... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrling Goldrider of Nymeriath, Emberlynn

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PostSubject: Weyrling Goldrider of Nymeriath, Emberlynn   Weyrling Goldrider of Nymeriath, Emberlynn I_icon32Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:50 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: SylverAngel
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:
Name: Emberlynn/ Ember

Pronunciation: Em-ber-lin

Title: Holdless, Tavern singer, will be QC/ goldrider

Honourific: N/A

Age & Turn of Birth: 21 (if Flynn is 19), (May 16) 479 AL

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Somewhere in the south

Current Place of Residence: The Wild Green, a tavern/ inn at Fort Sea Hold

Craft: Unofficially trained to sing by harpers

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Barmaid/ Tavern singer, will be Queen Candidate/ Goldrider

Character Aspirations: Ember's main goal is to take care of her younger siblings.  Maybe they don't see it that way, and maybe her actions can be taken as the wrong way to go about caring for them, but all she wants is to find a real home for them and clear them of their Shunned status.

Life for none of them was easy, even if they did make what they could of it, but she had to be extra strong.  As the oldest, she had to look after her siblings in place of their mother when she was gone, as well as try to keep their father from falling too deep into depression at her loss.  Ember couldn't let any of them see how much it hit her, though, and she grew proficient at hiding her real emotions behind a mask.  Acting the part became second nature, though as time wore on and the pain eased, it was a little less necessary.

With their father's death, she knew she had to leave their little group if she was ever going to find a place where her sister and brother could grow up properly.  Callous they may think her for leaving as suddenly as she did after Carcker's death, but she'd had to mentally distance herself in order to make the move in the first place, and again, not let them see just how much she was hurting inside.  And she couldn't take them with-- traveling on her own was going to be rough enough, and she wasn't sure she could keep her siblings safe from the world by herself.  They were in the relatively good hands of the other Holdless women and older children (or so she thought,) and she felt it best that Flynn and Tashin stay where they were until she found something permanent.

Ember has tried to keep track of her siblings and send them what clothing and other supplies she can, though it hasn't always been easy, and she's never completely sure what she sends reaches them.  News, when it comes, always reflects that her siblings are doing well, though.  Knowing her sister, Ember has been confident that reports of Flynn learning to hunt and provide for them, at least, are true, and that her siblings are as fine as they can be.  She is also confident that she, herself, is just one step away from finding them a more permanent situation-- that one day, the right patron will come to the inn, and accept her younger siblings as proper parts of their household.

Currently, Ember's usual sources have lost track of her siblings, and she's been desperately trying to find any morsel of information she can.  If she thought setting off on foot on her own would work, she'd have left already, but she knows that without keeping her location steady, messages could easily be lost or mangled, and she'd possibly never find them again.

OOC Character Development Goals:
I want Ember to meet up with her siblings-- namely Flynn.  There will be a lot of issues the two of them need to work out.  

Ember was born to be a diplomat.  Or a spy.  Either way, both require a good poker face, don't they?  And I'd like to see her put those skills to use-- charming unwitting informants, convincing cooks to hand over extra cookies, or soothing the ruffled feathers of rival craftsmen.  Or bronzeriders.

If no one volunteers for a significant other/ relationship, then I'd say she hasn't really taken the time for a truly serious one, and I'd like to see what can develop there.

Father: Carcker - 36 at Death - Shunned - Deceased
Mother: Perella - 31 at Death - Shunned - Deceased
Siblings: Ashflynna (See Mel's sheet); Tashin - 9 Turns, 491 AL - Shunned
Children: None
Other Significant: (Any volunteers? Smile)

Face: Megan Fox
Weyrling Goldrider of Nymeriath, Emberlynn Insert image code here for picture(s) if applicable. Please re-size appropriately before posting
Hair: brown, longish, about halfway down her back
Eyes: blue-gray, with long lashes
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Think Megan Fox in Transformers, so, thin, but curvy in all the 'right' places.  She has a bit more meat on her bones than her younger sister just from genetics, but also because of the more recent difference in lifestyle.
Other Notable Physical Traits: A few minor scars from hot water or broken glass from working at the tavern.  'Shunned' mark on her right forearm, branded when she was 14.
Style of Dress: She tends to wear clothes that show off her curves-- she's confident, knows she looks good, and it shows.  She does wear more skirts and dresses than trousers and especially likes pretty, flowy things.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Some sort of earrings and bracelets or a necklace - most of which have been gifts from one sort of suitor or another, or even just the wounded soul thanking her for listening to a story✣A practical beltknife, nothing fancy✣Notes of various sorts-- some to her (which she's asked various people to read), some from her to pass on (Which she's had various others actually write), some she is just the middleman for (like that love note from a certain bluerider from Fort to the handsome harper who occasionally passes through the tavern's territory-- at least she assumes it's a love note, given the pretty style of writing the rider has.  And maybe the little heart he drew to dot a letter in his name.)

