... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother

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Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother Empty
PostSubject: Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother   Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother I_icon32Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:36 pm

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:CoFounder

:: Character Information ::
In the swirl of sensitivity and sensation
Instinct reacts
Even now, these impulses
make my mind slip into insanity



Lord Holder of Keroon


Age/ Turn of Birth:
475 AL/ 27


Place of Birth:
Keroon Hold

Place of Residence:
Keroon Hold


Occupation/ Role:
Lord Holder of Keroon

Character Aspirations:
To live a happy life, not in fear nor under the influence of anyone (i.e. his mother or brothers). To have a happy family and to be a good lord holder like his father.

In this world of accomplishing change
I feel dissatisfaction
Refusing the limitations of myself,
I starved for a shock every day.

Father: Yongmun, Previous Lord Holder of Keroon. 450 AL-485 AL [D]
Mother: Ziriya, former consort of Lord Holder Yongmun. 457 AL
Siblings: Twin brothers Changhui and Jiyu, born in 482 AL
Children: None yet
Other Significant: Lady Holder Verilyn, his soon to be wife (whom he will meet soon in RP >D) Chira (his childhood friend and betrothed, until her passing in 499).

Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother Tumblr_ly1894IqYo1qjnysgo1_500_large_zps4774de99

Face: Kwon Ji Yong (GDragon)
Hair: Near-black, worn short on the sides with longer lengths on top, usually styled with plant wax to keep its hold standing and in a bit of a brushed back spike.
Eyes: His eyes of deep, cool, ashy brown are narrow and dark, nearly black, like reflective pools that rarely fail to warn of his cunning. They are not deeply set, but when he is tired, they seem shadowed. The black brows that crown them are set in a parallel fashion, not being extreme in their angle or curve. This lends him a rather disaffected or disdainful expression; though he is fully capable of quite severe expressions. In the future though, as he finds his happiness again, one will find more delight in his eyes and facial expression -his smiles will be more frequent.
Height: 5’11”
Build: Medium sized frame and fairly athletic, though he is not quite as athletic as his brothers. He has lived a slightly more sedentary life since becoming the Lord Holder, having to focus on his duties as a holder -though he does still take time for physical activity.
He probably weighs around 150 lbs. Though quite lean, it is not because of any lack in nourishment, but rather, because he eats meat somewhat in moderation and his regimen of physical activity does not lend itself to gaining great muscle mass. He also does not over-eat; he’s too vain about his looks to want to ever appear glutinous. Overall, Izayan’s features are rather unimposing, as he is not a large man. Admittedly,he shies from physical activity that requires any great amount of heavy physical labour, so his body is relatively skinny. Of course, he does keep himself physically active enough to maintain his strength and a good bit of endurance. Generally this is done through sparring practices, because he does have a fascination with knives, and has thereby learned how to use them; he does however, enjoy a broader exercise regimen that is well balanced enough to keep him in good health. The extent of his physical activity though, does not lend itself to mass gain.  Due to the lean mass of his body, striations in the definition of his muscles are easily seen.
Other Notable Traits: Izayan is generally dark complected, and his skin tans with ease, though he isn’t out in the direct sun quite enough for that to happen. His complexion is quite clear, and his features overall, appear strong and sternly set. He also has a birth mark under the outer corner of his left eye that is noticeable. He has no real signs of scarring or markings etc.
He possesses a Keroonese accent in his speech -most notably, an accent of specifically Keroon Hold origin, whereas outside of Keroon Hold itself, the accents seem to slightly differ. So, his origins could generally be pinpointed on that fact alone, should one be familiar with Keroon’s regional accents.

Style of Dress:
As a somewhat vain person, Izayan does wear black with some regularity. It is a sharp and versatile colour. White, black, red, gold, silver and green, they are all colours that he favours, though he does not limit his wardrobe to those alone. Finer attire of course, should be primarily black, though he is likely to wear some accoutrement or accessories with flashes of colour in them-such as the satiny gold and green cords on his shoulder, the kerchief in his pocket, the belt or vest under his jacket, etc. His most formal attire however, are suits of green, gold and black, holding significance to Keroon and its colours.

