... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth

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PostSubject: Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth   Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth I_icon32Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:18 am

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Lancelle

Pronunciation: Lance-L

Title: Weyrling soon to be Wingrider

Honourific:  Lance

Age & Turn of Birth: 21, 481

Gender: female

Place of Birth: Fort Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Wingrider

Character Aspirations:

  • To become less angry.
  • To be able to talk about the accident without feeling guilty.
  • Come to terms with who she is as a person, which will be difficult seeing as she doesn't like herself anymore than anyone else does.

OOC Character Development Goals:
Lance needs to grow up still. She has a hard time dealing with people especially people who tell her to do things. She doesn't much care for herself so it makes it hard for other people to like her. She isn't one to let just anyone close to her. So her few friendships are very dear to her. The people who survived in her Weyrling class are the closest of these friends so she will do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if she has to protect them from themselves. She is very concerned about Belisse's relationship with Sh'nar and will likely bring up her opinion on the matter whether its wanted or not.  

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Allvander, 55, Guard for Fort Hold
Mother: Seulay, 49, Head Cook at Fort Hold
Arrowva (arr-oh-va), 24, f , cook
Bladen (blade-n), 22, m, Guard at Fort Hold (played by Caoimhe)
Daxe (dax), 18, m, Training for the Guard at Fort Hold

Children: N/A
Other Significant:

Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth AppearanceLance_zpsp2w53we0
Face:Katie McGrath
Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth Lancelleprofile1Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth Lancelleprofile2
Hair: Black, thick, textured, curly. She likes to wear it down but being a dragonrider she is required to keep it out of her way for drills. If thread were to fall she would likely be required to chop it off. So she does her best to keep it braided in two french braids. This way she also frames her face nicely and her widow's peak is quite noticeable.
Eyes: light green with a bluish rim around the iris. Her eyes are large and round. With her dark eyebrows above them in a slant, she often seems angry when she is not. Her eyes can look warm and welcoming or cold.
Height: 5'11", she is quite tall for a woman and with this height can be quite intimidating.
Build: Athletic, tall, some curve. Her body is used to rigorous activity, long before she ever came to the Weyr. She pushes herself athletically kepping herself toned and lean. Lance does have some curve but one would never call her curvaceous.
Other Notable Physical Traits: A scar on her forearm, from burning herself on an oven.
Style of Dress: She loves leathers but she is often seen in casual clothes when not on duty. She prefers to wear deep, rich colors to Gathers and Feasts.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Lance likes to carry two butterfly knives with her at all times, including special occasions. ✣ A very small silver locket, which she has a small painted portrait of a lost friend.


Age 0-8

"For my will is as strong as yours
And my kingdom as great.
You have no power over me."

Lancelle was the third child born to her parents. Her father, a guard for Fort Hold and her mother, a cook, were a firm but kind parental unit. Her father liked structure while her mother supported the structure she often left some room for spontaneity in their home. They were practical people, always realistic with their children. So while Lance followed her brother everywhere she could, the little girl had to learn women's chores too.

After a while, watching her brother train with her father was not enough. When they were not looking she would pick up the wooden sword her brother practiced with and she would emulate what he did earlier. Lance learned just as quickly as her brother did and again, it was not enough. It wasn't until she was caught by her father practicing sword play that she was ever ashamed of being a girl.

He explained quite plainly that this was not something women did. Women were not in the Guard. Lancelle heard the words, not strong enough and girl and some other gibberish but to the six Turn old none of it made much sense. Wasn't she just as good as her brother? Apparently not. The crying child was handed over to her mother, to learn how to cook, which she took next to no interest in.

No, became a word she heard every day. Other words would follow, cannot, do not, should not... Eventually she started to tune it all out. Lancelle knew before they did, she was going to do exactly what she wanted to do and not one person could change her mind. Stubborn and willful as a child, she was nothing like her siblings. Her older sister was her mother's to train and mold into her perfect daughter. Her two brothers kept her father busy. She found ways to get out of the house and do precisely what she wanted to do.

Age 9-15 Turns

Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it
Don't push me
I'll fight it
Never gonna give in.
I'm free.

Her days began to be filled with cooking lessons whether she wanted them or not but no one could stop her once her work was finished from doing what she wanted. She begged and begged her brother to teach her what he was learning in his Guard lessons with their father until he gave in.

In the Turns that followed, the young girl and her brother became quite close. To this day she will say the only person who knows her better than herself (other than Raidenth) is Bladen. Her friendship with her brother was not a cause for concern among her family until they were older.

She had very few friends during this time frame because she was either learning to cook or training with her brother in secret. Her mother bemoaned the fact that she never had any girl friends over. She simply wasn't interested in the same things as most of the girls she knew. Lance had more in common with her brother and his friends so she tended to hang out with them.

At around thirteen her first woman's courses came and her parents began to talk to her about men and women and how Hold women were chaste until marriage unlike at the Weyr. The more talks they gave her the less she liked the sound of being a proper hold girl. It didn't sound like any fun to her.