History: Ember's family has been exiled for several generations.  It's been long enough none of them really remember exactly why, and being Holdless is simply what they are.  They've known nothing else, since erasing the stigma attached to a family for so long is tough-- perhaps not completely impossible, but very difficult to say the least.  Without the threat of Thread, though, being Holdless isn't as bad as it could be.  It simply means living from scrap to scrap, whether it be of food or clothing, or anything else.  And making of your life what you can with what you have, which is exactly what Ember did.  Life is an adventure if you make it one, and for a child in a Holdless camp, every day was an adventure.  What food would they find today?  What games would they play?  What treasure would be discovered?  What new friends would be made?  A new sunrise meant the chance to find out.  

Nothing could break her spirits-- she didn't want for what she'd never known.  Holder wealth meant nothing, as she never knew the difference-- she had clothes (even if they were hand-me-downs from older girls,) food (even if she sometimes went a little hungry as her younger siblings came along,) relative shelter from the elements, and love.  What else did she need?  Her wild imagination kept most of the children in their camp too busy to worry about such things.  The young girl's natural charm and fearlessness drew the other children to her, though her younger sister was her most constant companion.  The protective streak she felt for her sister was only overshadowed by the pride she felt in Flynn's ability to think quickly and hold her own.  And when their young brother came along, she knew she and her mother could count on Flynn to help take care of him.  Not that she ever thought it would be necessary.

But the world is a funny place, and when they least expected it, their mother's life was snatched away.  Perella was caught as an innocent bystander in a fight between two other members of their Holdless encampment and there was nothing anyone could do.  Ember was suddenly thrust into the role of mother to her siblings, as well as caretaker for their father who was clearly grieving at the loss of his wife.  Her family couldn't fall apart.  Someone had to stay strong.  And when it didn't look like Carcker was going to be the one to do so, Ember took on the responsibility, for her siblings' sake.

The other women of their camp helped where they could, watching Flynn and Tashin while Ember tried to keep up with all the things her mother used to take care of.  Carcker sometimes seemed to remember he was supposed to find food for them, though his daughter would beg for whatever scraps of bread and other things she could when she wasn't able to gather enough from the land-- which was often.  She tried to keep their clothing mended, tried to keep her siblings' bellies as full as possible... and felt like she was failing them horribly.  She cried herself to sleep as silently as she could, wishing her mother would just reappear and everything would be back to the way it was.

Not quite fully understanding everything her father was going through, though, Ember did her best to shield her siblings from seeing him as half the man he was.  It wasn't easy, and it was hard having to hide her own feelings on the matter, especially the resentment she was beginning to feel.  Along with his apparent penchant for drinking, her father started to disappear in the evenings, after her brother and sister had gone to bed and when he thought his oldest daughter was sound asleep as well.  He'd come back what felt like hours later, making enough noise she was surprised her siblings managed to stay asleep.  But she'd noticed the lack of true stumbling, and wondered at the change.  Deciding to follow him one day, she overheard a startling conversation, and discovered just why her father seemed so angry when he came home.

She couldn't tell her siblings, though it wasn't long before she confronted Carcker about the pressure he was experiencing from other members of their encampment.  She wanted all of them to leave the camp, but her father refused, saying he wouldn't take them all away from the only 'family' they'd known.  She understood, but at the same time, she knew there had to be some other way to deal with the bullying.

Unfortunately, her father took the decision from them.  Falling from his fishing skiff was the only way he could apparently conceive of to save them all-- something his daughter wouldn't have agreed with if she knew what he was planning.

