... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Eolyn, Lady of Telgar River Hold

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PostSubject: Eolyn, Lady of Telgar River Hold   Eolyn, Lady of Telgar River Hold I_icon32Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:49 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder

Character Info:
Name: Eolyn


Title:  Lady of Telgar River Hold

Age & Year of Birth: 22, Turn 480 (updated 502)

Gender: female

Place of Birth: Igen Hold

Current Place of Residence: Telgar River Hold

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Lady of Telgar River Hold, Future Lady Holder of Telgar Hold

Character Aspirations:

  • She wants to marry well and to someone she loves. (She wants the fairy tale.)
  • To raise beautiful children, who can make a difference in the world
  • Would like to be allowed more friends, so she isn’t so lonely.

OOC Character Development Goals:
Done some plotting with Eloaene.

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Qisbon, Lord Holder of Igen, 64 Turns
Mother: Luaya, Lady Holder of Igen, 52 Turns
Rhea (f, 30) married to a Minor Holder in Bitra Hold
Zahir (m, 28) heir
Ladli (f, 25) married to a Minor Holder in Keroon Hold
Havala (f, 17) Still learning how to run the Hold.

Children:None atm
Other Significant:
Husband: Lord Rihan, heir of Telgar Hold, Lord of Telgar river Hold

Courisse (Eloaene to play-) Bestie, Lady in Waiting, sister from another mister...actually she's her cousin. They are best friends and share everything with one another from secrets to clothes. Often calls her Rissi (Ree-cee).


Face:Holliday Grainger
Eolyn, Lady of Telgar River Hold Holliday+Grainger+as+Lucrezia+Borgia
Hair:Light blonde, straight, kept long and curled for all special occasions. She has many hair accessories though she really loves hair nets and hats.
Eyes: Midnight blue, dark, deep, large. You could get lost in them. The roundness and size of her eyes give her the appearance of innocence.
Height: 5’2”
Build:Physically speaking she has little muscle but what she does have she keeps toned, because as a lady it is her duty to be as attractive as possible. She is rather petite though, not just in her curves but her entire body. She can wear any style of clothing because of it.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Her cheeks are flushed pink naturally especially when out of doors. Freckles sprinkle across her nose and upper cheeks.
Style of Dress: She always wears the latest trends and has a weaver at her disposal. Her parents allow her to have as many gowns as she wants. She wears the finest of materials, the most brilliant colors and always seems to look well put together.
Possessions usually found on persona: She has so many jewels and things that there isn't one particular thing she keeps with her.


Sugar and Spice: Age 0 to 7

Another son would make her father feel he had a good enough number of heirs but after the birth of her brother, only girls followed. She was not so much a disappointment as one might have expected. They did have one son, an heir for the Lordship and that was all they really needed. She was the youngest in the family for about five Turns and boy did they all dote on her. She looked like a porcelain doll when she was a baby and her mother couldn't help but smile when looking on the beautiful baby. They knew pretty much right away she would have a good chance of becoming a Lady Holder. They had to be careful with her and raise her to be a true Lady.

Eolyn was always a good child. She was quiet, listened well and did as she was told to. The only complaint her mother had was that the little girl would not stand up for herself. Some things never change. Still as a little girl she had many friends. It was actually quite sweet to see the little girl play as she never seemed to discriminate against anyone who wanted to join in. The only one who ruined her play times was her brother. He seemed to find it fun to scare her and she was easily frightened.

Their parents reprimanded him on more than one occasion but he never let up until they had him so boggled down with lessons he didn't have time to spend on frightening her. As she grew into a young girl and not a little child, she was given more lessons. And despite the rumor that the girl was not intelligent the reverse was true. She understood what was taught to her quite well. Her head however was still in the clouds. She was a dreamer and she often thought about the future and what she would be one day. Of all the people she could be, she wanted to be her mother.

This meant she had to be good at all the things her mother was. She began to learn how to sew and followed her mother around like a shadow when she was not taking her lessons. The birth of her younger sister when she was five made her and everyone else fearful for her mother's life.

