... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Nayh -Pillowcrafter/ Chorong Agent PNPC

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PostSubject: Nayh -Pillowcrafter/ Chorong Agent PNPC   Nayh -Pillowcrafter/ Chorong Agent PNPC I_icon32Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:51 am

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::


Chorong Rebel Agent


Age/ Turn of Birth:
27/  475 AL


Place of Birth:
Southern Telgar Hold

Place of Residence:
Southern Telgar Hold


Occupation/ Role:
Pillowcrafter/ Rebel Agent [Intel]

Character Aspirations:
To live a life of dedication, not only to the Chorong Rebels, but the family of Chorong himself, in order to find some sense of fulfillment and purpose for herself. Also, to be of use to Chorong in fulfilling his own goals/ the goals of the rebels. Is hopeful of meeting Chorong’s heir some day. She wants more than anything to work closely with him, but will do anything to serve him, even if she is not able to be directly at his side.

Father: Gwantek (444-492 AL/ Deceased)
Mother: Janmi (447 AL)
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other Significant: None

Nayh -Pillowcrafter/ Chorong Agent PNPC Choiyoongso_zpsa18d5531

Face: Choi Yoon so
Hair:Long, straight and dark bistre brown, usually pulled back into a conservative but intricate knotwork of braidings that keeps her hair from getting in the way of her work.
Eyes: Large round eyes of bistre brown, to match her hair, that seem to smile, even when she’s not; even when they’re filled with sadness.
Height: 5’6”
Build: Small but mature, womanly curves, lightly toned but not muscular.
Other Notable Traits:  Branding on the back of her right shoulder.
Style of Dress: Dresses with an empire waist and long, fitted sleeves. Her dresses though are typically brightly coloured and of fine brocades and satins. Her appearance is always somewhat glamourous, her hair done up with ribbons and ornaments, though she doesn’t like a lot of jewelry.

Possessions usually found on persona:
Small dagger in a casing of crimson

475- Born in Southern Telgar Hold. At the typical age of apprenticeship, she began in the Healer craft like her mother, but was never able to complete any training.

✣487-492 Nayh’s amily sympathized with the rebels of the Telgar civil conflict, but did not join with them until later on. Following the uprisings, her family escaped across the Igen border, spending almost three turns taking refuge there. Since there were no harpers where they went, and they were Refugees in an unfamiliar land, Nayh’s education on a formal level was put on hold. Her mother taught her what she could about healer craft and about other womanly duties, but that was the extent of it.

It was on their return, when Nayh was about 17, soon after things seemed to have settled down in their homeland, that Nayh’s father was killed, having been recognized at the border as a traitor. Since the conflict was ‘over’, both Nayh and her mother were allowed to live, but only after being detained and branded for their traitorous past. They were released from detention a few days later so that they could find themselves somewhere to start their lives over anew. Left alone to fend for themselves, they sought out fellow dissidents and within the turn had found Chorong. Promising loyalty for protection and a place to start over, both Nayh and her mother joined the Chorong Rebels, who gave them the means to make a decent life for themselves and eventually put them to work. Nayh’s mother was set to work amoungst the Domestic Personnel, serving as a Healer primarily.

493 Nayh began working for the Chorong Rebels as an Agent. Before Chorong’s death, Nayh had been serving at the Rebel hideout as an intern -a drudge of sorts- doing menial work in assistance to Chorong himself as long as he was there; she stayed there until his death, having witnessed the heartbroken turns he searched for his lost children. His death was hard for Nayh to accept, because he and those who worked at his hideout become her family in a way, having offered she and her mother hope and protection.

Shortly after Chorong’s death, she was dedicated to apprenticing in the pillowcraft in the city of her birth, Southern Telgar Hold, in order to serve the Rebel’s purpose, being planted as a at the Inamourata’s Mask, since her formal education had never been complete and her situation did not warrant her to continue in the Healer Craft. She was schooled in various arts of entertainment for a high-class entertainment venue utilized by the Rebels. She was taught to play drums and a stringed instrument, dance and calligraphy writing, the art of conversation, and serving food and drink. She has been a successful entertainer, but she was never considered the best at the craft, even if there were patrons who frequented to request her company. She isn’t necessarily a motherly figure toward the other girls, more of an older sister in relation to them, but Nayh is now in charge of keeping the books for the Inamourata’s Mask, both for finances and for appointments. She is charged with helping maintain relationships with clientele to keep business up, so is the contact for customers who come to the entertainment venue. Nayh also sets schedules for the girls’ training.

Due to her circumstance, Nayh feels that she lives an unfulfilled life of abandoned independence, but knows that she and her mother owe their lives to the Chorong Rebels. It is through her absolute dedication then, to Chorong, his son, and their current leader, that she is determined to find her life’s fulfillment. So,...now she lives as a spy within the Shadowless world of the holds, a place filled with secrets, but where there are none.

Loyal & Dedicated -to the leader of the Rebels.
Kind-hearted & Nurturing as it concerns her care for the Chorong leadership, but outside of that relationship, she is able to neglect such feelings in order to fulfill her obligations to the rebels.
Due to her circumstances, making up stories & half truths and acting falsely or covertly has become fairly easy for her. She has adopted a distaste of the Weyrs & holders who would be greedy, from the Chorong leaders. It is a discriminating distaste though, as the Chorong have never been ones to target someone needlessly.
Subservience & obedience are important for her survival and important to achieve the Chorong Rebel’s goals on her part. They are also important for her in order to fulfill her life of service to the Chorong leaders.
Intelligent & not lacking in good sense, though perhaps not as educated as some. She does desire more education and admires those (especially women) who are excelled at a craft.
She has always been a good listener to her friends, and uses those skills, and well placed questions, to help retrieve any information possibly useful to the Chorong.


Mannerisms/ Habits:

Skills/ Likes:

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
None (not a fighter), though she keeps a small blade handy in case a need should arise to have to use one. She has no real training in how to use one.

:: Crafter Information ::

Turns in Craft:


Location of Journeymanship:
Inamourata’s Mask of Southern Telgar Hold

Arts of a high class courtesan. She also oversees the operations of the southern location of the Mask and all of the girl’s training there. She maintains the appointments and ensures good customer relations, as well as keeps the books for the business.

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Nayh -Pillowcrafter/ Chorong Agent PNPC
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