... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Swift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent

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PostSubject: Swift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent   Swift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent I_icon32Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:43 pm

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::
Swift. This is the name he goes by. But his birth name is Jiyu


Chorong Agent


Age/ Turn of Birth:
20/ 482 AL


Place of Birth:
Keroon Hold

Place of Residence:
Southern Telgar Hold


Occupation/ Role:
Rebel Agent [Intel]

Character Aspirations:
Living free from the constraints of a Hold strictures.

Father: Yongmun, Previous Lord Holder of Keroon. 450 AL-485 [D]
Adopted Father: Landon (Jr. Journeyman Blacksmith, stripped of his rank and privilege for crimes.)
Mother: Koeuri, Cousin and Handmaid to the Lady Holder of Keroon. 463 AL -487 AL  [D]
Adopted Mother: Korinne (Healer’s assistant)
Siblings: Older half-brother, two older half-sisters, Twin brother. Older adopted brother, younger adopted brother, younger adopted sister. Eldest half-brother is current Lord Holder of Keroon, born in 475 AL.
Children: N/A
Other Significant: N/A

Swift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent JangGeunSuk3_zpsc657b88fSwift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent SWIFT0_zps3f29b004

Face: Jang Geun Suk
Hair: Shoulder length hair of dark brown with layers cut and left loose to frame his face while the longer, back of it is pulled into a really short pony tail. Periodically, bangs are pinned back completely out of his face.
Eyes: Kohl black, rarely without a shadow of threat to them.
Height: 5’11”
Build: Athletic, medium-sized musculature.
Other Notable Traits: Taking pride in his looks to some extent, he has a beautiful complexion that might make him appear somewhat effeminate by simply looking at his face, but his demeanor is not the same -the gruff temper quickly detracts from it. He’s much more rugged than he appears at first glance. His body does bear a few scars where they are hidden beneath clothing though: A burn scar appears on his left shoulder blade where he was branded as a fugitive. There are the burn scars that cover a large area on his back from the fires he was rescued from when he was young, and there are others received from fights he’s been in -including from the attempted rescue of his brother from prison.
Other Traits: He speaks with a heavier Keroon accent than his twin.

Style of Dress: Jeans or cargo pants and a slim-fit t-shirt or wife-beate. Black boots and belt. Also wears a couple of black leather tourniquet bracelets around one wrist. In the winter months, he wears a black jacket and/or a large dark evergreen poncho that he keeps wrapped around his neck and shoulders. The poncho is ragged around the edges, looking rather weathered -just as worn as the rest of him.

Possessions usually found on persona:
Two 8-10’ blades
Standard belt knife
A set of lock picks
A listening device used to secretly tap into conversations -made of a thin plate of gold and brass attached to one end of a cord, a earpiece of bamboo attached at the other.[/list]
A hand tool similar to a compass used in geometry, but shaped more like a wide-mouthed wrench that is very sharp on both ends, used to cut holes through planks of wood or clay walls. The grip on it serves similarly as a tong.
A small, portable light -a brass candle holder, which holds a short candle on one end, covered by a brass flip-top lid to protect it, while within the handle side, a few matches and a surface on which to light them are built in. The round, brass lid on the hand-held light reflects the candlelight to help direct the light.

Keroon had long been a territory at peace, but the vast expanse of its land was less developed than say, that of Fort. With more territory to spread out over, it's population was not as centralized and its economy depended greatly on its seacrafters, farmcrafters and beastcrafters more than any other trade. Outside of these trades, the people of Keroon had long been focused on the pursuits of the arts, sciences and politics, spending less of their energy on things such as martial practices -though that did not mean they'd completely abandoned such things. There had been no severe martial conflict in the territory for a very long time, nothing that local policing forces couldn't handle by themselves anyway, and the people were known for their hospitality and kindness. That however, did not exempt any of them from the possibility of corruption. It was no secret that too much of anything could turn into a bad thing; so it was that too much influence or too much wealth could turn into spiritual rot. For the family of Changhui and his twin brother Jiyu, that is exactly what happened.

Swift, born by the name Jiyu, was born a twin son of a Lady’s Maid and a Lord Holder whose wife was unable to carry a pregnancy to term. His birth mother, Koeuri, was a cousin of the Lady Holder, and the most high-born of any of his father’s lovers. Yongmun favoured her and the children she bore him, even though they were much younger in age than his eldest sons. It was even talked about that he would take her as a second wife. For that reason, he named the eldest of the twin boys, Changhui, as his successor. This decision created a lot of rivalry between the eldest of his sons and the twins due to each mothers’ claims to rightful succession. The depth of the conflict between the mothers of Lord Yongmun’s illegitimate heirs was not realized until he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and eventually passed away. Before his passing however, he had crafted a sword for Changhui, which was engraved with a script that secured his desire for him to become the next Lord Holder.

