... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth

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PostSubject: Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth   Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth I_icon32Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:47 pm

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder


Pronunciation:  kah, reen (like screen)
Title: Senior Weyrwoman
Honourific: N.A. Although, very close friends and lovers shorten her name to Kara. (Car-ah)

Age & Year of Birth:
43, Turn 459 (age updated for Turn 502)
Gender: female

Place of Birth:
Southern Boll Hold
Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Character Aspirations:

  • To get a Weyr started at Igen in preparation for Threadfall
  • To become well known across Pern as one of the most influential if not the most influential woman on Pern.
  • Not to be disappointed with her children’s choices no matter what they are…although…Emerene worries her…

OOC Character Development Goals:

  • Would like her to reconcile with her family at Southern Boll
  • Anger management. yeah.
  • Going to a mind healer/counselor so she can deal with her authority and trust issues concerning her relationships with other people.


-Father: Lord Rosric of Southern Boll Hold, age 73 Turns
-Mother: Lady Vessien of Southern Boll Hold, age 67 Turns
Evalos -Brother, age 42-Heir Apparent
Aledor- Brother, age 39, Minor Holder
Christin- Sister, age 36, Minor Holder's wife (Rellatek Hold in Fort Hold)
Mordrek – Brother, age 35, Minor Holder
Ketharien – Brother, age 31, Minor Holder


Emerene, 17, daughter, Candidate- Hair: Dark brown, with reddish tint, Eyes: blue, Physique, tall & thin. Persona: Free spirited, willful but not one who necessarily challenges authority
Thanekar, 15, son, Candidate : Hair : Blonde with a hint of reddish tint, Eyes: Blue, Physique, Tall, Persona: Mischeivious, comes up with tons of crazy plans that he pawns off on his brother’s to execute. Father is K'thane of Bronze Remegath (played by sylverangel)
Karevik, 13, son, Weyrbrat dark red hair, hazel eyes, continuously involved in his brother’s crazy plans and a thorn in the Headwoman’s side, His friends sometimes call him “Red”
Losakar , 10, son, Weyrbrat- Dark, reddish brown, brown eyes. You know the little voice some people have that says whats right and wrong? He doesn’t have one. He does a lot of things on a whim and is often seen as a daredevil. The greater the risk of his life, the more likely he’ll do it.
Renette, 8, son, Weyrbrat – strawberry blonde, green eyes, shy yet cunning. He is never in troube and is often seen as the least troublesome of all Karene’s children. However this does not mean he has no will of his own. He can be stubborn when he wants to be.
Karene, 6, daughter, Weyrbrat- light red hair, light blue eyes, Karene’s spitting image really. Willful to the point of not listening to authority. In and out of Foster homes.
Karendris, 4 months (end of Turn 501), son, Black hair, light blue eyes (more tba)
-Other Significant: She has many nieces and nephews which are adoptable. Also plenty of past lovers.
Junior Weyrwoman (High Reaches) Zorayda of Gold Opsimath- Best Friend (one of her few friends)
Weyrharper Andris- Love interest

Evalos' children
Niece- Sulara (20) , possible Candidate
Nephew - Kriskoff (18)
Nephew- Merithon (16)
Niece- Avelinde (13)

Aledor's children

Nephew- Jasik (15)
Nephew - Dario (12)

Christin's children

Niece- Cleo (WIP sylverangel)

Mordrek 's children

Niece- Bevanie (14)
Niece- Genevere (10)
Niece- Isolda (Cool

Ketharien's children

Nephew- Alverien (9)
Niece- Illaria (Cool
Nephew- Seljedd (7)
Niece - Farrada (6)
Nephew- Regulo (4)
Niece - Leiska (3)


-Face: Jessica Chastain
Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth Jessica-chastain-oscars-red-carpet

-Hair: strawberry blonde, textured but straight, becomes more wavy the shorter her hair is cut. Right now her hair flows well past her shoulders to her mid-back.
-Eyes: light blue with long eyelashes, well groomed eyebrows. Seems to express herself well with her eyes.
-Height: 5’9”, not too tall but not short either, she’s a bit above average height for a woman and does like using it to make other people feel smaller.
-Build: Thin, small curves but not much to speak of. She is well toned from her work outs as she tries to be as fit as all dragonriders should be. (Sometimes though she will complain about the tiniest pooch she has from having babies.
-Other Notable Physical Traits: Her walk is graceful which gives one the impression she floats rather than walks.
-Style of Dress: She prefers to wear her riding leathers when working and tends to keep her knots on them. She either braids her hair when working or pulls it back in a pony tail. For Gathers and other events she has several well-crafted gowns of varying colors suited for her station in life.
-Possessions usually found on persona: An aquamarine ring given to her by her father to match her eyes. She wears it all the time, a constant reminder of her choices in life and where they have led her.


