... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling

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PostSubject: V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling   V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling I_icon32Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:48 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: SylverAngel
How did you find out about us?: Co-founder

Character Info:
Name: Vinicius (Vinnie)

Pronunciation: Vih-nee-cee-uhs

Title: Weyrling greenrider

Honourific: V'nius

Age & Turn of Birth: 17, (1996)

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Dafnes Hold, minor hold beholden to Tillek

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Unofficial apprentice vintner, by virtue of being raised on a vineyard

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Greenrider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations: Vinicius would have loved to be an artist-- painting and drawing are typically what he dabbles in-- but he thinks his skills are mediocre at best.  There was also a time when he would have said he loved nothing better than to tend the grapevines, as the task kept him outdoors for hours on end.  He probably would have taken over the vineyard from his parents if he hadn't been Searched-- his oldest brother has never been as interested in the family business.  But now that he has Tasunath, his only real aspiration for the moment is to finish weyrling training in one piece.  And secretly, if it were ever at all remotely possible, to attract the attention of a certain harper-trained-bronzerider...

OOC Character Development Goals:
- V'nius is still figuring out that it's okay to be a guy that prefers other men at the Weyr, while it was completely unacceptable at home.  He definitely needs to come to terms with that, and realize that he can be himself, that he doesn't have to pretend.
- He's going to crush hard on Sh'nar (because really, who wouldn't!) and clearly he'll never have a chance.  He'll be devastated when the bronzerider leaves for Igen, but I'm sure he can be helped over it Smile

Family: (Ages as of Sept. 2013)
?Father: Vinson, 56, vintner
?Mother: Ciana, 50, vintner's wife
?Siblings: Ciavin, m, 32
 Vinca, f, 30
 Asana, f, 29
 Sonvia, f, 27
 Vrian, m, 25
 Iason, m, 24
 Caron, f, 21
 Inicia, f, 20
 Clanson, m, 18
?Children: None
?Other Significant: He's seriously crushing on Sh'nar at the moment.  He tends to desire the unattainable, though, and previously liked one of the older boys from a neighboring cothold that would come help work in his family's vineyard.  Said boy had become friends with his brother Iason, and it was clear he was solely interested in women.  It didn't, and doesn't, stop V'nius from dreaming, though.

?Face: Yani Gellman
V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling Insert image code here for picture(s) if applicable. Please re-size appropriately before posting
?Hair: Dark brown, almost black, with a bit of a curl to it, worn long enough to brush his neck and get in his eyes
?Eyes: deep, expressive chocolate brown
?Height: 5' 10"
?Build: slim, but with lots of lean muscle from working his family's land and weyrling training.  He's still in the process of filling out.
?Other Notable Physical Traits: A small scar on his right eyebrow from falling when he was a child
?Style of Dress: V'nius typically goes for casual styles that fit him loosely, but not overly so.  He's never really learned to play up anything with color or fit and typically spent his time outside at home, so he went for functional and easy to clean over anything else.  This serves him well as a weyrling, so he's seen no reason to really change.  He has a nice vest or two for gathers, but that's about it.
?Possessions usually found on persona:

    ? his sketchpad and a drawing implement of some sort, though he seems to pull it out of thin air and rarely lets anyone else see what's in it? a functional beltknife, nothing fancy? a small bone pendant on a leather thong that was a gift from one of his sisters turns ago

History: Vinicius is the baby of his family.  His oldest sisters, in particular, were tasked with caring for him when they were younger, but he could almost have been one of their own children, given the age difference.  Because of this, he has several mother-type figures, each of whom believes she knows best for him.  He doesn't mind too much, though, and allows them to fret over him as he knows it makes them happy.

Growing up on the vineyard, he was taught to appreciate the fruits of hard labor, though he never really saw tending to the vines and grapes as a chore.  He has always loved being outside, and found it far more peaceful than the noisy business going on within the walls of his home.  If something was bothering him, he could often be found wandering down the rows, or hiding amongst them and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Given the mothering he received from his sisters, his family members weren't too surprised when he grew to be more sensitive and self-conscious.  His father and brothers didn't really tease him, but they certainly tried to encourage more 'manly' behavior when it appeared he was lacking.  Vinicius didn't quite get it, but he tried to emulate them as best he could, because, as with his sisters, it seemed to make them happy.

His mother and sisters encouraged him to go make friends with one of the girls from a neighboring cothold when the families were visiting eachother, or at gathers.  And he'd bring her the flowers they gave him to give her, or the pretty hair clip he was given once.  Yet, she wasn't who caught his eye.  Instead, it was her older brother, far more sophisticated and mature looking-- and acting-- than Vinicius was at the time, with just the right amount of lean muscle to attract the gaze of a young man or woman just beginning to notice such things.  And at first, Vinnie didn't know what to do.  But as time went on, his desire to catch a glimpse of the older young man, and even to have just the slightest chance to say hi and hope he was noticed, grew.  It was an innocent crush, yet everything his family members were telling him said he was supposed to pursue the girl, not another guy.  And then he overheard a few off-hand and 'innocent' comments made by a couple of his brothers about some holder's son... and realized it was somehow 'wrong' for him to think the way he did.

