... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider

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D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider Empty
PostSubject: D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider   D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider I_icon32Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:20 pm

D'nier & Bronze Taroth

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::




Age/ Turn of Birth:
44/ 458 AL


Place of Birth:
Benden Weyr

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:

Character Aspirations:
To be a great Weyrleader and make his children happy. He also hopes to find acceptance from a queen one day, whom he can love and be loved by, eventually not having to worry about open flights and competitions. He wants to feel settled eventually, in his position.

Father: D’nari/ Denari, Bronzerider of Regnath, Weyrleader
Mother: Evah, Queenrider of Coelith, Sr. Queen
Siblings: Dante(Older Brother, 46), Versa(Older sister, 44), Luca(Younger Brother, 40), Ashten(Younger brother, 36), Felicita(Younger Sister, 34), Taren(Younger Brother, 32)
Children: Lucene(22), Deanari(20), Viena(17)
Other Significant: N/A

D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider Dnier_zps3a978be0

Face: Jang Don Gun
Hair: Medium length black hair that's beginning to become streaked with grey. He wears his hair cut stylishly and sometimes uses light wax to hold its place, but the look he maintains is rather disheveled. Call it "orderly chaos", which is much like him. Otherwise, he keeps his grey-streaked mane swept back, held back from his face with the use of the eye patch he wears. He sometimes maintains short facial hair around his jaw line or a goatee.
Eyes: Dark yellow-amber eyes.
Height: 6’
Build: A sturdy, medium-large build. To keep it that way, he remains physically active.
Other Notable Physical Traits: From a knife injury, he’s lost sight in his right eye, it having healed with a scar that crosses over his brow, reaching just to the cheek beneath it. Wears a leather eyepatch over his right eye -result of a training accident. The patch is squared with rounded corners and the leather is fashioned with a wide strap that forms around his head almost like a headband, closing with a buckle at the back of his head that gets lost in the length of his hair. Somewhat rugged features though he keeps himself well-groomed.
Style of Dress: Having a fairly tough-guy outer-appearance when around the wings, being clean and well-kept doesn't much offset the more rugged and roguish side of him. He likes wearing beaded bracelets made by his kids, but any kind of jewelry will do. Especially precious metal jewelry. He likes dressed-up casual appearance. If he wears more formal attire, it’s always with the top buttons of the collar undone. Of course he has fine suits of riding attire as well.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Ornamented belt-knife. Likely a very expensive one.✣2 Decks of playing cards.

D’nier was one of several children born to the Senior Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of Benden Weyr, who still today hold those titles. High expectations set for all of their children, the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader made time to periodically help to raise their children and assist in their education, treating their foster mothers more like nannies in a giant household. The couple cared for their children unceasingly, though it was when they were not able to be as attentive to each of their young ones, that the eldest three of their children helped support the youngest of their family unit.
Each of the siblings were very close knit, though of all of them, Dante was seen as a sort of secondary father figure amoungst them. He was the steadfast and protective older brother whom they could all look up to. Their oldest sister didn’t like playing role of mother to any of them at any time; her attitude was more aloof toward them, though it was not in her personality to turn them away in a time of need. She could be mean to them at times, was always bossy, but rarely acted in a way that was not for their overall good. She simply did not want others to perceive her as a weak or too nurturing sort. After all, she was part of a family of mostly boys. She had to be tough to survive.

Next in line was Denier. Denier was also looked up to by his younger siblings, similarly as they saw Dante as a source of guidance when their father wasn’t around. In that aspect, Denier and Dante really got along well, though in almost every other way as youngsters, they were highly competitive. Together, they took it upon themselves to protect their siblings from bullies and to help them when they needed it. Even as the children grew up, they still, often looked to Dante and Denier as a source of advice or help in other ways.

Denier was a somewhat angry, rebellious youth, because he always felt as though whatever he did, his efforts never paid off quite as highly as he’d expected; thus, Denier was often filled with the sense that he was unable to fulfill the expectations of his family, even if that was not necessarily the case. He was constantly competitive with his older brother Dante, who seemed to capture perfect victory over every goal he set his mind to. When he was young, he envied his brother that, which sometimes put the two at quarrel with one another. Of course, usually because Denier would instigate it. And usually he was so busy competing with his older brother, he didn’t have time to worry about quarreling with his younger siblings a whole lot.

