... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Raelestriata of Green Solieth

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PostSubject: Raelestriata of Green Solieth   Raelestriata of Green Solieth I_icon32Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:14 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder
Character Info:
Name: Raelestriata


Title: Wingrider

Honourific: she refuses to shorten her long name
Age & Turn of Birth: 18 , Turn 484

Gender: female

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Greenrider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations:

Raelestriata is not what you would call a dreamer. She tends to know what she wants and knows what she expects from herself. She has known since she was young that she would enjoy the life of a dragonrider. Now that she is one, she is content in the knowledge that she is becoming exactly what she knew she would be. Beyond that, she only wishes to join a wing and protect Pern when it is required of her. Enjoying her life is now her main goal.  

OOC Character Development Goals:
Plotting her rival/Bff and other friends. If anyone wants a Weyrling friend, Raelestriata is always making them.


Father: Raelio, Weyr Beastcrafter
Mother:Velstriata, Drudge
Siblings: Es'tri (19, m) of Green Mialoth, Velsrae (17, f). Strielio (14, m)
Half Siblings:
Feniror (22, m)
Amarayis (12, f)
Other Significant:
Best Friend : Nova (N'var) 18, m, of Blue Ilmattoth
Rival: T'veli, 18, m, of Green Velikath
Friends: Female Bluerider (played by sylverangel)
Q'rijn, Brownrider (played by Caoimnhe)
Emerene, rider of Gold Glittrath (played by Eloaene)

Face:Emma Dumont
Raelestriata of Green Solieth Soliethrider_zps9dde7adb

Hair:Light brown, long, straight, not thick
Eyes: hazel/light brown, slightly slanted, large almond eyes.
Build: Thin, gangly looking, her arms and legs are long. She looks like she has no muscle.
Other Notable Physical Traits:
Style of Dress: She wears riding leathers to Weyrling Practice. Other times she wears pants and work boots and tight shirts in order for her to be active. she has a nice Celebration dress but she rarely has cause to wear it.
Possessions usually found on persona:

✣ A small brown woven bracelet with a gray metal charm that has the shape of a sun on it. Given to her by her parents when she Impressed.


Her mother and father met at the weyr and soon after meeting began an affair with one another. Her father already had a wife but she had refused to come with him to the Weyr and stayed in the hold. Her father was a Journeyman at the time and was kept at Fort Weyr. He never left Fort Weyr again.

She was the second child of this union. Although it wasn't a marriage her parents were true to eachother for a long time. She had a mostly normal childhood. Neither of her parents were absent from her life. She had a few siblings but not so many that she got lost in the crowd. But she was always independent. She always knew her own mind and saw her way.

When she was young she stayed in the Creche with the rider's children because her mother had to work. This was where she made a majority of her friends. She was constantly planning races, trips to the lake for swimming in the summer time. She liked mental games too, like memory and memorizing ballads although she isn't much of a singer.

Like many other Weyrbred children she became a Candidate. At the age of fourteen she was allowed to Stand but did not Impress. During the two Turns of her Candidacy she made many really good friends, which wasn't unusual for her. She remained friends with some of the Candidates who didn't Impress with her and also those who did.

At sixteen she impressed to green Solieth. Never having any doubts that she would be a rider some day, becoming one wasn't a shock to her.Solieth completed her life. While she had always determined to be more rational than emotional, she couldn't help but feel the outpour of the best of feelings from the dragonet. Impression was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Not only as the fulfillment of her dreams but also the fulfiillment of her as a person. She had found the other part of her, a part she had not realized was missing until she had come into it.

The whole first sevenday after Impressing, Raelestriata slept poorly, she woke at the sllightest noise and spent candlemarks watching Solieth sleep. Hoping that this wasn't some wonderful dream. When the newness wore off, the pair spent a lot of time working on their telepathic link with one another. So that now they are very close. Solieth and Raelestriata made no shortage of close connections with their clutchmates, especially those split into their wing.

During Weyrling Training, they have yet to truly stand out, other than having confidence and a  good attitude, however, Raeestriata's sense of geography will help more now that they are learning to fly.