And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

Age 0-6: Beginnings / Little Kara

Expecting their first child, the Lord- heir and his lady assumed the best would happen. They would have a son and his right to claim the Hold would no longer be questionable. The woman went into labor while the current Lord Holder lay ill. He would never see the bright haired baby but they were all certain she was like him, reborn. She had his undeniably reddish blonde hair, a long jaw and long nose and a laugh that was almost as scary as her icy blue gaze. If she had been born a boy they might have named her after her grandfather. As she had disappointed her father in being born female he did not even take the time to see her that day, or the day that followed. The baby was held by her mother, almost being clung to as if the child would save her from its father’s wrath.

And despite being small, pale and unwanted the baby did save her mother from her father’s abuse. Not only that day but on many occasions to follow the little girl would be her mother’s savior. That day however, she had to do little to convince her father she was exactly what he wanted. When he finally came into the room, after pacing for a good half an hour, the baby was placed in his arms by one of the midwife’s girls. When the light eyed girl looked up at her father and smiled, he was done for. From that day forward he made she her every whim was indulged.

Sure there were brothers who followed her but first always in her father’s heart was the daughter he named Karene. His little Kara was not the best of children. She was known to boss the other hold children around. She instigated games that were dangerous and once caught made sure the blame fell on people. Her father’s temper was passed on to her through observation more than any other reason. Angry people were listened to. Angry people got what they wanted. Her mother had produced sons only after she was born and quite honestly the little girl could have cared less about them.

The time of her life for play and freedom was now and she certainly knew just how to make both of those things happen. Sadly the fun times would not last forever. All little girls had to become young ladies after all. She had her heart set on being the best of them all.

Age 7- 12: Becoming the Lady Karene

She remembered the conversation she had with her father on her seventh birthingday as if it were yesterday. He was somber, one of the times he was truly in control of his emotions. Although the calm would likely not last long, he had summoned her and she had been a good daughter when it came to her father’s wishes. She was wearing the dress he had made for this day, it was pale blue with silver threads. A silver net with aquamarine jewels held her growing light red hair. She was the picture of purity, the picture of a lady of Southern Boll. Instead of talking about her dress though or the present of a pale gray runner, he brought up a much more unsettling topic. “My little Kara, come sit next to me.” Obeying him, she did so. He was so calm it was scary to her. He was almost always going off about one thing or another, especially at her weak mother although since the birth of her second brother he had been less apt to yell at his wife and more apt to yell at Evalos, the five turn old. He never had cause to raise his voice to her. He went on though in his serious tone, “It is time for you to train with your mother and the Headwoman in the ways of running a Hold. You are not to be called Kara by anyone anymore. You are the Lady Karene. I expect you to act accordingly. No more playing with the hold children, not even your brothers. If you want to be the very best of them all you will do as I say.” She was nodding in agreement, wondering why the sudden change at first but then she realized it really didn’t matter why. Her father wanted her to be the best and she would be. She’d be so good her brother’s would be jealous of her as much as every lady on Pern.

If anyone fed into her ego, it was her father. Her mother was a better seamstress than Karene but the girl caught on quickly to other Hold management details. She was great with numbers and calculating what was needed for cooking, for healing , etc. She understood the worth and value of things quickly. Writing came easily as reading had. The only things she struggled with were the more mundane tasks, sewing included. She became an excellent rider, could beat her brother in a sparring match (which her father only allowed her to do because she claimed she wanted to be able to defend herself if ever needed and let’s be honest, he would never deny her something like that when she was putting all her effort into becoming a lady like he wanted).

