... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 T'veli of Green Velikath

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PostSubject: T'veli of Green Velikath   T'veli of Green Velikath I_icon32Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:31 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: Dreamer/Amanda
How did you find out about us?: Email invite

Character Info:
Name: T’veli (Tiv for short)


Title: Greenrider (Weyrling)

Honorific:  T’veli

Age & Turn of Birth: 17 (484)

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Greenrider (Weyrling)

Character Aspirations:  T’veli just wants to the very best Dragonrider he can be. He hopes that Thread will fall in his lifetime so that he can fight it.

OOC Character Development Goals: LOVE TRIANGLES. And love angles. And awkward friendships. And just plain awkwardness.

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Vequare (53),  Cook
Mother: Triola (49) Rider of Green Dismerth (Turn 478- Gold Aristith by Bronze Irixth)
Tequare, Sister, 30, Cook
I’qure, Brother, 27, Rider of Blue Lesoth (Turn 491- Gold Galadrieth by Bronze)
R’eriol, Brother, 22, Rider of Brown Tieth (Turn 495 Gold Galadrieth by Bronze
Tequare & Maluf:
Malquare, Nephew, 11, Weyrbrat
Teluf, Nephew, 7, Weyrbrat

I’qure & Dakara:
Dakario, Nephew, 11 Weyrbrat
Quakara, Niece, 5, Weyrbrat

I’qure & Maylgu:
Mayquare, Niece, 6, Weyrbrat

I’qure & Khala:
Khila, Niece, 2, Weyrbrat

R’eriol & Lalasa:
Rerasa, Nephew, 3, Weyrbrat
Riolsa, Niece, 1, Weyrbrat

Other Significant:

Face: Francisco Lachowski T'veli of Green Velikath Pbucket
Hair: It’s dark brown, fluffy, and  as long as T’veli is allowed to keep it as a Dragonrider. He runs his hands through it  both when he’s  flirting and when he’s nervous. It’s very straight, and he keeps it longer on top than it is on the sides.
Eyes: His eyes are also brown, rich and inviting. He shows every thought in his eyes, and his thick straight eyebrows are equally expressive.
Build: He’s lean, but fit. Before Impressing Velikath, T’veli was merely skinny, but in the turn since Impressing, he’s packed on lean muscle from hefting Firestone, and all associated chores with a growing dragon. He’s pleased that his green isn’t as large as his brother’s Brown, because Tiv doesn’t want to be as bulky as his older brother.
Other Notable Physical Traits:T’veli is naturally very tan with no noticeable freckles or beauty marks. He’s physically expressive, always touching his friends (with no concept of personal space), always laughing with his entire body, and talking with his voice and his hands. His singing voice is a low tenor (not low enough to be baritone), but he won’t sing solo.
Style of Dress: Tiv is used to dressing casually. He has access to nicer clothing now that he’s a dragonrider (even if he’s still a Weyrling), but other than his flight suit (very nice) he hasn’t truly bothered to invest in nice clothing. This is partly because he doesn’t have anyone to impress (he spends all of his time in his Weyrling group, and they have all seen each other at their worst) and partly to remind himself that until Velikath is a little older, Tiv really shouldn’t be trying to look all that good.

Tiv mostly wears his flight suit, but when its warm enough or when he’s down at the lake with Vel, he likes to go shirtless with loose shorts (that go to his knees). If he’s wearing anything else it will be comfortable (wash softened shirts slightly too big, with comfortable pants and slip on sandals) and like most people, he likes bright colors, especially reds.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Bottle of dragon oil for Vel
    ✣ Small knife in sheath attached to waistband of pants
    ✣ Snacks- every since Impressing, Tiv has found it useful to always carry around food items. Mostly this is nuts or fruit(often dried), because he can shove those into his pockets for later without really having to worry about crumbs.


Tiv doesn’t see himself as special. Sure, his family is a little weird for the Weyr (mostly because they never took in any Fosters and because Tiv doesn’t have any half siblings) but it’s not that strange. His mother was Hold born, so despite being a Greenrider, she chose to be monogamous (Flights excluded, of course), and his father was Weyrbred, which was probably good because he was fine with being the primary care parent.

Tiv is the youngest of four (his mother had more children than most Greenriders probably would, but fewer than she’d probably expected, being Holdborn) but he wasn’t babied excessively. He spent a lot of time in the crèche growing up, so unless he was with his family, he was rarely the actual youngest, and no one allowed him extra slack based on his birth placement.

