... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth

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PostSubject: I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth   I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth I_icon32Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:22 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Sylverangel
How did you hear about us?: Co-founder

:: Character Information ::
Name: Iraellium (Ira)

Pronunciation: Ih-rae-lee-um

Candidate, Former Crom Guardsman


Age/ Turn of Birth: 19/ 483 AL

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: a cothold beholden to Crom

Place of Residence: Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role: Candidate/ Former guardsman

Character Aspirations:
Iraellium was enjoying his life as it was, his place amongst the Crom guards, the attention of the girl he liked, but all of that was torn away by her father.  Now, he simply wants to find his place again, and hopefully one day get to see that girl again.

Father: Uillium, miner, 455, deceased
Mother: Ravelle, cotholder's daughter/ journeyman weaver, 460
Siblings: Uvelle, 478, cotholder's wife
Vera, 480, journeyman healer
Raelem, 484, miner
Lemar, 487, apprentice beastcrafter
Marelle, 488, cotholder's daughter, caretaker of Ravelle
Children: None (unless there's some awesome reason for one Smile )
Other Significant: - Grandmother Evelayn, cotholder's wife, 438
- A young woman who is cousin to the Holders of Crom and lives there, whom he has loved from afar for several turns

I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth Image goes here

Face:Jackson Rathbone
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Build: lean and muscular, as suits a guardsman who works out often
Other Notable Physical Traits: A scar on the back of his right shoulder from a sparring accident, a couple of obviously-broken-in-the-past fingers on his left hand
Style of Dress: Earth tones and simple lines.  He's never been one for ornate clothing, though he does have an appreciation for fine fabrics and detailed work from his mother.  What few items of clothing he has for Gathers and other special occasions were made by her.
Possessions usually found on persona: - a beltknife which may be longer than most others.  He no longer carries the blade he used as a guardsman, though.
- A small wooden pendant which was a gift from the girl he pines for at Crom, something she purchased at a Gather elsewhere.

Iraellium was born to a miner and his wife, the daughter of cotholders.  Humble beginnings, but nothing out of the ordinary.  His parents loved each other, as well as all of their children.  No child was favored, nor were any left wanting for attention or material items.  While their father worked long hours, he spent as much time with his family as he could.  They were happy, each new addition a blessing and something special.  His mother was devoted to his father and her children, working to be the best mother and wife she could be.

But all that changed when Iraellium was 7 turns old.  His father was killed when part of a tunnel in the mine he worked collapsed.  Uillium saved the lives of two young men half his age in exchange for the loss of his own-- one of which would go on to marry his oldest daughter.  That would be later, though, and something none of them would consider for several turns.  The loss of his father turned each of their lives upside down.  The youngest children weren't old enough to remember him as they grew, but Iraellium felt his loss deeply, even as his small body filled with pride at the knowledge that his father was a hero.  

The one thing he didn't understand, though, was the change in his mother.  She talked about Uillium as if he were still around-- sometimes she even talked to him.  And she giggled a lot, as if everything were funny.  His grandmother, his mother's mother who lived with them, told Iraellium that Ravelle's heart was broken, and because she didn't want to deal with the pain of it, her brain continued to dream that everything was okay.  Evelayn told him she would get better soon, but as he got older, nothing changed.  His mother's appearance changed, she seemed to recognize that her children were growing up, yet she still believed his father would be coming back home from the mines any minute.

Iraellium did his best to try to fix his mother's thinking over the turns.  He first simply reminded her of his father's death.  But she ignored him, or refused to acknowledge his words.  His reminders then escalated in tone and volume as time went on, and eventually his mother accused him of making up a horrible story a time or two, just to get attention, or because he wished his father was gone.  When he was so upset that she wouldn't listen that he was crying, she'd remind him that strong young men didn't cry, that their father wouldn't want to see him cry-- and that would set him off again.  If he yelled, he'd be sent to bed without dinner.  If he sulked, he'd be reminded that Uillium would be having a word with him when he got home.  On and on it went, though his grandmother did her best to counter the damage his mother was doing by holding him when he needed it, and giving him dinner late at night when she knew he'd gone hungry.