In the Turn after the Lord Holder’s passing, Keroon was led by its Steward with Changhui being raised as its next Holder, having many dedicated attendants who assisted him in his education, supporting his father’s decision to have him succeed the position. But, what had been written into his will was not accepted by everyone, and the hierarchy of women in the hold was thrown into much disarray. The Lady Holder had no children of her own and her cousin had been the one to bear her husband’s children in her stead. With nothing but his final decision on the succession matter left to them, it was thought that perhaps it would be best for Koeuri to be named the Lady Holder since she had borne the heirs. But that line of thought only furthered the upset with the family of the Eldest son. Those who opposed such decisions made quick work of intervening on the Eldest sons’ behalf, before the younger could stake any real claim as Keroon’s next leader.

Almost two turns after his father’s passing, in turn 487, those who supported the late Lord Holder’s Eldest son designed a plan for a fire to break out, trapping the Lady Holder and her cousin with the twins, in order to get rid of them. Their plans were carried out to near perfection, but Korine and one of the other handmaids were able to rescue the boys from the fire. Koeuri could have also escaped the fire, but knowing that those responsible would come looking to identify bodies to ensure their deaths, she remained, accepting the fate in order to try and protect her sons and a possibility at reclaiming their future. Just before the twins fled to safety, she took the ornament from her hair and gave it to Changhui so that he would have a constant reminder of who he was, and who he would become.

Understanding that the boys lives would always be in danger, the Lady Holder’s handmaids decided to split the boys up. If anyone came looking for them, they would likely be looking for twin brothers, not for individual siblings. That day would be the last the twins saw of eachother. One was given everything. The other was given nothing. Their destinies were forever changed. They were brothers torn apart. Like the death of their mother, it was a necessary sacrifice to attain their father’s will.

During the fire, Jiyu had been badly burned, an injury that left terrible scarring across his back. Due to his injuries, he was unable to be carried far from the Hold. The Handmaid who’d taken him from the flames was too afraid that he would die from the wounds, Leaving him in the care of a drudge loyal to the late Holder, the drudge saw to Jiyu’s wounds, hiding the boy away from discovery. The handmaid who’s saved him, thought that he would be less likely to be discovered if he were raised by a family of lesser means. He could lead a simple life now -one protected from the chaos of his past until he was old enough to know the truth and make a decision about how to lead his life on his own terms. After leaving the boy with the drudge Korinne, he Lady Holder’s Maid returned to the Hold to help cover their tracks, making certain it was believed that the boys had been killed in the fire so that neither would be pursued.

Jiyu’s new family had another son already. His adoptive mother, Korrine, later had a second biological son and a daughter, Jiyu grew up knowing that he was adopted, but he’d never been told the full truth about his identity, as a measure of keeping him safe. He was also given a new name. Swift. The boy recovered quickly from his injuries and he was always very active, proving difficult to keep up with, so when his adoptive father called him by it, the name stuck.

Now being the son of a drudge, Jiyu was offered little formal education even though he frequently expressed the desire to learn. Feeling unable to provide a good education for him, it was decided that it would also be in his best interest to lead a simpler life as a servant in order to protect him from ever being discovered, or somehow digging up the truth of his identity himself.

They were words he heard a lot, the ones that always pained him to hear, “How could a simple servant amount to anything? How could such a lowborn learn to read or write?” Swift has always felt drawn to understand and know more about the world around him, yet his family felt somehow obligated to suppress those desires in him, Or perhaps it was that they didn’t need for him to have any special privileges beyond those provided to their other children and felt they could offer no more considering their own lack of education. Regardless, his parents constantly encouraged him to lead a plain and simple life that would in no way entangle him in the hardships he would have to endure if he were to learn the truth of his identity.

Having an endlessly curious mind, Swift took education upon himself. Though it began innocently at first, Swift started stealing at a young age, often times taking books and other curious implements that captured his attention, running away to the company of friends who could help him learn to read. He never became incredibly skilled at writing, though he practices a little more as an adult, but he is still uncomfortable with his ability at it. Being raised in a poor community, Swift and his brothers found themselves in trouble frequently, getting into more serious mischief as they got older. Fights and theft tended to be the extent of it though.

