... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: ZERJNA -Weaver   ZERJNA -Weaver I_icon32Wed May 22, 2013 7:42 pm

OOC Info:
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Zerjna

Pronunciation: Z-air-Jna

Title: Sr. Apprentice Weaver

Age & Turn of Birth: 19 (b. Turn 482)

Gender: female

Place of Birth: Southern Boll

Current Place of Residence: Fort Sea Hold

Craft: Weaver

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired:

Character Aspirations:

  • Indepence from her family, husband and anything that would keep her from doing what she wants to do.
  • Pursue her craft and open her own business in Fort Sea Hold.
  • To finally feel that she belongs somewhere.

OOC Character Development Goals:

  • Plottings with JQ
  • Meet people at the Wild Green. Befriend some of the smugglers? I'd like her to become part of Fort Sea Hold. Where people see her and know her name and say hello as if she had lived there her entire life.
  • Confrontation with some people in her past such as the husband she left behind or her parents who sold her. I would also like her to reconnect with one of her other sisters who were sold. She might even begin to actively search them out using the Emberspies?

Father: Seran (44) cothold farmer
Mother: Hesther, 43) cothold farmer
Siblings:Elsrea (25, f) cothold farmer, Amaresa (23, f) cothold farmer, Drejean (21, m) cothold farmer, Jeyme (17, f) whereabouts unknown, Itheria (15, f)  whereabouts unknown, Gelethe (12, m) cothold  , Eliena (9, f) whereabouts unknwon, Coritza (7, f) whereabouts unknown , Bernato (5, m)
Children: n/a
Other Significant:
Rhoven (41) – Husband. Sr. Journeyman Weaver.

Appearance: ZERJNA -Weaver Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRS9_mzKhE8-CHHOT0GGhKhoiMAsv11rJuPQ-qgz9npa8YcjgBsAA
Face: Zoe Saldana
Hair: Black straight, coarse texture
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: Rail thin, small curves, could pass as a boy if she wore men's clothes and was shorter.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Her hands are coarse from turns of working her hands.
Style of Dress: All of her clothes are well made, vary in color and style. She would normally prefer brighter clothes but lately has been wearing drab clothing that blends in as she is trying to blend in with her surroundings.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣a sewing kit complete with needle, thread and patches of fabric. ✣✣


Zerjna was born midsummer of Turn 482. Her already long list of siblings growing even longer. As the Turns came and went the small cotholders were able to manage to care for everyone. More children came as did drought, fires  and substantial loss of food supplies. Being among the poorest of people, cothold farmers needed large families to run the farm. Zerjna spent many nights hungry, chewing on straw or whatever she could find to keep her mind off of the aching in her belly. She was tough, most of them were.

They might not always be given the best of food or food at all but they knew how to survive. Lean turns grew leaner to the point where Zerjna's parents had to make a difficult choice and sold three of the middle daughters to a weaver who needed a helper. He kept Zerjna for himself but sold the other two sisters for a profit when they arrived at the main hold of Southern Boll. She was eight turns old.

The man she worked for didn't formally apprentice her till she was 12 but until that point she did much of the pre-weaving work and also learned valuable household skills such as cooking and cleaning. She had no idea she was being groomed to be a Weavercrafter's wife.

When she is officially apprenticed it becomes clear that she is not the only young girl that has been sold into this kind of life. She doesn't mind weaving and learns well from her master. While she still has to do the more menial tasks as well, she does have time to work on weaving.

Around age 16 she becomes a Senior Apprentice. At this point her Master leaves her to do her own work more often than he used to. She continues to do the chores, cooking, cleaning preparing the tools for the job but she has the added work of completing projects to sell to people at Gathers and the like.

When she was little she had always imagined marriage to be between two people who had a vested interest in one another. Her marriage was completely different. At the age of 18 her Master gave her to one of his friends to marry. She was never consulted and was not informed of the arrangement until a couple days prior. At first she was upset but then her frustration passed and she realized that once again her life was out of her control.

