... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth

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PostSubject: Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth    Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth  I_icon32Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:32 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Vivid
How did you find out about us?: Via Jess

Character Info:
Name: Ruelane aka “Rue”

Pronunciation: (Rue-Lane)

Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth  0e1d622b-75e3-4b22-be72-66075aeed4be_zps27201b0e

Title: Weyrling

Honourific: None

Age & Turn of Birth: 17 Born 12.10. 483

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank: Green Weyrling

Character Aspirations: Rue would really like to go on to becoming an Assistant Candidate Master or Assistant Weyrling Master, either at Fort or Igen. She knows she is really young but she would like an older rider to take her under their wing and teach her how to achieve that teaching position. She doesn't feel like as a green rider she needs to dumb down her dreams, especially since Zoth is on the larger side of her color.

OOC Character Development Goals: In time, I would like to see Rue become an assistant candidate or weyrling master at Fort, then eventually go on to another Weyr to be a full time Candidate or Weyrling Master.

Father: R’lin- 37 Born Y. 464- Wingrider to Blue Harquith- Fort Weyr
Mother: Ruana- 38 Born Y.465-Senior JM Harper-Fort Weyr

Siblings: U’ral- 16- Born Y.484- Weyrling to Blue Ghyduth- Fort Weyr

Children: None

Other Significant: No one but has a crush on Olivier.

Appearance: Ruelane stands 5’5, her body type running toward slender with soft curves. Her bright, red-orange hair stands out against her milky skin, which is splashed with light freckles upon her brow. Her hair falls it just below her shoulders and it carries a gentle waviness about it. Rue’s fair skin is often flush in the warmer months and she usually takes care to limit how much skin is exposed to the sunlight. She has always burned easily. Large eyes are a muddled color of blue-gray, with small flecks of green. It makes them look very much like lake water. A button nose and a cupid’s bow to her lips gives her a very fragile look, with belies the out going young woman. She has a string of jade beads she often wears, even under her rider’s uniform.

Rue likes to be comfortable more than anything else. Pants, blouse, dress...the type of clothing it is doesn't really matter and neither does the color so long as it doesn’t itch, pinch, constrict or chafe. She has a small, jade bead bracelet that matches her necklace, usually worn on the right wrist.

Face: Bryce Dallas Howard
Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth  Bryce-dallas-howard-8_zps5d3561d7
Hair: Rue’s hair is just past shoulder length and red-orange in color. Often she will pull it back into a short tail with a sage green ribbon.
Eyes: A muddled blue-grey with flecks of green.
Height: 5’5 ft
Build: Slender with slight curves to breast and hip
Other Notable Physical Traits: None
Style of Dress: Relaxed, very Weyr.
Possessions usually found on persona: Jade beads, belt knife, belt, and gloves. A hat in sunny weather.


Ruelane was born of a mating flight, the first daughter of Ruana and Wingrider R’lin. When R’lins blue lost a mating flight, his rider peeled off from the group and ran into Ruana, a Harper. The two ended up spending that night together and many subsequent nights thereafter. The result was Ruelane and a turn later, her brother Ruralen. The children were partial raised by Ruana but mostly looked after by Ruana’s mother, Ruma. Growing up in the Weyr, the two children grew to love dragons. With dragonrider blood in their veins on their father’s side, going back to the very founding of Fort Weyr, it went without saying that the two red haired scions of R’lin were going to Stand for the chance to Impress. Ruelane began to stand at the age of 15 but did not Impress at her first Standing. Her brother joined her a turn later but she had still not Impressed. When a gold egg was laid in the turn of 498, Rulane spent nights on end in a cold sweat. On hatching day, she was a nervous wreck. She took a small comfort in the presence of another girl, a girl she had adored from afar for a long time. The gold hatched and didn’t even look at Rue as she passed. It was for the best, however, for a misty green dragonet was following in the young queen’s wake. Ruelane had missed her initial entrance when Olivier Impressed a handsome blue dragon. The sudden wet, warm touch on her hand nearly made Rue jump out of her skin and her green-blue eyes torn around to meet the opal hued, faceted gaze. The green looked up into her rider’s face and sighed warmly, adoringly.