He loves his brothers and sister, but he’s not extremely close with any of them. Both of his brother Impressed dragons, and his sister is over ten turns older than him, so Tiv doesn’t really remember spending time with any of them. All of them were in the Candidate’s barracks at twelve, so he’s a little closer to R’eriol, but not significantly. He still made a point of spending some time with his nieces and nephews (and as a candidate he spend much of his chore time working in the crèche- Tiv is pretty good with children) and can recognize all of them on sight.

Tiv had a good time as a Weyrbrat. He didn’t spend much time pranking (not because he didn’t want too, but because Tiv had (and this remains true) absolutely no poker face, and always got caught if he participated in a prank), and while he never snitched, the Headwoman or her associates could tell who caused the prank by looking at Tiv’s face when they asked questions. Tiv also hated people being disappointed in him, and after pranks his fellow Weyrbrats and the adults all were disappointed in him. It really wasn’t the best activity for him.

But Tiv loved people, and did his chores (so long as he wasn’t by himself. He had a habit of wandering away when given solo chores) and learned his lessons (to be fair, he wasn’t very good at many lessons. He can do math, or puzzle out a reading assignment or writing, but it takes him longer than many of his friends) and when he was twelve, he moved into the candidate barracks as well.

After all, both of his older brothers Impressed, so it was fairly likely that he would as well.

Tiv enjoyed his candidate turns. For four turns, he was a Candidate, doing all of the normal things candidates did. He learned to flirt, learned a little about fighting, learned to play various musical instruments, and how to keep Weyrbrats entertained. He snuck his first bottle of wine with a few other Candidates, and had his first kiss.

His first kiss was at fifteen with a Searched crafter who later Impressed Brown.

They never went passed kissing, and never started dating or anything like that. And that’s pretty much how Tiv’s dating life went as a Candidate. He’d get a crush on another candidate, and if that Candidate returned his feelings (or desires) at all, it was just to explore being with another male.

Tiv never got to date. And he kind of hated it, but it didn’t really matter. After all, he was young. Most people just fooled around at his age.

And if sometimes he was a little jealous of the candidates who did end up in relationships, he just reminded himself about how they weren’t suppose to form deep emotional attachments if they wanted to Impress anyway. Besides, the kind of people he likes (strong, confident, clever) don’t usually go for him anyway. At least, they don’t ask him to spend time with them, which is practically the same thing.

When he was sixteen, Tiv finally Impressed (becoming T’veli formally, but he still refers to himself to Tiv), to the perfect, wonderful, precious Velikath. It was the absolute best day of his life, and his family was very proud (though one of his nephew’s thought he should have waited another two turns to Impress so that they could have Impressed together).

They entered Weyrling training and Tiv has been decent at it. Velikath’s growth rate still surprises him, and now that it’s slowed down a little bit he’s decided to make a point of befriending his fellow Weyrlings a little more. After all, they are almost half way through Weyrling training, and his mother and his brothers all tell him that’s the best place to make friends.

Tiv’s a really sweet guy. He’s friendly, tries to be funny (doesn’t always succeed), and acts painfully earnest. Sometimes he misses social cues that would tell him that someone is being sarcastic, (though he tries to play it off).

Tiv would tell you that he wasn’t bullied as child, but that wouldn’t be completely true. Yes, T’veli never felt bullied as a child, but that was because he misconstrued other people’s motives. Yes, he’s done other children’s chores (but he was doing them a favor, and they would do the same for him if he was sick – probably), gone out with people he wasn’t that crazy about, and changed his opinions on just about everything because someone else had a different opinion and they probably knew better than him anyway.

Honestly, Impressing Green makes sense to him on a lot of levels. As a Greenrider, he’ll always be told what to do, and won’t be expected to lead or understand everything that’s going on. And, well, more than a few people have pointed out that he needs to have someone looking out for him. After all, he can’t really stand up for himself, but as a Greenrider he won’t need to be able to.

Since Impressing Velikath, T’veli is more likely to stand firm with his opinions, but only if Velikath thinks he ought to. One of the moments of his life that T’veli is most proud of, was during Weyrling training, after lessons were over, he went to the Weyrling Master’s assistant to ask questions about something that he didn’t understand. Before Impression, Tiv would have just blundered along until someone told him what he was doing wrong.

T’veli wishes, sometimes, that he wasn’t so easily influenced. It’s caused trouble for him, not being able to say no to troublemakers and Aunties and Weyrbrats, and Riders and Candidates and Weyrlings. And while he mostly trusts that people have his best interests at heart, sometimes he’s not sure if they really do.