So he set about hiding it, watching his brothers and pretending to be interested in girls the way they were, trying to force himself to think the same way.  And he was mostly successful.  Most of his family members believed him.  But once at a Gather, one of his sisters noticed just where his eyes had really strayed, and she called him on it.  Worried as to what she'd do with the information, he was entirely relieved when all she did was smile, squeeze his hand, and tell him that it was okay, she watched the young man, too, and her little brother clearly had good taste.  Tears welling in his eyes, Vinicius had smiled back and thanked his lucky stars that he had a sister like her.

Of course, it wasn't too long later that he was Searched.  And in a way, it was probably for the best.  Holders hear rumors of the types of people who lived at the weyrs, and though his parents and oldest siblings hadn't wanted him to go because he was the baby and they couldn't look out for him there, he secretly hoped he'd find people that would accept him for who he was.

When Vinicius first came to the Weyr, he was a bit overwhelmed.  There were so many new people, things to learn about dragons, a difference in the way things were run compared to his home...  And there was so much he didn't know.  He was a bit of a wallflower at first, but gladly welcomed the invitations to join others at meals and other activites outside of candidate chores and lessons.

While a candidate, he particularly bonded with T'veli, considering the other young man caught on to Vinicius' preferences quickly, though Vinnie still tried to hide it.  It helped Vinicius to have someone like himself back then, as well as to have been able to carry their friendship through weyrling training when both of them Impressed from the same clutch.  Of course, most of their other classmates who have realized Vinnie prefers men have been supportive and encouraging, but turns of repression and hiding at home are still affecting him.

As for being a dragonrider, he thinks Tasunath is the absolute best green in the Weyr.  And well he should.  But the best thing about her is that to her, he just is.  He is her rider, and that's all that matters-- the unconditional love of a dragon is, after all, healing in and of itself.

As far as training goes, he has his moments.  He can be a bit clumsy at times, which he then laments, but he's caught on well to drills (patterns) and astronomy.  And for some ridiculous reason, one of his favorite things to do is to help put together the painted ropes used for flaming drills.

- Sensitive and empathetic
- Self-conscious - He has no idea of the appeal he actually has, physically, as he's too aware of what has been hailed as potentially 'wrong' with him-- his desire for men instead of women.  He also tends to downplay his skills as he feels he's not good enough at anything.
- Artistic
- Loyal and willing to fight for those he calls friends and family
- A worrier and a bit of a drama queen
- Tends to put on an act, trying to flirt with girls and comment on them like other boys do, when around those he doesn't know, and even with some of his classmates.  It's a holdover from hiding himself from his family, and he's slowly figuring out that at the Weyr, he doesn't have to do that anymore.

- V'nius' self-consciousness and tendency to worry possibly make him sound whiny.
- He also tends to hang back and not speak up because he thinks surely others know the answer better than he does-- a result of being mothered by his siblings, in that he had so many of them think they knew what was right for him, that he isn't sure he can trust his own thoughts.  Tasunath is helping him with this, as well as his classmates.

Mannerisms or Habits: Vinicius tosses his head a little to get the hair out of his face. One would think he'd just cut it, but that hasn't occurred to him.

?[Art]: particularly drawing and painting, though V'nius' drawing skills are pretty spectacular.  He has a knack for capturing expressions and nuances in posture/ body language.  He, however, thinks his skills with a pencil/ charcoal are not as impressive as others think they are
?[Being outdoors and enjoying nature]: on particularly nice days, he'd rather be outside than in, and is far more enthusiastic about chores that get him outside than those that require sitting inside a cavern for hours on end

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
?[Seeing blood and guts and other such things]: He gets a bit queasy, and somehow managed to survive having to feed Tasunath himself.  He's not sure how, but he did.
?[Fish]: He really doesn't like the smell, which translates into the taste as well

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Vinicius prefers not to fight, truthfully.  He has pretty good aim with a bow, but killing animals, even for food, is a bit hard for him.  He's had the basic self-defense training as a weyrling, but wouldn't necessarily be able to put it to good use unless he were truly threatened.  Or one of his friends or family members were, and even then, he would likely be too emotional to be effective.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Tasunath (Temperance)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Wing: weyrling

Colouring: Soft grassy green with hints of ocean blue.

Size: medium

?Length: 23 meters
?Height: 27 meters?

Other Physical Characteristics: Tasunath is still growing, so she's a bit gangly-looking, like her rider.  Her tail seems a bit too long, but she still manages to put it to good use when playing with her clutchmates.

- Far more self-assured than her rider.  She knows her place, and who she is-- as well as who he is-- and does not question it.
- Loves working with others and will talk to any dragon, and some other people.  She rarely likes to be alone, and can often be found curled with one of her classmates if not with her rider.
- Like her rider, she is fairly empathetic to the emotions of others.  She can tell when her classmates need a bit of a boost, or even just company.  This may lend itself well to being a Searchrider.
- Loves to swim

Temperance ----- Harmony ----- Balance ----- Health
Moderation ----- Joining forces ----- Well-being ----- Recovery
Equilibrium ----- Transcendence ----- Unification ------ Healing
Synthesis ----- Bringing together opposites ---- Feeling secure

Voice: A soft, almost breathy, soprano, which reminds her rider of summer breezes.

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V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling Pathsig
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V'nius & Green Tasunath - Weyrling
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