Evelayn ran the household, because his mother was so absentminded.  And each of the children did their part, though there were times when Iraellium tried not doing his chores to get to his mother.  One day, when he was 13 turns, recruiters from Crom came looking for young men who might be interested in joining the hold guard.  Never truly interested in venturing into the mines as his father had done, and wanting the chance to maybe provide for his family in his father's stead, and encouraged by his grandmother to get away from the situation at home, he accepted the offer to go to the main Hold and train.

The next few turns were much of the same-- learning hand-to-hand combat, the art of using a sword while at the same time not planning on using it for more than show, the ability to use all of one's senses to remain alert for strange people, objects, and actions.  Iraellium particularly excelled in the combat arts, his agility and accuracy earning him high marks among his peers, as well as providing a way to channel his emotions.  His prowess, and occasionally his temper, didn't always earn him friends, but he was often asked to demonstrate to new recruits once he was old enough to join watches himself.

During one such training match against a resentful boy who was older by a couple of turns, he was hit in the back of his shoulder with the end of a staff that had just been broken.  The other boy had, of course, been punished, and removed from training to be placed in a different position (it wasn't the first such incident he'd been involved in), but Iraellium would carry a scar where the sharp, splintery wood had pierced his skin and subsequently been removed.

Friends were in no shortage, though, and the young man he was becoming enjoyed the camaraderie with the other guardsmen.  Discussing the Holders and their antics, talking about their families, mooning over girls.  Pulling the occasional prank amongst themselves, and to welcome the newest members to their squads.  Iraellium was never the best of the tricksters, nor could he truly pull off a lie when asked if he had been part of something, but when he put his mind to it, his simple charm sometimes eased the sting of resulting punishment.  And sometimes earned his friends the attentions of the girls they were wanting to court at gathers or in their free time.

Iraellium, himself, only ever seemed to have eyes for one particular girl, though he tried to hide it.  A couple of turns younger than he was, Iraellium hadn't noticed her right away, but a gather would change all that, an introduction to potential suitors for her and a few other young ladies as it was.  Niece of the Lord and Lady of Crom, the young woman was pretty and vivacious, yet kind in a way the daughter of the Holders of Crom was not.  He wished he could be one of the suitors that had arrived that night, and not a simple guard.  He and to continuously remind himself that he was there to do a job, not dream of dancing with her.  More than once one of his squad mates noticed, and had to remind him that she'd never choose him over the wealthier more powerful young men available.  But none of their words could completely squash the hope that she might look his way.

After that, he watched for any glimpse of her.  A few times he even managed to speak with her in passing, and once, a few months later, she honored him with her company on a round through the gather stalls while he was taking his turn on break.  

Then she'd begun to seek him out, or so he liked to think.

Innocent as it was, they were always seen in public.  And while he held hope that she was beginning to care for him as he did her, there was always the shadow of doubt in his mind, plus there were his duties to consider, and mixing work and pleasure would not always go well, especially if she were truly in danger.  But he couldn't help himself, nor his desire to be near her when the opportunity arose.

Their association had been noticed, however, by the young girl's father.  In the midst of working out an arranged marriage to the son of a Lord Holder elsewhere, the man wasn't about to let the girl choose a soldier over the match he'd made for her.  So, despite having done nothing wrong, nor anything untoward, his place amidst the guardsmen was questioned, and Iraellium was asked to relinquish his position willingly and be stationed elsewhere outside the Hold, or be forcefully removed.

And thus he was given a glimpse of what power and wealth truly wrought, though he had always seen it at a distance, through the dream-filled eyes of youth.  Not blaming anyone but the girl's father, he returned home to his family, hoping to find peace and a new place for himself among the familiar.