As he grew up though, Denier began to see things differently. The way he’d been living his life and approaching his goals obviously wasn’t working out in his favour. He began to understand that they were simply two different people with two different purposes in life and two different talents. There was no reason for him to fight it; he had to understand himself better and learn to just be himself in order to make the best use of his own abilities. That is the only way he would overcome the constant competition with his brother and prove that he could be just as successful. Soon, all he desired was to be more independent as an individual, and discover his own personal skills instead of trying to everything Dante did, only better. But still… his brother made everything look so easy.

By the age of 16, Denier had already stood on the sands twice and not Impressed. Of course, Dante had impressed turns ahead of him, which did make him a little jealous. Regardless, all of those feelings were dispersed when Bronze Taroth entered his life. From that day, he was able to take a fresh look on life and together, he and Taroth could accomplish anything. Taroth was a strong-willed and highly confident Bronze whose attitude bolstered his own. Yet, Taroth was not boastful and overly assertive, so the dragon also helped Denier get ahold of his own feelings and begin taking a more serious look at his future -their future together.

Bolstered by the strength of his Bronze, Denier was able to solidify his own confidence as an individual on his own terms. He no longer thought so much of competing against his brother for personal achievements, but tried to decide on his own goals and what direction he wanted to take his life in. Of course, ..somehow, he was destined to set a similar goal as Dante had. Dante had become a bronzerider as well, and ahead of him, as a matured rider, quickly rose through the ranks to Wing Lead, and also the rider who continuously won the flights of the Jr. Weyrwoman.

Throughout his time as a weyrling, Denier was always serious about his training and never slacked off. That didn’t keep him from getting into periodic fights because of his temper, though, nor did it keep him from making time for courting the prettiest little lady he could find. At this age, he was finally acknowledging the more sensual side he was born with. Though this had already also manifested itself through deep relationships with his family, he was now experimenting with wooing women. Of course, as a bronzerider, he saw himself as highly desirable and took every chance to sleep with someone new who caught his attention or whom he held some curiosity for. This stage of his life didn’t last forever, though he never grew out of the belief that he is desirable to women, and is an absolute stud. As he matured emotionally, he desired more to find one or two women with which he could have children and be the father of a family similar to the one his parents raised.

As full fledged riders, while serving as his brother Dante’s Wing Second, the two brothers helped to win Benden the Weyr Games three turns in a row. The siblings were all constantly sporting weyr colours and made the Weyr Games a huge family event.

Denier did become one of the youngest riders to ever be promoted to Wing Second, but it took a much longer time for him to become Wing Lead -which he blamed on their being simply not enough openings for the job. Regardless, even after achieving this position, Denier was unhappy with the fact that he was unable to consistently win Queen flights, given the incredible competition provided by the many talented Bronzes that Benden boasted.

During one flight in particular, the competition was so closely tied that one of the rider’s lost control of himself, drawing a knife in the middle of the flight and turning on the nearest competitor -which happened to be D’nier. Two two riders, and both of their dragons ended up fighting, both pairs drawing blood. D’nier’s right eye was injured in the incident, and though he did not lose it, the retina was badly damaged enough that he lost sight in it beyond being able to see light and dark. The line of a scar also runs across his brow and barely traces along right cheek before disappearing. The edges of the scar can be seen at the outer edge of the eye patch he wears. Their battle that day determined the victor of the flight more than did the Queen’s personal decision, but she ended up pleased with the bronze who remained, avoiding the altercation. Their dragons also, did not come out completely unscathed, but it was not a conflicted that lasted more than a few seconds -long enough for someone who’d already dropped out of the flight to intervene and call for help.

The height of competition paired with the fact that D’nier’s still parents held the most prestigious position of all, he was assured that no time soon would he be achieving his own private goal of becoming a Weyrleader. That goal was one he’d never really shared with anybody; but it could probably be easily assumed considering how driven he was. Feeling boxed in, with no further achievements to attain until Benden needed another Weyrleader, he began to once more feel as though his everyday efforts were without reward, becoming depressed about his prospects for ever obtaining the rank he dreamed of -not to mention, his perfect brother would probably take the opportunity from him when the time came.

