... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth

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PostSubject: Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth   Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth I_icon32Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:40 pm

Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::


Wingrider/ Bronzerider


Age/ Turn of Birth:
25/ 477 AL


Place of Birth:
Retallek Hold (Minor Hold)

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr

Hold Management & trade

Occupation/ Role:
Wingrider > Wingsecond -Wingleader- Flightlead

Character Aspirations:
To one day take up the position of Wing Lead & Flight Lead. To support his friends in their goals, and not take away from their desires. He has the will, skill and work ethic to achieve all of the above.

Father: Steward Leoken (Younger brother of Holder Leophus.) (452 AL)
Mother:  Lady Kendra (457 AL)
Siblings: Younger siblings Kellan(Future Steward), Kayode(Smithcrafter), Garik(Smithcrafter), Rennik, other?
Children: None.
Other Significant: Best friends Sh’nar, S’jiro, L’mar; Uncle & Holder Leophus, Cousin Lady Cleophaedra & her siblings

Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth Julianfarietta5_zps49687911

Face: Julian Farietta
Hair: Short, dark brown, slightly longer on top, where he keeps it styled with light wax.
Eyes: Copper brown
Height: 5’11”
Build: A sturdy, Well cut, athletic build.
Other Notable Physical Traits: N/A
Style of Dress: Clean cut and simplistic style, he’s not one for many adornments and accoutrement, though he wears a golden ring given to him by his father, representative of their family’s relation as Holders and Stewards of Retallek Hold. He also likes belts, so though he doesn’t wear many other accessories, he has a collection of belts that he switches out frequently. He also likes shoes, and has a fair collection of those, too.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Pouch of fraction marks when he’s going anywhere they might come in handy.✣Retallatek Hold ring.✣Artistically crafted belt knife.

Zegrim’s mother was from a family of Master Smiths who forged a highly artistic line of blades, knives and ornate iron decoration to be fit into architectural decor. Thus, his side of the Holder’s family have always been drawn to art and the finer craftsmanship of building structures, home decoration and the knives that hey carried. Thus, many of his friends have been gifted with exceptional knives over the turns, produced by his mother’s family.

Zegrim’s father is the brother of Retallek’s Holder, Leophus, and holds the position of Steward to Retallek Hold. Together, the run a tight ship, usually agreeing on things, being very supportive of one another. Though both brothers get along famously, with hardly ever any qualm, their wives are often jealous of one another. The Holder’s wife, from Southern Boll, a territory naturally more inclined to be aggressive toward Fort, has born the Holder of Retallek Hold no male heirs. Since Lady Kendra has nothing BUT sons, there is some animosity between them. If Retallek’s holder were to be unable to perform his duties as Holder any longer, that duty would then fall to Leoken and his sons, not to his own daughters. Kendra however, isn’t so concerned about all of that, so she mostly tries to ignore the Lady Holder outside of it being absolutely necessary.

Having grown up in the ideal family with so little real conflict, Z’rim was a fairly well behaved child, though he had just as much energy as any other boy. He was always involved in sporting events alongside friends and brothers, from a young age, finding more enjoyment in physical activity pursuits. His education included many book studies that he had always dreaded, having to learn the ins and outs of keeping records and ledgers, invoices for trade, etc, in order to prepare him to become a hold Steward one day. He’s always looked for shortcuts about it. He has had a minor interest in the hold’s history simply because he was always taught to be proud of his heritage, but if anything, he’d rather have his hands on artifacts, art, walk around the locations, etc to appreciate that past instead of having to sit and read about it.

His mother’s family steeped in the traditions of Pern’s smithcrafters, Z’rim learned a garnered a fair amount of knowledge about the craft from family. He has a great interest in the industry itself. He enjoys the curious creations, intricacies and artistry of the industry and has a great respect for those who practice the craft. Z’rim has only tried his hand at basic smithing practices a handful of times, when visiting relatives in the trade. But seeing as he’d a knowledge of smithing wares from his mother’s side, and the know-how of trade negotiation and management from his father’s side, he took it upon himself, for his own personal interests, to become a small time dealer of smithing wares (at the age of 16). This is how he began collecting knives.

Searched late 494 AL, at the age of 17, for the two upcoming clutches of 495, he was glad to join their friend L’mar after he’d been separated from their group of friends for so long. Of course, Zegrim’s leaving on Search thus halving their circle of friends, is what prompted S’jiro to decide to leave for the Weyr and take his chances on the Sands as a Candidate. He was met with much disappointment when, turn after turn, he did not Impress. Friends he’d made with other candidates Impressed and moved on with their Weyrling classes, leaving him to wait on more candidate arrivals. Still, for as much time as he was able, he tried to spend time with childhood friends Sh’nar, S’jiro and L’mar, though it wasn’t until his own Impression and graduation that he finally got to work with them every day.