Once again, Ember and her siblings were left grieving for a parent, and Ember knew there was only one thing she could do.  She had to find a real home for them all-- it wasn't fair, both of her parents' lives stolen because of the reckless actions of some of the other Holdless.  Her siblings deserved better than that-- better than the lives they'd been given.  And she intended for them to have it, no matter the cost to herself.

Forcing herself to leave quickly-- she hardly remembered what she said, choking as she was on her own emotions and knowing she'd never leave if she didn't just do it-- she set out to find what work she could.  Traveling caravans would occasionally allow her to ride, though it was tough since she had no money, and most trader caravans and Holdless camps didn't take well to strangers.  She'd help care for children, cook, clean, whatever she could to earn a short trip-- but she had her limits.  She had more respect for herself than to allow herself to be used, and she knew she had plenty of other skills.  If a short burst of satisfaction was the price for a place on a wagon, she refused and waited for the next to come along, even in the midst of poor weather.

A few cotholds here and there let her stay in return for doing a few odd jobs, but no one seemed to really want a Holdless wanderer to remain for very long.  Particularly a holdless wanderer who was hoping for a permanent place for herself and her siblings.  They had enough mouths to feed of their own-- what would they do with three more?  And if they discovered the brand on her forearm that marked her as Shunned?  She was almost instantly thrown out, though a few more sympathetic holders took pity on her and at least gave her some food before asking her to leave.

With little luck in the caravans and cotholds, she started looking for the larger holdings.  She knew no real craft, and didn't think the crafthalls would take on her dependents if she would somehow be admitted as an apprentice-- a huge stretch in and of itself to believe possible.  So a Weyr or at least a minor hold would probably be her best bet.  But even then, no one wanted to trust a Shunned Holdless girl, even though the reason her ancestor had been Shunned was long forgotten.

A couple of wandering harpers eventually welcomed her into their group as they made their way north, having heard her singing to herself as she walked along. Finding in her a willing and talented pupil, they gave her a bit of informal training by rote, encouraging her to apply for apprenticeship at the Harper Hall.  Once she explained that she needed a home for her siblings, as well, though, they agreed with her original assessment that she'd be less likely to find a place there.  For the time being, however, it was fairly easy to earn her keep.  All the harpers asked of her was to help care for their instruments and supplies, and perform with them where they stopped, since they knew a voice-- and face-- like hers would earn its own way.  And they weren't wrong-- locally, at least, their reputation seemed to precede them.

Still, the small bit of fame wasn't enough to earn her siblings a true home.  She needed a sponsor of some sort who would accept them as members of a household and vouch for them against the Shunned status.  Life on the road wasn't helping, and she knew she needed a more central location so she could more easily receive news of her family.  When she and the harpers were forced into an extended stay at an inn at Fort Sea Hold due to a heavy storm, and Ember discovered just what sort of traffic-- mostly people of the sea and other wanderers, often of questionable virtue-- patronized the port tavern, she chose to stay and offered herself as a drudge to the inn's keeper.  The man was no stranger to hardships himself, and held no ill will towards the Holdless, even those Shunned, so long as they proved themselves to be assets to society-- and in particular, hard workers in his inn.  He'd seen the charm and charisma that drew people to the young woman, even when she wasn't singing, and he rather thought that her talents in that arena would only prove to draw in more customers to his inn.

He wasn't far off the mark, and soon Ember was earning her keep waiting on customers, doing whatever cleaning task necessary, or singing for the patrons and bringing a new liveliness to the place when she did so.  For the first time in her life, the young woman knew what it was to have clothes of her own that weren't patched and ragged.  She had all the food she could eat, and a cot of her own, even if it was in a room shared with another barmaid.  It was almost more than she'd ever dreamed possible, and for a while she was overwhelmed at the change in her station.

When she realized that some of the Holdless she knew (from her own encampment or those she'd met along the way) were working on ships that came in to port, she enlisted their help to send clothing and other goods back to her siblings.  She had to trust that the items would reach Flynn and Tashin, as she couldn't leave to deliver them herself, but what other choice did she have?  The journey would take too long on her own, and she had to keep an eye and ear out for the potential patron she'd been dreaming would save them for so long.  For now, she had a way to keep up with her siblings, and they would hopefully hear news of her.

