... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)

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PostSubject: K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)   K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC) I_icon32Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:32 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: SylverAngel
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:
Name: Kimothane

Pronunciation: Kih-moh-thane

Title: Wingleader?/ Wingsecond? Bronzerider

Honourific: K'thane

Age & Turn of Birth: 37 Turns/ 465 AL

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weir

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weir

Craft: N/A

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Bronzerider/ Wingleader?/ Wingsecond?

Character Aspirations: K'thane may be somewhat looking forward to Thread returning.  In part because he knows it will reunite Pern and hopefully rid them of some of the ridiculous feuding that goes on at the holds.  He may not necessarily be dead set on Weyrleadership when it does, but he has the confidence and knowledge to lead, would Remegath win Galadrieth, or whoever else may be senior queen at the time.  Otherwise, he has no definitive aspirations other than to work hard and play hard-- and teaching his children the joys of pranks and enjoying life to the fullest.

OOC Character Development Goals: Assuming plotting goes through with Vivid, or someone else maybe takes the role over, K'thane's younger brother (or perhaps cousin) is one of the survivors of the weyrling class that was mostly destroyed by a fire-- a class whose dragons were also sired by Remegath.  I'd like to see some interaction there, as well as more with him and Karene due to their past relationship and remaining friendship, plus the parenting of Thanekar-- they likely disagree so I'm sure it would be fun to play K'thane taking things much easier than she does.

?Father: Th'nor, 74, bluerider of Lenith
?Mother: Kimara, 68, Sr. jman weaver
?Siblings: N'mar, m, 47, greenrider
- Kanora, f, 43, jman weaver
- Thimara, f, 32, jman healer
- Maranor, m, 28, sr apprentice weaver
- *Younger brother who Impressed in the clutch affected by the devastating fire?

Thanekar, m, 16, candidate/ weyrbrat, with Weyrwoman Karene (played by Caoimhe)

Moira, f, 13, weyrbrat, more prim and proper than her siblings, like her mother.  She is a bit of a tattletale and thus left out of the brat pack's plans.  She may just be vying for attention-- attention her father gives, but her mother does not, and she is at the age where a mother's touch makes a big difference.

 Kimmina, f, 12, weyrbrat, also a total troublemaker and member of the brat pack like her brother

?Other Significant: Had a past relationship with Weyrwoman Karene and they are still good friends; Has had other relationships, flight-based and not, but currently has no one steady

?Face: Paul Walker

?Hair:Blonde-brown, a couple of inches above shoulder-length so that it brushes his neck, has one lock that lands in his face a lot
?Eyes: Blue
?Height: 6' 2"
?Build: Medium-large muscular build; about 185 lbs.
?Other Notable Physical Traits: scar on back of right hand- slants downward to the right- from when he was cut by a piece of glass when he was younger
?Style of Dress: K'thane dresses comfortably when he isn't in his leathers.  He isn't one to follow fashion trends, and prefers a looser style to something more restricting.

Possessions usually found on persona:

* beltknife
* Wooden medallion/ coin painted by one of his children when they were younger-- a good-luck type token he carries with him when he's flying

Kimothane had a rather normal weyr childhood, raised by both his parents and the crecheworkers.  He mostly ran around with the other weyrbrats, and loved to pull pranks.  As a result, he was one of the leaders of the unofficially dubbed 'brat pack' at Fort Weyr-- the other children looked to him to plan things, as well as lead them on exciting missions.  He feared nothing, and would try anything once (within reason, though-- there were some things he knew anyone would be too stupid to try, like jumping off of a ledge that was definitely going to cause harm on the landing.)  While he and his fellows got in trouble, he was also easily able to charm his way into lesser punishments.  He was also easily able to charm his way into special treats from the kitchens.

He might have showed a bit of an affinity for the smith craft had he desired the training.  But Kimothane knew he was destined to be a dragonrider.  It was probably no surprise to anyone that his older brother had Impressed a green.  But it was also probably equally as unsurprising that Kimothane, himself, Impressed a bronze not long after he was old enough to stand.

