... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 N'var/ Nova & Blue Ilmattoth (Fool/Madman)

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PostSubject: N'var/ Nova & Blue Ilmattoth (Fool/Madman)   N'var/ Nova & Blue Ilmattoth (Fool/Madman) I_icon32Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:12 pm

N'var (Nova) & Ilmattoth

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::
Novar (Nickname: Nova)


Wingrider/ Bluerider


Age/ Turn of Birth:
18 /484 AL


Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Bluerider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations:
In all truth, he’s never thought of anything but becoming a dragonrider. Now that he’s Impressed, Nova is just happy enjoying the relationship he and Ilmattoth share. He doesn’t think much about other things beyond that.So, for now, perhaps he’s just in need of a little growing up before setting any other goals for himself.

Father: Varen/ V’ren, Brownrider, Wingrider, 36
Mother:  Ciela, Greenrider, Wingrider, 34
Siblings: Older brother, Younger half-brother, Younger half-sister, Younger half-brother
Children: None.
Other Significant: Raelestriata and others of his weyrling class. He has a crush on Rae, though.

N'var/ Nova & Blue Ilmattoth (Fool/Madman) DansonTang40_zps4c11e794N'var/ Nova & Blue Ilmattoth (Fool/Madman) DansonTang28_zpseaaf9be8

Face: Danson Tang
Hair: Dark brown -near black- with hints of deep chestnut highlights under the sun. Layered medium to shoulder length.
Eyes: mixed shades of dark, nutty brown
Height: 5’10”
Build: Very lean, medium build, but as he gets older, he’s filling out more muscularly.That’ll take some time though, as his body matures.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Looks more like his father than his mother.
Style of Dress: Relaxed fit jeans and a brown leather belt and whatever shirt is clean. He loves brown boots and has a necklace with a silver “N” on it for his name. He does care about his looks, but effortlessly pulls off some sense of fashion by throwing simple attire on every day. He doesn’t try very hard. Of course he also has suitable riding leathers and likes to wear fingerless gloves for working in. He has a liking for riding jackets and has a collection of at least three of them in varying colours and styles.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣small, standard belt knife.

Weyrbred to a young couple who fell in love after experiencing their first mating flight, Nova was the second boy born to them. Though as riders, his parents put he and his siblings up for fostering, they were not completely uninvolved with the upbringing of their children. His parents’ love for one another was young love; hot and fast burning. Eventually, the two grew more disinterested in one another and took other relationship interests as they both matured. Nova has always been very close to his elder brother, but his half siblings were fostered by a different mother, so, though he did interact with them on a regular basis, they did not become as close a he and his full-blooded brother.

His father’s lineage, as far back as the man could remember, had been weyrbred; perhaps even amoungst the first dragonriders ever to Impress on Pern. This always gave Nova a great sense of pride about his lineage. Nova himself never possessed an overabundance of ego, but his pride would usually center around this.

Nova has never shown any real interest in any trade. He despised lessons that tried to encourage him to train in anything outside of what was necessary to become a rider. In a sense, perhaps he was simply limiting his own education, but he was firmly set on the idea of Impressing -no matter what colour. To him, all dragons were created equal; they only played varying roles within a wing. That was that. Just like people, one role in society didn’t make a person any lesser or greater. The person determined their own greatness. Needless to say, Nova just loved dragons, and becoming a dragonrider was what he had always dreamed of. He would settle for no less.

At 13, Nova started standing on the sands as a candidate. The first two turns, he wasn’t disappointed by the fact he hadn’t impressed yet, however eager he might be. Admittedly, he was growing worried he might never Impress, after nearly four turns of standing on every clutch laid. So, it was truly to his elation when Ilmattoth spoke into his mind for the first time. That day of impression was truly the happiest day of his life. That happiness that he and Ilmattoth bring to one another makes up for any shortcomings either of them may have, in eachother’s eyes. Their existences completely revolve around one another, totally absorbed by their connection.

Growing up, he did not have a lot of trouble making friends, though most of his friends were siblings of some sort, be it full blooded, half blooded or foster siblings, so he never really had to try. After Impressing however, situations changed. Life became much more busy for him, and circumstances did not allow him to keep in close contact with the same people he’d always grown up with. Only those who impressed in the same clutch as he, would remain close as they shared in the same experiences together. Given the opportunity also, to create new friends, Nova has proven to take on some of his dragon’s traits for being a little socially awkward around new people. He doesn’t seem to mind this as much as his dragon however, because Nova is perfectly content with the small circle of friends he has.

