... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Radkaen - Smuggler

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PostSubject: Radkaen - Smuggler    Radkaen - Smuggler  I_icon32Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:13 pm

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:
Pernese Online Topsite Directory

:: Character Information ::



(Only for use by dragonriders whose names have been changed.)

Age/ Turn of Birth:
22 / Born: 480 AL.


Place of Birth:
Onboard The Ship: Red Star's Revenge

Place of Residence:
The Ship: Red Star's Revenge

:: Crafter Information ::

Turns in Craft:

Senior Journeymanship, ages 18-23.

Location of Journeymanship:
Red Star's Revenge


Occupation/ Role:
Boatswain – Supervises the maintenance of the ship and supplies.

Character Aspirations:
Radkaen wants to be First Mate some day.
Then after that maybe a ship of his own.



Kaylia, R.I.P, Sailor (deceased - age 36)

None that he knows of.


Other Significant:

Radkaen - Smuggler  3b6b29e8-46b1-490b-8944-3d8a272ea2c4

Orlando Bloom

Dark thick hair, worn down to shoulders pulled back and tied at nap of neck.


5' 10"

Lean, strong

Other Notable Physical Traits:
He has several bad rope burn scars on his arms and hands from his turns up in the rigging. His hands are calloused and he has a nasty scar on his shoulder, the trophy won by a dagger thrust during a drunken brawl when he was sixteen.

Style of Dress:
Long black coat, loose shirt, dark pants, belt sash, dark boots

Possessions usually found on persona:
A mini arsenal of daggers and throwing knives.
A sketchbook and charcoal for his drawings. (He is a very talented artist.)
A neck chain with gold-plated coin-shaped trinkets attached (4) and a burgundy-colored gem as the centerpiece. It use to be his mother's.


  • Age 0 - 5 Radkaen was born on the ship that was Captained by Thatch. His mother was a sailor under his command. His Sire was a one-night stand in some port town his mother had 'fun' in one night. That is the extent of the knowledge he knows though he wonders if this is really true for the few times his mother had spoken of the man he had never met, her eyes would go distant and a subtle sadness would appear. He did not question her further. Instead he would just keep out of everyone's way and keep below decks in the tiny cabin he shared with his mother and two other sailors.
  • Age 6-10 Radkaen grew up with sea legs. Learning his way around the underbelly of the ship and even the deck when the seas were calm. He watched the riggers high above, the boatswain work hard, the firstmate shouting out the orders of the captain, whom he viewed as a father figure even if it was not reciprocated or spoken aloud. He was a keen observer and was also put to good use himself as a swabbie.
  • Age 11 He learned how to fix minor things, how to tie proper knots, how to keep watch in the crows nest and also how to sneak and steal. His first success was a nearly empty purse but he had gotten it and wasn't even discovered. He had sticky fingers that was further encouraged through games of the like by some of the harder men of the crew. Try to snatch something from them and if he got caught he'd get a hard belt across his shoulders. Get away with it and he'd only be hunted up and cuffed on the ear and a 'well done' when the ringing stopped and he returned the items pilfered.
  • Age 12 This was a very sad turn indeed for it was the age he would become an orphan. His mother died in this turn when she was washed overboard in a horrendous storm the likes of which he had never seen before or since. No one could have survived that venture and he was not given the chance to mourn her death. This was a storm that called for all hands on deck. He had to swallow his feelings down deep and grow nearly callous as he worked like a man beside the crew to survive. He proved himself worthy that day and Thatch kept him on. He was promoted to cabin boy that very fortnight.
  • Age 15 - 18 When he was fifteen he was given the task to assist the then old boatswain. He was getting older and a little senile by some opinions. He trained under this man for three turns before the old man finally walked right off the bow and plunged in singing a ditty on the way down. He was promoted to Boatswain when he was eighteen because he had learned fast and learned well. There was a time when he was sixteen though when he showed how foolish a boy could be no matter how smart he figured himself to be. Getting drunk for the first time he and those around him learned just what kind of drunk he would be. After the brawl was over, he sported a shiny dagger in his shoulder and multiple bruises and cuts all over. He was patched up and was thankful that Kyo, a fellow smuggler on board, had been there to make sure he didn't get hurt worst. Kyo from that moment on became his unofficial big brother and closest friend. Not just an acquaintance and crew mate from before. There was camaraderie there now to a level that hadn't been there before.
  • Age 19-22 Radkaen is still the boatswain and proving himself worthy of the position in the eyes of some of his crew mates. He also helps out as Rigger with Kyo when he's not busy repairing things or stealing and spying in ports. Kyo is his friend.