Lance despite her tomboyish behavior was not attracted to women. She was very much into the young men she surrounded herself with. It was one of her brother's friends whom she had her first crush on. He never reciprocated her feelings, as he had a thing for another girl who was much more ladylike and less tomboyish. For a couple weeks she struggled with her identity and decided if someone did not like her for who she was, they weren't worth the effort. She would be herself and they could find someone more suitable.

Her second crush was reciprocated, she was fifteen. The relationship moved quickly and was over almost as soon as it had begun.

Age 16 to 19 (present)

"And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
I'm terrified but I'm not leaving
I know that I must pass this test."

The passionate side of Lance came out in her teen Turns and only got worse as she became older. At sixteen she became quite loose and began to sleep with some of the boys she was friends with. In fact, she was completely wild and nothing her parents did or said reined her in.

And this was when she was kicked out of the house. Her cooking training meant she could keep her job in the kitchens but she would much rather be part of the Guard like her brother. Her independence from other people was short lived. At seventeen Turns she was Searched.

The event was rather... uneventful? In any case, she was Searched by a good looking bluerider in the middle of the day sometime in the winter. She made herself at home in the Weyr without so much as a goodbye to her parents. Her brother she did tell and sent him word of her impression as soon as she was able.

Weyrling Training was grueling and worked not only her mind and body but her emotions. After the first couple of months they had lost a good number of the green and blue dragonets. Leaving only five greens and two blues to complete the rest of training, the two browns, Bronze and Gold all survived without mishap. They were split into two wings.

Lance was to follow Bronze Weyrling T'lon. Now, she had never been fond of authority figures, and it was no different with T'lon. She spoke up whenever she felt it was necessary though her opinions and suggestions were looked over. Lance increasingly disliked T'lon and all those who followed him without questioning his judgement.

First flights were amazing. Raidenth was a dream in the air. Flying proved to be everything she had heard it to be and more. Feeling so free in the air made her want to fly all the time. Raidenth however reminded her that would wear the green out. And her green was quite right. Often underestimate, like the rest of her color, the green was intelligent enough to understand lessons without much help from her and none from the other Weyrlings.

They were nearing the end of training when the horrific accident occurred. It was supposed to be a difficult lesson. Learning to go Between was the reason they practiced geography so much in training. She felt quite prepared to do the lesson. At some point though, she and T'lon disagreed on coordinates. There was nothing she could do really but do what she was told. Fuming for a moment before allowing Raidenth to go Between, she saw the other Weyrlings smashing into the mountain. Raidenth backwinged quickly and although she slowed the impact, they too hit the mountain.

Lancelle was flung from the green's back by the force of hitting the rocks. Raidenth's wing was caught and she could faintly hear the green's cry of pain before she blacked out.

Besides a "slight" concussion, a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist, there was nothing wrong with her. She was more concerned about Raidenth's wing. The tear had been repaired but it would be months before they would be allowed to fly.

Being grounded left them with plenty of time to work on their apparent issues having seen half the weyrling class killed. She should have been balling her eyes out. She should have been depressed. The only feelings affecting her were of anger and guilt. Her anger was uncontrollable now, and she was as likely to go off on someone as she was not to. When it came to safety though, she was a perfectionist. If she saw someone's straps didn't look right or their dragon had a patch on its hide, she was quick to point it out and help.

Because she was grounded she spent a lot of time with the Weyrlingmaster. She actually felt he understood what she was going through. Lance didn't belong with the wing in the sky, she should be dead with the others but because she Betweened later and had altered the image given to her dragon to put them above the others she had survived.

Graduation is drawing near and only this past sevenday has Raidenth been given leave to fly. Lancelle has yet to pass a physical evaluation that says she will be ready to fly too. Once this happens they might still be able to graduate with the others.