Things were changing quickly for her. She learned quickly, she was astute and paid attention to diplomatic ventures. Her father even shared information on Holders with her that she probably should never have been told. Knowing the secrets meant having to keep them which Karene was good at. She was not however very tactful. The young lady was often a little too honest and even sometimes worse than honest she was cold. Where her mother was emotionally driven and dissolved into tears for seemingly no reason, Karene had never cried. Not since she was a baby. She had trouble being friends with anyone and ended up with very few people to talk to. Her only true confidant was her brother Evalos but he was kept just as busy as she was. The drudges who were more like ladies’ maids were selected to be about her age so that she would have someone to talk to but she found their chatter to be less than stimulating.

All in all, she was a fairly lonely girl during this time of her life. She had the love of her family but she had no friends, no one to confide in and that made her more cold and haughty than they might have expected. She was above any of the people she could talk to; she was too cold to care about the things they cared about or perhaps it was simply that she didn’t care about anyone but herself.

Age 13-21: Being the Lady Karene

Childish pursuits had long ago been put aside. The thirteen turn old girl was already seen as a Lady. Now all she had to do was everything her mother could do. It was not hard. She could be everything her mother was, or so she thought. Every day she spent working with the headwoman, gathering herbs, running the kitchen, checking supplies, asking after the welfare of the drudges who worked for them. It was all easy. She could work well into the evening without need of respite. However, she was nothing like her mother.

Where Karene would take care of business for duty’s sake alone, her mother genuinely cared about the Hold and its people. In fact Karene’s forced isolation from most of the Hold had not prepared her like her father thought it would, to run the Hold. Actually it had made her feared almost hated. Her brothers didn’t like her much. She began feeling more and more hated as time wore on and eventually abandoned her work helping her mother and the Headwoman in favor of doing whatever she damn well pleased.

It was at the age of sixteen that the perfect child became an unruly young woman, who went about doing what she wanted when she wanted. She was done with training and before her sixteenth turn was over she was nearly unmarriageable. And this was not because she was bedding anyone although she had become quite the tease. No, the fact that her parents couldn’t find her half of the time and the rest of the time she was arguing tooth and nail with them, it became quite apparent that she was no docile little lady holder. She would never make a great marriage if her attitude did not improve. Her mother tried talking to her about how much better her life would be if she were married to a good man who was well off and had political connections. It was so boring Karene was only half listening to what her mother was saying. Why should she have to be sweet and demure and act like she had no brain to be a wife? What did men do that made them so wonderful to marry? She didn’t see any benefit in it for her. Nothing would stop her father from trying.

Karene had no intention of marrying anyone in the near future. She attended Gathers, flirted with the Holder’s sons and then went on her merry way. It was as if no one could touch her. No one really could except for he r father. His temper was rampant and she began to feel the wrath of his uncontrolled anger at her behavior. She was still his favorite child and no matter what she did wrong, she had a way of turning things around. If she was married she wouldn’t be home! That satisfied her parents for a couple of Turns but at eighteen it would no longer suffice to have her at home longer. They searched for a good match for her but she managed to dissuade interest from most of the men interested in her, one way or another.

Her parents never let her forget that she would amount to nothing without marriage. However if she was so intent on making a spectacle of herself by shooing all her suitors she would find that all the amiable and good looking young men would be taken and she would be left with what was left. They were correct about that. She even had to admit it, she might get left with some old man who lost three wives already and could barely walk ten feet without needing to sit down. Karene spent more and more time out, hawking, riding and just trying not to be a lady for as long as she possibly could. It was only a matter of time.

And unfortunately that was true.

She was twenty. She was still cold hearted and still rebellious and still hated the idea of marriage. Karene simply had no choice anymore. Her parents were going to get her married if it was the last thing they did. When she met her betrothed she almost gagged. He smelled, he was fat and he was completely rude. It did not occur to her to be tactful around her parents when the man left. “Are you kidding? Tell me you are… Look at him! He’s fat!” Her parents ignored the rant and rage that followed. If anything she was acting the spoiled brat she had become. Her father’s rage was within her and her anger kept people from trying to console her. She did not want consoling. She wanted to escape her life. Trapped. That’s what she was. There was more to life than making a good marriage and having children. Why was she being punished for being special?

