... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Axiar -Chorong Agent

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PostSubject: Axiar -Chorong Agent   Axiar -Chorong Agent I_icon32Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:15 pm

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::
Axiar [Chorong Code Name: Wraith]


Chorong Agent


Age/ Turn of Birth:
21/ 481 AL


Place of Birth:
Southern Telgar Hold

Place of Residence:
Chorong Rebel Headquarters

Equivalent of Hold Guard for the Chorong

Occupation/ Role:
Rebel Agent [Combat]

Character Aspirations:
He hopes to become his father’s pride by dedicating himself to the Chorong Rebel cause. He doesn’t see any other path in life for himself, so he is content with it. He doesn’t yet foresee himself as anything else other than a Rebel, though he’s not certain he would want to be a drill instructor like his father, nor any ranking position. He’s happiest in the field doing the fun work. He has not thought about marriage or romance or anything of the sort.

Father: Andesar  [Hold Guard/ 455 AL]
Mother: Sixia (Sheesha) [D]
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Significant: Noxaura, love interest (played by Kate)

Axiar -Chorong Agent JiangChao1_zpscc6f70c2Axiar -Chorong Agent 9fe87174-ec95-4190-947d-87962993e9ea_zpsa2df0f2f

Face: Jiang Chao
Hair: Near-black. Cropped short, only periodically letting it grow just long enough on top to style it.
Eyes:  Somewhat sad eyes of reflective, light copper brown.
Height: Slightly under 6'. Close enough
Build: Medium frame size, fairly well muscled, but very limber.
Other Notable Traits: N/A
Style of Dress: The fabric of his clothing is typically black or silvery grey in colour and the weight of is it heavy by necessity considering his occupation. His dress consists of loose pants, tucking into and blousing over mid-calf boots. The wrap-around tunic shirt he wears is long sleeved, tying at the right side of the breast. Its sleeves, to just below the elbow, are wrapped by cloth bracers snugly about the forearm to keep them out of the way. Layered over it, he dons a sleeveless outer garment/robe which is long, a little similar to a surcoat, with deep cuts up the sides and back, for freedom of movement. Since the garment has no closures, it is belted by a wide sash about the waist, and a black belt over that.

Possessions usually found on persona:
Sword (similar to terran Geom).
Utility knife
A set of lock picks
Purse of fraction marks hidden beneath the breast of his tunic

Soldierborn. Raised in Southern Telgar Hold,  Axiar had a normal, uneventful childhood up until about the time Telgar’s rebellion began to get into full swing. At the age of 8 though, in turn 489, his mother separated from his father because of his choice to join the rebellion. Not wanting their precious son to be labeled as a traitor with the rest of them, she took the boy and left home. The two of them were located again by his father, trying to reunite them, but their hearts seemed to be taking paths that were too different for that to happen. When the Chorong had formed officially, Axiar's father left the Hold with them to fight the ensuing battles.

It was a few short turns later, in 493, that Axiar's father received news of his wife's death. With no remaining family to raise the boy, at a still relatively young age, he was collected by his father and taken from the Hold. Swept into the surge of dissenters that would then make up his family, the boy was raised thereafter under the influence of his father. After so long of being apart, and being at a young and influential age, he did hold his father in high regard, seeing as though that figure in his life had been absent for so long; he had long desired to see his father again. Long desired to have those fantasies of a strong and courageous dad fulfilled. That was all in the imaginations of a hopeful boy, though. The warning that his mother left with him also remained a poignant reminder in the back of his mind that... though he wanted desperately to have a father in his life, there was something wrong with the way his had chosen to live.

When he'd arrived with his father, who was busy fighting for a cause that Axiar felt estranged from, it was clear that they may never have the kind of father-son relationship that most boys should want to have nurtured with their fathers. Though he did feel as though his father loved him since he showed his son favour, gradually their bond growing much stronger, Axiar still felt that his father was too distant. And Axiar would always long for something more between them. Perhaps that is why, after a while, the boy pushed himself so hard to be a successful member of the Rebel's ranks. He wanted his father's love and deepest devotion. In exchange, he would give his. To his father; to the Chorong cause. The boy was drawn deeply into the fold of Chorong and their way of life; he made it his.

He still remembers a time in his life when such ideals and goals did not belong to him. However, Axiar feels unable to depart from his path in life, amoungst the rebels, so he remains dedicated to them.

Once he'd begun training amoungst the Chorong, his father no longer called him by his name. He called him by an alias instead, or avoided names at all, referring to him as 'you', or 'trainee'... or later on, 'agent', and then whatever alias name he’d adopted since arriving. Axiar even lived separately from his father -in the rough trainee barracks that’d been prepared for them. But, the man wanted his son to be the best student he had, so he treated him like a student at those times, less like a son; even if he still found opportunities in private to show him favour. But he couldn't treat the boy special amoungst his peers, and didn't want the fact that they were father and son to get in the way of training, or affect the way he was treated by his classmates. His father was generally harder on him than on other trainees. Though, regardless, he was a strict taskmaster for the lot of them.

As a graduated agent, at the age of 18/ 499 AL, Axiar was recognized amoungst his peers for his skill. He’d started training later than they, officially, but caught up quickly and even surpassed many of them. Though he’d been trained primarily as a combat agent for the rebel’s purposes, he did perform some tasks as necessary, that might have been deemed more intel-related, recon related, or otherwise, due to the refinement of his abilities.

