatherings.  They are a waste of time and usually quite boring.  He would rather spend time discussing wing formations or other things with intelligent people than sit around at a party.
?[Dislike 2]: Being teased about his looks or potential persuasion due to them, and being hit on by men.  He has very rarely found a woman who thinks him attractive, and of those that have, he's even more rarely found one with half a brain.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: N'kyr was trained as a fencer, so he does well with such swords.  He tends to follow the rules and stick to a 'gentleman's fight,' focusing and generally keeping emotions out of the situation.  However, his classmates brought him up to speed a bit on less civilized hand-to-hand so he could fight back as necessary.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Ramirath

Year of Impression 493 AL (7 turns ago as of turn 500)

Clutch Name: ???

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Colouring: Darker bronze, with deeper shades of rust and brown

Size: Massive.  Probably one of the biggest bronzes around.
?Length: 39 meters
?Height: (About 6 hands higher than total length)

Other Physical Characteristics: Nothing notable

Personality: Ramirath is, in general, more brawn than brain-- quite the opposite of his rider.  He will quite happily go along with his clutchmates in whatever endeavors they wish to pursue, and is easily influenced by others.  He is most of the reason N'kyr couldn't get away with avoiding their riders.  The bronze's ideas are not always the most well thought out, nor the most subtle, but his enthusiasm is hard to ignore.

Ramirath is far more talkative than N'kyr, as well.  He will chat with almost any dragon, unless he has a decided dislike for said dragon or knows his rider will be quite displeased if he talks with them (and even then, he might still attempt (and probably fail) to be sneaky).  He will occasionally talk to another human, but those cases are rare-- not out of any problem with the humans, but because he usually doesn't have need to talk to a human who doesn't belong to a dragon.

Ramirath is also usually far too willing to give up N'kyr's secrets.  There are certain things he knows would deeply hurt his rider for others to know, but those that are simply just embarrassing, Ramirath might accidentally let slip, particularly to one of his clutchmates.  Which, of course, means that probably the rest of them know, as well.

Of course, the bronze has, like N'kyr's mother, his own moments of deep understanding and intuition, and likely knows his rider's heart better than he does, himself.  Ramirath is ruled far more easily by emotion than N'kyr and felt the loss of his clutchmates deeply, thus not allowing his rider to remain unaffected.

He is also quite willing to prove he is the strongest bronze ever-- provided anyone offers the challenge.  Then again, his level of endurance might just prove it for him without him having to.

Voice: A warm, variant baritone

Holder Information:
Character views on Thread: N'kyr is unsure whether it will return or not.  His father cares little for anything other than the here and now, and his mother is too preoccupied with the next ball or dinner or dress to worry about such things.  Seeing how passionate some of the other dragonriders are in their belief that Thread will return has caused him to think more deeply on the subject, but he is waiting on further evidence to support either theory.

Character views on Hold/Weyr Relationships: Neither should attempt to butt into the business of the other, but it is necessary that they work together for the betterment of all.  N'kyr has seen the benefits of having dragons help with transport and manual labor, especially when it comes to the mines, however such territory should still be under the jurisdiction of the nearby Hold.

Previous roles held during education of hold management:
N'kyr really didn't have a lot of Holder training because his father didn't think he should bother.  The young boy/ man shadowed the steward, but more often than not ended up helping his mother plan and organize things, because she requested his help and would clearly make a muddle of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Bronzerider N'kyr   Bronzerider N'kyr I_icon32Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:54 pm

He sounds quite like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice sometimes hahah.

My female riders are going to hate him and Sh'nar will see him as his closest competition. (Hate and drama woohoo!)

He is approved!

(dragon height is about 45hh if he is 39 meters)

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