    ~~~~~Events to follow are on-camera IC~~~~~


  • Fearless - He is not afraid of anything or anyone. Its as if he shuts off his natural tendency of emotion and just goes for it. Whatever needs doing, he'll do it without hesitation. If he is counted on to act as bait or diversion, being the first on the front lines in a raid, he won't hesitate to carry out his assignment. Dive in shark infested waters to retrieve something or to spearfish? Sure! Fighting with an opponent with twice as much experience? Bring it on!
  • Loyal - He is extremely loyal to his captain and friends. He will never sell them out or betray them. He is extremely protective and would die for them if needed. Absolutely devoted to them, he will do anything needed to work with them or help them as needed.
  • Ambitious - He wants to be the best smuggler in all the seas of Pern. He wants to have his own ship and crew someday too. And one day when the current firstmate is gone or dead, he will take over the position. It does not matter how many other pirates would be killing for the position. Or how many votes there is for another to take the position. It will be his and his alone. There is no doubt in his mind. This ambitious attitude is displayed in the tasks and jobs he volunteers for. They are dangerous and only the most veteran are thought to succeed. It does not matter to him, he'll volunteer anyway even if he is denied. He will also steal and raid on a smaller scale on his own to gain the experience and his captain's approval.
  • Dogged - He is tenacious and stubbornly persistent. He does not give up. Ever! Torture? Captivity? Sure those things could mess with the strongest of people but for Radkaen, his very core is hardwired never to give up. No matter what. Though he may be a bit broken after his ordeal with the guards, he will never be completely destroyed. He clings to that scrap of himself that is determined never to believe the lies, never to turn to their way of thinking, never to betray his captain and never to be their puppet. He'd rather drink lye. Thank you very much.
  • Callous? - Growing up on a smuggler's ship, Radkaen has been hardened to the ways of the dark sea life. He is emotionally hardened and seemingly unfeeling. Mercy? What's that? Tears? Not affected. When someone is whipped he will not turn his eyes away. Is his callousness an act though or is he really that cold? Its hard to say.
  • Brash - He will say what he means and he doesn't care a hoot how people take it. If they can't appreciate the cold hard truth, then they should get out of his face. The only ones he'll treat with any sort of respect and forethought when talking is his captain and those that Thatch chooses to put as his superior(s). Everyone else can just deal.
  • Self-confident - He knows his own abilities. He doesn't look up to anyone. Except his captain that is. He'll pick a fight with someone twice his age and weight. It doesn't matter. He knows he can win. (Even though many times, he doesn't. He's still learning.) He does not arrogantly flaunt his abilities but he does walk with confidence.
  • Sneaky - Slight of hand is his expertise. Weren't you carrying a purse full of marks on your belt? Not any more. A master of the shadows, Radkaen has the ability to be there one moment and disappeared the next. He is also a very good actor and great with disguises. A crying old widow? Nope. Just Radkaen. You might want to check your marks purse again and your jeweled dagger and whatever else you might be wearing of value. Why do your pants feel loose? Perhaps Radkaen like the looks of your fancy belt buckle or sash. How did he do that? You'll never know.

[THE FOLLOWING SECTION IS TO HELP YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR CHARACTER BETTER. This is to help develop more creativity and in depth personalities for an even more quality RP experience.]


  • Aggressive/dangerous when drunk
  • Too fearless and brash. Needs to learn how to shut up and accept help when he is over his head.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Runs his hand through his hair and grips his hair in his fist for a moment.

