... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Mahyeul -Hold Guard

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PostSubject: Mahyeul -Hold Guard   Mahyeul -Hold Guard I_icon32Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:25 pm

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::


Former 5th Squad Division Captain


Age/ Turn of Birth:
27/ 475 AL


Place of Birth:
Hold Balan

Place of Residence:

Hold Guard

Occupation/ Role:
Soon to be re-located to Telgar River Hold to take the previous 1st Squad Division Captian’s place.

Character Aspirations:
Finding a place for himself in the world where he feels as though he can can belong and carry out his purpose in life without having to follow practices that conflict with his ethical standards.

Father: Gaitan (Soldierborn, 454 AL)
Mother: Mayune (Housewife/ former jeweler’s assistant, 455 AL) (Sister of Mine and mother of S’dric, who’s Wife of Bowdric, whose Brother is Allvander, the father of Bladen and Lance)
Siblings: Older brother (Guard, 28), Younger brother (Minecrafter, 23), Younger sister (Harper, 21).
Children: None
Other Significant: Cousins S’dric, Lance and Bladen

Mahyeul -Hold Guard Huangyida_zpsf0f5d8f5

Face: Huang Yi da
Hair:Black, grown long enough to reach the low part of his back, worn either in a high ponytail with bangs forward, or left down and gathered with a cloth tie at its ends to keep it somewhat tame while not being pulled completely back.
Eyes: Soft brown
Height: 5’9”
Build: Small-medium build. Very lean muscled. Slim enough/ small enough to perhaps be mistaken for a girl from the back; especially with such long hair. (at some point I promise i’ll make him cut his hair! >D)
Other Notable Traits:  Appears younger than his age and more frail than he truly is. Long, thread of a scar running across the back of his left forearm.
Style of Dress: Usually wears a nearly ankle-length semi-fitted robe with a longsleeved tunic and relaxed-fit pants underneath. The outer garment is fashioned similarly to a chinese dress, with side slits for freedom of movement, and a mandarin collar at the neckline; though the tunic worn underneath of it is wrap-around, and does not have a high neckline. A sash is only belted around his waist if he does not wear the longer outer garment, and he prefers sandals or other slip on shoes because this is what is most comfortable to him. Fabric used is not low quality, but only the gather finest he carries is made out of brightly coloured brocade. Typical attire is either a set of deep blue pants and belted tunic with long sleeves, very plain for work or travel, or a white, pale blue or black robe with the same, blue, underlying tunic and pants.

His gather dress is of the palest of blues about the neck and shoulders, transitioning to a deep midnight hue and radiant purple and orange sunset hues at his feet and down the length of the sleeves, deepening in colour as the pattern progresses down the length of the outer garment. There is a subtle background pattern of leaves carried on the wind throughout the fabric, but since the threads are the same colour, simply glossed, the pattern is dependent on whether or not the light catches it at the right angle.

He typically carries a few partially interchangable sets of clothing with him, of varying grade of fabric to be worn depending on his activities each day. Until someone gives him other clothes, this is what he's stuck in. ;P

Possessions usually found on persona:
ID badge
Deck of cards to keep himself entertained
Stringed instrument/ guitar (while he’s traveling)

Mahyeul was born premature in Hold Balan, to a Soldierborn father and a mother born to a miner’s family. Since he was born with weak lungs, as a child, Mahyeul was very sickly, and no one thought he would live past his first couple turns of age. He grew healthier as he got older, but even at present, he tends to get sick easily and prolonged physical activity will throw him into coughing fits because it puts too much strain on his body. Due to this, he’s always seemed frail compared to his siblings. Perhaps always being looked upon as being weak is what prompted him to have such a drive to join the guard like his father, but it also is what caused his family’s reluctance to allow him to take on such a physically trying apprenticeship.

Other than having nearly died of compounded illness when he was growing into a toddler, Mahyeul has had a good childhood, raised by a deeply connected family who loved and supported one another and remained close to even extended relatives. He’s always been close to his siblings, adoring of all of them. Of all of his family however, he has always felt the closest bond with his mother. It was Mahyeul’s mother who taught him to have a love of music. She was a talented vocalist herself. His sister also, was very musical and ended up entering a harper apprenticeship.

