... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate

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PostSubject: RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate    RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate  I_icon32Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:35 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:

Pronunciation: Reece- ling

Title: Apprentice

Honourific: N/A

Age & Turn of Birth: 15 (Turn 486)

Gender: female

Place of Birth:Igen Hold - at a small sea hold off of Big Bay

Current Place of Residence: a small beastcraft hold in eastern Keroon near the Southeaster border where it meets Telgar Hold.

Craft: Beastcraft

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Senior Apprentice

Character Aspirations:
She is not what you would call ambitious but she would like her own runner stock someday and she would like to live peacefully, preferably near to wherever Penderrin lives.  

OOC Character Development Goals:
Settlement drama with other characters.
Become a Journeywoman
Searched to Igen Weyr

Father:Uvero (deceased)
Mother: Milbera (deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: N/A
Other Significant:
Penderrin (14, m) Orphaned too. Beastcrafter. The pair have an almost twin-like bond. They sometimes speak in a language that no one else understands. Or they speak in half sentences which they don’t finish. Although neither of them are particularly loquacious.
Gilvern “Gil”(39, m) – Sr. Journeyman Beastcrafter, took both children in when they were seven.
Orjna (37, f) – Gilvern’s wife
Nerezza (12, f) – Nez is Gilvern and Orjna’s daughter. She was sent away to study healing at the Healer Hall at Fort Hold. The family misses her.
Deshen (10, m) – Desh is also Gilvern and Orjna’s child, their son. He is studying beastcrafting at the Hall. He’s been gone for only a few months but they all miss the talkative and exuberant youth.  
Urik (16, m) Senior Apprentice, studying under Gilvern. It is his personal mission to tease the orphan pair mercilessly.

Face: Cintia Dicker
RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate  Rhysling1_zps9ae5cd8fRHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate  Rhysling2_zps8f43e7eb
Hair: Red, straight, medium thickness. She keeps her hair between just under her shoulders to mid-back length. Generally its worn in a ponytail or one long braid.
Eyes: Blue, round, expressive.
Height: 5’4” and not expected to get much taller
Build: She is thin, mostly because they live on meager meals and do a lot of heavy labor. Despite her thin frame though, she does have the ability to keep up with the work load.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Freckles, freckles everywhere. All over her face anyway. There are some freckles sprinkled throughout the pale skin of her body but most of them seem to have congregated on her face and forearms. She would really love to know how exactly one gets a freckle on one’s toes?
Style of Dress: Whatever her foster family can afford to get her. Generally she dresses similarly to Penderrin. Drab colored clothes, generally pants and a work shirt and boots. She also has a good thick coat for the winter months and gloves.

Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ A bracelet made of leather given to her by Pen. He has a matching one. His has the initial R on it where hers has a P. ✣✣


  • Turn 486 - born to two cotholders at a fishing sea-hold
  • Turn 489 - father disappears at sea. Her mother has to take care of them both. Which is fine but she seems distracted most of the time, leaving Rhysling to entertain herself a lot.
  • Turn 490 - After a Turn, her father's body is washed ashore. He is dead.
  • Turn 492 - mother dies of an illness which she too contracts but she survives. At this point there is only one place left for her to go so she has to move in with her grandparents on her maternal side. They are both coarse old people. Bitter and cruel. They never speak kindly to the girl. While they never hurt her physically, the emotional damage was enough.
  • Turn 493 - Runs away (At seven Turns old) She knows how to fish and generally stays along the beach. During her Turn alone, she learned to appreciate the silence of the world. She enjoyed being without other people.
  • Turn 494 - She was cooking a fish she had caught on a small fire when a boy approached. He looked to be half starved and his eyes said he didn't trust her to give him the food. She looked away from his hungry face and finished cooking the fish. She didn't say anything, she had forgotten that she needed to when dealing with people.  Regardless she took the fish off of the fire, using the drifting wood she found, it had made a good spit any way. Still she held the fish out to the starving boy, motioning with her hands that it was for him to eat.  Rhysling was not used to being around people anymore so she said very little. He did thank her politely for giving him some food. It was strange to her that he would be out here alone and unable to care for himself. Rhysling had a way with animals even when she was a young child and Penderrin had the look of a scared and starved animal. She would help him, she decided before really getting to know him. He needed someone to help him.