The Lady of Igen struggled for twenty four candlemarks, maybe more to birth Havala. Their last attempt at a second son and alas another daughter. But just as Eolyn won them over, Havala too became a loved member of the family. At times, Eolyn was jealous of her new sister because mother had to give her so much attention. To fill the void her parents bought her a small runner to start learning to ride. Being out of doors agreed with her complexion, her mother told her father who then allowed her to learn hawking. By the time she was seven she was already well on her way to becoming a Lady.

Everything Nice: Age 8 to 14

Her mother and father had very serious discussions during the next two Turns. Not every girl could marry a Lord Holder's heir but they were becoming more and more certain that Eolyn would prove to be perfect for the task. Her eldest sister would make a good enough marriage and perhaps it seemed wrong to favor one child over another. These things took careful planning. Eolyn was going to need more training in Hold preparations. This also meant she needed a lady in waiting type of girl. A confidant, protector and spy. The young girl would be expected to help Eolyn prepare for big events, such as Gathers, and also attend all her lessons as well as sleep in the same room. This was to ensure that Eolyn's virginity would never be contested. Her purity would be necessary to match her with a Lord Holder or his heir when it came time for such things.

It took a couple months of screening young girls and even stretching out of their own class until they decided on Eolyn's cousin Courisse. She was well enough off that she would be able to keep up with Eolyn's lessons, she was wise enough not to allow Eolyn to get into any trouble and the girl seemed to have common interests with their growing daughter. As soon as they were introduced, Eolyn knew they would be fast friends. Her mother had of course told her what was expected of her treatment of the other girl but Eolyn went beyond what her mother would have permitted. She immediately suggested the other girl would have as grande a bed as she did, clothes that matched hers and given the authority of she herself when it came to the rest of the staff. She also made certain that Courisse was afforded every respect and kindness. It would be hard for her to be so far from her home and loved ones, from Eolyn's perspective. The young girl was already too kind for her own good.

When Courisse did arrive, Eolyn could not contain her excitement. It was like having another sister, one that she had not met yet and she couldn't wait to see her and speak with her. They spent a day helping Courisse get settled in before lessons and work began for the two young girls.

Eolyn had private lessons with Healers to the point where the Master Healer asked if they would permit her to enter the craft. She was a quick with the healing studies. She was failing at other aspects. She couldn't fight off a flea, let alone a full grown man. She could kill a man, but not with a blade of any kind, or an arrow for that matter. The only deadly art she seemed to grasp was creating poison. A skill that her mother and the healers made certain no one, not even Courisse would ever know about.

While not all f her time was spent learning to manage the Hold, all of her free time was spent learning something. She barely ever had a moment to breathe let alone think of doing anything that would ruin her reputation. When she was finished with her Hold management and healer work, she had lessons with the Harpers about history and current diplomacy. She had outdoor lessons learning to ride runners, hawk and on occasion, try to do some archery, which she quite frankly never would get the hang of. She didn't have the heart to kill anything, not even vermin but where she failed, Courisse usually excelled. So in the end even those lessons benefited her.

Her woman's courses did not come as young as her mother had expected so by the age of fourteen she had yet to really develop and it made them all very very concerned. If she couldn't have children there was no point in marrying her off. No one would want her. Eolyn worried herself over it for a couple of Turns to the point where the healers thought that the stress being placed on the young woman was delaying her womanhood. She was very petite especially then when she was growing, so the Healers told her parents to be patient.

Rings and jings and other fine things: Ages 15- 20

She was fifteen and things were beginning to look up. Her period had arrived at long last and her parents could stop holding their breath with concern for the future. She thought things were going to get easier on her now but the opposite happened. Now that she was officially a woman, her lessons and the expectations of her tutors and parents were set to an all new high. She often confided in Courisse these Turns because she had to vent to someone. She was pushed to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion most days and then when she felt she could handle the work placed upon her they increased it again.

The preparation to be the next wife of a Lord Holder was more than she really thought it was going to take. Maybe she didn't want to marry a Lord Holder? Who was she kidding!? She could almost laugh at herself. Everyone knew of her expensive tastes, no man could afford her but a Lord Holder which her mother often reminded her of. Although at times she thought she could maybe rough it... a new style of dress would come out and she'd change her mind. There were times when she really could see just how materialistic she could be and although she didn't particularly like it, she had to admit the truth to herself. She loved the finer things in life and there really was nothing wrong with that. She worked very hard to have pretty things. She wasn't allowed to eat sweets or anything that could damage her figure. She had to attend so many lessons her head spun but she always had time to look fashionable.