But it never really came.  His mother occasionally confused him for his father returning from the mines when he came in from tending to the garden and the few animals they raised.  Some of his siblings had established their own lives away from home, and despite the occasional visits he'd had with them over the past few turns, they'd grown up without him.  The constant reminder that he hadn't been able to fix his mother-- or that she hadn't wanted to be fixed-- hit him hard nearly every day, more so since he'd been so long away from it.

Unable to settle, there wasn't much of a question to ask himself when a Searchrider visited the small cothold he called home.  He needed a new outlet for his renewed volatile emotions, and a new place to call his own.  He'd been trained to guard the people of Pern, and if he Impressed a dragon, he would have the means to protect people again.  Especially the girl who still held his heart. Perhaps he'd even have the opportunity to see her again, no matter where on Pern she was.  For surely she would still welcome a visit, even though they'd had to part ways so unexpectedly.  She had to know it wasn't his choice to leave the guard, didn't she?  Or so he hoped.

Focused and dedicated - he knows how to work hard, and then play hard when he's on break or done with his shift.  He took his job seriously, even though he'd sometimes lapse when the girl he liked was around.  No task was too big or too small, something he learned from his large family-- everyone had their part to play, their tasks to complete, and sometimes you had to do what you found boring or otherwise disliked in order to put in your share of the work.

Observant - One of the key things he learned in guard training was how to spot the troublemakers and suspicious folks by sight.  He notices details others may miss (like his fellow guardsmen) and mentally files them away for later use if necessary.

Charming when he wants to be - Iraellium is easy going and friendly when he tries, though he may not always make the effort, especially when they haven't resulted in favorable results in the past.

Humble - though he was asked in training to demonstrate for others, he never let the recognition go to his head.  He believes he is no better than anyone else who was trained in the same methods of combat and self-defense.  He is willing to aid others in furthering their own training and skills, and tries to be encouraging, rather than critical, in his critiques.

Patient when it comes to teaching - This goes along with his willingness to help others with skills he knows that they do not.  He has no problem taking all the time necessary to teach someone the proper way to do something, or helping them with form.  There's no need to rush something when all it takes is time and practice.  This isn't to say he's patient in every aspect of his life, though.  He particularly has a soft spot for other young men who have lost parents.

Generous - Both with his time and his material possessions and marks if he feels they will benefit someone other than himself.

Confident - Iraellium believes he can accomplish the tasks set before him, and that anyone can do the same.  He may not entirely understand something, or know how to do something, but he is certain the answers to any questions he has are attainable, and will allow him to complete his work.  He is also not afraid to try something, even if the chances of failure are high.  'You never know until you try,' was a phrase his grandmother often used.

Loyal - Those who consider him a friend will find him ready to defend them if necessary, though he will not always back them if they are actually in the wrong.  He will instead encourage them to do the right thing, while making sure they know he will be supportive if they do so.

Sometimes his temper gets the best of him - He tries to rein in his volatile emotions, but there are times they get the best of him.  Since returning home, with the 'disgraceful' way he left Crom, and having to once again deal with his mother, his temper has started to get the better of him again.  He tries to focus it by practicing the combat moves he was taught, but sometimes it's not enough.

Cynical - his rose-colored glasses have been removed now that he's seen a glimpse of the abuse of power some Holders (or their relatives) resort to.  Though he'd never really been enamored of the Crom Holders, he never thought they were truly bad people, either.  He still doesn't, necessarily, though he will never be able to see eye to eye with the father of the girl he likes after what the man did.

Over-indulgent towards others - Given his generous spirit, there are times others will be able to take advantage of him, though he is usually fairly good at avoiding such situations by deflecting or redirecting them towards the 'right' path to take.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Iraellium tends to fidget with things in his hands-- he'll roll stacks of hide, shuffle marks in his pocket, tap writing implements on the table-- particularly when he's thinking.  He's mostly unconscious of doing such things.  The habit seems to go away when he's standing on duty, though.  Perhaps because his energy is being directed elsewhere, or because it was drilled out of him during training.

