... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth

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PostSubject: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:40 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Vladi
How did you find out about us?: Pernese Online

Character Info:
Name: Nysina

Pronunciation: Nee-see-na

Title: n/a

Honourific: n/a

Age & Turn of Birth: 17, Summer of 487 AL

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Benden Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Apprentice Dragonhealer

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Greenrider

Character Aspirations:
Long Term: She wants to be able to prove that she can be a great dragonrider. She wants to be able to show that she can get past her depression and that she is not a person who can be put down as easily as it may seem.
Short Term: She wants to be able to make Journeyman Dragonhealer before she is to turn 19-20. She wants to be able to prove to be useful to her wing and to any friends that she has made.

OOC Character Development Goals:
to be added in time

Father: Synin, 37/465 AL,Miner, Alive
Mother: Nisa, 36/466 AL, Weaver, Alive
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other Significant: None

Face: Kat Graham
Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth Cf2_7070-200x300
Hair: Long and Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'5"
Build: She is thin, but healthy, and she has muscles on her arms and legs.
Other Notable Physical Traits: None
Style of Dress: She tends to wear medium to dark colored clothing, it all seems to match the mood that she is in. She is a major tom boy, so she doesn't really wear dresses all that often. She will wear a dress if the occasion asks for it though. She only wears sensible shoes but she will never be caught without a bracelet made by her family for her. She likes to show off her form at times, and she can wear clothing that shows more than what it should at times.
Possessions usually found on persona: A bracelet that was woven for her after her Impression by her mother. It matches the color Luneth.


History: This family is from the Benden Hold. Everything was so traditional and this family enjoyed it. When one summer, there came a little bundle of joy to the family. The mother was happy to have a daughter, but the father was nits happy to have his first born child be a girl. The father ignored the fact for a turn, and then he found out that a new mine had been found for him and the rest of the mines to go and explore and mine. That seemed to get the man's mind away from the fact that he has a daughter right now and not a son. But Nysina's mother, she was happy to have a daughter. It meant that maybe this household could become a little less tense and strict. When Nysina turned five turns old, she started to follow her mother around.

She knew that her father worked all the time, so when he came home, she did nothing to bother him. She stayed out if his way to be sure that he did not get upset at her. But she also started to ask questions of the dragons and how the candidates were chosen. Her father always answered these questions, but he was not so kind. He told her that she would be chosen just by the fact that she was interested in becoming one, but that she would have to wait to Impress to be a dragonrider. Her father was very traditional so he had the mentality that females only stood and Impressed on the Queen dragons. He thought that they did not belong on any other color of a dragon. Nysina was told this as well by him, and she was upset. This was when her depression kicked in, because she also asked him how often a queen dragon was hatched, and he had told her not often enough.

This meant that she would hardly have a chance, for she believed in everything that he told her. Five more turns passed, and she decided that she was going to start learning a craft. Her mother was a weaver, but she chose to learn the craft of dragonhealing. Her father agreed to her craft choice when he was told that she would go to the Weyr and be taught there, but he told them that he wanted a male apprentice in return, which he got. This angered Nysina, but she soon realized that he finally got what he wanted, a son. When she was fourteen turns, she had not been searched yet, and it started to worry her. But by the time her fifteenth turn came, she was searched and taken to the candidate barracks. She believed in everything that her father told her and her father was proven right, that female really only stood for Golds, but a few were Impressed to Greens, which gave her a little hope, but not a lot. For a few days later, there was a dragon hatching, and she still had not Impressed. She was starting to get worried that her father was right that she would not Impress, but a turn had passed and everything had changed.

