... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Jungi -Caravan Load-Puller & Honourary Guard

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PostSubject: Jungi -Caravan Load-Puller & Honourary Guard   Jungi -Caravan Load-Puller & Honourary Guard I_icon32Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:16 am

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::


Senior Journeyman Load-Puller & Honourary Guard of Telgar


Age/ Turn of Birth:
28/ 474 AL


Place of Birth:
Telgar Hold

Place of Residence:
Everywhere and Nowhere

Trader Craft

Occupation/ Role:
Load-Puller for a Trade Goods Caravan

Character Aspirations:
Other than one day becoming a Caravan Master like his father, he has no other real aspirations. He is happiest doing what his family raised him doing, and that is traveling all of Pern’s roads and being responsible for the transportation of goods. He does hope to marry one day soon, but traveling makes relationships difficult, as most women require settling down with, especially when they’re involved in another craft.

Father: Kuchiki, Caravan Master (445 AL)
Mother: Iniel, Caravan Headwoman (447 AL)
Siblings: Shuhei, Load-Puller (476 AL)
Kaeul, [idea for her to be betrothed to someone in Rihan’s family or to work at the Weyr or Hold as a Healer or some such] (477 AL); Ulkiora, Load-Puller (479 AL); Ririn (481)
Children: N/A
Other Significant:Best friend Rihan

Jungi -Caravan Load-Puller & Honourary Guard Mygirl7_zps0378fd49
Face: Lee Joon Ki
Hair: Black, cut in long, straight layers to stylistically frame his face and neck, long bangs swept across his forehead.
Eyes: Dark Hazel/primarily brown with an etching of other colour directly around the iris.
Height: 6’1”
Build: Medium-sized frame, trim, well toned musculature from his work.
Other Notable Traits:
Style of Dress: When he’s on the road, he can typically be found wearing dark brown trousers with cargo pockets in them for work supplies, the pants legs tucked into brown leather boots made sturdy for as much wear as his will see. Sometimes he will trade off to wearing blue-jeans, but a slim fitted short sleeved shirt is always worn, usually tucked in and belted and periodically a leather jacket for outerwear. For heavier work, he’ll also wear some sort of leather gloves.
Typically, he will wear leather bracelets up his left forearm and a set of silver studs in pierced ears.

For truly formal occasions, he wears the rank knots of his Honourary Guard title and sometimes the Guard Dress Uniform.
When they’re not traveling, doing heavy lifting and other dirty work however, Jungi’s much more inclined to be well dressed in the latest fashions to visit with his clients or relax and socialize. Of course, working frequently in the company of some of Pern’s most skilled craftsmen, the latest fashions and the finest goods are easy to come by, and at times, he commissions interesting works for himself.

Possessions usually found on persona:
ID badge
Purse of marks attached to his hip by decorative belt-chains
Usually he’ll keep some sort of heavy-duty knife on him for utility purposes for his work.
(Though he has Standard issue weapons for the Telgar Guard, he rarely keeps them on him. They're usually stored in one of his wagons.)

Kuchiki and Iniel are Caravan Masters whose family for generations, have been running goods and people between Holds and Craft Halls. They carry goods and people as a service because they are both familiar with many of the roads, and familiar with the dangers present on them. Men in the family are prized, always encouraged to remain in the family business. Males of the family typically work as “load-pullers” who handle individual waggons, carts and their respective goods and drey-beasts -someitmes a man may take on the responsibility of several waggons as he becomes more experienced. Some girls in the family are married off to cotholds because travel makes pregnancies difficult and the girls aren’t always cut out for hard work on the road all the time. Though they don’t resent dragonriders when search takes away from their group, each loss is felt severely because of each person’s important role in the Caravan.

Kuchiki's family over the winter months, spends time replenishing their energy and supplies at Telgar Hold, since travel becomes difficult -if not impossible. In order to keep themselves from growing idle, it was during these times that the children of both families joined in recreation and trained together while the adults collaborated in business for the following turn. Both families have remained highly loyal to each-other's interests for mutual benefit. During these five months out of the turn that they wintered at Telgar, it is typical of Jungi to join physical training exercises and combat exercises with the local Guard in order to spend time with his brother and learn better how to protect himself while traveling. He never took up any official occupation in it of course, nor took any titles for his proficiency, but he’s become very skilled in such things after maintaining the practice for so many years. Rihan, the son of Telgar’s Lord Holder who’s befriended him over those years, teases him about giving him an Honorary Guard title.

The journey from Telgar to Fort is typically made two, sometimes three times in a year. A few days was spent between each trip to replenish feed for drey-beasts and runner beasts, as well as to take inventories and load everything into the wagons, make repairs, etc. Likewise, at least a day or two was taken between each stop at crafthall or hold in order to unload inventory, load inventory and take care of all other transactions, business negotiations.

484 Jungi began doing basic grunt work for the Caravan apprenticeship whenever they were traveling and began learning to read and write, begin copying maps and star charts, understanding how to read the terrain of the skies and terrain of the land by himself, etc.

By 490, Jungi entered a Journeyman phase of his craft. He was responsible for an entire wagon load by himself. Essentially, he was starting his own business, learning to negotiate fees for services and supplies etc respectively on his own. His prices for transport were lower since he was still relatively ‘inexperienced’.