Karene had no choice. If she left home she had no skills to survive the world and she really couldn’t stand to be a drudge. After all she had been through to become a lady Holder, she was not going to give it up because the only way she could have power was to marry. Her determination set in. She was even quieter than was usual and she seemed resigned to doing what she had to do.

She was fine. She was going to be just fine. Plenty of women married for politics. She was just going to have to make sure her repugnant husband let her do whatever she wanted without question. He would see she was not someone to gainsay on anything of importance. It would be okay. She might have to lay with him but she could endure that until she gave him an heir, one that would hopefully take after her in the looks department.

Karene was strong, she did not cry. She did not even sigh over her lost childhood. She was twenty one now and marriage could no longer be avoided so she must face it. Her ladies were getting her ready the next morning, making sure the white and gold gown fit perfectly. It was not a stretch to say she was mesmerizing. Her mother and father were about to come and get her when the dragonriders walked into the main Hall. They were on Search from Fort Weyr. She was peering from behind her door as her parents were asked if they would be permitted to Search the people at the Hold.

Drudges and Holder’s children alike were pulled out in front of the men, but none of them would do. One of the men seemed to have noticed her peering out from the doorway, and pointed. “What about her?” The man asked receiving a million excuses as to why Karene was off limits, he smirked. The Weyr always needed pretty girls but he wasn’t going to take her just on her looks if she was this important to the Hold.

She walked down the stairs without really thinking about her parent’s reaction. When she stood before them all, no one spoke to her at first. They were all conferring with each other. Dragonriders were so good looking. She thought as she stared at them. Now why couldn’t she be marrying someone like them? Her father was angry, she could feel his eyes burning holes into her. “Lady Karene” The leader addressed her, “We are on official Search for Queen Candidates.” He smirked again, knowing her father was about to flip out. He didn’t even have to tell her she was being Searched. She knew. Her clear blue eyes were dancing in amusement. Oh this was going to be so hilarious. Leaving on the day of her wedding was going to give her such a reputation!

There were no congratulations, no announcements to the staff that she was leaving. Her mother could not even look at her. No one bothered to say goodbye. The thought, the only thought, going through the minds of her family was “she’s ruined.” She was never going to be seen here again, they all knew it. Going to the Weyr meant she could never come home and she would never be welcomed home because of the circumstance. Her father could not deny the Weyr a willing Candidate and therefore his anger was directed at her and the riders equally.
They were waiting, all of them for her to say something, anything. “I’ll just go get into something more comfortable for riding then.” She winked at the leader and walked up to her room. She was going to be free! Liberated and ready for change she willingly went to the Weyr.

Age 21- 23: Candidate and Weyrling Karene
The Weyr was not what she had been expecting in more than one way. Most importantly until the Hatching she was a glorified drudge. She was horrible at drudge work and ended up feeling pretty worn down mentally working in menial positions. Maybe it would have been better if she had stayed home? She laughed at the thought. No. Here there was the opportunity for true freedom. If only she would Impress the Gold. The experience should have been humbling. It probably would have been if she had to be there longer. A few days of drudgery was nothing. The humming of dragons had her running to the Weyr’s Hatching Caverns. There was only one egg she cared about, the Golden sheen of the shell made the egg easy to find.

Karene walked closer to the egg forming a semi-circle around it. There were Candidates from all over Pern, holdbred, craftbred and weyrbred. Although that didn’t seem to faze the fearless young woman as she watch in amazement as the shell broke into two even pieces, revealing the honey hued Hatchling. No fear. She reminded herself as the clumsy Gold walked towards the Candidates. Some of the young women seemed frightened as the Queen drew near them, they feared death by mauling. Karene had no reason to fear that. She was not going to die here. She was going to Impress the mighty Queen whether the dragon realized it yet or not. Nothing going on around the young Gold seemed to matter to the dragonet. She seemed content to focus on her own issues, like finding a lifemate, putting one foot in front of the other without falling, food…

She cared only for herself and in that Karene was a kindred spirit. The Gold wobbled, nearly taking down a nearby woman who fainted. This only seemed to irritate the hatchling as she made her way towards some of the other women. As they tried to get out of the Gold’s way she stumbled, killing at least one girl as crimson blood spilled onto the sands. Determination filled Karene’s mind. She was not going to let any of this get to her. There was no reason she should not impress, there was every reason she should. Waiting for the Gold to catch her gaze, she felt warmth surround her.