She was used to her own will or concerns not being of any importance. When she married Rhoven, she thought it wouldn't be much different from living with her master, well besides the obvious. However Rhoven was nothing like her master, despite being his friend. Rhoven was a Journeyman Weaver who only wanted a wife to blame his troubles on. He was manipulative, making her believe that the things that went wrong were her fault. After about a turn of verbal abuse, things began to escalate rapidly. Until one day he became physically violent.

The very next morning, she ran away with the clothes on her back and a small bag of sewing supplies and no marks. She made it to the coast on a Trader's wagon, in return for sewing some damaged clothes. From there she stowed away on a smuggling vessel and once out to sea she was revealed to the Captain. She fully expected them to throw her overboard but the Captain was not of a mind to have her killed.

Instead she would work for her passage to Fort Sea Hold. She mended the ship's sails when she could but it was the crew's clothes that needed her attention most. She has just arrived at Fort Sea Hold and is looking for a place to stay where she can lie low and hide from her husband should he be pursuing her.


  • Quiet- She doesn't have anything to say to people she doesn't know. Her movements and breathing are quiet too. She has very little desire at the moment to interact with many people. If she pretends to by shy she might get less attention.
  • Self motivated- She has never needed someone to tell her if some work needs to be done. She can figure that out for herself and start doing it. She is the opposite of lazy.
  • Is learning to take control of her own life where before she would simply allow things to happen to her.
  • Hard working - All her life she has worked hard to get little but in the end she would rather work hard and know she accomplished something than be lazy and complain about how she couldn't get anything done.
  • Anxious - She sees danger or threats to her around every corner. Covering her own whereabouts isn't enough. She is constantly worried that someone will recognize her and cart her off tot he Weaverhall or worse her husband.
  • Practical/pragmatic- She doesn't believe in fairy tales or happy endings. Zerjna knows what is real and tangible. She knows what she can and cannot do and aims for the best of what can be done. She isn't a dreamer per-say but she does have plans for her own future.
  • Independent- more in the social sense than the support herself way. She has never had to support herself until now but she has always had a divergent view on things than her master and husband did. She allows her independent will to keep her isolated from other people.


  • Uneducated in anything other than household chores, weaving and growing plants.
  • Doesn't trust people. Especially not men. Her father sold her, her master married her off and her husband almost killed her in a drunken rage. She is pretty sure deep down men are evil. Some women are too.

Mannerisms or Habits:
Because she has had so few conversations with people she was not subservient too she sometimes sounds subservient still when speaking with people.
If people begin to shout she automatically begins to shiver all over. If anyone looks as if they are going to raise a hand or kick she immediately flinches. Always expecting the worst.

[Weaving]: Not only is it her craft but she finds something soothing about it. She enjoys weaving, she loves that everything she makes is unique too.
[Making choices]: She is enjoying finally having the chance to choose things in life for herself and not having someone else choose for her. She cannot remember the last time she felt free to map out her own life and its exhilarating.
[Baking]:She tends to bake for people who are having a bad day. She figures it says a lot more about her to bring someone something that she spent time and energy on for them instead of saying anything.

[Sea voyages]: She gets sea sick and she really can't stand the smell of 20 odd men who haven't showered in a sevenday....
[People selling their children]: Its vile. The thought of starvation didn't stop them from having children they should be left to deal with the consequences.
[Being controlled]:She wants to control her own life. Zerjna doesn't want to feel like her life is being dictated by someone else. She should be in control of her own life.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:

Crafter Information:
Craft: Weaver

Years in Craft: 7

Rank: Sr. Apprentice

Location of Journeymanship:

Specialization: Dyes and use of rare fabrics.
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PostSubject: Re: ZERJNA -Weaver   ZERJNA -Weaver I_icon32Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:26 pm

Ready for critique

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