  • Independent and Stubborn She has always, since she was a young child known her own mind and acted on it. She knows what she wants and goes after it. It is not so much ambition as it is independence. Lancelle has never felt the need to rely on other people to attain things. She can get by very well on her own without help.
  • Negative She casts most situations and people in a negative light. She genuinely mistrusts people on the whole and while some might think she is kidding, she is quite serious. When she gives her opinion its blunt , to the point and quite probably not what you wanted to hear.
  • Opinionated This ties in with being an independent person. Whens he was a child, she knew her own mind, its just as true now. She has come to her own opinions on everything under the sun. To challenge them would be to ask for an argument.
  • Passionate With her great drive to do and be who she wants to be comes a passion for life. She may not be a caring and considerate sort of person but she is a fierce one. When she has a passion for something, she won't let it go. The intensity of her feelings when she expresses them should not be taken lightly.
  • Rebellious/Defiant After growing up with her father its no wonder really that she has some issue with authority. She does not like being told not to do something. Put a red button in a room that says do not touch and she'll be the first one to push it. Its not so much that she hates people who have authority but she does hate feeling like a lesser person. That really can and will set her off. She is defiant also when she has a strong view about something and another person is forcing their view on her.
  • ConfrontationalLance isn't afraid of conflict and is no stranger to it. Because she is opinionated and stubborn she easily gets into verbal altercations and even sometimes actual fights. She enjoys fighting though, drawing some pleasure out of the ability to express herself freely.
  • Extremely loyal Once Lance is on your side, you needn't worry about anything again. She would defend a good friend with her own life. Take risks to keep the people she cares for safe and would even risk her Raidenth if she had to. She is completely loyal to Belisse although the other girl can irritate her when she doesn't listen to reason.
  • Rough around the edges She has so many traits which make it hard for people to see her as anything but an edgy, stubborn, confrontational woman... aka a looseskirt... but Lance really isn't that bad. She's rough around the edges, but on the inside the reason she is like this is because she truly does care about other people. She cares so much and is so ashamed of her feelings that she hides behind her wit, independence and her attitude.
  • Clever It is hard to put anything past her. She might not be intelligent in the sense that she knows everything but she can see how things work. The actions and reactions which follow. She is a critical thinker but again has had little training as far a Harper education.
  • Feels undervalued Since she was a child, she has known that her father did not think much of her because she was a girl. And now, she has the same problem. People automatically assume things about her before they know her because she rides a green. Not only does feeling undervalued piss her off but it makes her try ten times harder to be better at riding than the average person.


  • No patience-- It might  be a virtue but she has a never been one to wait for something if she can get it right away. She wants what she wants when she wants it.
  • Judgmental-- Lance has always been quick to make up her mind about people. Her point of view on most people is negative.
  • Hothead -- Since the accident, this has become more true. She feels completely out of control when her rage gets the better of her. She has to deal with the reasons she is angry to make this go away.

Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Monologuing when she is pissed, usually to herself.
  • Messes with her locket, usually by rubbing her fingers back and forth on the chain.


    [Having her way]: And who can blame her. We all want to have our own way at some point. Lance works hard for what she wants and when things don't go her way she can become quite difficult to be around. Her anger becomes all consuming and she can be quite the looseskirt.
    [Fighting]: She enjoys all sorts of confrontation form arguments to actual duels. In the back of her mind she secretly hopes Threadfall will return soon so she can find out how it feels to fight the mortal enemy of Pern itself.

    [Being ignored/not being listened to]: She wants to know her opinions are being validated, that people actually care about what she is saying. Most of the time she feels like people don't listen to her even when she gives really good advice.
    [Authority Figures]: She has real issues stemming from her childhood involving people who control her life. However if she is treated fairly (as she perceives fairly to be) she will follow orders.
    [The Impossible] She doesn't believe that anything is impossible, simply improbable. When someone says it can't be done, she really wants to try it. This may come at the cost of risking her life, other people's lives or her dragon's life.

    Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: She has been trained to use a multitude of weapons however her favorite are her knives because they are small and easy for her to handle. She enjoys all the tricks she can do with them and her aim from far away is impeccable.

Dragon Information:

Wingrider Lancelle of Green Raidenth Raidenth_zpsvqjyz7qi
(thanks to Nemmy for the dragon)

Dragon Name: Raidenth

Year of Impression Turn 498

Clutch Name: Galadrieth's Clutch Turn 498

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Wing:Empyrean Wing

Colouring: Pea green color over her entire hide. She has a darker color on her eye ridges and the very tip of her tail. Her claws are black and gleam in the light. She has suffered a major injury to her wing, from which she has recovered and despite the scarring has had no trouble with going Between since her accident.

Color Code: #7d9917


Length: 24.9 meters
Height: 31 HH

Other Physical Characteristics: Scarring on her wing from Weyrling accident.

In some ways Raidenth is very similar to her rider. She is a very stubborn dragon and will try to get her way most of the time. Though its not very green of her to have such will power, there are always some who don't exactly follow the rules of generalization. She is also not a very flirtatious dragon. She doesn't go out of her way to socialize with other dragons though she does have some her prefers to be around more so than others.

The accident has affected Raidenth's personality. She is more opinionated and more passionate about what she believes. She has a very strong moral compass for a dragon and often is able to keep her rider in check when her patience has worn thin. Raidenth has much more patience than her rider does now though really testing her might be a bad idea.

Also because of the ordeal she and Lance went through together, she has a hard time trusting authority figures without Lance's approval. She feels partly responsible for the accident, although not as much as her rider does. They have both learned very clearly that following orders without question is a bad idea. Being able to give ones opinion and have it heard is of great importance to both of them.

Going to add her flights and who wins them here. Since for a while at least she will not be in a serious relationship.

Turn - Season - Winner

501 -Autumn-  Ramirath

Voice: Jennifer Lawrence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWhfoyuZPKM

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