... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Noxaura (future Candidate)

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PostSubject: Noxaura (future Candidate)   Noxaura (future Candidate) I_icon32Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:59 pm

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Noxaura

Pronunciation: Nox-ah-ra

Title: n/a

Honourific: n/a

Age & Turn of Birth: 18, Turn 483

Gender: female

Place of Birth: Telgar Hold

Current Place of Residence:

Craft: Herbology/Medicine making /Weaving

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired:

Character Aspirations:
The number one thing on her mind is to find a way out of her own personal hell, the settlement. If that meant she had to buy a caravan ride out, she might just do that. The only reason she is there to begin with is moral support for her step sister and she honestly had nowhere else to go.

Having had no "formal" education in any craft, her knowledge of weaving and medicinal herbs would be considered apprentice level in an actual craft, so she cannot run off to join a craft at her age either, although she has thought of starting her own business. She has also thought of just stealing what she needs to survive and living on the road but she cannot bring herself low enough to become practically Holdless.

Her dreams might change over time, but for now the only thing she wants to do is get out.

OOC Character Development Goals:
Making enemies at the Settlement (Danger, Penderrin, Rhysling...etc. )
Meeting Rebel Axiar and stealing something from him along with other future plots.
Searched for Igen Weyr

Father: Tiernan (deceased, Turn 477)
Step Father: ??
Mother: Zrinia (38)
Siblings: (Step brother) Jaharan (20)
(Step Sister) Unnamed (17/18??), (Half brother) Aldoran (14), (Half sister) Caenna (12), (Half brother) Geosef (10)
Children: n/a
Other Significant:

Face:Adalaide Kane
Noxaura (future Candidate) Noxaura_zps789766f2
Hair: Black, straight, thick
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slender, maiden curves
Other Notable Physical Traits:She has freckles across her nose.
Style of Dress: Her step-father's shop sells clothing, so she is generally used as a guinea pig for new styles and fashions to sell to people. That being said, she is never allowed to be dirty or have a single hair out of place as she is a living, breathing clothing model. And since he does pay for her food and roof over her head and she might as well look decent since she is a Holder, she goes along with it.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ A silver ring with an Emerald gem in the center, surrounded by diamonds. She stole it a long time ago but she wears it openly now. No one would recognize it and no one in her family dares open the conversation on where she got it from. The settlement was a fresh start after all. ✣ A green velvet bag, which she keeps some small amount of marks and or some valuables which she keeps hidden and to herself. Generally this bag cannot be seen as she keeps it hidden under her clothes. (She won't have people stealing what is hers)✣ A bone and leather necklace. She doesn't wear it but someone hand made it and she finds it intriguing. She keeps it hidden like her other things for the most part. Most of what she takes from people is small because it was hard to keep larger items in her room which she had to share with her step and half sisters.


Noxaura’s family history was complicated. Her father’s family were descendants of Traders and her mother’s family were good Hold born types. The family had a store where they kept herbs and remedies to sell to the public, for a profit, of course. Her father died tragically when she was two Turns of age during a robbery. Supposedly made by Holdless though it could have easily been done by rebels.

After her father’s death, her mother remarried. They still ran their own herbal remedy shop but her step father had his own store to run, alongside her mother’s. It worked out so that they could claim both stores profits. Nox however never felt the stability that a life as a holdbred should have granted her. There were things in her life that she wanted to have control over that she could not control. Her step brother was a rather quiet boy and was always at his father's side helping with this or that. Both parents were working long candlemarks and began having children together as well. Her step sister, followed and looked to her for leadership. How the shells was she supposed to know what to do? So she turned to the path of doing whatever she wanted.

Although there were a few things that were required of her growing up and she was expected to do them or there would actually be consequences, generally what was threatened was to make her Holdless, something she could not abide. She was to learn how to make medicinal salves, tinctures and remedies in her mother's shop. She was to help gather or barter for needed herbs and plants. She was to help clean and keep things orderly and learn how to keep the books. She was also to help at her Step-fathers when needed. She learned to sew and mend and make alterations to clothing. She had to also help keep his shop clean and work the accounts when needed.

Noxaura was intelligent enough that she worked both shops without problem or incidence. It was in her free time that she caused trouble most of the time. Her step-father did give her and her siblings the task of wearing his clothes in order to show them off. She kind of liked the idea of the attention so she did. No one dared say anything bad to her, especially when she was dressed so nicely. She didn't mind people looking at her and wondering why she was so elegantly clothed. It made her happy, she wanted the attention. She craved any sort of attention that she often turned to the worst things she could to get it. Thievery and bullying.

Her mother did take notice of her strange behavior when Noxaura flat out refused to watch her younger siblings or help out at the store. While normal people would have punished her, Nox's mother felt guilty for not being around much and for the loss of the girl's natural father and let it go. It was soon realized by all in the family that Noxaura could do anything and there would be no consequence. Most notably, Nox became aware of this and took to bullying other children and stealing.