At least now he can double check with Velikath, but most of the time she doesn’t really care about the people in his life. Not unless they are attached to Dragons that she knows.  

Weak willed. Tiv will almost never say no to someone (even questioning a person about their request is hard for him) and when he does say no it’s because he can’t think of a way to make it happen. Well, he’s pretty sure that’d be why. He hasn’t said no to anyone that he can remember.

Tiv also has a short attention span, and has trouble staying on topic or task. He’s the kind of person who can start out hauling firestone, and twenty minutes later be lost in the Weyr because he was trying to find blue thread in a storage hold.

Mannerisms or Habits:
Tiv talks a lot. Well, he talks a lot if someone allows him to talk a lot. He talks a lot to Velikath. And when he did Creech chores, he talked a lot to the babies. But most people tell him to be quiet, so he doesn’t always talk. Just when he thinks it’s okay.

Also, the stronger his bond with Velikath gets, the more her mental commentary distracts him.

[Skill/Like 1]: Tiv likes children. Children don’t usually notice any of his shortcomings and they think he’s funny, and he kind of misses his Creech chores. And while he’s no baby whisperer, he’s competent with them and had he failed to Impress, he probably would have ended up in the Creech as well as Fostering.

[Skill/Like 2]: Tiv remembers faces. If he’s met you once, he remembers your name, everything you talked about, who you’re related to, whether or not you’re Weyrbred. He just has a knack for faces.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]: Tiv doesn’t like to dance. He’s been told he’s terrible at it (several turns ago by a girl who was very blunt, but Tiv is sure that she didn’t mean to be rude), so he tries to avoid it. Mostly he does that by volunteering to play in the band. He’s not the world’s most talented musician, but he’s good enough for the Weyr.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: He’d rather face Thread by himself than do any sort of public speaking (this includes asking questions in front of people);

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Tiv doesn’t fight. Yes, both Weyrling and Candidate training involved basic self defense, and Tiv managed to do well enough on the classroom portion of it, but there is no way he’d remember it if he actually go into a fight.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Velikath (High Priestess)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Wing: Weyrling Wing

Colouring: Green


Length: Will be 22 meters when full grown.
Height: About 6 hands higher than total length

Other Physical Characteristics:

Velikath doesn’t really care much about people. They bore her. And while she would listen to T’veli (she doesn’t understand why he still refers to himself as Tiv but she ignores it, because she’s sure that he has a reason, but she certainly won’t call him that) talk about anything, she prefers when he talks about her, her friends, weather patterns (she doesn’t understand how anyone could think that was a boring subject. The debate about how much sun to expect effects what constitutes good sunning real estate, and when to take your swim and all of the things that make life nice), or anything really.

But she’d prefer not to listen to him talk about people and their intrigues and flirtations. He can find another human to do that with (she doesn’t really understand why he hasn’t yet. She picked him, and he’s perfect (just like her) and he just needs to talk to other humans until he finds one who understands that Greens don’t make mistakes about Riders and who will listen to him talk about the things Velikath doesn’t want to), and she will keep pushing until he listens to her. Mostly she just pushes him to hang out with the Riders of the dragons she spends the most time with. After all, she’s assuming that if she’s friends with them, they probably have decent riders. That’s logical, after all.

Velikath is fairly easy going. Well, for a Green. She likes things to follow rules (she’s Velikath, not Vel, Vellie, Lee, or Kath, thank you), and likes that her Rider never fails to listen to her. Some Riders, she knows, don’t listen to their Dragons at all, and Velikath assumes that those Riders end up in trouble because of it. But her Rider is wise enough to always listen to her advice, and as of yet, has not failed to follow it.

Velikath enjoys talking to her Rider, and has a tendency to ignore her friends when T’veli is talking to her, or spending time with her. She also has a tendency to create problems so that T’veli will spend more time with her. She’s not jealous that sometimes he spends time with other people (she’s not! She’s even pushing him to make other friends), but Velikath likes to ensure that she comes first.

Knowingness – Love – Relationships
Wisdom – Sound judgment – Serenity
Common sense – Intuition
Mystical vision – introspection – otherworldliness


Velikath’s voice is deeper than T’veli’s own (she’d be a contralto), and the cadence of her speech is a little slower. She likes words, and will, when discovering a new favorite, make a point of using it. A lot.

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