Skills/ Likes:

[Skill/Like 1]:
Serious ninja sneaking skills Smile

[Skill/Like 2]:
Excellent slight of hand skills.

[Skill/Like 3]:
Swims and dives like a fish.

[Skill/Like 4]:
Hand to hand combat and dagger fighting (throwing knives too).

[Skill/Like 5]:
Radkaen has a high skill in drawing and enjoys it.

[Skill/Like 6]:
He loves to relax in the high rigging or crows nest and just get away from it all. It's peaceful and exciting sometimes being so high above everything else.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:

[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]:
Cooking. Don't even ask him to try. He'll burn water. He's that bad.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]:
He can figure simple numbers and read/recognize important words he uses/sees every day in his boatswain trade. But don't ask him to read a letter or novel. He'll have no clue how. He is semi-illiterate.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 3]:
He is scared of tunnelsnakes. Hates the things. Good thing he lives on board a ship most of the time.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 4]:
He has a bad phobia of being restrained, tied up or put in a hold he can not break.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Dual Daggers & Throwing knives - To be used as a last resort. He'd rather use hand-to-hand sleeper holds if he can manage it stealthily.

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PostSubject: Re: Radkaen - Smuggler    Radkaen - Smuggler  I_icon32Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:36 pm

^.^ I'll try to make this painless as possible ;P buahahaha. To start, if you can add a bio section for Crafters, that will be good. Though, he's kind of been in the seacraft all his life; but you can just put his starting age at age 8 or some such.. just, whenever he started officially helping around the ship as a cabin boy or whatever.

As for the main bio portion, most of it looks really good. I like how you fleshed out the personality portion.

His birth year for 22 turns old should be turn 480, though. We'll go ahead and count back from the new turn, 502, since we just changed moved the turn forward one.

Might consider some other physical traits to add to description such as "calloused hands", anything special about how his body is developing given his particular brand of work?, etc.. just considering some of the physical labor he does on board the ship as a boatswain.. Any scars from accidents with tools or anything?

For his history, I'd like to see this thought out/fleshed out a bit more like the personality section. You did really well there. I think that history really helps shape who he is as a person and would love to see more behind the person as to why he is what you wrote in the personality. You don't have to add tons more, but a little more insight would be preferable. Below are some suggestions/ prompts:

-how old was his mother when she died? Was her lover not a sailor, so maybe she never saw him again after becoming pregnant?

-What age did he begin performing tasks around the ship? such as helping with laundry, helping the cook, helping run errands or pick pocket things, create distractions for the rest of the crew to sneak around and smuggle things, etc? And elaborate just a little on what some of those things were. >D I'm assuming he probably feels no remorse for his sneaky ways because he's been used to doing it for so long lol. And was just raised that way. hehehehe.
Maybe he hates cooking because he had to start out helping cook when he was younger and had a bad experience, nearly catching the ship fire or something Razz >D haha

-But just because one has a 'skewed' sense of morality /ethics as it were, doesn't mean they're cruel/ vile/ hardened. Did something happen to make him merciless and emotionally detached so to speak? Or is that just how he's been taught to act, because he's lived his whole life around mostly males who are that way, so that's the only way he knows how to act? If that's the case, maybe he has a bit of a hidden grinchly heart inside of him, and it just hasn't really ever been explored/ found room for expression? ;P hahah

-What is his relationship to Thatch? Considering he grew up around the man, and he sees Kyo as a brother figure, is Thatch -the captain- like a father figure, in some aspects? How far does he respect Thatch? Does Thatch know he has the ambitions to be a First Mate one day?

-Is there a reason he desires to become a Captain/First Mate? what's the drive behind his ambition? Is it a childhood dream, being free on the seas with his own ship and crew? Or is it for some other personal purpose/ goal?

Anyway ^.^ just some suggestions on how you might try to add a little more perspective on the history part. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Radkaen - Smuggler    Radkaen - Smuggler  I_icon32Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:06 am

Looks fine to me.


Happy posting Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Radkaen - Smuggler    Radkaen - Smuggler  I_icon32

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