The Turns came and went more quickly than she anticipated, as she worked day-to-day, still with that one main goal of finding a permanent place for her siblings in mind.  Word reached her of her sister's branding 'ceremony,' unexpectedly striking her like a blow.  Another 'tragedy' she'd not been able to prevent or shield her siblings from-- it might be a coming-of-age event for their Holdless camp, but she'd experienced firsthand just what the rest of the world thought of those marked as Shunned.  She never wanted her sister to experience what she had, nor her brother, and guilt that she'd left them behind tried to overwhelm her...  But hopefully if she just kept looking, it wouldn't be too late...

Word then filtered back to her of her sister's apparent prowess with the bow, and Ember couldn't help but smile at that thought, despite knowing Flynn should never have had to do the hunting herself.  She, as older sister, should be providing for them.  And she was still failing to find them a real home.  But she'd known all along that Flynn would somehow make a name for herself, and was confident in her abilities.  She, at least, was getting somewhere, even if Ember wasn't.

Time continued to pass and Ember's confidence that she'd find a benefactor began to waver.  Her brother and sister were going to grow old enough to be on their own without her, and she had little to show for leaving but the few goods she'd managed to save to send to them.  But dare she leave and start over once again, when things were going as well as they could as they were?  Was it her fault for leaving them?  Would they have been better off if she'd stayed?  Questioning the situation over and over got her nowhere, and at the pleading and advice of others at the inn, she stayed put.  Maybe she should send for her siblings...  but they could come to harm on the journey, and surely they were still cared for in their Holdless camp by the other women...

And then she lost track of her siblings all together.  And really began to worry.

Personality: Despite her background, Emberlynn is generally a happy, positive, and encouraging person.  She has her days just like anyone else, but they don't keep her down for long-- or so she wants everyone else to think.  Her attitude can be infectious, and she is quick to encourage even the tiniest spark into a brighter flame.

In public, she is outgoing and confident.  In private, though, she has her moments of uncertainty-- she learned how to keep things in, hide it all behind a mask, until a more appropriate time to let it go.  She had to be strong for her siblings, and still projects that persona for others to see.  Whether they catch a glimpse of the hesitant young girl in her eyes really depends on how well she knows them, and if she trusts them enough to let her guard down-- or if they catch her in a true moment of weakness.

She may have been born Shunned and be uneducated, but only the former status has any real effect on her-- and then only when it proves to be an impediment to her finding her siblings a real home.  She doesn't really care what other people think of her and lets insults roll right off.  Unless they are directed at her siblings-- then she gets angry and confronts the source.  Her siblings are all that she has left of her real family, though her 'family' now includes several people at the inn, and she would do anything for them, as well.

Ember can be quite the flirt and tease with people of all varieties.  The trait may have sprung from her mischievous nature and desire to see others loosening up and having a good time (or her need to keep her siblings from dwelling on the loss of their mother and the distance of their father,) but has been honed due to her ability to read people well, as well as from her attempts to keep her own true feelings hidden.  If she gives people something to see and focus on, they won't see what she's really thinking.  Of course, the 'skill' has occasionally gotten her into trouble with the wrong particularly amorous patron at the inn, but that's what bouncers are for, right?  

Faux drama and acting a part also come naturally, and for the same reasons.  As a child, Ember had a fairly wild imagination, and she uses it to the best advantage at times to spin tales for the patrons at the inn-- even when just repeating things she's heard from others.  Despite the theatrics, she comes off as easy to talk to and trustworthy, and people seem willing to tell her all sorts of things.  She hears rumors from all over Pern, knows almost all of the latest gossip, and keeps the secrets of those who would rather have taken such knowledge to their graves than tell another soul.  Because she was there, a shoulder to cry on or an ear willing to listen, when they needed someone to tell.  As a result, she's gained a reputation as the one 'in the know'-- if anyone was looking for information, at least in Fort Sea Hold, they'd be referred to her, or at least the inn.

- Ember doesn't know how to read/ write due to her upbringing as a Shunned to begin with, plus never really learning once she found work at the inn.  There has been no real time to learn there, or she just hasn't really seen the necessity for it.  Once she finds herself at the weyr, this will probably change, and she'll grow rather easily frustrated with her own seemingly slow ability to learn.
- She can come off as not taking her duties seriously enough due to her apparent nonchalance and her willingness to stop and chat with whomever she meets.  She's become well-known enough at the inn that its owner doesn't mind the attitude-- she's worked hard to earn her place and draws in far more customers than he'd have were she not around.  A new 'boss,' however, might not be quite as forgiving.