Generally, about knee-high boots are his preference, and they are apt to have been custom made with some stylish design in the leather, having embellishments such as a stirrup strap and metallic buckles, toes tipped in scaly leather stained to match his attire, etc. His belts of choice are also of great detail and design, with the metallic studs or other metalwork pounded into them.

Izayan appreciates  being able to simply wear more casual tunic shirts, keeping his dress relatively simple, though the fabric of his clothing is always of high grade, and their colours rich. He always appears chic and cool, though, even if dressed down. He is very stylish.

Of note, he does not always wear his cords of rank. Though he will on outings most of the time, to other territories where formal gatherings are taking place, he will generally avoid putting them on his shoulder for most occasions.

In cooler months, when jackets are in order, he tends to wear them fashionably, preferring double breasted coats with standing or asymmetrical lapels; of course, great care is taken with further embellishments, such as metal buttons or grommets, intricate designs throughout the stitching, and even white or black fur about the collar. His hands often adorn multiple rings, either in silver or gold, which will match his attire. Periodically, he will wear a silver pendant in the shape of a dagger, which hangs a little below his collarbone. Usually, if he wears it, he wears it where it cannot be seen, under the collar of his clothing. And since he does not always wear the Hold’s signet ring, it if he doesn’t have it on his hand, it will be hanging along side his dagger pendant, so that it is always close to his heart and carried with him. Izayan has both ears pierced and will wear an earring in only one ear or in both. Generally, they are large studs or a small hoop.

Possessions usually found on persona:
-Keroon Hold signet ring
-A long knife and a standard length belt knife. The belt knife it kept at his hip as openly as any other, being only a few short inches in length, used primarily for utility. The long knife however, is around 7-8 inches in length just the blade itself, and well ornamented, generally worn at the back side of his belt where he can draw it easily with the left hand.

Give me noise
Abandon fear
Spit out the greed
Come on, drive me mad

Keroon had long been a territory at peace, but the vast expanse of its land was less developed than say, that of Fort since much of it remained open fields for cultivating and raising livestock. With more territory to spread out over, it's population was not as centralized and its economy depended greatly on its seacrafters, farmcrafters and beastcrafters more than any other trade. Outside of these trades, the people of Keroon had long been focused on the pursuits of the arts, sciences and politics, spending less of their energy on things such as martial practices -though that did not mean they'd completely abandoned such things. There had been no severe martial conflict in the territory for a very long time, nothing that local policing forces couldn't handle by themselves anyway, and the people were known for their hospitality and kindness. That however, did not exempt any of them from the possibility of corruption. It was no secret that too much of anything could turn into a bad thing; so it was that too much influence or too much prosperity could turn into spiritual rot. For the family of Izayan and his twin brothers, that is exactly what happened.

Izayan was born the Eldest (and illegitimate) son of a Lady’s Maid and the Lord Holder of Keroon, whose wife was unable to carry a pregnancy to term.Izayan’s birth mother, Ziriya, was from a family of highborn status but she was of no close relation to holders. Because of this, she knew that her status was considered lesser, and there was little she could do to gain the fullest favour of Yongmun, who eventually came to prefer one of his wife’s cousins.

Fearing that the Lord Holder’s favouritism for the children the handmaid Koeuri bore him would lead to the neglect of her own son, Ziriya became desperate for her son to be presented with the opportunity to take some more prominent role in the hold so that he could Impress his father and secure some promise of a future for he and his mother. Without such an opportunity, they would be on a path without any direction, and if the younger sons took precedence in their father’s eyes, Izayan could simply be forgotten about.

Eventually, rumour spread that Yongmun did indeed favour one of the twins, Changhui, over his elder son Izayan, having plans to name the boy as his successor. This rumour, started by the twin’s mother who herself was desperate to stake some claim of succession for her own children, in fear that they too could be overlooked in the future, created a lot of rivalry between the eldest of his sons and the twins due to each mothers’ ambitions. The depth of the conflict between the mothers of Lord Yongmun’s illegitimate heirs was not realized until he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and eventually passed away.