{{I am Zoth, my Rue. I’m here now. You do not have to wait any more. I’m here.}}

Rue could hardly believe her good fortune. A beautiful, sweet green and to Olivier, a blue. A handsome blue. She walked on air that night, high as a kite. Weyrlinghood, however, proved to be no walk in the part and half the class was lost in a tragic accident. Only her brother’s Impression helped eased the hurt and pain of the loss of so many good friends. Rue and Zoth now stand on the cupse of Graduation, hoping they will be tapped for a good wing. So many things are on the table and Rue knows that Zoth will be coming to her maiden flight soon. Will she ever find the courage to tell Olivier the truth?

Personality:Charming but with the occasional flare for melodrama, Rue calls attention to herself without intent. She has a lovely voice that carries and stirs emotion; she could have been a decent Harper if she had pursued her mother’s Craft. She is a colorful person and has a good sense of humor with her peers, very seldom does she get angry or frustrated with people. Her melodrama is purely personal and she takes great pains to keep her pining under wraps. She has always been the kind of girl to fall in love easily but her romantic courage is lacking. She is friendly, empathetic and perceptive. That said, she is Weyrbred and not the kind of girl that allows herself to get bullied or kicked around.

Rue wants to think the best of people, want to give people the benefit of the doubt. She was always believed in as a kid and she looks at others the same way. This makes Rue naive because she doesn’t really seem to understand that someone could really want to hurt her. Make fun of her sure, bully her maybe but actually hurt her? That, to her, is out of the question.


* Naive- Rue honestly believes that people are good, especially dragonriders.

* Sensitive Skin- Sunburn, rashes, blisters. She knows them. Often.

Mannerisms or Habits:

Rue often talks to herself, often without realize it or that anyone has heard her. For being a emotional perceptive person, she overlooks this habit nine times out of ten.


[Like 1]: Singing- Rue never went on to be a Harper but she does have a nice singing voice. It is very pretty and often complemented.

[Like 2]: Pets- Be they dogs, cats, firelizards or whers, Rue has an affinity of animals that borders on disgustingly adorable.

[Dislike 1]: Thunderstorms- They have always scared her and while she isn’t phobic, the crash of thunder almost always makes her go running to Zoth.

[Dislike 2]: Chewing. Not the act of chewing but the sound of other people chewing. It tears at her nerves and makes her sick to her stomach. For this reason, Rue has a hard time eating with a lot of her classmates.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Hand to Hand, Knife Fighting, Improvised Weapon Fighting, Knife.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Zoth

Year of Impression 498

Clutch Name:

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Coloring: Zoth’s hide is a misty, forest green color. It is a soft shade, leaving the impression of fuzziness of warm in it’s blurry appearance. The forest green gives way to a dark chartreuse green at her feet, shading her belly darkly. The underside of her tail and neck are also this shadow rich, green with just a suggestion of yellow. Her hide is clear of all muddy shades and none of her is too yellow or too blue in tone. It is a nice balanced tone, devoid of scarring.

Text Color #4E9258 - Misty Forest Green

Length: 22 meters
Height: 28 meters

Other Physical Characteristics: A light striation of mint green through her tail spade.

Zoth is a gentle soul, comforting and kind as a mother or a sister. She is a patient dragon, poetic in her speech, with a splash of romance in her soul. Deeply reflective, she a smart little dragon with a knack for social tangles. This makes her an excellent match for Rue, who sometimes needs a little emotional pick me up. A supportive individual, Zoth is also quite perspective. She has a keen, if untapped, Search potential, very sensitive and holds a great love for children. She isn’t as flirtatious as your average green is thought to be but she has a fondness for males. When it comes time to fight Thread, Zoth will show a side of her yet unseen. Her battle mind is ferocious and she darts after the menace like a predator. She is one vicious little soldier in the air.

Voice: A sweet contralto
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Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth    Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth  I_icon32Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:40 pm

YAY Smile We have our missing Greenie!

( I love Rue for a name, I always have even before Hunger Games came out.... I blame Terry Brooks for Rue Meridian who coincidentally is a red head too...)

Its kind of funny how all the greenriders from the clutch have long names and they all like them shortened.
Tashamoretta (Tasha), Lancelle (Lance)


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Weyrling Rue and Green Zoth
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