Mannerisms or Habits: At times, when Ember is actually feeling a bit low herself, she will cover it up by forcing a smile.  But those who know her well can usually see through this, despite her ability to act.

She curses like a sailor when she gets extra frustrated or angry-- given where she's been working for the past several turns, is that really a surprise?

- Emberlynn has a good ear for music-- not necessarily perfect pitch, but she picks it up easily and loves to harmonize with others.  She was taught mostly by traveling harpers who recognized the natural talent she possesses.
- She has a lot of natural charisma and is quick to pick up on moods.  She learned how to read people at a young age, developing the skill as she traveled and from her time at the inn, where choosing just the right song might help heal the heartbroken, comfort the sorrowing, draw the brooding out of a funk, or simply entertain.  In short, she knows just what sort of act a person will respond to, and this ability isn't just limited to performing for the masses that visit the inn.
- She also has a good memory for faces and names, as well as conversations, which makes her both a good diplomat, barmaid, and just maybe, a spy.
[Like 1]: Listening to the stories brought by customers of the tavern from all over Pern
[Like 2]: Singing/ dancing/ music in general, and just having a good time
[Like 3]: Sparkly things, jewelry, etc.

[Dislike 1]: Anything that involves reading/ writing (once she starts learning it) because she feels she's far too slow and clumsy at it, starting from such an old age.  Spelling some of the simplest words eludes her.
[Dislike 2]: Bullies.  Bigtime.  Her father was bullied, which cost her family so much, and she won't stand for seeing others treated the same way.
[Dislike 3]: People (because it could be either/ or) assuming she's willing to sell herself cheaply because of her background or occupation.  She'll flirt and carry on, but if someone clearly expects a night in her bed as payment, she'll firmly refuse-- but she won't be rude unless it's necessary.  She is open to relationships, but only when there is mutual respect and meaning behind them.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Emberlynn has been taught a bit of self-defense, enough to ward off overly amorous patrons.  However, she can usually charm - or bluff - her way out of most situations and so doesn't have to rely too much on physical fighting.

Candidate Information:
Searched?: Not yet (though my brain would love for her to not actually be, and to unexpectedly Impress-- but how else would she end up at the Weyr? Smile)

Dragon Colour Preference: Gold

Standing Only?: No

I have always been a woman who arranges things,
for the pleasure--and the profit--it derives.
I have always been a woman who arranges things,
like furniture and daffodils and lives.

I'll discretely use my own discretion
I'll arrange for making all arrangements
I'll proceed to plan the whole procedure
Just leave everything to me!

:: Dragon Information ::


(From Nymeria (name of Arya's Direwolf in GoT))

Turn of Impression:


Clutch Name:
Poetry of the Air

Weyr of Impression:

Fort Weyr

Wing Name:

Lyrical Wing

Colouring: Gold

Nymeriath's hide smoothly transitions between a bright coppery color gold to a yellowy gold. This is exceptionally lovely in the sunlight and can remind one of the changing colors of leaves in the autumn. There are no markings or blemishes to distinguish her when she is Hatched. She is in essence all gold. Even her claws are a deep burnished gold color.


Length: 40.5 meters
Height: 46.5 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:
Exactly proportionate with no markings. As she should be. (she's not vain or proud or anything....*coughs*)

Personality Traits:

Nymeriath is a social Queen much like her sister. She has no trouble befriending those she would like to be friends with. However, unlike Glittrath, Nymeriath is happy to socialize with all classes of people and dragon. She is not elitist at all and tends to try to help those around her even when it seems that perhaps she is taking her meddling into people’s lives a little too far. In fact, some might think she is sticking her muzzle in where it doesn’t belong.

She has a vivacious and charming demeanor when socializing but beneath it all, she is quite manipulative and stubborn. Nymeriath wants everything to go the way SHE plans. Her talent of remembering everyone’s names after only meeting them one time is useful both to her and her rider. She never forgets a face. When she isn’t charming people into allowing her to meddle in their lives, she is busy making her own life exactly the way she wants it to be. She’ll do whatever it takes to be happy herself, even ruin other people’s relationships. In this way she can be quite selfish.

Voice: Nala/Moira Kelly

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