... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth

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PostSubject: Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth   Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth I_icon32Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:18 pm

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Quirijn

Title: Weyrling, Sr. Apprentice Smith soon to be Journeyman

Honourific: Q'rijn

Age & Turn of Birth: 18, Turn 483

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Southern Boll Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Smith

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Brownrider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations: (List here the hopes and dreams of your character.)

OOC Character Development Goals:

Father: Ahttan, Minor Holder
Mother: Szvarie, Minor Holder
Siblings: Thedred (28, m) heir, Iziak (26,m), Orianya (24, f), Wesheara (23,f), Darikenv (21, m), Preata (19,f), Szveeri (15, f)
Other Significant:
Several friends in his Weyrling Class though he keeps most of them at an arm's length.
Crush on T'veli, rider of Green Velikath

Face: David Boreanz
Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth Qrijn2_zps4fe0fa05
Hair: Dark brown, somewhat wavy, has a bit of texture. Its thick and unlikely to thin much as he gets older.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Build:Muscular, he has broad shoulders and a lot of upper body strength. His upper body is toned but he tends  to keep his shirt on so it would be most difficult for people to realize just how buff he is.
Other Notable Physical Traits: His hands and arms are rough and scarred from burns.
Style of Dress: Always dressed properly for the occasion. Nothing ever looks out of place. Doesn't tend to want to show off his body. Even at the lake he has a shirt on.
Possessions usually found on persona: He prefers not to carry things around with him. Nothing he possesses is going to come in handy if there is an emergency and everything not needed in an emergency is much safer in his locked chest.



From a family of Minor Holders in Southern Boll, his father is a cousin or second cousin to the Lord of Southern Boll, its a bit of a distant relation but they claim it anyway. While his parents did have the money to support all of their numerous children they did not have a way to give them all upstanding positions in the Hold. There were only so many alliances to be had. Their parents had to think carefully about what to do with the male children especially.

Quirijn grew up without much contact from his parents. His father acted the part of the estate holder, constantly out riding, checking in on the local farmers beholden to him. He made sure the accounts matched up to what they should. Meanwhile his mother was just as busy arranging for the home to be run, for supplies to be managed deftly. It was mainly his older siblings who took the time to care for his needs, Once he was old enough to care for himself he was on his own quite often. Strange to grow up around so much family and feel completely alone. He was a quiet, intelligent boy, which did catch his parent's attention. They decided he might do well in a craft if they could arrange it for him.

When he was 10 he apprenticed to the Smithcraft. His family went with him to Telgar to see him settled. It was an excuse to meet some other Minor Holders and arrange...alliances. This was a time in his life he looks back on with some regret because he lost a sister's love and gained an enemy. He was raised to believe in doing the right thing. He understood reason and logic but knew nothing of matters concerning the heart. So when he caught a most beloved sister flirting with a very common boy, he thought it best to tell his parents about it.

They never trusted his sister again, keeping close watch on her at all times and quickly arranging an engagement for a future marriage before she could even think of running off with some common drudge or whatever he was. It didn't matter to them, because he was simply not good enough for her. After this his sister never spoke to him again. He had ruined her happiness or potential happiness but he really never understood why what he did was so wrong. In a way he had protected her from the ridicule and embarrassment that would be brought with such an alignment.

As an apprentice, he did well. He was an intelligent, albeit quiet youth. Having little in the way of friends meaning, he had no friends, he became focused solely on his craft. Every so often there was an invitation extended for him to come home for a celebration, which he often declined. On a couple of occasions he had no choice, his parents made it mandatory. Unless he wanted to be cut off entirely. He needed his marks to afford better tools, nicer clothes, sturdier boots...Being well-off had its advantages and he preferred to use them.

He became a senior apprentice at 14. He has been working on perfecting the basics of the smithcraft. While most boys his age were beginning to flirt and talk with girls, Quirijn found he had little to no interest. However he caught himself looking at another boy once and was immediately disgusted with himself. That was not natural. Although he could not help that he was attracted to boys he did his best to ignore it. He never acted on any of his attractions and buried that part of himself deep down. Throwing himself into his study of the smith craft, he had fewer and fewer friends. Having isolated himself, it was not necessarily, a bad thing when he was Searched.

He was almost 17 when he was Searched. Beginning to make decisions on what he wanted to do as a Jounreyman which he was certain he would become at 18, however being Searched did throw that off balance. He was brought to the Weyr without much fanfare and was there for a about two months before Impressing Keadilanth. The two months had allowed him to become acquainted with the Weyr, its customs and culture. He knew from watching people there that his inclination towards males was not unheard of, and even accepted behavior. He still did not feel comfortable though, expressing any such thoughts or feelings.

Keadilanth was a great brown, steadfast, true, he only needed his rider for company. Although it was not lost on the dragon his rider found some of the other young men attractive. IT would work out fine, he assured his rider for greens often were ridden by handsome boys. They could both have something pretty now and again. In the logical mind of the dragon the behavior was perfectly natural and acceptable.