Skills/ Likes:
[Combat with a blade]: Iraellium honed his skills well during training, though he's had little chance to truly put them to use outside of sparring sessions and demonstrations
[Gardening]: This is a hobby he picked up when he returned home for the short period he was there before being Searched.  He found the activity soothing, as well as physically demanding enough to keep him too busy to think.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Lies]: Iraellium particularly dislikes people in positions of power who lie to further their own agendas, since he bore the brunt of punishment from one such occasion.  In addition, he, himself, has never been really good at misdirecting or fudging the truth-- honesty usually resulted in less punishment than attempting to get out of it as some of his siblings did.
[Substances that cloud the mind]:Iraellium has never really been one to indulge in alcohol, and he prefers to deal with pain rather than take anything to stop it.  There have been instances where he had to give in, as in the sparring session that resulted in his scarred shoulder, but those situations are few and far between.  Others drinking does not bother him, unless it interferes with their ability to perform their jobs.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice: Iraellium excels with the blade, both in accuracy and style.  He can hit moving targets with throwing knives better than some that can shoot bows, and his form as a swordsman were highly regarded among the others in his squad and training group.

:: Candidate Information ::
Standing only?: No

Colour preference: Blue, if I had to specify, but I'd really prefer whatever fits his personality best!

Consider yourself at home.
Consider yourself one of the family.
We've taken to you so strong.
It's clear we're going to get along.
Consider yourself well in.
Consider yourself part of the furniture.
There isn't a lot to spare.
Who cares?
Whatever we've got we share.

:: Dragon Information ::

Dragon Name:
Borsaioloth (from Borsaiolo- Italian for pick-pocket)

Turn of Impression:
Turn 502 (Autumn)

Clutch Name: Poetry of the Air

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name :
Melodic Wing

A tropical ocean colored blue. His hide is a blend of blues that create an almost watery look to his hide. He has dark gray claws and a slightly lighter colored blue under his chin and the tip of his tail.


Length: 27.0 meters
Height: 32 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:
He is slightly longer than he is tall making for a more serpentine look to his body. He still lasts as long as other blues in flight and fighting thread but his body type does make him one for more agile and speedy chases.

Personality Traits:

Borsaioloth is a bold dragon, he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything at all. He is also rather agile and quick, which lends to him possibly being one of those dragons the Weyrlingmaster will want to watch out for. He'll probably be the one over there, trying out some stunt that they were expressly told not to do. His adventurous nature cannot be helped most of the time. He's a risk taking, rule breaking, street smart kind of guy.

However he isn't all bad and most of the things he does put only himself in danger. He is a loyal and generous friend, traits which become more prominent as he matures. Exceedingly kind, especially to those less fortunate than himself. Borsaioloth has absolutely no qualms with treating the higher ups with a less than proper attitude. He doesn't particularly like Golds or Bronzes, especially those that put on a high and mighty attitude. In fact he'd be happy to work against such types.

Suave and quick witted, he tends to get himself out of trouble just as easily as he gets himself into it. All in all being a rather loveable, if mischievous sort! He can be deceptive though and isn't above lying or stealing whatever it is he wants.


similar to Aladdin

Text Fader is here: http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/
Saved as : sylverangel - Borsaioloth

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PostSubject: Re: I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth   I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth I_icon32Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:46 pm

Just a couple of things.

Under title: You wrote former Benden Guardsman where I think it is supposed to say Crom.

Persona: He is almost too nice which I guess could be a negative. He needs a couple traits that are less noble perhaps to offset all the good.

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PostSubject: Re: I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth   I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth I_icon32Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:06 pm

looks pretty good to me >D. Long as it looks good to Kate, I think he seems ready for approval.

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PostSubject: Re: I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth   I'llium, Weyrling bluerider of Borsaioloth I_icon32

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