  • Optimistic--Much like her dragon, she loves life and always sees the positives of the situations she is in.
  • Energetic - She can't ever really sit that still for long. She is not someone you'll find lazing about the lake on a sunny day. She loves to run and swim and do activities. Even games that motivate her mentally not just physically.
  • Flirtatious at times- she has to be in the mood. She isn't constantly flinging herself at young men. She does however like to look...
  • Social - She is a talker and gregarious and loves to have a good time. She is all for a game of dragon poker or a good party. Raelestriata has a lot of friends but not all of them are very close to her.
  • Adventurous- Exploring, going on missions, things that require a little bit of curiosity to be filled, she enjoys. However she is not someone who seeks out dangerous situations. She can handle herself well in those situations though.
  • Confident/Self Assured- Her confidence beams out from her inside to her out. Having such an inner strength and belief in herself is almost contagious. Her confidence can be almost off-putting to some. She's only a greenrider after all.
  • Decisive/Knows her own mind- She is almost never indecisive. It doesn't take her long to make up her mind. Once she has its set and nothing will take it away.
  • Dealing with situations, Raelestriata acts thusly : This happened. This is how I will deal with it. Dealt with. Moving on.
  • She likes having a plan but doesn't have to have one. In fact despite how she might seem, she can fly by the seat of her pants without hesitation. Making her mind up quickly allows for some spontaneity.
  • Happy. She is generally a happy sort of person. Very rarely does she seem glum or upset. It takes a select few people to make her feel unhappy.


  • Realistic, she doesn't dream the way teenage girls should. She has lost the romanticism of that age in a woman's life. No rose colored glasses for her. She knows men are only after one thing. She knows that relationships don't work at the weyr. She knows that greens are hopeless flirts and fly to mate several times a Turn.
  • Holds a grudge-- Raelestriata holds a grudge. If someone pisses her off, which does rarely happen. She will never forget it. She will never forget any injustice done to her, nor any bad word said about her. She has a lot of self worth which borders on pride and vanity. To insult her, to insult her pride, means never being able to have a civil conversation with her again. "My good opinion once lost, is gone forever."

Mannerisms or Habits:
Gossips when she can't think of anything nice to say.
She tends to flirt with men when she feels like she needs attention. It is one way to get it.
Tucks her hair behind her ears when she is nervous.

[Being Active]: She has always been active. She runs every single morning and feels awful all day if she misses her run. She also enjoys, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, runner riding, games.
[Decision Making]: She makes decisions quickly, decidedly and never changes her mind.
[Sense of Direction]: she has an uncanny sense of direction which really helps with geographical training and Between training.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
Dry toast people:boring, flat people who don’t find joy in life.
✣[b][Being quiet]
: Its almost impossible…maybe it is.
[Patience]: Not her forte. She can be but its not something she takes the time to be better at. It seems she has become less patient as time has gone on.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Sword sparring, hand fighting. She is rather limber though she lacks muscle mass to have a ton of power.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Soleith (Sun)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort

Wing: Weyrling


A bright yellowy green compromises most of Solieth's hide. On her wings, splotches of lgihter and brighter greens take precedence. Her claws gleam a bright yellow almost golden in the sunlight. Solieth is abnormally radient when she is near to rising, almost copying a Gold dragon in this way. Her build is average. Nothing seems out of proportion. Everything is as it should be as far as she is concerned.


Length: 23.8 meters

Height: 30 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:


  • Vigorous – she seems to have boundless energy and vigor for life.
  • Radiant – intensely joyous, happy so much so that she can affect others with her happiness.
  • optimistic – With a clear sense of where her life is going, her naturally joyful nature and her never-ending vigor for life, she can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. The cup is half full and getting fuller while she is pouring the wine.
  • Enthusiastic – Everything she does, she does with a lively interest, nothing is too dull.to garner her interest. She truly finds everything she does in life to be of value and exciting to her. She does not hide her exuberance for things. But rather embraces it.  
  • Self assured – She has no doubts about anything, ever.
  • Innocent – not flirtatious except when she is about to rise and then suddenly she is the biggest flirt you ever saw. Its a strange hormonal change for her. Although it does make it easy to tell when she will be rising.
  • Has clear understanding of her life’s purpose and that of others. Her way is lit as if by the sun’s rays.

Confident, not really high, but not raspy either, very clear. (will find an actual voice to put here later)
Color code:#ACFF00

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PostSubject: Re: Raelestriata of Green Solieth   Raelestriata of Green Solieth I_icon32Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:44 pm


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