In the time of his passing, some relief should have been had, given that Izayan became the natural next in line to step in as Lord Holder. But it was soon revealed that before his passing, Lord Holder Yongmun had crafted a sword for Changhui, which was engraved with a script that secured the desire for him to become the next Lord Holder of Keroon. What no one knew at the time however, was that Changhui’s own mother had secretly had the sword crafted to falsify a claim that her son was the rightful heir, as chosen by Yongmun. Which brings us to the truth of what really happened. And just how desperate hanmaid Koeuri must have been to secure her sons’ futures.

The truth o f the matter was that Yongmun never expressed a concrete desire as to which of the three boys would take his position one day. Keroon being a place of relative peace and prosperity, there was little qualm with its leadership. In order to maintain things the way they had been, and to make things fair between his children, Lord Yongmun decided that the boys would be raised the same and that one day, as they approached manhood and he came of old age, he would make a choice about which to succeed him based on the pureness of their heart. He did not want his children to quarrel or find conflict with one another because one was chosen and the others were not. So, he would watch them as they grew, and make a wise decision when he was better able to.

The mothers of his children and their respective families however, were much more competitive about who would succeed him, because the Lady Holder had no children to call her own, so it was a decision that would be pivotal point for their futures. They became greedy and then became ambitious, plotting against one another.

It was probably encouraged by extended family or perhaps some who had little liking for Lord Yongmun, but as told before, they spread many rumours that Changhui was the favoured son, making it seem very apparent that the boy was being held in much higher regard than Yongmun's other children. Careful deception helped set the stage while Koeuri had the Holders servants poison him every day. The poison was very slow acting and little by little he was given more and more with his food, unable to detect it until it was too late. He was falsely diagnosed by his healer because the symptoms were so similar to TB, but in the end, the poison worked quickly and took his life.

In Koeuri’s eyes, it was necessary to take Yongmun's life because as long as he was alive, there was no way of securing her son's future as Lord Holder, and.. she had to cover the truth about the sword with the inscription. It was the only way to justify that her own son should become Keroon’s next Lord. Similarly, Yongmun had a sword crafted for the son who would one day take his place, but it had no writing on it. Knowing that there was such a sword, but having no other specifics, Koeuri secretly had a second sword crafted with its likeness.. save for one thing -the inscription that would appear to be Lord Yongmun's dying wishes, that only further fulfilled the appearance she'd created that he highly favoured Changhui. So it was made to appear as though Yongmun knew that he would die, but had kept it from them all, presenting this sword to make known his dying wish. No one but Koeuri, the few who helped her in her plotting, and the smiths who created the swords knew anything about any of it.

The sword then, once the Lord Holder passed away, caused Izayan and Iayan’s mother to fear him even more. It became apparent in this time that for one to survive, the other would have to die. The relationship that the boys had once had together, became filled with mutual fear of one another -fear instilled by the wanton paranoia of their mothers. So, thought hey continued to play together and lived in eachother’s everyday company, there was always suspicion between them.

In the Turn after the Lord Holder’s passing, Keroon was led by its Steward with Izayan and his twin brothers being raised under his charge, having many dedicated attendants who assisted them in their education; though it was all to support his father’s ‘decision’ to have Changhui succeed the Lord Holder’s position. But, what had been written into his will was not accepted by everyone, and the hierarchy of women in the hold was thrown into much disarray.

Izayan’s mother suspected deceit from the handmaid Koeuri however, with nothing but the fake sword that spoke of Yongmun’s decision on the succession matter left to them, it was still the general consensus of the hold that perhaps it would be best for Koeuri to be named the Lady Holder since she had been the one to give birth to Yongmun’s heirs. But that line of thought only furthered the upset amoungst some. Those who opposed such a decision made quick work of intervening on Izayan’s behalf, before the younger could come of an age to stake any real claim as Keroon’s next leader. Since Izayan was 7 turns older, and the twins were still too young to take part in many hold matters, there was still time to change their fates.

In an effort to do so then, Izayan’s mother plotted to kill the twin boys and both the Lady Holder and her cousin handmaid.

Almost two turns after his father’s passing, in turn 487, those who supported the late Lord Holder’s Eldest son designed a plan for a fire to break out, trapping the Lady Holder and her cousin with the twins, so that they would all perish. Their plans were carried out to near perfection, but two of the other handmaids were able to rescue the boys from the fire. Koeuri could have also escaped the fire, but knowing that those responsible would come looking to identify bodies to ensure their deaths, she remained, accepting that her fate would end there, in order to try and protect her sons and a possibility at reclaiming their future.