As a child, Mahyeul had great expectations of being a Guard, idolizing the Guard as the peacekeepers of Pern, who helped moderate disputes and maintain happiness amoungst the people. His father helped people, and being a compassionate child, that’s what he wanted to do, too.Once he’d turned the proper 11 turns of age, Mahyeul showed a high level of determination to become a guardsman like his father and brother, wanting to follow in their footsteps. His health was still a constant worry for them though he never became as terribly ill as he had been when he was much younger -they felt he shouldn’t push himself too hard physically because his body was still too weak to take the strenuous exercise required of him in the trade. After much deliberation and insistence on Mahyeul’s part however, his family allowed him to join the in the guard’s apprenticeship program, secretly believing that he would quickly flunk out of the training or lose interest. That was their initial hope, anyway. Then Mahyeul would see that the life of a guardsman like his father was not the right life for him.

Mahyeul’s training didn’t go as they all expected though. The exercise helped strengthen the boy’s body, and he grew more spirited with his new purpose. Being more determined than most, to prove himself capable, he excelled at the craft and was recognized not only for his steadfast character, but also for his natural talent and finesse with a blade. He was smaller than many of the other students, perhaps due to the health problems he’d had when he was very young, so he was quicker than they, and more agile. Though he was a gentle person, when he fought with great intent/purpose, he approached his craft with a stubborn ferocity that would seem unexpected of him.

493 AL, in the midst of Telgar’s rebellion, Mahyeul entered full service to the Guard. Much of his time was spent in Hold Balan, protecting it from the rebels who would try to take its resources for their own and usurp power from its holder and its people as they tried to make further strongholds for themselves to support their siege on Southern Telgar Hold. He did end his service in Southern Telgar Hold, helping to reclaim areas that were under dispute.

His experience in the Guard during this time was such that he began to see the world and the Guard on the whole rather differently. Perspectives began to change from believing the Guard to be peacekeepers to believing that many on both sides only used a rebellion as an excuse to dirty their blades. In the thick of it all, Mahyeul saw little hope, little purpose beyond appeasing the offended sensibilities of the people and a lordship that was too late to apologize or otherwise explain for things that had taken place.

In his mind, there was no peace to be found in the conflict’s beginning, middle or end. The ‘end’ felt stale to him; new found peace felt more like frustrations made stagnant, simply becoming too tired to fight any longer. It was a false peace. So when the day came that Mahyeul overheard that the Chorong Rebels had been revived from that slumber, it did not really surprise him.

By 498 AL, Mahyeul had taken up the position of 5th Squad Division Captain, ahead of his elder brother to his surprise. Apparently higher merits awarded him the position. And of course it was assumed that he had some help attaining the position from his father, who’d served for many turns as a Captain in the Guard, and now held even more influential rank.

Come turn 500, Mahyeul decided that he wasn’t sure what he expected or wanted from life anymore. It was suspected that the Chorong Rebels were going to return in full force soon, and he wasn’t sure just how he felt about being asked to enter another conflict like the last. There were rumours amoungst the Guard themselves, that that’s just what would happen. For those who’d experienced the previous rebellion, one rebellion was enough, and made some more willing to negotiate alternate outcomes; even at their own greater expense. Of course, a younger generation didn’t see things the same. In any case, Mahyeul’d become a little bit more jaded than he realized regarding his service to the guard in general.

He saw to it that his position could be handed over to his elder brother, feeling that he was just as capable of filling the role. When it was agreed upon, Mahyeul then approached his father about an extended furlough to visit extended family in bordering territories so that he could take some time away from Guard duty. His family’s long and dedicated service to the Guard helped allow for the extended time away, so with permission granted, Mahyeul packed his things and joined the next caravan of traders headed to Igen.