On a day of misfortune in 498 AL, his adopted older brother was framed for raping a nobleman’s daughter in order to protect she and her lover from repercussion when she ended up pregnant. The nobleman’s family pursued Swifts entire family over the issue and were able to incriminate him unfairly, due to their difference in status, For the crime, his brother was “de-registered” and made holdless. The rest of the family did everything they could to fight the severe sentence, but were unable to achieve anything by it.

Shortly after the event, Swift assisted his brother in getting back into the city, helping him find a place to reside for a while. Within a few short weeks however, he was discovered and arrested by the Keroon Guard. The Guard quickly came after Swift as well, so it was no trouble enacting a plan to get himself arrested in order to get to where his brother was at so that he could help free him. Unfortunately, his youngest brother ended up becoming involved as well, so the two of them teamed up.

Perhaps it was arrogant of them to think they could pull off such a feat without flaw. They went through interrogation and and brutal treatment at the hands of the guard for having assisted an outcast, as they had, but when the opportunity arose, they were able to make their escape. During their escape however, Swift became severely wounded, having sustained injuries to his right arm and left leg. Unable to run or carry his weapon, his older brother hauled him onto his back, carrying him to safety. Meanwhile, the youngest had to find his own way of warding off the guard. The younger of them had never been a fighter; he was passionate, but he had never had to truly fend for himself. By chance, he’d just been enrolled as a healer’s apprentice; he was not a fighter. It was hard for Swift to see his little brother forced into a position he would have to use deadly force. It pained him, because he knew his brother was innocent, and he didn’t want for that to change. Nothing could be done to help it though.

The three brothers made their way to the under-belly of Keroon Hold, to the sewer entrance where they could flee outside the walls. Thinking they were clear of their threat, having eluded their captors for the time being, they stopped for long enough to wrap Swifts injuries and stem the heavy bleeding -he was nearly unconscious as it was.  Getting back to their feet, his little brother helping support him as he tried to walk, it was a surprise to them when a Guardsman appeared. Facing the soldier to buy the others time, Swift’s brother died there. Swift’s younger brother helped get him to relative safety while he appropriated the use of runners for them to travel by. Deciding that their best bet to evade the law would be to split up, dividing the guard’s attention, the brothers went separate ways.

The man-hunt for them went on for several days, and eventually Swift’s little brother found his way to the location they were supposed to rendezvous - the home of a river-boat captain they both knew, who would be able to take them up-river and into Igen. Swift rode as far as he could before passing out in a farmer’s field after falling off his runnerbeast. Swift was found the next day by the farmer’s family and cared for, leaving his brother worried that he’d been captured or killed. Since the guard expected a possible escape across the Igen River, they too, moved in that direction, closing in on Swift’s brother. In order to avoid capture, he was forced to leave Swift behind, leaving a letter with their river-boat captain of where they would meet in the future.

Once he was able to travel, Swift sought out the boat captain, but was unable to contact him because he was gone for several days on business. Never receiving his brother’s letter, Swift had no idea that he was being expected in Igen. The Guard of Keroon still on the alert for the two fugitives, had set out wanted notices for public view, making it difficult then for Swift to find anywhere to stay at until the captain’s return. At a loss, he decided to go ahead and travel into Igen any way he could, figuring that from there he could more easily wait out the return of the captain and thereby find out where his brother had gone to.

Hardship continued to follow him however, and Swift was never able to make contact. He needed to be able to work to provide food for himself and a place to stay, and waiting by the seaside wasn’t going to do that for him. Able to find a drudges work for enough pay to get by on, the job made it hard for him to take the time to be able to search for the captain or his brother. As time drew on, he ended up frustrated with the matter, wondering how long things would have to go on as they were, in order for them to meet again. And then...he had no real idea where to begin searching for his brother without the captain’s lead. Eventually, the craftsman who Swift found employment with ended up moving north through Igen and across the Igen Weyr pass into Telgar with a trade caravan. There, life took another unexpected turn.

Winter storms struck early that turn, so the group was unable to make their return into Igen before being snowed in. Swift lived with his new master for the winter and into spring. That winter though, proved interesting, as the crafter introduced him to an interesting group of people -the Chorong Rebels. He’d been providing them with some much-needed supplies and for a cause that Swift happened to be able to sympathize with. Though at first he had no intentions of ever taking sides with them for the sake of his distaste for being under anyone’s thumb.