You are both wise and brave, my Karene.
And so are you lovedy.
The Gold’s stomach rumbled, echoed by her own.Food now. While it was more like a command than a suggestion, Karene would have allowed the Queen to talk to her like a drudge in that moment. She loved the Gold more than she had ever loved herself. Although she did not quite understand how the dragonet knew, she supplied her new life mate her name and shouted it to the expectant crowds, “She is called Galadrieth!”

Weyrling training was not without its difficulties. She spent a lot of time helping the Senior Queenrider and taking private lessons from her but she also had to attend Weyrling lessons.

Age 24-31: Junior Weyrwoman Karene of Fort Weyr

A normal day as the Junior of Fort consisted of meeting with the Headwoman, reporting back to the Senior Weyrwoman, writing down quantities of food supplies in storage, and writing down any major events and the outcomes of such in the hides provided. Exercise at some point and then spend time with Galadrieth.

Actually it was pretty sweet compared to what she dealt with now. Her dragon's first flight was uneventful as far as flights went although there had been quite a male turnout resulting in a better than average clutch with a Bronze hatchling. She never seemed to stick with the winners of her flights for long. She was a free agent and she meant to stay that way.

She was in her first "relationship" with a man when she was 25, lasting about a Turn until her first child, Emerene was born. Her temper as per her usual got the better of her one day and she practically banished him from seeing her ever again. Although that didn't exactly happen she would have been happy to sign transfer papers if he wished to leave the Weyr. However they both, despite being hot heads, were rather mature about things once Emerene was settled in the Creche and Foster parents had been chosen.

Karene was not a typical holdbred woman. She enjoyed casual relations with men and seemed much happier not to share emotional attachments with them. So it was that her next child had more than one possible father. However upon seeing him, it was pretty clear to Karene who's son he was and so she named him appropriately.

When she was 29, there was a horrible fire in the Weyrling Barracks. Of the clutch about four survived the fire and then only two survived through training. Because of the mental and emotional strain placed on the two survivors, Karene keeps a close eye on them.

Only a Turn later she birthed her third child, another boy. She supposed her parents would have been thrilled had she married a Holder and borne him all these children. As it was, she was finding it more tiresome to have babies than it was worth but she never remembered to be vigilant about Between and besides her children were not being raised by her so they should turn out alright.

At the age of 30 she began to take on more of the Senior Weyrwoman's work. She was almost 80 Turns old as it was. The fact of the matter was Aristith was no longer flying on schedule. So after a Turn of transferring full power over to Karene the Senior Weyrwoman retired.

Age 32-41(now): Senior Weyrwoman Karene of Fort Weyr

Being Senior had its advantages, things were done her way and there was really only one person who thought they could control her and that was whomever she permitted to be her Weyrleader. She was actually good at her job despite her problem with her temper and men who sought to control her. She and the Headwoman had a system worked out. The Headwoman would complain about all the things that weren't being done right and Karene would find a way to improve things or solve the issue entirely.

She was still quite busy in the bed department which was only proven when her fourth child was born, again a boy. She was 33. Surprisingly while she was pregnant with this child, Galadrieth had given Fort a second Gold. The whole Weyr was abuzz with discussions on the Gold Egg and who would Impress to her. Karene made sure Searchriders were sent out to all places in their territory and some places that were not. She wanted the little one to have whomever she wished to be her rider. Karene hoped the new Weyrwoman would understand that she was below Karene and she wouldn't give her much attitude. It was important that they get along after all.

If Karene was not busy enough she now had to train a new Weyrwoman. Somehow it didn't seem to stop the Goldrider from enjoying her life too. Working well into the night, she had learned, created too much stress in her. Everyone had their ways of decreasing tension. Hers somehow seemed to keep resulting in pregnancies. She was starting to think she was too old for babies! The thought did not stop her from having a fifth child. The boy was healthy so she supposed nature would take care of itself.

It took two Turns to train the younger Goldrider but now, she finally had some help with all the things she was required to do. And while it might seem she gave some of the more boring tasks to the Junior it was not because she was being mean to the other woman. Simply put her Junior knew how to spot the little details in things, which was required in a lot of the more mundane tasks. It made sense to Karene to give people tasks according to their abilities.