Prefers introversion but his friendly nature and high energy make him a good Fake Extrovert. He’s able to socialize well after first meetings with people. Initial meetings and small talk are a little difficult for him, but he is learning to manage those kinds of social situations even if it makes him somewhat uncomfortable. Still, his charisma and positive energy tend to attract people to him so there’s no really getting around it.
Highly energetic. He’s typically bouncing around, skipping, running, climbing on things, being a monkey.Can get to be very rowdy and rambunctious. Gets carried away with his enthusiasm. He’ll mellow out a bit as he matures/ grows older. His dragon’s more mild temperament also helps calm him. If he IS ever too calm, it’s probably because he is being channeled Ilmattoth’s energy.
Goofy and comical. He tends to use his dragon’s periodic knack for being a bit of a dunce to make excuses for himself just playing around. He’s not much of a real troublemaker, though. He’s actually pretty responsible for his age, regardless of his antics.
Sporadic and spontaneous.
Good listener, and not as well spoken as his dragon. He has to be, because his dragon is constantly talking into his head. If not about philosophical things that Nova just doesn’t care to think about half the time, then about his issues with being misunderstood or ostracised by others because of his lacking in common sense, which makes the Blue a little socially awkward at times. Admittedly, Nova does find that at times, when he just wants to rest, his dragon’s chatter gets to be too much; which is the only cause the two have ever found for any sort of dispute between the two of them..
Just starting to take interest in sexuality
Pretty care-free seeming nature, though he doesn’t slack when it comes to work. He’s quick to complete tasks so that he has ample time to do as he pleases afterward.
Easy, generally charismatic energy that should make him easy to approach and capable of making plenty of friends, but he really does take on some of his dragon’s tendencies when it comes to being a little socially awkward around new people.
Doesn’t get upset easily, but when he does, he is REALLY upset.

Can be too rambunctious and get carried away, not considering how he may be disturbing others. So, he can be a bit inconsiderate without really intending to be. He just doesn’t think things through all the time. That trait is something his dragon shares in.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Uses his dragon’s lack of common sense as an excuse for his own behaviour. He does this both jokingly and in all seriousness.

Skills/ Likes:
[Physical activity]: Obviously. He’s a monkey. He is a high jumper and climbs around, balancing on everything. He really enjoys running, which is something he does with his friends every morning, and he takes pleasure in rough housing with his brothers. He enjoys the physical work of a dragonrider as a challenge to his physical capabilities. He can’t wait to participate in the Weyr Games one day as a full fledged rider to test his strengths.
[Freedom]: Likes being free to do as he pleases. Doesn’t like being given restrictions or too many guidelines. Likes doing things his way.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Too much structure/ rigidity]: This just makes things boring or makes him feel ..well.. restricted! Maybe that’s part of still being young, still growing up... -feeling as though there’s some desire to push one’s limits and boundaries and be free of them.
[Expressing his feelings to girls]:  There’s only one in his life whom he adores so much, and it’s difficult for him, to know how to be a friend and yet how to take a relationship that step further and try to be more romantic. That is him a lot of frustration, unable to know how to be both, or how to express to his secret crush just how he feels. He thinks himself a fool for it and then becomes jealous when other guys approach her because he hasn’t had the guts to. That cycle drives him crazy!

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Hand to hand. Not a great fighter, though he isn’t against the idea of rough housing. For him, it’s all more for fun, at this stage.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:
Ilmattoth (The Fool/ Beggar/ Madman)

Turn of Impression:
500 AL

Clutch Name:
Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:

#536895, #778ba5, #91a3b0, #91acb0, #a1bdba, #a3c1ad
Hazy hues of stormy cloud blue. His colouring darkens along the ridge of his spine to a cool, dark, greying thunderstorm blue. The blue brightens along his sides, though the shading is still cloudy, turning into a more rainy, airforce blue; this is his primary colour. Along the very under-most side of his belly, the blue becomes crisp and light, like pale blue-grey foggy mists.

Length: 27.2 meters
Height: 31.7 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:

Personality Traits:
(unaware, oblivious, beggar, vagabond, unruly, unfortunate, bad luck, left out of the crowd, exists on a higher or lower plane, makes excuses, tricks for coming out ahead, spirit of search and experience, journey, wisdom lacking common sense, exuberance, simple pleasures, distraction, crazy wisdom, cleverness lacking reason.)

Very talkative with his rider, but not so much with others, unless they’re draconic. He has a special infatuation with his rider.
Always feels left out, ostracised by others; finds it’s hard to make friends, or that others don’t find it harmonious to be with him. Maybe that feeling of being left out of the crowd is what prompts him to be so talkative with his rider.
Doesn’t like being told he might be doing something wrong, so he’ll make excuses and argue as to why he was right all along. He’s sensitive about his ego because he’s very clever. His lacking of common sense however, makes it difficult to see eye to eye with others. He tends to reason differently than others, and doesn’t understand why.
He is rather philosophical for a dragon. He often seems to be more wise than his rider. Are dragon years like dog years? Maybe that’s why.
Distractible because he’s endlessly curious. Sometimes this makes him seem oblivious to what’s going on around him because he’s so focused within his own thoughts about other things.
Enjoys the journey more than seeing as simply a means to an end. Simple things bring him pleasure.

Light, Youthful Tenor

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