In Weyrling Training, the pair gets along with everyone, well sort of. They don't really talk to anyone much. They are serious and have trouble relating to others. However it has come to Keadilanth's attention that his rider is attracted to another Weyrling who rides a pretty green, T'veli. He is encouraging his rider to befriend Tiv's friends and learn what he likes.

The pair does exceedingly well at practice. They are clever, follow direction well and also being thinkers can be inventive enough to have opinions and ideas of their own to use to ask questions in class. Its one of the few times people here Q'rijn speak, when he is asking the Weyrling master a question. He has a lot of thoughts on Firestone, being a smith.


  • Logical - He turns to logic to guide him more than emotion. If a then b, then c. It makes sense to him and emotions make no sense to him.
  • Responsible - You can rely on him to do what is needed, when its needed. He does whatever is tasked to him and more. He is responsible also in his demeanor. He doesn't party or take risks when it comes to himself or Keadilanth.
  • Secretive - He can keep his own counsel most of the time which keeps him as a bit of a mystery to other people. When he learns other people's secrets he keeps them to himself. He isn't a big talker so its easily done.
  • Rational- Q'rijn believes there is an explanation for everything that can be based on reason and logic.
  • Distant - He isolates himself from other people. Q'rijn feels he hurts the people who care most about him and so keeps people far from him. He also uses this as a way to hide some aspects of his nature from people. Far better people never got to know him.
  • Insensitive - He has trouble empathizing with people. Can come across as unfeeling. He is insensitive in what he says sometimes and so he finds it better to remain quiet when other people are acting emotional. Even then it seems to condemn him to being insensitive.
  • Clever - He is more than intelligent, he has many original thoughts and can be surprisingly quick. His ideas are often well thought out and make sense to others.
  • Analytical - He automatically divides things into elemental parts or basic principles to make them easier for him to understand. He is very good at looking at something complex and then breaking it down into something basic.
  • Mechanically minded - He has an imagination that runs towards figuring out how things work. This has a lot to do with his other traits of being analytical and logical. He can fix most things easily.

Socially he is behind others his age. He has never explored any relationships, be they friendships or otherwise. He has a hard time connecting with other people and feels like he cannot deal with his own sexuality. He pushes his emotions deep inside himself, creating an added pressure to himself which he doesn't realize is there most of the time.

Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Since he doesn't get jokes, he raises his eyebrow when someone makes one.
  • Rarely smiles. When he does it will be for a very special reason.

Skills/Likes: (List at least two or three things that your character is good at or enjoys. Leave a little insight as to why they possess such an affinity on each listing.)
[Smithcraft]: He had almost seven turns of training before coming to the weyr, plans to continue to use his craft to make improvements at the weyr. Most importantly he has some ideas concerning plumbing and flamethrowers which he hopes to present to the master smith at Fort Weyr at some point.
[Puzzles]: He likes trying to figure things out. puzzles and riddles are diverting and fun for him but he is also very good at solving them.
[Poetry]: He writes poetry as a way of dealing with the emotions he buries within himself. He also enjoys reading poems aloud, though usually only to Keadilanth.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Gossip/ Idle Chatter]: It is irrelevant.
[Bullies]: Again, there is no need for it. He has no qualms fighting people who pick on others. He might be a man of few words, but actions speak louder.
[Emotions]: He has them, they run through him quite deeply but he chooses not to act on them. As such he has a hard time talking about them or admitting to feelings.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Swordfighting. He learned to fight while making weapons. What use is there to making a sword if you can't use it yourself. He is also good at hand to hand combat. Being a very observant person, he seems to think more than fight and it usually takes only a few blows to knock someone down.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Smith

Turns in Craft: 8

Senior Apprentice

Location of Journeymanship:


Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Keadilanth (Justice) (Kay-ah-dil-anth)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Wing: Stargazer Wing (weyrling)

Colouring: Brown
: #A47A41

Length: 32.3 meters
Height: 38.5 HH

Other Physical Characteristics:

Impartiality -- Distance -- Coldness -- Justice
Objective mind---Criticism -- Being clever -- Insensitivity
Decision -- Intellect -- Analysis --Realism -- Severity
Responsibility -- Rationality -- Clear vision -- Logic and reason

Keadilanth is quiet, clear minded, clever. He has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and uses logic to make decisions. He can use logic and reason to the point of being overly critical of others. He doesn't think much on emotions, and tends not to allow his to show themselves. He is affectionate with his rider who seems to be the sole benefactor of the dragon's limited feelings. He can come across as insensitive and cold. Has trouble empathizing with others. He is a loyal and steadfast companion though and tends to be very responsible.


Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth Pathsig

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PostSubject: Re: Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth   Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth I_icon32Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:35 pm

ready for critique

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PostSubject: Re: Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth   Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth I_icon32Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:28 am

Looks pretty goood to me!!! haha yay i'm excited for another Tarot card classmate. Did you have any Character aspirations /ooc aspirations you wanted to add for him?

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Q'rijn of Brown Keadilanth
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