Whispers began to circulate the Weyr about the Weyrwoman having a secret lover that no one knew about. Nor was she going to feed their rumor mill. She had a lover, he wanted to remain anonymous to the good people of the Weyr and she was not going to let that secret out. So when her youngest child was born, almost two Turns into her relationship, she named her after herself rather than reveal the father.

The last couple of Turns, Karene has been pushing for support from the other Weyrs to create a new Weyr at Igen. The Weyr would need to be fully operational before Threadfall. Her obstacles have been Weyrleaders who don't believe in Thread, Telgar Weyr feeling they can cover more territory than the other Weyrs and of course the holders. Tithing to a new Weyr meant new trade routes and more Searches.

She has also been hoping to have Fort host this Turn's Weyr Games.  



  • Arrogant, Proud--She was born to be a Lady Holder and she has always felt her place was above other people. She does not apologize for being better than other people. And despite her arrogance and pride she is a good leader. Or maybe its more that her arrogance makes her so self assured that no one can push her around which in turn creates an inner strength that all leaders need.
  • Trouble with authority- Its probably best for everyone that she is in charge of much of what goes on at Fort Weyr. Otherwise she might be trying to take the Hold from her father rather than allowing it to pass on to her worthless brother. She has serious trouble with people telling her what to do or even trying to be sneaky and manipulate her into doing something she doesn't want to do. It is the main reason she dislikes and distrusts Bronzeriders. Control freaks, the lot of them!
  • Honest.-- She really can't lie well anyway. When she is honest its almost brutal. Her honesty might be refreshing to some people. Most people try to use white lies to make people feel better. Karene is not that type of person. She'd rather just say the truth and have nothing to worry about later on.
  • Cold at times-- Hand in hand with the arrogance and brutal honesty, her demeanor can seem cold. Actually she is rather unfeeling when it comes to the feelings of other people. She has never been very empathetic towards people. She has troubel emoting much of the time too, because her job keeps her so serious and because she prefers to keep a distance between herself and those below her. Makes working with people so much easier.
  • Tempestuous, passionate- Sometimes she lets her emotions become strong enough to override her better judgment. She has an intensity at these times that draws men to her. Her relationships are turbulent and quick to change just as her passion is. She isn't one to commit to long-term relationships and often her in he passion she hooks up with the men who are worst for her.
  • Tact -- She has had a ton of training, her whole life, of dealing with delicate situations but the woman seems to ignore them half the time. When a situation is most dire, she can deal with people but again, she has some issues that keep her from being completely tactful. Her pride, her coldness and her uncaring nature affect her ability to deal with people in power over situations that are troublesome.
  • Craves order-- while her personality is the exact formula for a life of chaos, Karene does want order. The Weyr is run like a well oiled machine because it is well organized. Karene works well with the Headwoman and her Junior Weyrwoman to keep things so organized a drudge could pick up where they left off.
  • Emergencies-- Karene is like a god-send when it comes to emergencies. The woman can keep her cool in the middle of a fire. She solves problems easily and because of this you kind of want her around when bad things are happening. (If she were a man, she could lead a Wing during Threadfall wonderfully. *coughs* Queen Wing)


  • Temper- To say she was a hot-head would be accurate. Karene has worked very hard to control her temper but it does get the better of her in more private situations. She cannot stand being around other people like herself which is why she more often than not loses her temper around the Bronzeriders and Goldriders of Fort more so than say a drudge or Weyrbrat.
  • Relationships- From family, to friends to lovers, Karene has trouble with her relationships. They don’t last long and when they do or must because of blood ties, she is often seen as the bad apple of her family and her oldest friends regard her as someone to be very careful around. She has not quite learned that people don’t really want to hear the truth.
  • Lies- She is the worst liar ever. This is why she predominantly sticks to the much hated but very necessary truth.

Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Laughs when things seem horrible or the worst they could possibly be. It relieves her stress for a moment and genuinely scares people.
  • Twirls her hair around her fingers when she is bored. (Solution, don’t be boring)
  • Blinks a lot when she lies.
  • Picks at things, like scabs, her nails, anything when she’s upset or nervous for any reason.


-[Flying]: She loves the feel of wind in her face, the freedom of having to think about nothing except where she wants to go. Its a release for her and its probably better for all involved not to interrupt her while and Galadrieth are flying.