Her fifteenth turn came and there was a hatching, she was not going to go and stand, but the Cnaiddate Master told her too anyways. She knew that this was not what she was raised believing, but she went anyways. She was hoping that this would be her time to Impress, and she was right. She watched as many eggs hatched, and almost all of them were Impressed, this made her upset and heartbroken, but the next egg that hatched, held a beautiful green in it, and this is where her world change. Don't worry Nysina, Mine. Your Luneth is here to make you happy and feel better. She never knew it until she Impressed with Luneth, that she never wanted to be bonded to a Queen. She didn't act like it, but she loved to be where the action was, and she had always wanted to be bonded to something that would want to be in the same area as her, fighting for Pern. She and Luneth became great friends very quickly. They never seemed to fight, and they seemed to agree on everything. During their weyrling training, they proved to be an intelligent pair.

They proved this when they graduated. They are now full-fledged dragonriders, and they came out as the top of their class. Nysina went home to tell her parents, and she saw pride on her mother's face, but disappointment on her father's. That was when everything broke loss. "No daughter of mine is going to be Impressed to anything but a gold!" That was when she felt unwelcomed in her old home. They came back to Fort Weyr, and they both decided that their lives belong here, not there. Now, they both are focusing on boosting Nysina's craft, trying to get her to become a Journeyman Dragonhealer as soon as possible.

Personality: She will show compassion and strength to any person who walks to her. She is not a weak willed person, and she knows this. She will never allow for her weakness to be shown, and she knows that she has a few. She likes to flirt with men and women, which just makes it better for when Luneth takes flight, for it won't make her regret anything in the morning. But she is kind as well, she will show this kindness only to those who deserve it. She will never be rude to someone first, only after they are rude to her. She loves to make friends, and she will never let a true friend down. She will always be on a friend' side, and she will make sure that her friends don't get into trouble for something that they didn't do.

But even with her friendliness and her compassion and strength, she still doubts herself. When she was not searched at twelve turns like a normal person, she started to doubt herself. When she sat through hatchings and never Impresses, she started to doubt herself even more. But now that she has Luneth, she does not doubt herself that much, but there are still those doubts there. Will she do the Weyr proud? Will she fail at being a dragonrider? Will she ever find that perfect pair for herself and Luneth? Those are all of the thoughts that cross her mind and make her doubts and worries come free. But she is unsure of things as well, and this shows at times as well. She wonders if she will lose something. She wonders if she will make friends, or if she will make enemies. Her self-doubting and her unsureness seems to get the best of her most of the time, and it can show.

Because of the things that happened to her before, she has gained a small case of depression. This depression is mainly on the inside, and never really shown on the outside. Only when she knows she is alone will she ever let her depression show on the outside as well. During these times though, she is extremely shy, and she tends to never talk a word, unless she really gets coerced to say something. When she is openly depressed, she is extremely shy, and it shows more than anything else that she has. She likes to make sure that things are what they are. Her depression mainly comes from if she has a dream of her past, or if she is to see a young girl being ignored by her father. These scenes bring back memories to her that she never wants to relive. She is mostly shy when she is Depressed, but she can be a bit hot-headed as well. A simple word going against Benden Weyr or even against her family can set her off, including anything about her father. But if someone is to try and harm Luneth when she is depressed, she will snap faster than you can imagine. Only one being is able to know what she is going through her depression or when she might snap, and that of course is Luneth.

Guarded: Because of the pain she has felt from her past, she has deicded that she is going to guard her emotions and not to let them out often.
Clumsy: She tends to trip on things that are not even in front of her. She sometimes will use this as an advantage to get out of something she doesn't like, or she will just get hurt.

Mannerisms or Habits:

[Like 1]: Singing, this is a way for her to show her emotions, and the only way you can ever really see them anymore.
[Like 2]: Reading, she enjoys to go on adventures, and reading is a quick and painless way to do that.
[Like 3]: Music, this is something that calms her always, and this will make it easier for her to be able to talk to others.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Dislike 1]: Rudeness, she hates people who are rude and she does not want to turn out to be like one of them.
[Unskillful at 2]: Talking, she is not really good at talking to others. She became shy after a while, but now that she is bonded to Luneth, she has started to talk again, just not so much.
[Dislike 3]: Bullies, she hates them. She cannot stand others being mean to others, and she will never allow for someone to be mean to her like that, nor Luneth.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:
Passive but she does have a hidden dagger.