    When they had finished eating, they slept through the night into the morning. The red haired girl offered to take him wherever he needed to go, in as few words as possible. He said he was trying to get to Telgar weyr. Unfortunately he had gotten his bearings wrong and gone the wrong way. Rhysling made the suggestion that they follow the river.
  • Turn 495 - Found by a Beastcrafter and his family while traveling to their new station. Journeymen were called such because of all the journeying after all. Penderrin had warned her before not to trust anyone straight away so she said very little and kept her distance. And she did with the humans. With the animals well... Rhysling took it upon herself to care for the runners and pack beasts that were with them while Penderrin found himself befriending the beastcrafter's children. Immediately the beastcrafter made them his apprentice's in order to have an excuse to keep them with him. It allowed them time to get used to the man and his family and his other apprentice.
  • Turn 496 - Rhysling's ability to train and calm the runners down does not go unnoticed and she is given extra studies. This irritates apprentice Urik who then proceeds to bully the girl, when he can.
  • Turn 497 - She decides she prefers to work with runners and begins to focus on their anatomy and physiology and while Urik and Penderrin begin to compete for better Apprentice, she focuses on learning from the animals themselves.
  • Turn 498 - Her friendship with Penderrin has become like family. And while she trusts others, the only person she really confides in is Penderrin. She reveals to him her desire to learn more about genetics. Why is this runner faster than the other? Why are certain colors more dominant? He encourages her to talk to Journeyman Gil. She does so and they start a project that would last the next few Turns. During this time, Urik has stopped bullying her, finding being mean to someone who does not respond to be tedious.
  • Turn 501-Move to the  Settlement


  • Shy/reserved - She doesn't go out of her way to talk to people. People make her uncomfortable, nervous and she tends to feel her throat close when she even attempts to communicate. She does talk to Penderrin so she isn't a mute but she doesn't feel comfortable enough around most people to open her mouth. If you befriend her, you will hear her voice. She tends to also avoid eye contact with people. Especially people of higher rank or of obvious dominance issues.
  • Turn the other cheek sort when in a confrontation. She is interested in peace and avoids confrontation whenever possible.
  • Extremely empathetic. Can  usually tell what someone is feeling without even talking to them. In fact she and Penderrin are equals in this. She feels very strongly what other people feel and some animals as well.
  • Observant - She watches people. She learns from watching people. She understands what an expression means, just as well as words. She isn't one to miss a gesture or strange movement. You definitely wouldn't want to play dragonpoker against her...
  • Intelligent/ Quick to learn from watching someone else. Unlike Penderrin she learns more from observing the creatures they study than by doing experiments. Her focus has become husbandry and genetics, how more desired genes are passed down through generations. It is very interesting to her. Her curiosity though is easily piqued and she is constantly trying to sate it.
  • Understands how things work once she has seen them do so.For example if she saw someone bake a loaf of bread, she would remember exactly how to do it and be able to copy them.
  • Patient - She can stand in the face of screaming people and not move. She can stay up all night with a beast in labor and not become frustrated with the time its taking. She is never in a rush. Everything will happen when it should and not a moment sooner.
  • Forgiving, doesn’t believe in grudges. She believes and eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, retribution/revenge is pointless.
  • Innocent- She is innocent to the ways of the political world as well as the ways in which men might see her. She is often described as oblivious to interest in her.
  • She is sort of the person that everyone thinks of as their little sister. She's so quiet and understanding but she is also innocent and shy. People think she cannot stand up for herself because she chooses not to. Often this leads to people becoming overly protective of her. The worst being Penderrin. She almost gets irritated over it. She isn't a child and even when she was, she was able to take care of herself just fine.


  • Shy
  • Trust issues – you have to approach her like a wild runner, slowly and patiently. She will come to those she learns to trust in time.
  • Doesn't stand up for herself
  • Frustration when not being given any independence. She needs room to breath sometimes.

Mannerisms or Habits:
Shudders when touched
Tucks her hair behind her ear or twirls at it when it is in a ponytail. Especially when she is thinking about something.

Skills/Likes: (List at least two or three things that your character is good at or enjoys. Leave a little insight as to why they possess such an affinity on each listing.)
[Animals]: she has an innate way with animals, partly because she observes well, partly because of acquired knowledge and partly because she is quiet.
[Achieving mastery of new knowledge]:She likes to learn but she doesn’t want to only barely learn something. She has to know everything there is to know. Able to answer any question on the subject she is studying.
[Runner racing]: It feels like freedom
[Music and Dancing]:While she doesn’t sing or play an instrument herself, she likes to listen. When she listens to music she likes to dance to it, generally by herself when she doesn’t think anyone else is watching.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Talking to people]: Because talking to people means communicating with them and that’s scary. She doesn’t like talking to anyone but Penderrin.
[Gathers/ Large groups of people together]: Chaotic, loud, people everywhere. People bumping into her. She just doesn’t like big gatherings.
[Being touched]: She doesn’t like to be touched by people. Even Penderrin knows better than to touch her without reason.
[Knowing when people are trying to befriend her]: She really can’t tell. She isn’t a very good judge of character, so she has learned just to mistrust everyone.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: She prefers not to fight at all. She is a pacifist.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Beastcraft

Turns in Craft: 7

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Location of Journeymanship: N/A

Specialization: Husbandry/ Genetics

Candidate Information:

Standing Only? No

Color Preference: Any

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PostSubject: Re: RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate    RHYSLING- Apprentice Beascrafter/ Candidate  I_icon32Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:09 pm


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