... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Rebel Agent Sorcha

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PostSubject: Rebel Agent Sorcha   Rebel Agent Sorcha I_icon32Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:38 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?: Co-Founder

Character Info:
Name: Sorcha

Pronunciation: Soar-CH-ah

Title: Rebel Agent

Age & Turn of Birth:

Place of Birth:Mountainous region between Telgar and Crom Holds

Current Place of Residence: Just outside of Telgar River Hold

Craft: Pillowcrafter

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired:Rebel Agent / Senior Apprentice Pillowcrafter

Character Aspirations:

  • To achieve any and all goals given to her.
  • Advance in the ranks of the rebels
  • Successfully destroy Telgar’ Holding family, from the Lord Holder down.

OOC Character Development Goals:

  • Meet her half brothers
  • End up in a real relationship, which requires trust and love. (Won’t happen for a long time).
  • Could possibly end up dying for her cause, which is something we can plot out as necessary. I want to see where the plot takes her. As her persona is now, I see her as being very difficult to acclimate to a normal life anywhere on Pern. I think she is truly evil. Her father might seem to be manipulating her but perhaps she has been manipulating him?


Father: Galedon (38) – Leader of the Rebels in lieu of the true leader, technically 2nd in command.
Mother: Alcaia (40) –Wandering pillowcrafter- left one sunny morning and never came home.
Siblings:Maternal Half-brothers : Kevarre (20) Blood Moon Squad member, Unnamed (18) Blood Moon Squad member
Paternal Half-brothers: Fiennor (18, deceased), Eldren (12)- whereabouts unknown to her father
Children: None
Other Significant:None

Face: Sarah Bolger
Rebel Agent Sorcha Sarah%2Bbolger
Hair: Light to medium brown, straight to wavy depending on the precipitation in the air.
Eyes: gray-blue
Build:Her build is changing a bit now that she is sixteen. She used to be pretty flat and thin but now her curves are coming in. Her breasts have grown and she is getting a figure. She is using her new bod to full advantage.  
Other Notable Physical Traits: Small scar behind her right ear.
Style of Dress:  Depends on where she is and what she is doing. When she is performing, she has very beautiful clothes made from fine fabrics. The style of clothing generally leaves her midsection bare and her cleavage visible. She tries to keep some wave in her hair when she is going to perform and leaves it down. When she is at the rebel camp she dresses similarly to the rest, in plan clothes, her hair back in a casual ponytail. If she is doing general espionage out and about the hold, she tries to dress like an everyday holder and does her best not to stand out much.
Possessions usually found on persona: Sorcha doesn’t like to carry things with her that could identify her as a spy. She carries almost nothing with her when she is working because it makes it easier on her.

    ✣She has an elegantly designed dagger she wears in her hair… just in case.


“I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
To get a dream of life again
A little vision of the start at the end
But all the choirs in my head sang no…
And I needed one more touch
A little tast of divine rush
But all the choirs in my head sang no…”

Sorcha’s birth was unfortunate. Actually her whole life seemed a bit unfortunate. Her mother was self-centered and neglectful. She owed much of her food and care to her oldest brother. She was very young when her mother left them and never came back, being only three turns old. Sorcha remembered her mother’s face, because she always thought her mother was so very pretty. Being abandoned was not bad enough, her brother thought they needed to go somewhere more populated and took them to Telgar Hold but on the way, Sorcha became ill. Her illness grew worse until she passed out in her brother’s arms. She didn’t wake up again until she was in the infirmary at Telgar Hold.

When she came to, a well-dressed lady was sitting next to her. She promised to take her back to her brothers when she was feeling better but that never happened. Instead the next day a man came and told her what was going on. She didn’t really understand. She was only three. He promised her a nice place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep on. He was going to get her proper learning and skills that she could use forever. It didn’t sound so bad but she was a little, she didn’t know what else she could have done. She certainly couldn’t resist a man that much bigger than she was. So she went calmly with him and the woman who had brought her to the infirmary.

She didn’t fully understand the world she was brought up in. Her brother’s slipped from her thoughts more and more everyday as it was filled with other knowledge. Little did she know that she was living in the seedy underworld of Pern. The man who had taken her from the infirmary began to make it clear that she was not just a girl, she was his property. She had to do what he or one of the women who were in charge demanded. Sorcha grew up quickly. Learning about everything she was expected to learn and more.