Since that time, Ziriya worked hard to ensure that her son’s right to succeed his father as Lord Holder was always secure. So, over the next few turns, until turn 495, Lady Ziriya and the Steward of Keroon led the hold side by side, waiting for the day that Izayan would be able to formally take his father’s place. Ziriya took every step to ensure that she and her son would be seen favourably by the council of Lords who sat at the conclaves, introducing her son to them early, so that he would be recognized.

By the time he was 20, Izayan was allowed to step in to become Keroon’s next Lord Holder; though he was still watched closely by his mother and the Steward, in order to ensure that he acted appropriately. His education on every aspect of hold matters had been a continuous goal, and so even then, they still continued to teach him and guide him.

Throughout that time though, even after the apparent death of his younger twin brothers, Izayan’s mother felt the need to remain highly suspicious. There were certainly those who favoured she and the Lord Holder’s eldest son, but there still existed those who did not, even if they remained now in hiding or falsely had made a show of their change in allegiances. So, throughout his upbringing, there was always tight security in the hold, and wherever Izayan went. Weapons were not allowed within the hold but on the person of a Guardsman who was trusted there, and the distrustful perceptions of the world constantly bombarded him.

As Izayan grew older, taking his place as Lord Holder of Keroon, his mother began sharing with him the suspicions she had about the possibility that his twin brothers may have lived. In her eyes, there was always the possibility of some threat from somewhere, that was just waiting for the best opportunity to replace him. Generally, because of his mother’s diligence to keep the opinion of them secure, Izayan felt little need to pursue such suspicions to the extent that his mother had. Though she had certainly instilled certain fears within him, he had not learned to be quite as paranoid as she who had fought desperately to get him to this point in life.

Still, growing up being fed what his mother wanted him to believe, there was no escaping the fact that Izayan viewed the world through a different coloured lense. Likewise, his twin brothers, wherever they were at, were growing up under the fear that Izayan and his mother were always out to get them. Yet, because the twins were supposed to be dead and they had not seen eachother for many turns, they only existed to one another within the vaguest of memories, and at night in their nightmares.

“There is a story of a Mountain who loved the Sun. It was several times that the Sun rose over the Mountain before one day, they both fell in love. Darkness never fell over the mountain, because the Sun and Mountain loved eachother so much, that the sun never went away. The Mountain was happy and warm all of the time. He was so happy because the Sun loved him. But with the passing of time, the birds and flowers and animals, none of them could ever sleep on the Mountain anymore. They grew weary. Eventually, all of the birds and animals left the Mountain because all that they could see was the Sun; nothing else existed. When the Sun realized that it would have to leave in order to make things right in the world again, both the Sun and the Mountain were sad. But then the Moon came.

The Moon also cared for the Mountain. She too, loved him and tried to make his skies bright again. But for the Mountain, the Moon could never shine as brightly as the Sun, no matter how hard the Moon tried. Eventually, the Moon also had to move on. So, the Mountain was alone. With no Sun and no Moon, the Mountain’s world grew dark and cold. No animals returned there, and the birds also, did not come. Even the flowers would never bloom. But the Mountain, because he was a Mountain, could not move. The Mountain alone, was unable to go from that place, even though he wanted to. So, the Mountain remained, and grew very lonely.”

Much like this story, Izayan had fallen in love with a girl named Chira. Izayan’s parents had been friends with her family, and the two were let to play together when they were young. They saw eachother frequently as they grew up, becoming friends and eventually falling in love. Because she also adored him and expressed a great understanding of him, Chira became the center of Izayan’s world, as she became his only escape from the chaos of the feud that had begun to rage around him within his own family. All of Pern revolved around her, in his eyes and gradually as they grew older, and he struggled just to survive in the Hold, she became his only refuge. His love for her and his fear of others, left little room for anyone else in his life.