She doesn't really like to fight much, but when she has to, she has a small dagger hidden in the left leg of her pants.

:: Crafter Information ::
Craft: Healing

Turns in Craft: 7 turns

Rank: Junior Journeymanship

Location of Journeymanship: Fort Weyr

Specialization: Dragonhealing
She has always wante dot be around dragons, so she knew that if she was not able to Impress, she would become a Dragonhealer, so that she can be sure that the dragons are taken care of properly.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Luneth (Moon)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Wing: Empyrean Wing

Colouring: Like a Mint Cream or Honeydew Green #F0FFF0 As fair and pale as the moon, appearing almost ghostly white.


Length: 22.1 Meters full grown
Height: 27.6 Meters full grown

Other Physical Characteristics:

Lack of clarity ----- Tension ----- Doubt ----- Fantasy
Deception ----- Psychological conflict ----- Obscured vision
Confusion ----- Illusion ----- Fear ----- Imagination ----- Worry
Romanticism ----- Anxiety ----- Apprehension ----- Unrealistic ideas

✣Somewhat easily spooked. Has a tendency to hide her head under her wings or other things when she’s afraid. She does try to face danger without a blink, but it never works that way.

✣Worrisome and anxious. She tends to worry too much, which can make her very anxious. This can happen over everything and anything. She does not care if you do not like it. The only human who can get her past this, is Nysina.

✣Indecisive or confused more easily than others. When she has too many things on her mind, she tends to start to confuse them all together, which can make her indecisive at times, which is bad when she is working.

✣Can be doubtful without any real reason, seemingly. Perhaps because she’s a worry wort. Sometimes conflicting fantasy vs reality causes lack of clarity and therefore doubt and indecisiveness or confusion.

✣She has a fantastic imagination. Sometimes this leads to her becoming overly cautious, overly worked up about things, tense during wing practices, apprehensive or spooked for no reason, etc. She has a tendency to get the most entertaining, if not illogical ideas, fantasizing about anything.

✣Deathly scared of lightning. She will never leave her weyr on a stormy day, for she fears getting hit by lightning, for she knows that it can kill her, and she does not want to die that way. She does not like the bright light, nor that loud noise that follows it.

✣Clumsy. When she has hermind on one thing, she tends to for get where she is now. This can result in her tripping over something, or even forgetting how to flap her own wings to fly. She can trip over her own feet though, which seems to happen a lot more than anything else.

✣Hates to be called a Prep. She is no where near a preppy green, and she will never stand to be called one. She takes a bit after Nysina with the depression, but she more takes it from her bonded to try and make her happy. Though that does not always work, which makes Luneth sad.

Voice: Soft spoken soprano

Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth SignaturebannerVladi1_zps99dbc568

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:04 pm

Welcome again Sui!

Nysina and Luneth are lovely.

Just a few things either having to do with the board's own setting or continuity of the bio to address here.

OOC Development Goals :

These are meant to be out of character goals, meaning what you want for your character and not necessarily what the character wants for herself. I'd suggest moving the goals here to her IC Aspirations section above. We've actually updated our bio sheets and somehow did not update the adoptable bios. I apologize. This section is not necessary in order to create the character. However if you want to make some notes on OOC goals here you can. (Really though it isn't necessary)


Quote :
Her father was not so sure that his daughter would Impress on a dragon, even if she went to be a dragon candidate. there were always the Whers
- This doesn't make sense now that her father is a miner. He might have wanted a son to follow in his footsteps as a miner but it shouldn't really be of importance to him whether or not she becomes a Candidate. I'm guessing this is left over from the edit of original character?

