... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 A test of steel

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Yeoun was one of the Blood Moon Squad’s top performers, so being given the opportunity to meet with Captain Toshiro on an individual basis excited him. It would give him an opportunity to test his abilities in a way he’d never before been able to. After seeing the Captain’s strength in their first meeting, Yeoun had been impressed, even without watching him use his sword. In fact, if it weren’t for that the Captain was someone he knew he could trust as a teacher, even Yeoun would have been very cautious about ever approaching him. The dangerous look in the Captain’s eyes was no bluff.

Having spent some good part of the afternoon with the Captain, Yeoun took up the one sword he carried with him for practices, and took a few steps toward the center of the outdoor training grounds. “You’ve tested my knowledge. Will you now accept my sword?”

Captain Toshiro seemed to consider the request for a moment from where he sat, though momentarily he got up and went to where they would spar. Moving past Yeoun and then standing across from him, Toshiro easily read into his eyes, remarking about the young man pointedly, “Your killer’s aura is too strong. You’re going to have to learn how to silence it.” At that moment, the corner of Toshiro’s mouth pulled into a rueful smirk; perhaps, in a way, he was finding Yeoun to be a bit of a kindred spirit.

The rather murderous aura that accompanied Yeoun was intense, worn like a sheer, subtle outer layer of clothing, because it was only partially concealed behind the boy’s serious expression and quiet mannerism. Similarly as most people might readily be able to sense the dangerous intent compelled by Captain Toshiro’s own anger, one would sense that of Yeoun. The energy surrounding Yeoun though, was different. Because he was young he did not possess the expertise yet to fully silence the intent of his heart from view, whereas Toshiro purposely exerted his own to keep others at bay and garner himself a certain unsavoury reputation. The Captain’s moods were also more brooding. Yeoun might be silent and serious most of the time, but brooding was one thing he was not.

When Toshiro nodded for Yeoun to begin, it was Yeoun who advanced first with the draw of his weapon. Though Yeoun had gone in with a strong initial attack that normally would have ended a fight there, Toshiro was not easily outwitted in combat - he would have expected no less from the boy granted the intent he wore outwardly. The entire spar lasted no more than a few seconds seeing as though the Captain was not inclined to test Yeoun by dragging the spar out any. Since he’d already witnessed the Blood Moon Squad members in various practice spars with his regular class, he was better able to judge Yeoun’s capability in this situation by how quickly the fight was over; even if it was against a swordsman of his own caliber.

Though Yoeun had understood Toshiro was more skilled than he, the young man found himself daunted by how quickly the Captain had been able to best him. Stepping back from Toshiro, Yeoun inclined his head to show his appreciation for the time Toshiro spent with him. His head stayed bowed though, out of disappointment as Yeoun admitted, ”I’m really ashamed of my ability.”

“What is your reason?” Captain Toshiro sheathed his own sword, nodding his head curtly in response. His question for Yeoun held double meaning. The young man had no reason to be ashamed of his ability but Toshiro also wanted to know why the anger and sadness in Yeoun's eyes. Which curiosity prompted him again, “From inside your sword, I can feel a large killing intent.”

Remaining silent in the next couple of breaths, Yeoun was nodding in private realization over some skills he would continued to work on honing, and then wondered about the thing Toshiro was really asking him...that silent reason for his anger and sadness which he held secret in his heart. The young man never answered the Captain’s query, but finally he replied to it all with an, “I’m sorry.”

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A test of steel
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