The two of them became betrothed at some point, and they were both quite happy with the whole arrangement. As Chira came of age to be married however, the young girl became gravely ill, and passed away. After that, Izayan became anti-social. He felt dark and desolate, and looked to replace the void that was left in Chira’s absence. He missed her. He craved the sort of personal and loving connection that only she, outside of his own family, had been able to provide for him, but he was foolish… to think that someone like Chira would ever come along again.

it was when the depressing reality of that notion set in, a time when the world seemed dark and cold to him, that Izayan began to close his heart up and in his anger at the world for letting his love and his family be torn from him, he became more detached from others.. So, even though he finds people on the whole intriguing subjects of interest, he has trouble seeing any hope in it for him. His chance at experiencing true love and happiness was lost and he has lived his life believing that such a thing cannot exist for him again.

In recent turns though, Izayan’s mother has taken it on herself to find a good wife for him, but no matter how many sketches of girls from various holds she showed him, he would take no interest in any of them. In fact, it became a bit of an ordeal over the last couple of turns that he was now 27 and still had not married and thus, had not yet produced an heir.

But then, one day, Izayan’s mother came to him with a proposal for his marriage in hand, after having talked things through with the hold’s steward. As his mother, she had taken it on herself to try to arrange a marriage for him, making the most beneficial agreement as possible in the present time, in hopes that whether or not he liked the girl, he would choose to marry her in order to at least fulfill his duty to Keroon in that aspect. But, that had been several sevendays ago, and the family now wondered if he would ever give them his answer to the proposed engagement. But, as of yet, he had not.

Feeding dissatisfaction unintentionally
as I tried to snuff it out,
the venom of desire spread
until I realized it was not my enemy.