Though his family is on the fence about Weyr/ Hold relations and tithing, they were happy and supportive when it came to his Impression. It’s become a huge point of pride for their family to claim a Bronzerider of course, and they try to frequently attend events at the Weyr such as Weyr Games.

Z’rim has survived a long candidacy and weyrlinghood by being flexible and getting along well with others as best he can. He has been interested in his time at the Weyr to discover that there is indeed disparities in their life experiences and perceptions/ perspectives between himself as a highborn and those who were not; but with a positive outlook, he’s made it to his enjoyment that he’s gotten to know many different kinds of people at the Weyr. He simply agrees to disagree with many of them on certain topics. And though the did get to know quite a few new people in those turns when he was less likely to be able to spend a whole lot of time with his best friends, he never grew very close to anyone. It was probably a little off-putting to others that as much free time as he had, he tried to spend it with his childhood friends, not with his classmates; and those childhood friends became ever more infamous for being as elitist as they were, and so such an image was easily pinned on himself as well. He never resented that though. He was highborn, and they were his best friends. There were many more things he shared in common with them than with the candidates of his various classes.

Throughout his training, Z’rim found the most enjoyment in training that involved leadership skills, seeing as though it came much more naturally to him given his birth and schooling growing up. He felt as though he was meant to fill the shoes of a Bronzerider; and as his confidence grew in his tasks, so did his confidence that he was one day going to fulfill his goal of becoming a Wingsecond or even a Winglead.
He fulfilled every duty given to him without complaint, even if he did laugh about getting stuck with crappy jobs at times and make faces at the fact. He was always hard working, but especially when it came to the physical tasks. It was probably more common than not, that he’d fall asleep at his desk over book studies, getting himself into trouble over that from time to time.

As for the elite bronzerider clique his friends have formed, and he’s openly participated in, if there is an offense deserving of it, Z’rim has no qualms with taking matters into his own hands. He hasn’t always agreed with the terms of ‘punishment’ set out for the group’s victims that would be bullied. In times such as those, he tends to keep his mouth shut and let Sh’nar and S’jiro or L’mar have their fun. It is rare that he speaks out against their activities. Thus, of the four of them, he is known as being one of the least elitist.

Though Z’rim takes pride in his heritage, he is not as elitist as he might seem, seeing as the company he tends to keep. He does befriend others outside the Elite Bronzerider circle, being a rather personable person with easy energy, easy to get along with overall. Due to the Bronzer Four’s preferences however, he does not have a lot of time to spend cultivating those other friendships, so close relationships remain amoungst those of his Wing; ths gives him a small circle of close friends.
Not a quick temper, but protective of his friends and Wingmates. Relatively an understanding sort, he’s a good moderator for the Wing and Bronze group and will act as a tempering agent for his friends when they get too out of hand with their antics. That trait will benefit him in the future as a Wingleader or Flightleader, which is what he’s hoping for. And though he may not be quick to anger, he does not refrain from fights if it’s in defence of his Wingmates, friends or family. He did grow up in a house full of boys after all.
If there is ever a conflict with him, he’s likely to forget it ever happened the next moment, being pretty quick to cool off as long as amends have been made.
Z’rim is generally quiet when it comes to his personal ambitions, almost being more supportive of his friends in theirs, because he’s not so power-crazed that he’d go to any lengths to attain position. Z’rim however, is well enough spoken, skilled, personable, and has the work ethic to attain what he wants in life.
Polite and well mannered. Refined and cultured in his passions.
Z’rim is by no means introverted, though he has a more subtle or reserved way about his manner generally. He’s not as assertive in general as the other Bronzers he hangs out with and tends to be more understanding. However, if he’s not paying attention, sometimes his dragon’s temper can come out in him and he can get snippy with others. But it’s not intentional. Usually he’ll try to laugh about it and apologize.
He’s highly protective of the people he values in his life, his friendship with the Bronzerider Four is paramount -next comes his relationship to the rest of his Wing. These people have come to define the purpose of his life’s existence, especially as a Rider.
Respectful of others generally, he is a great team player, whether it be in sports, with the Bronze club, his wing or in Weyr Games. He doesn’t mind picking up the slack for others when its needed and going the extra mile for his teammates to help them win.
Intelligent and possesses good common sense; he is a logical, reasonable person, well enough spoken to be persuasive when he needs to be and is a good negotiator.
Z’rim is well educated, but more of a hands-on learner than a book-reader.
He is comfortable with jokes and jests, even at his own expense, because he has a good sense of humour.
Confident and not indecisive, but he tends to take his time making major decisions and once he's decided on something, he'll remain rather firm on it.
Busy-body. He feels the need to always have something to do -even if it’s just playing cards with friends. Usually he prefers it be something physical/ with his hands.