She lived in a place where people were manipulated for power and no one could be trusted. Her future career as a high class pillowcrafter was going to give her the opportunity to have power over people who would normally have had power over her. AS she gets older and closer to being sexually mature, she learns things like dancing, flirting, conversation points, charm…and as she learns these things she becomes more of a threat to those who were older than her. The web of manipulation, control and lies that surround her childhood create the monster that she later becomes as she has learned to manipulate, control and lie better than anyone.

At the age of twelve she begins her period which for a normal girl would be a joyous occasion; it meant she would be seen as a woman and not a little girl. For Sorcha that was horrible news. This meant she was ready to do what women were expected to do. The pillow-craft was not as glamorous as it might seem to some people. Sure she had everything she could need or want to survive. She had not been raised a common pillow-crafter. She was to cater to the wealthy. Her virginity was bought, sold to the highest bidder.

Sorcha’s life had prepared her for what followed. It was almost sad to know that such acts were not anything but her job and that she felt nothing. She was empty. Valuable lessons were learned though as Sorcha found that information could be worth just as much as coin.  She was busy for the next couple of Turns, learning about people’s secrets, while earning quite a lot of marks which she rarely saw any of. Her “master” took a large percentage of what she made in return for room and board and training. Pretty much that meant she ended up with nothing monetary.

She ran across her mother one day, entirely be accident.  Sorhca was only three when her mother left them but no matter how hard either of their lives had been up to that point, there was no disguising her mother’s features. She was almost exactly how Sorcha remembered her which really pissed her off on the inside but Sorcha had learned that anger was not an emotion one should cling to or use when one wanted something from another person. Sorcha found that being nice to her mother was the only way to get what she wanted from her. Acting like she loved her life and how wonderful it was to be abandoned and have such doors open for her. She was able to get her mother to give her a lead on who her father was. “He was some Guard-type. They were in the mountains, avoiding the Lord Holder’s wrath. That’s all I know.”  Sorcha rolled her eyes, “I take it you don’t know anything as specific as a name…” Her mother bit her lip, “Its been so long. Um, I did keep him company for a while though. Let me think.” She said, and she did think about it. “He left soon after I got pregnant and I tried to hunt him down but they were so fast, that group he was with. It started with a G…” The picture of his face, playing in her mind, “I’m sorry, Sorcha I don’t remember his name. And you honestly look more like my child than his.”

It might not have been specific but Sorcha began to piece together that information and the story of a shift group of people, a couple of her companions had joined with and had previously tried to convince her to join too, called Chorong’s Rebels. They only approached her about it because they knew she would be good at it and she had no love for the Telgar Holders. Sorcha finally gave in to the recruitment and met with the Rebel’s leader. Before Sorcha would join, she needed confirmation that the leader was possibly her father. She was only fourteen and not having a father had bothered her for all her fourteen turns. As long as she knew he was out there and existed she could think that maybe someone in the world never abandoned her to drift where the winds would take her.

When she met Galedon, he was surrounded by men. She took her hood down from her head and he went still for a moment. “You seem familiar.” He said, focusing on the girl’s eyes. She had someone else’s eyes. “We haven’t met before. I would remember.” He said, thinking that he had most certainly seen her before. Sorcha though did not remember him, nor was she all that fond of men staring at her like that. “You should. She is a pillow-crafter. The woman I look like.”  He was a grim man but he had very few opportunities to bed pillow-crafters in the last fifteen Turns.  

“Is she indeed…” He betrayed no knowledge. “And you are her child?” He had already come to the conclusion which Sorcha wanted him to admit to. In truth though, who was to say if he were her father or not. He could use a pretty face like hers to his own ends. Saying he was her father was going to do more good for him than harm. So Galedon agreed with her that he must be her father after some more conversation.

Sorcha kept her craft but she became a Rebel too. At first she was not much help but after a few successful missions she was promoted to a comrade and was given more to do. Sorcha used the new influence of the Rebels to keep her “manager” out of her business, she paid her rent and that was all. Most of her jobs now involved gathering intell for the Rebels and less to do with making marks. Her new-found purpose was to expose other people so that they had no where to hide. So that they could feel adrift without anyone to care about them, just like she did. Vengeance was sweeter then red fruit. It was why she decided to kill the man who had forced her into this life. That and she didn't much appreciate how he treated the others. She took it upon herself to see him dead. Now she runs the small, albeit wealthy establishment.