Discerning and skeptical. His situation has taught him to be such in order to survive.
Relatively diplomatic as seen fit for a proper holder’s son. He prefers diplomatic, peaceful solutions to things, though he does not always speak in a way that expresses it. He is more prone to speaking his mind and ignoring political corectness. He is truly good at heart, but desperate circumstances have forced he and his followers to take desperate measures, and he is not against taking violent measures to protect himself and his mother, should someone try to interfere with their goals.
Possesses the confident, upright, regal demeanor of a Lord’s son.
Decisive and commanding.
Very proud. He doesn't like having to admit that someone else is more capable than he -when it comes to the necessity of his goals. He is very proud of his bloodline but equally aware that he is of no immediate relation to other holders outside of sharing his father’s blood, and so were it to be revealed that his brothers were alive, should they challenge his position, he might be seen as replaceable should he not make himself seem worthy of his position. Therefore, Izayan and his mother have made a point of doing everything in their power to maintain the favour of the circle of supporters that they have, as well as amoungst the Weyrs and Conclave.
Intelligent/ Astute/ Observative: Being more of an intellectual, he possesses a sharp wit, and is generally able to see through falsehoods, thus is not easily fooled. He is able to discern and piece information together quickly to draw conclusions -about people and events, etc. His intellect also make him out to be a relatively good Holder on the whole, seeing as he can appropriately apply this to managerial skills and other tasks required of him.
A little paranoid, though not as paranoid as his mother. Because of this, he maintains that there will be no weapons allowed within the hold, lest it be his own, or that of a guard. He is also less tolerant of mistakes, his punishments for them being more severe.
Insightful/ Discerning: Though this is typically considered a strong suit, it also turns into a flaw for him. As a strength, it serves him well in rather practical ways as a Holder, but he is just as likely to use this ability to read insightfully into people’s words or actions, turning his meddlesome ways into a means by which to manipulate their actions, thoughts and emotions. He has been known to do good by others, but do not liken his kind of Empathy  with sympathy. There seems to be little to no sympathy involved in his actions -for him, it’s usually about his own amusement, or about some other goal he’s defined. It is likely however, that this trait of Empathy is what compels him to perform seemingly random acts of kindness.
Well Informed: Izayan likes to keep himself well informed. The drudges about the hold, as well as other staffing members and informants are always encouraged to report back to him on events they run across or hear about, which may be out of the ordinary, or considered as gossip. He does also try to keep himself informed on some goings ons regarding other holds, or the weyr, as he’s able; in this light, he is educated on current events in the world about him. For a Lord Holder this is both wise as well as on his part, partially because of paranoia.
Possesses little material Greed: In that aspect at least, he’ll never be perceived as a holder who only carries his title for the sake of bettering his own lifestyle and increasing material possessions. He rarely attaches himself to material things or becomes sentimental over such things. This trait manifested itself in him when he was young and lost his mother. Material things were only there to remind him of the pain of that loss, and so he learned to refrain from growing sentimental attachments to possessions. He will typically discard them before any such attachment is made.
Quick Reflexes: Like the lightning reflex of his acid tongue, Izayan possesses a physique that lends to great reflexes. This allows him to be quick to dodge in a fight, and adept at utilizing his weapon of choice: a knife. Though he’s just as likely to use a boot to plant it on someone’s behind, if they’ve angered him.
Consistent/ Reliable: All in all, Izayan is rather consistent about many aspects of his life. In the end, this causes him to be considered an unexpectedly trustworthy and reliable person -specially paired with the above seemingly random gestures of kindness. He has a knack for conveniently lending a helping hand to those he respects, and at the most unexpected moments. The only thing about him that might truly be considered inconsistent, is the exact extent of his anger, should one offend him. Gauging his extent of frustration over extent of amusement, is a tricky thing and depends much on his mood.
Insensitive: Izayan possesses a deep, insensitive humour that borders on cruel since he uses it to toy with the emotions of others. He doesn’t generally seem to care how his actions affect someone.  In this way, he's quite provocative, knowing that others may respond adversely to the stimulus he provides.
Hard Working/ Diligent/ Meticulous: He is not neglectful of  his duties toward the Hold. He remains active in participating in much of the busy-work involved, maintaining a perfectionist's approach to his work. He becomes rather meticulous and orderly/ clean about his tasks. Thus, the records he keeps are quite thorough and highly detailed; he leaves little room for error.
Sharp Tongue(& Wit): Or perhaps silver tongued as it were, should he choose to use the skill in such a way. So, though this is a positive attribute, it is not often used in the kindest manner. When necessity arises however, he is quite adept at speaking with a surprising eloquence.
Strategically Minded: Though he is not apt to follow the usual protocol of political correctness all of the time, he doesn’t discount politics in the midst of his games. Thus, he chooses the targets of his interest sometimes quite carefully, and with any variety of underlying reasons.
Though his habit is to keep mostly to himself, especially when it comes to personal matters and private life, Izayan is an overall eager and enthusiastic person. His personality is relatively intense, and generally he could be considered an opportunist like his mother.
He is thrill seeking, and enjoys some calculated risk taking, but being as calculating as he is, he is able to weigh outcomes of risks he takes fairly well before attempting (sometimes with surprising accuracy) to perpetuate the most pleasing end results; though he does enjoy when results appear that he was not expecting. In truth, Izayan tends to be quite restless. He is the kind of person who seeks near-constant stimulation, whether it be mental or physical. Izayan also tends to create his own rules, and the collective result is that some form of chaos seems to always circulate around him. Of course, this only lends to the fact that those who are familiar with his habits are likely to assume that he is at least mildly psychotic.
However much his half-brothers’ side of the family would have anyone believe, Izayan is not psychotic or unworthy of being Lord Holder. Both sides of the family feud had their own extreme perspectives and had made up their own lies and committed deceits to ‘win’. However, in the eyes of the former Lady Holder’s family, Izayan and his mother are both criminal, and should be deposed of their position. Izayan and his mother both know how they are demonized by the late holder’s family and the late holder’s supporters, in private.
Has learned how to pick his battles as well as handle the general day to day grind. On the other hand, Izayan doesn’t know quite how to handle people who don’t respond well to reason and logic; they frustrate him.
Intimidation: This might also correlate with traits in him such as asserting his dominance intellectually or physically over others. He can be prone to using intimidation to assuage the cooperation of others at times; though not all of the time, and sometimes, this becomes  a release for internalized emotions.
Though he might become cruel at times, being that he is quite strict, he still appreciates good manners. Not expressing one’s self in a courteous manner is something of a pet peeve to him.
Having been raised under his mother’s influence and having watched his fiance, his father and his brothers die, there is certainly darkness in his heart, even if he struggles not to give in to it. He has a tendency to be sad in private, having to live with the fact that both his father and his brothers were murdered, and that his own mother is the person who arranged the death of the twins. These are the darkest secrets that he holds onto, and he plans on taking them to the grave with him. He loves his mother too much to blame her for everything that happened, and believes that they would both be demonized even more, should anyone find out what really happened. They would lose their place there, at Keroon Hold, and would have nowhere to go.
Lonely. Tends to live his life somewhat in isolation, because of the pain of his lost love, lost family and fear of others that’s been instilled in him. He finds it hard to trust others enough to make very close friends with them. So, he is known as a holder who does not venture out to the streets of the hold frequently, unless it is to one of the Runner Races, which he enjoys. Though at a younger age, he was known to race his Runner through the streets of the hold just to get away from home for a while. Everyone works for him, and he prefers not to intermingle business with personal relationships; though eventually they do somewhat overlap.