Toward the end of his training, before being recognized as one of the top in his class so to speak, Axiar was asked to pass a final test of skill that would qualify him to take on special missions for the rebels. It was a test that few were put to, and that even fewer passed. It was a test of their will and determination. Only an even number of pupils were selected to participate in the final test -most of them amoungst the rebels top students. They were students who’d trained together for many turns, and come to know eachother like family. And due to the rebel’s high demands of their top combat agents, these top few pupils were paired with one another, told to partner up with the person they liked to partner with best. A best friend, a comrade who’d saved your life.. any reason would do. But once they were partnered, facing one another, the order came, telling them what to do. Kill eachother.

If they were not the person to strike first, and unable to survive here, at the rebel’s own headquarters, then how would they expect to survive elsewhere. In the future, they may be faced with worse fates than executing their best friend. Obviously, only half of those boys completed the training, The rest would live to remember how friend turned against friend, what it was like to have to steel one’s willpower to complete a mission, and what it was like to walk away the victor. In the end, none of it was as glorious as they might have naively hoped for during their training.

More recently, as the Chorong have started taking steps to infiltrate the new Weyr that stood between Telgar and Igen, Axiar has operated with them off and on, though primarily working outside of it, helping to arrange sieges on the wagon trains full of supplies, which they could use for their own purposes. He did, about six months into their operations, join the few Shadowless World spies who lived inside Igen Weyr’s walls, becoming one of them. His purpose there was reassigned however, with the recent ‘discovery’ of infiltration, at which point some, but not all, of the Chorong’s agents left from the Weyr with trade caravans, heading either to Igen Hold or back to Southern Telgar Hold, intermittently, so that they wouldn’t become suspicious.

Axiar was amoungst those returning to Southern Telgar Hold, and from there, he was assigned to a more northern location -Telgar River Hold. Arriving with a caravan of traders, set to make their appearance on the sevendays end, just in time for a harvest gather, Axiar’s mission there was to assume the role of a performer. His personal style of swordsmanship was flourishing, or ‘flowery’ as it were, and was like a dance if one were to observe him. It was because he is quite passionate about his art form.

That said, while in Telgar River Hold, he performed on the streets with his blade, gathering quite a crowd of spectators. And at the height of the day, when the timing seemed right, he overturned a large chest on one of the carts he’d arrived on, as it was filled with counterfeit marks. The fake marks were the Rebel’s way of creating chaos in the relatively free market of the Hold. The confidence of the crafters and traders in their businesses would wane, and the hopes were that the Holdless of the new Settlement would be to blame for trying to influence the market. Distrust would sprout up as people pointed fingers in any direction.

Passionate, sensual person.
Not a violent sort. He has a way of handling conflict usually quietly and with gentle reprimand -without words. Of course, there are exceptional circumstances at times, in which cases he handles things appropriately. In general though, he seems more bent on being the long-suffering, patient type.
Not greedy nor malicious. Maybe he’s not the type that most Holdborn would believe a Rebel to be. Though perhaps the Chorong are misled in their beliefs, and those beliefs have penetrated his existence, he is generally an understanding, warm hearted person.
Generally tactful.
Silent type around most people, though he's never been faced with the circumstances to make lots of friends, so he must be eager for the opportunity, deep down. It must be something his heart secretly desires.
doesn't fight a pointless fight. and not against those weaker than him, unless he absolutely must.
Does not speak his mind. Rarely speaks at all; usually only talks much if he’s at ease around others, or when he’s happy. But he has not been truly happy since before his mother passed away.
Pretty balanced personality as far as his humour. He’s not overly serious, nor overly aloof. He has his moments on both ends of the spectrum. Otherwise, he’s recently, more commonly been sad or a little depressed. That’s how he bottles up his feelings. Generally he’s not an angry person. He doesn’t lash out at others. He’s quite controlled/ disciplined.
Quick on his feet and quick of wit, it made him an exceptional fighter -if not because he was good at dodging. Dodging strikes at directed his way, was his game.

Bottles up his feelings if he thinks it is unnecessary to share them. Thinks that showing an excess of emotion is just a show of a lack of control. And the friends he has are circumstantial, based on the fact that they’re other rebel kids like him, not on true things they have in common.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Never divulges his name. Not his real name. Always gives his alias, if any name at all.
Quiet, stoic expressions. His expressions may change, but they’re not very animated. His features show expression with small change; just enough to be noticed while  still remaining stoic.

Skills/ Likes:
[Swordplay]: For him, swordplay is like a dance. His motions are fluid and free, though the energy in them is focused and controlled. He is flexible and strong, finding freedom and empowerment through movement.
[Tea & Wine]:  Perhaps one of the simplest pleasures in life -what we drink- it is something that he seems to take great appreciation in. There’s no real reason other than that enjoying a warm beverage soothes him, bringing clarity and peace. He often finds a quiet place to sit and drink by himself, using this time to think. Sometimes using it to study how he’ll accomplish upcoming missions.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Bitter people]: People with a chip on their shoulder who would take it out on others unfairly.
[Nosey people]: They cause problems and difficulty where his work is concerned, and he’d rather not have others involved unnecessarily, thus involving others in trouble unnecessarily. It’s also a little why he doesn’t make many friends. He prefers keeping ppl at a distance for the same reason...

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Uses long sword almost strictly. But prerequisite to that is knowledge of hand to hand. He'll periodically use dual shorter blades.

:: Crafter Information ::
Chorong Guard

Turns in Craft:
8 turns

Combat Agent (Officer Cadet/ Jr. Journeyman)

Location of Journeymanship:
Chorong Rebel Headquarters


Axiar -Chorong Agent Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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Axiar -Chorong Agent
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