Now  sixteen, Sorcha has been a full-fledged agent for about a Turn now. Her new mission is to find the young man called Yeoun, the son of Chorong. A man much wronged by the Lord Holder of Telgar and whom the Rebels were named for. This Yeoun might need to be coerced into joining but her mission was not to coerce him. Her mission was to have him come to the Rebel camp and meet with her father and let him talk to Yeoun about his past and his possible future.


    “And my heart is a hollow plainFor the devil to dance again”
  • Ruthless Sorcha has no compassion, no pity and never shows mercy. She has hardened her heart to the feelings of others and will do whatever needs to be done regardless of the pain she might cause others. In some ways she almost relishes other people’s pain.
  • Determined Once given a task, she will follow through to the end. It’s almost an obsessive urge that she must complete everything she starts and can make things quite difficult for those who work with her.
  • ManipulatorSorcha has Turns of practice in finding ways to get people to do what she wants without flat out telling them what to do. She has an easy time finding out what drives a person and what their weaknesses are. Manipulation is something she finds as easy as breathing around most people.
  • Secretive While she likes to collect other people’s secrets she isn’t the type to say much if anything about her own life. She keeps things to herself unless its information that the Rebels absolutely need to have. Even information she gives to the Rebels might not be the “whole” of what she was able to get out of a person. If it didn’t concern them, they didn’t need to know.
  • Charming Its not something that comes natural but being charming is something she can turn on and off as she needs. She can be quite pleasing and entertaining when she wants to be.
    Insensitive/CallousHer life has taught her better than to care about feelings. Her own feelings are tuned out most of the time and she assumes most people don’t have to feel things if they don’t want to so she can be quite insensitive.
  • Intense She takes her missions to the extreme. She is super focused on her end goals and can come across as being overly intense to people. She is unwavering in her loyalty to what/whomever she swears her loyalty too and this in a way is also intense.
  • Clever Sorcha may not have had a conventional education by Pern’s standards but she is no less intelligent. She is quick witted and sharp, often thinking of ways out of situations long before she gets herself into them. It makes her a better agent.
  • Strong Her inner strength of will is what carries her through everything. She has a will power that would keep her going even if she was on the brink of death. She relies on herself and herself alone to pull through the hard things in life. She believes that this makes her stronger.


  • Distrustful Everyone in her life has failed her except for herself so she doesn’t trust people. Even people that she would be better off trusting, she tends to push away.
  • User It’s a dog eat dog world. She wants to be the person on top of the pile of bodies when the war is over. She has no intention of allowing herself to be someone else’s tool. Instead she uses her manipulative nature to use other people. It seems like a good thing but using people tends to create enemies.
  • Her Fears She has abandonment issues. She is afraid of her emotions, so she doesn’t ever allow herself to feel anything.

Mannerisms or Habits: She has worked hard to overcome habits and mannerisms. She seems to have none.

[Using/Manipulating people]:It feels good to get the better of someone and make them look like a total fool.
[Secrets]: She loves a secret, mostly because she likes to exploit people who have them when she knows them. She also likes secrets because it feels good to know something that no one else knows.
[Death]: Sorcha likes to watch the light go out of people’s eyes when they die. She will stay with a person whom she has given a life taking blow and watch them.

[Touchy feely people]: She doesn’t like being touched unless she initiates it. Otherwise, hands off please.
[Being psycho-analyzed]: If someone tries to get inside her head, she gets pissed. Probably better to leave well enough alone.
[Weakness]: (What she perceives as weakness) Feelings are weak. Having no goals, makes you weak. Allowing yourself to be used and manipulated means you are weak.  She tries to always be strong.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Daggers and hand to hand combat. Mostly she tries not to get into physical altercations unless it is absolutely necessary.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Pillowcraft

Turns in Craft: 4 Turns

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Location of Journeymanship: Teglar Hold

Specialization: N/A

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Rebel Agent Sorcha
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