Of course, the hijinks continued to ensue, though as they progressed further in their training, K'thane began to apply himself a little more.  This was what he'd wanted all his life, and he and Remegath were going to make the most of it.  They would protect Pern from Thread and whatever other dangers that came along, and they would definitely have fun while doing it.  Or at least K'thane would-- Remegath proved to be the more serious half of the pair, which probably helped ground his rider and teach him at least some responsibility.

Over the turns, K'thane proved himself to be reliable and a good leader-- a good sounding board for other riders, whom they could talk to if they had issues, and who would not put them down for having questions or problems.  He earned the respect of his peers, and even some of the older bronzeriders who had been at the job longer.  Though he now works hard, he still plays hard, and encourages his children to do the same.

K'thane has had a few serious relationships, one of which was with Weyrwoman Karene.  They have a son together, and his bronze sired a clutch by Galadrieth as well.  His youngest brother (**subject to change) Impressed in the clutch, making K'thane exceptionally proud to be part of it.  And yet, it seemed the clutch perhaps was not meant to be, for most of the class was killed in a terrible barracks fire.  Thankfully, K'thane's brother and one girl was spared, but that doesn't prevent the guilt the bronzerider feels over the event.  If only he'd been more vigilant, or faster, more of the lives could have been saved.

Timeline: Spring 465 AL K'thane is born
478 AL K'thane Impresses Remegath

* Fun loving & happy most of the time
* Flirtatious and charming
* Gallant & Courteous/ chivalrous toward women
* Works hard and plays equally as hard
* Patient and good at explaining things to others in simpler terms when necessary so they understand better.
* A good listener who puts no one down for what they have to say, though he might make a joke at his own expense instead to illustrate a point.

* Has a hard time getting past the guilt he feels at what happened to his brother's whirling class, despite repeated attempts to tell him there was nothing else he could have done

Mannerisms or Habits:
* Holds doors, carries heavy things, etc. even without being asked-- sometimes he just takes over-- especially when the other person involved is female.  He doesn't think they're weak, but that they should be treated with respect and he knows they often aren't physically as strong as men.

?[Water]: K'thane loves to swim, and can often be found doing what passes for 'laps' in the lake when it's warm enough
?[Athleticism]: K'thane is one of those people who excels at athletic events when he applies himself.
?[Bubbly-pie eating contests]: His size and stature might say otherwise, but K'thane also excels at eating bubbly pies in competition with others

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
?[Chores that have him sitting at a desk for too long]:He'll do them, but he much prefers being up and moving
?[Fakers and Posers]:He is very patient and tolerant of most people, but there are times that those who think too highly of themselves irritate him.  He is sooner likely to disguise a barb with pretty words than he is to act on his dislike, though, depending on the situation.  He does not hesitate to correct someone when what they are doing in wing drills might endanger others or themself.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: K'thane is more likely to use his hands than anything else in a fight.  Of course, he learned hand-to-hand while playing around with the other members of the brat pack, as well as during dragonrider training.  He doesn't think other weapons make for a fair fight.  Plus he has a bronze dragon he can utilize if need be, though he much prefers to fight his battles himself.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Remegath

Year of Impression 478 AL

Clutch Name: 

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr


Colouring: Penny-like Bronze with deeper tones on his belly.  His claws, spines, and ear bobs are so dark, they appear to be black.

?Length: 37 meters
?Height: 40 meters

Other Physical Characteristics: Remegath's limbs might appear the slightest bit skinnier than they should for the rest of him.  Apparently most of his muscle strength is in the main part of his body and given to powering his wings-- his stamina is sometimes impressive, though some if that is also sheer force of will.

Personality: Far more serious than his rider and harder to convince that playing is in order.
* Knows what he was Hatched to do, and that is to fight Thread.

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PostSubject: Re: K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)   K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC) I_icon32Fri Aug 08, 2014 11:59 am

Approving as a PNPC until personality is fleshed out.

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PostSubject: Re: K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)   K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC) I_icon32Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:31 pm

I updated everything (census, face claims, etc) except for the Dragon Size charts page and the Wing Rosters for K'thane. If you can add him to those two, Kate, I'd appreciate it Smile

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PostSubject: Re: K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)   K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC) I_icon32

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K'thane, bronzerider of Remegath (PNPC)
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