Swift eventually found himself able to afford his own room in which to live on his own, withing a district of Southern Telgar Hold that was never fully salvaged from the rebellion. After a number of weeks there, he ended up running into the fight club the rebels hosted. Of course few knew of that fact, and it was all out of fun that he ever participated. After winning several matches, he was secretly approached by the Chorong to join them. That was several months ago.

He learned how to treat women from his (adoptive) father -with mediocre regard and lack of much romance. When there was any, it was fake. Most women, in his eyes, hardly respectable enough to be treated any better by a man.
Due to the detachment he perceives his past and his family with, he has allowed himself to live in a manner less burdened by the “emotional baggage” of such things. This is one reason why he isn’t very open to creating close relationships with others. In this way, he lives his life more carefree and rather happily, always finding a way to enjoy life.
Not incredibly trusting due to events of his past, as well as due to the place he was born and grew up in.
He is rough around the edges, preferring to be that way more-so in order to keep people from getting too close to him unnecessarily and getting nosey.
Independent and free-spirited, he prefers not being bound to any group or organization so it seems to go against his personal convictions to have joined with the Chorong. [will elaborate more later]
Fairly easy going and social, just not when the topic concerned himself.
He’s more feeling and noble than he admits to being.
Grudge bearing
Though he doesn’t shy from a fight, Swift has no real blood-lust that would drive him to occupy himself full-time in a combat squad or unnecessarily want to take lfe. He does not seem to value the lives of others overmuch.
Wise to the ways of the world, and the reality that lies in living a life on the streets; he is a survivor.
Daring. Willing to take risks. He sometimes tends to jump into actions without fully considering the consequences.
Decisive and commanding in his own way, though he’ not truly driven to any great purpose in life outside of living freely without bonds or limitations.
Rarely plans ahead for anything, living as he has all his life, day to day.
Self-educated, he is very intelligent, even if he lacks self control at times.
Doesn’t possess an over abundance of ego

Prone to raising his voice and lashing out at others as soon as he gets upset.
Selfish and focused on self-preservation. This makes it easier to cast aside people who get in his way or cause him unnecessary trouble.
Afraid of being weak and helpless or being under someone else’s control against his will.
✣Prone to lashing out at others.
✣Prone to stealing -specifically books, codexes, scrolls of interest.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Lays on his bed to read.
Prone to raising his voice as soon as he gets upset.

Skills/ Likes:
[Reading Classics]: Swift has always wanted to read and write; anything to increase his education, because that was something that he’d been told growing up that he would never have the privilege of having, being raised by a mother of such low status. Since his own adopted mother was illiterate, the mother of one of his friends helped teach him to read, though he is still a little shy about his uncomfortable level of skill when it comes to writing. Ever since he was very young, he sought out anything he could read and learn from since no one else would give him what he desired. Classic ballads and stories of PERNs past and near-past quickly became something of beauty to him, that he could read over and over, finding peace and appreciation in the detail of their composition, letting himself be drawn into the thought and deep feeling of them. Reading and writing also offered something more than entertainment and basic knowledge about people and the world. It offered truth. So, wasn’t it ironic that he is still ignorant of the truth of his own identity?
He is also fond of listening to Harpers perform their ballads and tell their stories in entertainment. At times he’s a bit envious of them, wishing that he could be as talented as they.
[Athletic/Agile/Dextrous]: He isn’t necessarily fond of it, but Swift is a quick sprinter and the agility he possesses only makes the nickname more fitting. This also makes him a great fighter when it comes to knives, and allows him to do well avoiding attacks because of his fantastic reflexes. The nickname however, comes from the impressible, lizard-like dragon-kin called Swifts, which reside in the mountains.
[Finger Puppeteering]: Since he has no real skill in music and rarely has the opportunity to watch performers, which he enjoys, Swift has learned to express himself through the acting of finger puppets as a hobby.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Autocracy]: due to the treatment he and his family have received, he despises the governing body who would control people unfairly and with favouritism for those who are like them. Governing bodies also have a way of abusing things they have no more use for, and he feels as though he has experienced that first hand.
[Making lasting relationships]: He has none.
[Being looked down on]: Feeling that most people in the world have found some reason to belittle him all his life, he resents such an attitude. He work hard to prove to himself,if no one else, that is is better than others give him credit for.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Hand to hand and knives. Pretty much self-trained.

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Swift - Changhui's twin/ Rebel Agent
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