As a craft is considered a Weyr Craft and therefore would only be instructed at Weyrs. If she is going to be a Dragonhealer then she would have left home for the Weyr. She can join a craft between 10 and 12 Turns of age.
- Need to add Crafter coding to the bio- https://rainoffire.forumotion.com/t8-new-character-biographies - Just click on the crafter code, copy and paste into her bio and you should be able to fill in the information needed.

Since a big part of her depression has to do with her father telling her she would not Impress a dragon I would suggest this talk starting when she was even younger. If he was very traditional I'm surprised he married a crafting woman. Women crafters would not be that common unless at the Weyr or coming from families who were well off. Occasionally they might be recruited due to raw talent. This would also make it difficult for her to become a dragonhealer but certainly not impossible. (It could be that her father sends her to the Weyr for training in exchange for an apprentice of his own. Preferably a male apprentice.)

Searching- Women are Searched at 14 here due to the sexual nature of the Weyr (We don't want anyone walking around 12 and pregnant). Also women can Impress up until age 22. So older candidates would be expected. I'd suggest bumping her age up one Turn Smile

Quote :
At her first Hatching girls were impressing to every color.
- This wouldn't quite fit in with our site. Women would be Impressing to greens and Golds and very rarely blues. However you could rephrase it to say something along the lines of "At her first hatching, girls were not only Impressing to Gold dragons, which gave her hope for her own future."
Also I'd like to address why she doesn't want to Impress a Gold and why a fighting dragon seems to speak to her personality more?

Personality -
I love that she has some traits that most would consider undesirable that define her as much as her more acceptable traits.

Just a quick note here though. I've been depressed before and I've never known or seen an "outward" depression. Depression by nature is very internal. People will not notice she is depressed. They might note that she is suddenly acting shy and try to ask her about it but they will not automatically say oh she must be depressed because she isn't feeling up to talking. I'd really love to see this explained more. What tends to send her into a deeper depression? Does she exhibit other symptoms rather than suddenly being shy? I'd really look into some major depression symptoms and maybe alter a couple of them to suit her. If someone were very close to her a couple of other symptoms along with her shyness might have them able to notice the shift. Luneth might be the only one though that truly understands what Nysina is going through.

Wings: So since she is graduated now. The top two wings are Halcyon and Empyrean. You can choose either wing for her to be placed in.

If you have any questions feel free to reply here or to PM me directly. I'd be happy to answer or help in any way possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:29 pm


You can click on this link to see more info on the specific "charateristics" of the wings, while you're deciding which you'd like her to be in. Just click the top link once you're on the page and it'll show you a little description of how each wing kind of has their own personality as a group. Though maybe she didn't get along very well with some wing members and that just added to her depression or shyness, withdrawing from others etc.

Halcyon wing is home to several of her other PCed clutchmates, but at the same time, home to some really elitist bronzers who like to remind others of their lowly status >D

Of her same clutch, these PCs are in Halcyon Wing
Wingrider:Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth
Wingrider: N'var (Nova) of Blue Ilmattoth
Wingrider:V'nius of Green Tasunath
Wingrider:Raelestriata of Green Solieth

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:04 pm

Alright looks good.

Just one more minor thing I caught this time around that i must have missed. There was no Gold in the clutch Luneth came from. And maybe the Candidate Master convinced her to stand regardless? I know it was ingrained in her that girls should only Impress to Golds...

Also Lance should totally be a mentor/big sister to her. (Ahhh the broken greenriders!)

If either of the other admins see anything they should post by tomorrow and we'll be able to get her approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:51 pm

^.^ she looks alright to me!

Don't forget, she could totally be friends and even train under Falyn, who is another candidate in the clutch, and also a Sr. Dragonhealer. Falyn is played by Suri. Smile

Also on fighting style, if she's not a combative kind of person, you can just put "passive" or some such along those lines.

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:54 am

Approved Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth   Nysina - Rider of Green Luneth I_icon32

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