Her sense of fashion was the least of her parents worries now that she was able to make a marriage. Their only real concern was keeping her too busy to think about men of any age, shape, size or class. They wanted her so busy that the thought of sleeping with a man was too much to add to her schedule, let alone actually sleeping with one. And they were going to be rewarded by this to see their very naive young daughter be pure until her marriage.

Just as they hoped, Eolyn was far too busy to spend time with anyone other than Courisse, except at Gathers where they kept an almost suffocatingly close watch on her. While she had grown up over the last few turns she was never going to be a tall woman or a woman with enough strength to fight off unwanted suitors. Her parents believed being overprotective was best though in the end it seemed to ward off all potential suitors instead of just the bad eggs.

While Eolyn was watched like a hawk, so was Courisse though unintentionally. She was always with the other girl so neither of them made a marriage as of yet. There are some flirtations that Eolyn has noticed between her lady and her brother but she dismisses them as playful teasing. At least her brother was treating one of them nicely.  Eolyn was often met by her brother with remarks as to her size or her inability to do things he could do. She was never going to be like him and she never fought back when he said things, simply reddened at the cheeks which only made it easier for him to tease her.

Recently her parents have entered into negotiations with the Telgar Holder's concerning their son, Rihan, heir to Telgar Hold. Nothing has been finalized but Eolyn is already hoping that she will finally be out of her parents home and happily married.


  • Kind -- If there was ever anyone who knew how to make troublesome thoughts go away it was Eolyn. She is calm and caring and her true feeling for people in general comes through when consoling a person. The young woman is so kind and considerate she seems to forget that she too should be treated kindly.
  • Friendly -- She has never met a stranger as she has no trouble making friends nor trouble keeping them. However her parents have been very strict about her upbringing and refused to let her have friends who they did not deem her equal.
  • Charming-- The young woman knows how to use her words to her advantage. She could charm the pants off of a Harper. Part of her charm is her seeming innocence.
  • Perfectionist -- When she is in charge of completing a task she is certain it is done more than well, that it is pretty much perfect. She hates to see others not complete projects to their full potential. Her household will be run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Naïve -- Her parents sheltered her from the world. Eolyn is quite naive about everything. People who get married are in love. There are only happy endings. No one would ever harm her. There might even be rivers of chocolate...
  • Dreamer -- Being cooped up a lot made a dreamer out of her as a child. She tends to imagine things that are either completely off the wall or completely possible. She usually keeps her dreams to herself or confides in her cousin.
  • Emotional/Sensitive -- Eolyn does not take negative comments about herself well. She is quick to feel ashamed of herself and can sink into depression if not careful. She's very sensitive not only to her own emotions but to other people's emotions as well.
  • Anxious -- Her anxieties stem from her brother scaring her as a child. She doesn't like the dark. She doesn't like being kept waiting. Her mind can come up with a million and one things that might have gone wrong. Eolyn could worry herself to death.
  • Diplomatic/Tactful -- Knowing what to say and when to say it can change a conversation. She learned to be diplomatic from her parents who seem to have the wisdom to say only the things that need to be said.


  • Naïve - The worldly people of Pern, shake their head at her. She is kind of blind to the horrors that exist in the world and often seems to really have grown up in some fairy land where everyone is happy and bad things do not happen.
  • Scares easily - She is easily scared and does not like suspenseful things. Even some surprises make her nervous.
  • Somewhat superficial- She likes nice things, especially new and stylish clothing which costs a pretty penny. She decided in her youth that marrying below her station would not work for her tastes.
  • Too kind/door mat for mean people- Pretty much she lets bossy and bullying types walk all over her. Better to let them be in control for the moment and not get into a fight. She tries to avoid conflict where she can but she can also be too nice to people who would take advantage of her.
  • Does not have great physical strength or prowess with weaponry.- she is never going to be a strong woman. She has a petite body, built better for fleeing than fighting. She would prefer not to learn how to defend herself but rather have her husband protect her in the future.
  • Sensitive- Every mean thing said, every mistake she ever has made and every time she has let someone down, is help in a perfect memory in her brain. She is overly sensitive and cannot keep herself from crying when she is upset for any reason once she is in the confines of her rooms. Anything can cause her to be sad, from having her mother reprimand her, to her brother teasing her to simply making an error during a lesson. Not that she cries for all of these things but she is hurt by being criticized which is why she strives so hard for perfection in everything she does.

Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Cracks her knuckles when she is nervous, also wrings her hands.
  • Paces a lot when she is thinking about something
  • Face gets red when she is embarrassed or on the rare occasion angry.

[Runner riding]: Riding is both fun for her and a skill. She actually is overly proficient at riding since its one exercise type thing she can do without feeling like its work. Although she does enjoy dancing as well. Plus runners are pretty and fun to brush and braid their manes with ribbons to match her dresses.
[Running the Hold]: As far as household management is concerned. She likes being in control of something since she is often not in control of the direction of her life. Her perfectionism in this case is both a blessing and a curse. When things are going smoothly, she is much happier and when they are not she can be quite on edge and will begin to nit pick at things.
[Hawking]: A hobby she enjoys and has done since she was a young girl. She has two falcons of her own in Igen.
Sewing]: Her small hands are good for something since they cannot wield weapons. Eolyn find sewing a calm activity which allows her to think while doing something with her hands. She is pretty good at it too.
Dressing up]: What she wouldn't do for a new gown or dress or even a hat! She loves to dress up for grande occasions like Gathers and Feasts.
[Dancing]: Eolyn is a good dancer, she lets her partner lead as he should and follows well. She is agile enough to keep up with most moves and also thoroughly enjoys it.


[Sparring/Fighting]: First of all, she isn't any good at it. Second, she doesn't like to see anyone fighting for fear that someone will get hurt. Finally, there is the inevitable truth that her brother is often fighting and sparring and showing off his weapons prowess which makes her feel weak and insignificant. He uses this to tease her and keep her feeling like she is below him. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she was not so deeply sensitive.
[Darkness]: Not being able to see and knowing that there would be nothing she could do if she couldn't run from someone coming to attack her makes her nervous. Although the darkness itself is sometimes more scary than what may be lurking inside of it.
Lonliness]: Eolyn spent a majority of her young life isolated from people in the hopes of making her a good Lady Holder but the young woman detests being alone. She needs to have people she can trust and confide in around her or she will be a very morose young woman.
Being considered dumb: She is a woman, she is naive and she is sheltered but none of those things make her dumb. She is very intelligent in many ways. She simply may not understand the way the outside world works right now. Someday she will be more worldly.
Harsh comments/ Rumors: Her reputation should be above reproach by anyone. She detests rumors and tends to rebuke them as idle gossip of people who have nothing better to do with their time. Harsh comments are unnecessary as  far as she is concerned. There are ways to say things to people which do not sting like some things said so harshly to her by people. She would bend over backwards to please people so there is no need to speak to her unkindly.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: She’s not good at any weapons and her father decided she was much too lady-like to need to wield a weapon. She does know how to make poison.

Holder Information:
Character views on Thread: Dragons exist…so sure.

Character views on Hold/Weyr Relationships: It really  is not her place to say but she feels the Weyrs take advantage of the hospitality of everyday people including the Lord Holders. If and or when Threadfall returns, she hopes they do as they promised to do but as far as she has studied, the Weyrs are rather self-absorbed.

Previous roles held during education of hold management:

✣  Assist the Headwoman – Of all her siblings, Eolyn works the hardest to be perfect at her future position. She even did work other people might refuse to do, gaining respect from the drudges and Headwoman.

✣  Assist the Healers – learned to gather herbs to make healing concoctions. She was extremely good at this and progressed to a point where she learned to make poisons. (she hopes she will never have to use it)

✣  Oversee food storage & preparation – Not her favorite part of the job but she learned well how important food storage was. Accounting obviously not being her forte she was still able to keep a good tally of the food in storage.

✣  Maintenance of Living space – The Hold’s many rooms and storage areas required daily cleaning and even some deep cleaning to maintain. Fires needed to be started in the mornings, meals needed to be prepared, there were a lot of things going on all at once. The most important thing she learned throughout the entire process of becoming a Lady Holder was that you had to trust people to do their job and also be ready to catch them if they were not.  

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Eolyn, Lady of Telgar River Hold
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