The only method of satisfying desire
is to control the attitude within you
This attitude is supremacy
The real enemy is you

Short Temper: This only really applies to him in the case that he discovers someone acting with blatantly hateful intention to harm another person. He is likely to simply observe the scene play out, and with great interest, but if those involved are within his circle of trusted confidants/ friends/ family, he is quick to act and lash out in some way. He is not tolerant in that regard. His temper also comes into play when faced with someone who does not respond well to a voice of reason. He finds those kinds of unreasoning, unthinking people to be frustrating, and therefore, difficult to handle. In that case, he’s likely to lash out in violence if the person has challenged him in some way.
Cocky/ Arogant: Perhaps due to his great self confidence and thrill seeking nature, he tends to come across as someone who’s quite arrogant.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Very expressive features, from derisive smirks with a wicked quirk or draw of the brow to joyfully lit eyes with the most infectious smile.
Sly, sidelong glances.
Pacing like a wild feline when he’s in thought or worried.
Maniacal laughs at the expense of others, generally prompted by his own inner thoughts, leaving others guessing what it could be that amuses him.
Recites or reads his favourite story to himself nearly every day. In remembrance of the woman he loved. (the one shared in history section)

Skills/ Likes:
[Runners]: He does enjoy runner back riding as well as watching the Runner races that take place at Keroon Hold. He enjoys watching his wife take interest in raising runners fit for racing and then being her number one fan when she races them. Together, they attend almost all of the races. They do also like to go on long rides together, when the weather is nice, sometimes taking picnics while they’re out.
[Knives/ Sparring]: He has a fascination with knives, small or large, for cutting or throwing. He has become fairly adept at using them -moreso than any average person. Of course, Izayan is not average. At least not by his own estimations. Knife fighting is a thrill of a sport for him, though he started learning to fight when he was young, as his father thought it appropriate of him as he grew into a young man. It would teach him self-control. So, as Izayan grew up, he sparred with his brothers and became the first one to begin teaching them how to handle themselves in a fight, too. Izayan has proven to be quite fierce and quick with a knife in hand. Sparring events with a few  trusted members of his Hold Guard are frequent events, so he practices their use often, and could be considered a dangerous opponent. He’s certainly not a hesitant opponent, and thereby, not the sort of person one likely wants to make an enemy of. Izayan has also come to use his practice in spars as an outlet of internalized feelings, which can end up in minor injury in the case of his sparring partners -or even him.
Izayan however, does enjoy using words as his weapon almost more than using a knife though, so won’t resort to a blade unless someone has challenged him in such a way that it would be appropriate.
[People]: Izayan finds people in general very interesting, it’s just that he does not purpose himself toward the goal of making everyone in the world happy. Izayan does not prescribe to the philosophy that the world is a place where all people can be equal, nor that he can ever find a perfect balance to make everyone in the world happy by acting in a way that would appeal to their personal ideals. Which is why, as a Lord Holder, he focuses his attention on appeasing the few elite who have the influence to keep him in his current position instead of feeling the need to focus all his energy on ‘making the world a better place’ so to speak, for every one of Keroon’s people. That doesn't mean however, that he neglects his duty to his hold.
Izayan loves observing people and watching their reactions, manipulating their circumstances and thoughts in order to garner the most surprising responses. The psychology of it all is mentally stimulating for him. Izayan also appreciates being able to use adversity to help people work through and overcome their fears, doubts and weaknesses, bringing out the better in people. It is in times of hardship one can find the real heart in people. It is also in times of question and doubt and fear, that people allow it to be brought to light what is truly most important to them. Izayan’s intentions are mostly misunderstand, though he knows that there are those who see through his actions and words into the deeper lying meaning of his actions and words. And for him, it is enough knowing that those very few people  realize he isn’t quite the devil he seems to be.
