... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrbrat Dyseus

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PostSubject: Weyrbrat Dyseus   Weyrbrat Dyseus I_icon32Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:39 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder

Character Info:
Name: Dyseus
Pronunciation: Dye- sea - us
Title: Brat Pack Member / Weyrbrat
Honourific: N/A (if he impresses a dragon . I would prefer D'seus)
Age & Turn of Birth: 9, b. Turn 492
Gender: male
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr
Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Craft: possibly dragonhealing in the future.
Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Dragonhealer & Dragonrider

Character Aspirations:
I would like to add here before I get started he is still a child and his aspirations are likely to change.
Right now he would like to apprentice to a craft so that he will not have to be a drudge like his mother. He wants to be nothing like his father and has no plans of becoming a womanizing dragonrider who has no time for the children he leaves behind. As such he has dreams of a steady life with much constancy and no room for flighty or chaotic people in his life. He has not yet decided if he would like to stay at the Weyr and has not thought much about what his personal life will be in the future.

OOC Character Development Goals:

  • Become involved in the Brat Pack, rather begrudgingly, following his brother.
  • Become an Apprentice as a Dragon Healer.
  • Impress a Dragon, at some point, possibly while he is assisting on the sands, rather than Standing as a Candidate
  • Would like him to loosen up at some point as well. He can be such a tightly wound person.

Father: Or’seus (29), Searchrider of Blue Brioth
Mother: Dyanna (28) drudge
Maternal Siblings:
Aridya (5)
Moriganna (1)
Fraternal Siblings (known):
Orivanya , f, 11
Orisyn , m, 10
Unnamed, m, 9, Played by JQ
Caleseus, m, 8
Jadeseu, f, 7
Rorise, f, 7
Akoris, m, 5
Akreseus, m, 5
Yseorse, m, 4
Videreus, m, 3
Eussene, f, 3
Beori, f, 2
Irideus, m, 1
Aeroris, f, 1
Other Significant:

Face:Dylan Schmid
Weyrbrat Dyseus 600full-dylan-schmid
Hair: Brown, somewhat wavy when its grown out
Eyes: Green
Height: 4’9” and growing. He probably won't grow much taller till he is well into his teenage turns.
Build: Slender yet athletic from all the running around boys do.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Scar below his right wrist from falling and landing on his hands, he broke both his bones in his wrist…
Style of Dress: Wears whatever his mother can get for him. He isn’t particularly well dressed. Generally he wears hand-me-downs and they are made of coarse fabrics with muted browns, tans and greens. Honestly he doesn't care for green, as its a color that is considered unlucky.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Slingshot✣ Pouch he has around his waist. He puts things he collects in there.

Dyseus' mother was in an unusual predicament when she gave birth to him. Her sister was giving birth at the same time to another little boy, both being of the same father. The boys were born only minutes apart and were given the nickname of being "not twins" by the Creche nannies. The name has followed the boys throughout their turns at the Weyr.

While Dyseus was well loved by both his mother and his aunt, there were no adult men in his young life that spent any amount of time with him. The person he spent the most time with, his half-brother, Oryan, was almost identical to him in appearance but not so in personality. Where Dyseus preferred to remain in the background and stay out of trouble, his half brother was constantly getting them into it.

Eventually both of them became involved in a group known as the Brat Pack. During his time with the Brat Pack he realized how much he didn't like being in trouble. Extra work was never his idea of fun and the other kids were not good at following a solid infallible plan. Instead they did things their way which ended almost always in getting caught and being given consequences befitting the crime.

During one of their many pranks, one which involved some herdbeasts rampaging and opening a gate, he fell and broke his right wrist in both places. They were all punished with chores but for once he was spared because he spent quite a bit of time after the event in the infirmary. Often he thinks he will leave the Brat Pack but then is convinced to participate in another scheme by his half-brother.

He would like to become an apprentice and then his time will be taken up with other things. Dyseus would really love to become a Dragon Healer. It is his dream, what he aspires to be and do. He would rather do that than become a dragonrider. Although both wouldn't be too bad so long as he could steer clear of trouble.


  • Intelligent - he is fairly cerebral, often in his head instead of being athletic like other boys. He likes to find new things and study them.
  • Hard working - When given a project he spends all of his energy on it. He will not eat or sleep generally until he finishes what it is he starts.
  • Orderly- Everything has a place and a time in life. He likes things to be where they belong.
  • Gullible, gives in to stronger personalities around him. He is especially easily influenced by his half-brother Oryan.
  • Superstitious, he believes in things like old-wives tales, that green is an unlucky color, that the Red Star is a horrible omen. He would rather be safe than sorry, so believing in things that might seem silly to others keeps him cautious.
  • Doesn’t fight. Can seem submissive. There are more diplomatic ways to solve problems than  by getting into altercations with others.
  • Quiet/ Introverted -  He is not one to say much but he observes quite a bit. He doesn't feel the need to be in long conversations with people.
  • Wants to feel in control of his life. (Even if he never actually is) He is often planning and organizing as a way of creating a feeling of control.
  • Clean, he doesn’t much care for being dirty. He is almost too clean most of the time. He keeps his hair shorn very short for this reason.


  • Does not function well after change - in fact he has littel breakdowns.
  • Somewhat cowardly - he really isn't interested in being brave. He wants to protect himself.

Mannerisms or Habits:
Wringing his hands, picking at his nails, mostly nervous habits.

[Logic/Order]: He likes order and uses logid to reason through things.
[Planning]: Dyseus likes to have a plan, he is good at making plans, but it seems that other people his age don't appreciate them as much as he does.
Collecting Things]: He likes to collect things he finds interesting. They are generally small and usually items that other people find boring.
Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Chaos]: He cannot handle chaos and mess, it drives him crazy.
[Being in large groups]: Large groups mean less control. Less control makes him uneasy. He also prefers to talk to people one on one or not at all.
Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: None yet really. He does use a sling shot now and then but not on people.

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrbrat Dyseus   Weyrbrat Dyseus I_icon32Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:49 pm


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Weyrbrat Dyseus
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