Her mother’s moving on from her father so quickly. Going from an only child to having two siblings…etc. The feeling that no matter what she did, no one would ever care or take notice. She could get away with so much because no one was watching. No one cared what she did or did not do. Even the most outrageous behavior was ignored. She’d picked up from people talking around her the stereotypes against the Holdless, exiles, rebels… anyone who didn’t really fit in in the Hold. She made it a point to let those who were downtrodden remember why they were so insignificant. She would make them feel what she always felt.

And then they moved to the stupid Settlement. She didn't know what to do, all of her protestations were...as usual...ignored. She might as well not have existed at all. Her good hearted step father thought it would be WORTHWHILE to HELP people. Help Holdless? The very people who were responsible for her father's death? To do what? Be holders? They weren't cut out for sweeping the dirt off of the floor.

Needless to say, Noxaura had made more enemies than friends since her family moved to the Settlement. Actually, she hadn't made any friends at all in her mind. The only person who had her back was her step sister, her little shadow.


Self serving/egotistical/ single minded- She only really cares about herself. How will things effect her? She doesn't understand the concept that other people have had horrible lives. Why should she care?
Bossy/demanding/spoiled - She has found that telling people what you want and then demanding you have it, is an easy way to get what you want. Nox doesn't see why she can't have anything she wants, when she wants it. (Yeah, the weyr is gonna be quite the eye opener for her)
Cruel/insensitive/ apathetic - Other people have feelings? Great, Nox will crush them into the ground and make them feel inferior while they still have these feelings.
Judgmental/prejudice - She has a prejudice against Holdless because she feels they are responsible for her father's death. She doesn't like that she has to work in two shops to help support her family while Holdless are free to live as they please and still have food and a way to survive the world. They are the worst people on the planet and should be treated as if they were a disease.
Vivacious - Its easy to find Noxaura in a crowd. She has a very lively presence. She is spirited and animated, even her face is animated greatly when she is talking or telling a story even dancing. (maybe especially dancing, because she really loves good music and dance)
Passionate - She has strong feelings, feelings which often control her. This would explain part of her prejudice and her feelings of lonlieness growing up leading her down a path that she would be better off without. She has strong opinions and often forces these thoughts and feelings on other people of lesser will.
Strong - She is strong in many ways. She doesn't allow other people to push her around. She doesn't believe in backing away from a good fight, she's almost more stubborn than strong but she is also physically fit and strong in that sense as well. Obviously she was well fed and kept active as a young child.
Deceitful/ liar/ kleptomaniac - Lying comes naturally to her. Its hard to tell the difference with her between a lie and the truth because her face shows no signs of a lie. She sometimes even believes her own lies are true. And maybe they have some basis in truth which makes it hard to see the lie there. Either way, she is very good at fooling her parents and her siblings and they have known her the longest of anyone. She also compulsively steals things. She sort of wants to be caught and is always trying to up the ante. However, she doesn't always keep her trophies if they lose their luster. Often she sell them unless they have some meaning to her or she finds them exceptional.
Argumentative- Noxaura will never back down from a fight of any kind. Always wants to have the last word, or if a physical fight, wants to get the last punch in.

Light Sleeper
Relationships (friendships or otherwise, she always wants the upper hand)
No fear of consequences (seriously, whats the worst that could happen)

Mannerisms or Habits:
Turns her hands into fists when she gets irritated
Compulsively steals things

[Stealing things]:Makes her feel good to steal things and while she may not always keep the things she steals they do bring her some small joy. The ones she doesn't keep she sells and who couldn't do with a few extra marks?
[Fighting/Arguing]: More of a skill, she doesn't lose well so its better for everyone if she wins and she rarely loses even when people want her to. After all, she has a nature which would make losing very difficult.
[Runner riding]: Its freeing and she longs to get away from the life she lives now. Also its fun to bet on runner races, especially when you may or may not have cheated.
[Dancing]: Dancing is probably one of her favorite things. She likes to dance but she is also very good at it naturally. So with some practice she has become even better. While she knows most organized dances she sometimes likes to dance by herself to music and come up with her own steps. Again, dancing is freeing but it also allows a person to express themselves which might be the true reason she likes it.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Being commanded to do something]: She doesn't like the idea that things might not be in her control. She would prefer to be asked than commanded.
[Being kept indoors all the time]: Its stifling and boring and bleh. She would much prefer to have some fresh air.
[Expressing empathy]: Noxaura understands that people feel things. She can tell that they feel things but she has trouble showing people she understands what they are feeling so she doesn't bother trying and often isolates herself for that reason.
[Being Honest]: Because she lies so well, she does not like being honest. The truth isn't nearly as fun as a lie and most truths are at least a little bit painful.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Fists, legs...her body. (yep her body is a weapon)

Nox is not officially in a craft so I did not add any craft information. She knows very basic medicinal herbs, salves, tinctures and remedies. Some of which probably don't really work. (its all in your head). And she also knows basic weaving- sewing, altering, measuring people for clothing.

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PostSubject: Re: Noxaura (future Candidate)   Noxaura (future Candidate) I_icon32Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:56 pm

wahoo! yay yay yay!  Approved!

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