-[Sparring]: What can she say, she's been sword fighting since she was too young to really remember. She's better than most of the men she encounters. No one really likes to sparr with her much but she does devote time to training the Junior Weyrwomen in some swordsmanship. She thinks women should be allowed to defend themselves and have proper training.

-[Solving Problems]: A challenge is fun to her. She likes to find solutions and work out problems on her own. Karene enjoys keeping her mind occupied and its one of the few reasons she and the Headwoman actually get along most of the time. The Headwoman tells her the problems and she finds a way to make the problems go away.

-[Arguments/Debates]: Maybe its her passionate nature or her temper but either way Karene loves a good debate. Well educated people who have a different view than she does make for interesting conversation. She enjoys a good debate. While she might not enjoy arguing its part of how she communicates with people. Her best relationships are those that are filled with arguments.


-[Minute Details]: So the flowers arrived and they are red instead of white... who cares! There are people dying of starvation in the world. Weyrlings die during lessons. Why are the little tiny details so important. Please take up all miniscule details with the Junior Weyrwoman or you are really going to regret whatever it is you are about to say.

-[Bronzeriders]: Proud, arrogant, assholes who think they run the world. She isn't bitter. She simply hates that they have some power over her.

-[Crying]: She won’t ever, ever cry. She doesn’t know what to do when other people are crying and has trouble empathizing with their need to feel sad.

-[Messes]: She prefers things to be orderly. When things are messy its harder to find what you are looking for and it also stresses her out. She has a personal drudge to take care of her own weyr but even people who dress messily she has a problem with.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Sword- she was taught sword fighting as a child along with her brother. (And she's still better at it! HAH!)


“All that is gold does not glitter;
All that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither;
Not all that is over is past.”

Year of Impression Turn 480

Clutch Name:
Gold Aristith by Bronze

Weyr of Hatching: Fort


The dragon has a honey hued hide with darker areas around her eye ridges and wing sails. She has a beautiful, healthy sheen to her hide which her rider takes great pride in. Her claws are a dark brown.

-Length: 39 meters
-Height: 45 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:
Galadrieth has a longer neck than average but its not like look I'm a giraffe, long. She tends to hold her head up high and look down on other dragons and people.


  • Demanding--She wants what she wants, when she wants it. In fact if you could know what she wants before she even know she wants it then you'll be even better off. Galadrieth has always known exactly what she wanted. She does not dilly dally over small details to make decisions. Her nature makes her very much a commanding sort of dragon. She does not care if she steps on any toes in her pursuits.
  • Orderly-- Everything has a time and a place. There is no reason why things should not go where they belong. She also likes order when it comes to the hierarchy of the Weyr and does not find a fault in having Bronze companions the way her rider does.
  • Determined-- Once her mind is set there is no turning it away. She has a very single minded nature.
  • Brave-- Just because something might be dangerous, if Galadrieth thinks its for the greater good, she will risk even her own life to achieve it. Its almost as if she knows no fear.
  • Proud-- Perhaps a bit typical, Galadrieth is the proud sort in more than one meaning of the word. She can be arrogant, conceited and self absorbed. However, she also has pride in her Weyr, her dragon friends and her many children, most especially her Golden daughter.
  • Draconic Wisdom/ Logic-- You know that person in the room who always has some smart side comment to add to the conversation, that is Galadrieth. It wouldn't be so annyoing except that her comments always make  some sort of sense and are actually almost logical. Sometimes they are even wise. Her rider is constantly reminded of her dragon's superior intellect.
  • Good Sense of Humor-- Some of those side comments...well they are actually said in a joking fashion. Galadrieth sees the humor in situations where other people and dragons might not. It keeps her and her rider from becoming overly stressed.
  • Overly Cautious when on the Sands with a clutch and can be extremely aggressive at this time in her cycle. There will be rare opportunities for Candidates to touch her eggs but if there is a Gold egg on the Sands, no one will be permitted except the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. This is for the safety of the Candidates and for the sanity of the Gold.

Text Color: #FFB538
Voice: Cate Blanchett: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3s5KGRp_OY  [/b]

Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth Pathsig
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Sr. Weyrwoman Karene & Gold Galadrieth
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