Not as assertive as other Bronzeriders, so he is sometimes overlooked when it comes to leadership ability. Sh’nar and S’jiro tend to take the spotlight in the Foursome of ‘famous’ Bronzers in the Halcyon Wing.
Since he has little attention span for sitting down to study books, he’s always been frustrated with the fact it seems like such a chore to him to have to study maps and coordinates, etc as a Rider. He wants to do it, and works hard to do it well, but doesn’t enjoy book work/ paper work, etc. Especially since there’s no making shortcuts about it.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Subtle, amused smirks
Toys with his ring.

Skills/ Likes:
Games/Sports: Games like gambling and sports, but he doesn’t take them seriously most of the time; all in good fun.
Collecting Art, Knives, Belts and Shoes : He has a collection of knives, most of them crafted by someone on his mother’s side of the family, though he has also collected interesting knives from traders and gathers from various territories. He holds a great interest in collecting shoes and belts of all kinds, as well, preferring that they are visually appealing, interesting, fashionable or different in some way.
Smithing: Has learned a little about the smithcraft from family, and has a great interest in the industry itself. He enjoys the curious creations, intricacies and artistry of the industry and has a great respect for those who practice the craft.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[No attention span for book studies]: He’s much more of a hands-on learner, and appreciates hands-on experience. Made it a little hard for him as a Rider to sit down and memorize maps and coordinates and the like. That was certainly a more challenging point for him throughout training. Let’s just say he’s glad to be graduated.
[Disrespect]: A quality which all people should possess.. for themselves and for others.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Skilled with knives, but prefers only to use hand-to-hand, as part of a dragon rider’s code to preserve peace. It’s a dangerous and unfortunate thing when a man draws a blade.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:
497 AL

Clutch Name:
Unnamed by Gold Therasaith and Bronze

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:

#483432, #544140, #645452, #746260
A Classic Bronze colour, tinted by cool shades of dark wenge brown that pale across his underside. Because the colour is such a cool shade, where it lightens on his underside, it could almost appear to have a charred silvery grey tint to it.

Length: 35.3 meters
Height: 41.3 Meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Nemesenth is a fairly bulky dragon for his size. Though he’s not as tall as other bronzes, his build enables him to be skilled at short bursts of incredible strength and speed and a little more agile than his Bronze counterparts; but it’s not something he can keep up for long periods of time. He doesn’t lack endurance though, if he paces himself. The Bronze has a mean-looking countenance with a squarish head and strong, well defined jaw line. He is missing a talon on his left forepaw, an injury from a Threadfall Drill.

Personality Traits:
Not quite as mean as he looks, Nemesenth still doesn’t share his rider’s more understanding nature. Nemesenth does not care much for talking to humans; he’d rather stick to his own kind, knowing that there are few exceptions where humans are worthy of speaking to. He doesn’t necessarily look down on humans but he does not really find them that interesting. Exceptions are typically other Bronzeriders, or the riders of Browns who’re ambitious enough to have been bronzes, eliciting his respect, because they are all more like-minded. He will talk to any dragon, though. Nemesenth can have a temper and be a little snappy. He likes his personal space and has been known to snip and bite at other dragons, but never at humans.


:: Distinguished Persons' Information ::
Character Views on Thread:
It’s coming. Of course all the signs point to it.

Character Views on Hold/ Weyr Relationships:
He does not share the rest of his family’s typical views that would rather support the Weyrs being less dependent on the Holds, but their family is not active in wanting to bring about such change. Not when they’ve been in constant minor conflict with Southern Boll and the ‘promise’ of threadfall is right around the corner. They’ll wait until they know they’re in a safe zone until taking that kind of political step forward. In any case, it hasn’t ‘hurt’ them to tithe. They’re proud enough that they’d never admit they might be better off keeping their tithe goods. In any case, the whole topic is a fairly common topic around their house and arguments always go both ways...then somehow lead back to the conflict of interests with Boll.

Experience in Hold Management:
Assisting in the role of steward under his father and learning about trade from both sides of his family.

Z'rim & Bronze Nemesenth Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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