As Fort Weyr began to build a roster of riders who would be transferring to the rebuilt Igen Weyr, D’nier began to wonder if their need for additional riders would create the perfect opportunity for him to transfer weyrs and take the position he desired. He had heard rumours of the state of their Bronze population, and Taroth seemed confident enough that he could win the Senior Queens upcoming flight, so D’nier didn’t hesitate in going to speak with his father about setting up transfer arrangements.

Shortly after that, Benden was offering to assist in a few rider transfers as needed, to help rebuild the new weyr and supplement some of their needs to keep wings balanced. Of course, D’nier was first on the list. Eventually, Weyrwoman Karene and the current Weyrleader of Fort paid a visit to Benden Weyrleadership in order to work out details. D’nier met Weyrwoman Karene for the first time, and was not surprised to find out that she was just as imposing in person as rumour had it. Despite the fact that she had an infamous dislike of all Bronzeriders, he didn’t think that for a first meeting things went poorly, nor that they wouldn’t be able to eventually get along.

Early in turn 500, D’nier had made the transfer to Fort Weyr with a handful of other riders from Benden. The group kind of kept to themselves in their off time, as that was who they were most familiar with, but they’ve adapted well to life in Fort. Not long after his arrival there, it was a surprise to him, even with Taroth as confident as he was, to have won the first flight he’d participated in at Fort. D’nier didn’t shy from the experience though. Taroth was happy with the move and overseeing the other dragons. And D’nier.. well, he remained a bit shocked in disbelief for a few days after, but he had finally achieved his goal; and it would be good for Weyr relations to have the mix in blood.. and a chance to prove a Benden-bred’s true strengths. It would also make future Weyr Games for his family all the more interesting.

Though D’nier jumped at the opportunity to transfer Weyrs and looked forward to the change for the better in his career, he also was deeply saddened by the fact that he was going to have to leave his children behind. Of the Gold flights he’d won, he’d fathered one child, and there was another woman in his life for four or five turns, who ended up bearing him two children. He valued his children very much, and had truly adored the women who bore them. Their decision to move on to other relationships however, was something he could not change, and so he had to respect those decisions. With his children, D’nier had always been as attentive as possible, and always allotted one day during the week in which to spend at least a few candlemarks with them to play and eat and care for them. Of course, growing up nurturing his younger sibling, it was natural to him to have little lives looking to him for guidance; it was something he felt right with. And when that aspect was not as present in his life, he felt as though there were something lacking.

The fact that their mothers, especially the non-rider who’d been in a much longer standing relationship with him, would not have their children taken from their care, he again had no choice, and had to leave his children behind. Maybe it was a cruel thing, to some, that he could uproot himself in order to pursue personal achievements, when he could have remained in order to raise his children, but the Weyr was not structured in a way that denigrated such decisions. Riders infrequently kept their children in their own care, as riders were expected to put their duty as Pern’s protectors first. That is how D’nier could justify it in his own heart. Had he remained, he would not be present all of the time. Were he to leave, it wasn’t as though he would never see them again, nor that they would not be well cared for.

Flirt/ likes to think himself a ladies' man. He’s a sensual person.
Fairly mild-mannered in general.
Suave/ Debonaire.
Tends to appear pretty easy-going, having a relaxed, easily approachable manner about him, but he is not as tolerant or forgiving as one might believe him to be. He is not unkind, nor unfair, but he can be strict and exacting.
Detail oriented.
Patron of arts and business/ entrepreneurs.
Big-brotherly and likes kids.
Intelligent. Good with numbers and managing resources/ finances/ inventories etc.
Thrifty with resources. Likes to see efficiency, positive change and growth.
Some might consider him materialistic since he has a large appreciation for material things, especially marks themselves, but he doesn’t necessarily grow super attached to the material things that he has as far as sentiment, it just makes him feel more secure to have lots of resources at his disposal. He does not share very well, however.
Dignified in his manner and usually also in his speech, though when he’s upset, he doesn’t refrain from having a foul mouth. THis is a trait that age has taught him.
Responsible and typically prompt.
He’s not overly serious though, as long as work is getting done and to satisfactory standards. He has a really fun-loving side, and likes to tease.
Not always well spoken, but has his moments, and usually knows what to say around women when he’s flirting.
Down to earth; pretty logical and reasonable.
Bit of a rebel; he’s OK with taking unorthodox approaches and taking risks as long as he can calculate that the possibility of the outcome being in his favour is good or that the cost outweighs the risk.