Mahyeul has visited family in Igen, having spent about a month with his mother’s sister and her family there. Now he takes his time traveling between holds, getting to know the wider world of Pern outside of Telgar while on his way to visit the next relatives in line. Along the way, Mahyeul meets his needs for food, shelter and travel by assisting those he meets, doing odd jobs to assist in various trades.  He also plays his music sometimes for tips.  As he takes his time traveling, he considers his own trade and the time he may decide to return to Telgar, wondering just how effective the Guard really is at keeping peace; wondering if that’s really what they were doing, seeing things from a more mature and less naive perspective than in previous turns.

Jovial, cheery personality; he likes to tease and prank people that he’s close to, but not as likely to do so with someone he’s not already a friend of.
Gentle disposition, though it belies his true intensity, and the ferocity that he harbours deep within him.
By all appearances, is rather unimposing
May seem somewhat simple or childish in mindset or thinking due to his tendency to keep a light, carefree mood about him, as well as his tendency to play games or respond with simple words, but truth be told, he is a rather deep thinker. He is more intelligent than one might take him for based on first impressions, and has a mind for strategy. This is one of the reasons he was chosen at such a young age to be a guard Captain.
A very focused person, even if the above trait tends to do well to hide this fact.
Helpful to others when he can be, and is always a guard at heart, always with eyes peeled for trouble and ulterior motive. It’s just second nature to him, though he’s not necessarily a highly suspicious/ skeptical person. But helping people is what drew him to join the guard in the first place, so that’s what he continues to do no matter where he is or if he’s on or off duty.
Dutiful and determined. Is known for carrying out his orders down to the smallest detail with perfection and without fail.
Highly alert/ observative.
Steadfast character, devoted to his moral principles and the stricture of the Guard.
Skillful with a sword, but does not like having to posses the cold attitude it takes to accomplish anything with one. He’s not against using one when he has to, but for him, it’s last resort, and only for use in life or death situation. A weapon of any kind, in his mind, is not something to be taken lightly or used carelessly or often. In other words, he has honed his killer’s instinct through turns of training, but he hides it and suppresses it well.
Always wears an outward kindness towards others, but there is a hot side to him that remains hidden from view, and the suppressed fighting instinct within him can arise from within him very quickly and without notice. It is part of that very serious side of him that he does not have to reveal frequently, so when it does surface, the change is so drastic, he appears to be a different person entirely.
A bit of a diplomat, he strives to be understanding and empathetic of others, finding compromise in every situation.
Around superiors in the Guard, he often feigns being lazy, as though he’s shirking his duties, but he does it just to give them a hard time. He’s always pulled that act on them, ever since he started, because he’s never been afraid of his superiors or their reactions to his antics. So, he has a little bit of a false identity as a bum around Hold Balan’s Guard Hall.

Becomes sick more easily than most people, but he always downplays it with a smile. He was born with weak lungs.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Laughs quite a bit

Always mentally ‘on patrol’, observing people.
Has a pretty persistant cough due to constant minor health issues. .
In the evenings, entertains himself with cards or playing his instrument while singing. Usually around other people for everyone else's enjoyment, too.

Skills/ Likes:
[Protecting others]:This is the reason he joined the guard to begin with; it is what he grew up watching his father do, finding every way to admire the Guard for maintaining peace.
[Music]: It’s something he’s only ever done as a hobby, but he learned basics from Hold Balan’s harpers and then grew his ability from solo practice. He plays a stringed instrument similar to a guitar and sings. His voice is light and youthful, complementing the gentleness of his usual demeanor.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Unnecessary violence]: He’d rather not have to use the skills he trained in. The perfect Pern would be a Pern that didn’t require his trade at all.
[Cruel intention]: Though he himself possesses a bit of that frigid nature it takes to control a weapon and choose for someone else between life and death, it sickens him to think that anyone could ever possess such a cruel heart that such is the only kind of intention they possess. Cruel and useless ill will toward others serves no purpose in his mind; not for anyone.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Telgar Guard style, but does not carry weapons on him. He is a swordless swordsman. But he is more than capable of procuring the use of someone else’s if they swing one at him. In any case, the sword is but an extension of the arm; swordsmanship can thereby be practiced without any weapon at all. The principle is the same.

:: Crafter Information ::
Hold Guard

Turns in Craft:
15 turns

Former 5th Squad Division Captain

Location of Journeymanship:
Hold Balan


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