In 490, Jungi began the Junior Journeyman stage of his trade. In 494, Jungi took on a second Load by himself.

In 496, Jungi began his Senior Journeyman stage and took on a third wagon load by himself.

In 499, he took on a fourth Wagon for his business. This is the same year that Rihan, as a new Lord Holder of Telgar River Hold, gave him the special title of Honourary Guard, granting him special knots of rank for special occasions, issuing him the official weapons of Telgar Hold Guard and everything. Though it began as a joke, the more time they spent in eachother’s company, Rihan and Jungi grew closer and trusted eachother immeasurably. Jungi swore his own loyalty as a friend and as an Honourary Guard to Rihan. The two of them also swore an oath or brotherhood to one another, which is something they keep between themselves.

(details added later)

Cool-headed under pressure and quick witted whether that be in conversation or in altercation.
Detail oriented, so he’s highly observative of people and goings ons around him.
Highly loyal. Though sometimes he has his own way of doing things, when he makes a promise (which he doesn’t do often) or decides to be loyal to something (including his own heart) he does not deviate from it, no matter the cost. He is too honour driven as a man to do so.
Refined tastes & a little vain. He cares about his looks, even while on the road, appreciating fashion and the finer things life has to offer. He appreciates the simple things in life as well, but prefers to be cultured in his passions.
Not afraid to be an instigator in conflict, though he prefers more subversive methods. Likewise, he’s rather subversive about getting what he wants from women -or anyone else for that matter.
Jungi is suave and quite the social butterfly. He enjoys mingling and getting to know the people of Pern.His father once assured him that he would never meet a stranger if he asked people about themselves. Indeed, Jungi feels as though he’s never met a stranger, not simply because he takes an interest in people and gives them the opportunity to tell him all about themselves, but because people generally take a liking to you when you take an interest in them. Jungi enjoys people, their similarities and their differences, and all of the other wonders the world has to reveal.
Possesses a shrewd business side, but prefers to make business fun and include drinks.
Happy, Charismatic and Confident. Jungi has always been a happy person; he’s optimistic to the last. His confidence probably stems from the incredible independence he’s been able to achieve over his years on the road, experiencing and learning about every walk in life and way of the world. His many many relationships with people all over Pern have also taught him a lot.

Claustrophobic. Though he enjoys being able to be a part of large groups that sometimes tend to congregate in small spaces or even just tightly packed amoungst themselves, claustrophobia makes this difficult and tends to keep him on the outskirts for the most part.  Panic attacks tend to be the end result of too much time spent in these situations. To end up that way is an embarrassing to him and is nothing more than weakness that he’s unable to figure out how to overcome.
Has the reputation of being a womanizer,  albeit a bit unfairly so in his eyes. He tries to ignore the severity of it.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Always a wineglass in hand when there’s drinks around, and typically smiling

Skills/ Likes:
[Watching the Stars]:Jungi loves sitting under a sky full of stars, watching them, studying them. Enjoys mapping the stars out on parchment and creating diagrams of what he calls the Sky’s Terrain. There were patterns in everything; patterns in the trees, the weather, the way that moss grew on the trees, the time of day the flowers bloomed and then closed their sleepy eyes...There were even patterns in the stars. Recently, the patterns of the sky seemed to be changing. Jeongi was familiar with many of these patterns of the world after so many years of travel through it. He could read them like the habits of a good friend and they brought him comfort. Even when so many things in life could be considered unknown... these patterns of the world... they were consistent.
[Food, Drink, Women, Gosspip & Entertainment]: He’s a party animal. Jungi enjoys good food, good wine, engaging people in conversation, and scoring himself a date. Odd as it may seem, he doesn’t gamble. Jungi also really enjoys dancing, which he’s surprisingly good at.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Being cooped up]: Remaining in one place for too long doesn’t sit well with him. Likewise, he tends to be a little claustrophobic because he’s used to the open air of the outdoors.
[Gambling]: Frivolous and unwise. He knows the value of the things that he has and believes that working hard to earn one’s keep honestly is much more becoming of a man.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Jungi prefers fighting with his hands, but he knows well enough how to use a blade.
Wrapped in the same special cloth they were issued to him in, Jungi keeps the long and short sword and the Jutte issued to him by the Telgar Guard stored away in a relatively hidden, locked compartment in his lead wagon. These are rarely put to use unless he visits Telgar over the winter months. Then they come out for play. Jungi is too mild mannered for the most part to involve himself in deadly violence, which is why he prefers fists.

:: Crafter Information ::
Trader/ Load-Puller

Turns in Craft:
Was born into the Craft but has been in an official apprenticeship for it since the age of 10/ 484 AL.

Senior Journeyman Load-Puller
(Master Rank would make him a Caravan Master)

Location of Journeymanship:
Running wagon loads in his father’s Caravan between Telgar and Fort.

Negotiating price for services, loading, protecting, transiting and unloading goods that were entrusted to him. Everything that consisted the duties of managing wagons of goods or people to be transported and the beasts of burden that were required for the job. Learning to read  and copy maps and learning how to draw up new ones. Learning how to use the terrain of the land and the terrain of the sky to direct his journey. He is also the resident scribe when contracts between a Load-puller and customer need to be made out.

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Jungi -Caravan Load-Puller & Honourary Guard
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