Can be bi-polar when it comes to his moods and how quickly they change. Prone to anger, but it's not out of his control like when he was younger.
Materialistic & doesn’t share well with others.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Frequently wears a roguish smile.
Calls most women “Little Lady”, “Miss”, “Baby doll”, or some other pet name.

Skills/ Likes:
[Telling stories]: Telling children's stories, especially scary ones.
[Playing with kids]: Especially boys who like to rough house with him. He does however have a bit of a sweet spot for girls. Especially his little girls, so he hates to be away from them. He’ll just have to adopt someone else’s or have more of his own.
[Gambling/ Card tricks]: Card tricks are a favourite. He appreciates when he’s able to trick adults more than kids.
[Material things & Money]: Having ‘stuff’ gives him a feeling of security and he likes being in control of assets/ resources for that reason. He gives the excuse that he’s just good at numbers and skilled at management.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Sharing]: He can be a little greedy. It makes him feel more secure having lots of stuff around. D’nier however, does lavish those he really cares for with anything he can afford them, be it material or otherwise. That is his saving grace.
[Losing his marks to a gamble]: Well, if he’s greedy and feels secure with lots of stuff, why would he want to lose any of it? = bane of his existence. ><

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Hand-to-hand. More of a brawler type. Skilled with the use of a knife. But he’s not the first to jump into a fight. He’s more like a growling dog who’ll bar his teeth in threat before deciding to lunge into the fray, because he tends to be calculating about the effects/ outcome/ weighing risk etc.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:
Taroth (Wheel of Fortune)

Turn of Impression:
474 by Gold Coelith (Empress)  & Bronze Regnath (Emperor)

Clutch Name:
Hazy Skies

Weyr of Impression:
Benden Weyr

Wing Name:

#663333, #79443b, #8d5b52, #9a6d59, #a57e64
Dark weathered bronze with a hint of brassy metallic that, in the right light, give his hide a warm golden undertone. His hide is about the same colour over all of his body, and in the darkness or in shadows, appears almost black, but in direct sun, is truly radiant.

Length: 36.9 Meters
Height: 43.1 Meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Has a few small scars from injuries sustained at wing practices or on flights. Especially from flights. But nothing serious or considerably noticeable.

Personality Traits:

Turning point ----- Opportunities ----- Possibilities
Destiny ----- Fate ----- Superior Forces ----- Movement
Development ----- Activity ----- Surprises ----- Expansion
Sudden Events ----- Speed ----- New Developments ----- Life Cycles
Interpretation ----- Sudden Change ----- Dissension ----- Approachability

His rider probably gets some of his rebellious, unorthodox tendencies from Taroth. Taroth has more of an appreciation for change and unexpected turns of events. They get along really well however, in that both of them see perfectly eye to eye with regards to expecting efficiency and growth. Always together looking for new opportunities. He is very opportunistic in that sense.
Taroth is very active, whether that be with other dragons in wing practices or in observation of events so that he can pick up on all the little opportunities that might crop up. He hates to miss a chance at something that might turn out exciting and new. Other dragons find him easy to approach and talk to, so the trend has been that many dragons come to him with news even before their riders have spoken. D’nier is able to keep up with gossip better that way.
Flexible and go with the flow. He’s open minded and usually bodes well with change, creating his own interpretation of events so that he gleans the best and most profitable experience from it for he and his rider. His rider does have to remind him sometimes though, that it’s OK not to look for constant change; some things are good and should remain as they are.
Taroth likes to feel at least somewhat in control, though he is good about change. It’s in his Bronze nature to be a strong masculine force to be reckoned with. And when he sets his mind to something, his true  ferocity can show. Like his rider, he looks forward to managerial tasks and is very organized due to his need to feel in control.
Enjoys surprises. Generally speaking, the bigger the better with him. Small things aren’t as exciting because the ripples they create aren’t as disrupting.
Highly confident but not in an overly assertive or boastful manner.

Harmonious baritone

D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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D'nier and Taroth (Wheel of Fortune) -Weyrleader/Bronzerider
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