[Hot Baths or Sauna]:This is where his relaxation is found. Izayan spends at least 20 minutes a day soaking in one of the hot baths that bubble up within the Hold’s large bathing room. Sometimes twice a day, he’ll find himself there, enjoying the heat of the water while sinking deep into thought.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Uninteresting People]: People like this disappoint him. To him, it means they lack any real lust for life and are just living their lives in a way that they can scathe by.
[Self Pity/ Weakness of spirit]: Those who have weak resolves and self loathing are, to him, quite pitiful. They are sorry excuses for humans, though he’s been known to express some odd form of compassion to help such poor souls. But instead of expressing kindness, he tends to pose a challenge for them, to help them become stronger, more motivated, better people. Self loathing and self pity, are unattractive traits in anyone. They disgust him. They disappoint him.
[Hateful Intentions]: All people should take pride in themselves and have a greatly human strength of spirit, especially in times of adversity. Even if they cannot show a great amount of kindness, to become truly hateful is to become truly inhuman. Hate is destructive and nothing more. And there is no reason nor logic in it. As a Holder, Izayan will not tolerate that kind of intention targeting any of his people. Most of all, he fears what his mother has feared for turns -the possibility that his twin brothers will return, and take revenge on his mother for the things that she’s done, starting yet another battle of hate-filled sibling rivalry between them… when what he really wants to see, is he and his brothers living peacefully as they should have. But, as far as he is concerned at this point, there is no more possibility for that to happen, since his younger brothers are both assumed dead.
[Being Imposed Upon]: Izayan is sensitive toward others feeling the need to impose any authority or dominance over him. Izaya needs to feel dominant, at least within his own realm, to feel as though things are right with the world. He tends to make little spectacle of the fact that he holds any position of power, but prefers that others treat him with the respect -or the respects due a Lord Holder- without him having to use it as an excuse as to why they should. Unfortunately, he’s had to learn to assert himself as a person of authority more, since the time he took his father’s place.
[Being Looked Down On]:Similarly as the above, Izayan does not like to be looked down upon. He feels as though because he is young still, that others do not always respect him as they once respected his father. Nor do they respect his decisions as completely, since he’s still rather inexperienced. This has been a struggle for him.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
He’s good at dodging attacks, with some hand to hand, and also the use of knives, though he cares little for swords or anything else.

:: Distinguished Persons' Information ::
Character Views on Thread:
If thread comes, dragons will be there. In the meantime, placate the people by fulfilling their traditions. It is the general attitude/belief in Keroon that thread will return.

Character Views on Hold/ Weyr Relationships:
It is best to keep relationships peaceable. Keroon is a peaceful territory that has seen little real hardship outside of draughts that primarily hit in the northern part of the territory and periodic flooding along the coasts due to storms. Though Izayan would prefer not to have to deal with the Weyrs at all, he tolerates it and does not generally do anything to upset the balance of good relations between them. If anything, this is also because of his mother’s influence on him, always encouraging that he should act in a way that continues to secure his place as the Lord Holder of Keroon, where others can find little fault in him maintaining the position. She seems always to be paranoid about his father’s family taking action to somehow depose him of his position, so prefers for there to be little reason for anyone to side with them on the matter, should something like that happen.

Experience in Hold Management:
Izayan has taken on many roles growing up and in the time after his father’s death, while his mother remained warden over him, to ensure that he would one day become the Lord Holder of Keroon. He has practiced in every aspect of hold management, in book keeping, in trade, in personnel management and delegation of tasks, in oversight of operations of the hold guard/ security, collection of tithes, using census figures to ration food to the territory, etc.

Izayan -Lord Holder of Keroon -Changhui & Jiyu's half brother Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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I only caught a minor thing

You have down that Chira died in 504 and since it is only 502 I'm guessing the date is wrong ?

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oops sorry there we go.

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Approved Smile

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Yay! and see.. he's not psychotic like the Iza you once knew 0.0 Thank Faranth >D

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